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11075 Batman Character Overview My undoing everything I contributed to comicvine. 04/04/13 04:18PM 0 Denied
5122 Aliens Concept Overview Added Deheronian-Tyrell.Alien race from superman earth one. 03/30/13 12:07PM 1 Approved
5097 Brick Character Overview Bricks powers from power-puff girls. 03/30/13 11:56AM 18 Approved
4102 Superpowers Concept Overview I bold the font, I moved Enhance physical attributes.To prevent from squishing. 03/29/13 06:16PM 1 Approved
4089 Superpowers Concept Overview I talked about enhanced physical attributes, some characters have enhanced strength, others do not. I explained it can be above peak, or superhuman.Its origins can chemical. 03/29/13 06:12PM 40 Approved
1251 Tao Character Overview Tao has leadership skills. 03/27/13 10:06AM 3 Approved
1243 Phantom Stranger Character Overview Phantom Stranger cover, showing the characters immorality. 03/27/13 10:00AM 1 Approved