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This Book is Awesome! 0

I never enjoyed a comic like this. The story is incredible, you have Kratos fighting champions of the gods. One is the Champion of Helios.Think a Roy Mustang on steroids vs Kratos.Plus the cover was drawn by Andy Park. Who is doing concept art for Thanos for the Avengers two movie. 5 out 5 stars....

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Just Amazing 0

The movie was horrible, but the comic has a different story. This is got to be the best manga.Ivan accidentally aided the resurrection of Temorzarela Issac's sold his soul to the devil to get revenge. The art is fantastic, and the cover is amazing.I give it for 4.5 out of 5....

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What Amazing Comic! 0

I love this story, it takes the best one if approach. Since I saw the cartoon when I was just 10 years, where the final episodes where airing. I always wondered as a kid. If Doctor doom kept that power. When I gotten little older. I just started to read comics. My first comic was secret wars, reprinted. I loved the story. I always wanted a alternate route of the story. This comic gave me what I wanted. Warning this comic may not be for you. I recommend you read it first. Never buy something you ...

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Pretty Good Comic 0

The writing moves freely, but I love the art style. If you are not of a fan of vampires do not read this book. Don't read it if you hate romance. Ann Rices's The Vampire Lestat, is the opposed of twilight. Don't read it if you are not a fan of her work. This is the first issue, I have to read the whole thing. I give issue 1, 4 out of 5....

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Okay Comic 0

This is another story about Merlin. These are other tales of Merlin.This book is okay,but you must know some of the legends.I give Legends of Camelot Merlin 3.5 out of 5....

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This book is the best batman story ever told. I was amazed, I can't find anything wrong with this book. People gave this book 4.2. The reason Batman is a vampire, and he dies at the end. He died with his humanity.Batman fans, don't like because Batman can't die. I give it 5 out 5....

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Good Comic 0

The artwork is amazing. Is Dracula story during the crusades. It is a good story. It is a great indie comic. This publisher brought the crow. If you love the crow. You will enjoy this.This guy is batman without the cape and cowl. If you tired of superheroes. You may like this. I give it 4 out 5....

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Finally a Comic that is 5 out 5. 0

The FuraieMerkovaThis comic is better then the other ones in 1993 Epic comics. This looks like a lot of time,and energy. You can see if they really care.The art work here in this series. Is totally amazing....

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This book is very bad. 0

Why Harley Quinn is part of the suicide squad?Why the characters are lame.The previous suicide squad is bad-ass.Why they changed Harley's look?The writing is so stupid.Old Suicide Squad (below), which do you prefer.The old suicide squad, or the crappy one. 1.5 out of 5.Just stupid.Suicide Squad...

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Thumbs Down-Final CrisisThis comic suffers from lazy writing, and the artwork is terrible. The writer has no talent. What so ever. The artwork is like a 13 year old art students. The writer should go back to school....

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Bad Bad Comic 0

This comic is poorly written. Doctor Doom is poorly written. He seems to be unintelligent, and is not able to for see spiderman's plan. This comic questions seems to be unintelligent. The webbing usage is stupid, and does not make sense. Marvel supposed to be realistic, not imaginative. 1 out of 5....

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This book is so bad, I started to read countdown to final crisis. This book absolutely has nothing I like. The cover is lazy, the coloring is so bad. That my niece can color better then that.The story is bad. The aliens in the story are a joke. Superman in this comic, has no intelligence what so ever. I give this book 0.5 out of 5....

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This comic should be held as a example. This is how comics should be written. The Plot,the dialogue,art work, and it just excellent.You feel like you are Hawkeye.You feel like you are just a Badass. This comic is a example of excellent writing. This beats most of the New 52 easily. 5 out of 5....

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This comicbook sucks! Not only that Daredevil was great on the previous issue. This is a waste of time. It is basically the same team up repeated with Doctor Octopus as Spiderman. I feel this comicbook is back tracking. The villain is Stilt man, so basically you are paying money for stiltman.Instead you can be spending money on Thor, or some other comics.Don't listen to comicvine, they are just like IGN. I give this comic 1 out of 5....

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Finally HE DIED.... 0

Spiderman died....How happy I'am....This proves that they ran out of ideas for spiderman.This will give them time to come up with better stories. They did not want spiderman end up like superman. This will prevent spiderman comics from becoming crap.Don't worry spiderman will come back. No need for death treats against the writer....

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Spawn 174 Review 0

This book is just amazing, and the artwork is great. The story is interesting.I bought this book for $2.50. This story has vengeance,but we see the origin story of he became spawn. You have to buy just 2 comic-books.If you tired of superman,batman, you can checkout this book....

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Review 0

This comic is the origin of Eclipso, the new 52 Eclipso I disliked. It is a mature story, and with a character that possesses host to host. If you love Shadow King from X-Men. You may like this. The only problem it has 1980's art. I give this 4.5 out of 5. Please note its a origin story....

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Batman Book of the Dead. 0

This comicbook in the first issue pretty good. Batman uncovers secrets about this mystery Bat god. Yet, you don't get to much information. I give this 3,5 out 5. The comicbook is overpriced, and you don't get a lot of pages. I suggest skip this book. Anyway, its still a okay read....

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