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@serrure: He has a respect thread:


For healing, he can heal from dismemberment in seconds.

For durability, he's casually tanked re-entry, and it's estimated that even a nuke wouldn't put him down. He's also survived being hit by two rounds of alien artillery directly, although he was damaged and KO'd minutes after, he was still fighting just after the hits.

For strength, the armor has pulled a massive submersible out of the ocean without much effort (you'll see the size of it in the thread). Aric has also hit the turret of a tank hard enough to cave it in and disable the rest of the tank.

For speed, this isn't generally his best trait but he has speedblitzed some fodder unarmed and caught a tank shell, and his travel speed is sufficient to get from earth to space in the time it takes someone to say a sentence.

For damage output, he's completely fodderized Russian tank battalions, has destroyed an aircraft carrier, his general blasts can destroy alien aircrafts larger than helicopters. He can also drain and redirect energy as a weapon.

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Aric could conceivably win if he used the full extent of his range, flight and powers, but for some reason he likes forming energy swords and running at his opponents like a barbarian... Dooku would decapitate him.

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Venom Flash could, Carnage arguably might

Why would they?

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@bump1010 said:

Sand man is currently dead but not sure if Obi-wan can deal with him. Maybe a jedi mind trick all though I doubt that would be his first move. Electro can also turn into pure energy and move as fast as lightning apparently, plus I think his sheet destructive feats like destroying buildings might be too much.

All though I am not an expert on Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan could possibly use the team against each other.. just spitballing here but if Electro was sent in Sandman's direction as a blast of electricity wouldn't that seriously hurt Sandman? Kenobi's lightsaber and energy deflection could be used to do that. He also has electronic manipulation that could be used on Doc Ock's arms (he's done this to both Grievous and Anakin in the past).

I think he could probably take everyone apart from Electro and Sandman for certain, I'm just not sure if he can really put down those two.

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Can Count Dooku fulfill his masters orders or will Venom be dining on dark side brains tonight?

The former.

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Anakin's OCW Dreadnought feat is just inconsistent, IMO. Like, the scope of that feat is utterly ridiculous compared to his other average feats and pretty much every other prominent feat from most other Force users that are even remotely comparable to Anakin - and it took place years before Anakin's prime, to boot. If Anakin was really capable of manipulating those ships, then half the people who give him bother with telekinesis should really just be bouncing off of him.

His other feats like throwing massive boulders, sending a huge escape pod that was larger than a bulked-out Durge into the sun, and collapsing a huge dome, are of a more realistic, consistent level of power that doesn't blow Anakin's power out of the atmosphere while still solidifying him as one of the most powerful Force users of his era.

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and he's fought almost evenly with Luke with minor environmental edges. The fact that he has reacted and fought competitively with Luke is pretty marvelous considering that Luke is faster than Anakin/Vader can see.

Just curious, but seeing as both characters are pretty inconsistent in terms of combat speed - was Luke demonstrating his higher levels of combat speed in the novel where he and Caedus had a close fight? Or were they both fighting at a dumbed down speed level? It's not inconsistent that Caedus could approach Luke's higher speeds, but, what could be inconsistent is if that fight was written under a writer who had no grasp of how high-tier speed actually works.

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