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@hulk99 said:

You are referencing to fights in which she used weapons.

The feats don't suddenly become invalidated if she isn't using weapons, they still require an abundance of strength, speed and dexterity on her part to pull off. Give Reacher the same situations and weapons and he's toast. That, and she has feats without weapons so it's ultimately a moot point.

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@hulk99 said:

@i_like_swords: Reasons?

Film to film she's faced threats (chitauri, groups of armed soldiers/mercenaries, the Ultron bots, Winter Soldier) that would pretty much oneshot Jack, whose premier feats are beating up thugs and the special forces guy. There's no room for comparison whatsoever.

Haven't read enough of book Reacher to comment on that but he didn't seem particularly out there as far as fictional characters go. He likely loses there too, even against film Widow.

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@lukehero said:

If he knows/doesn't think he can beat GG in a duel, wouldn't he just go straight to crush?

Maul doubting himself in such a manner is out of character. It'd be sensible to crush him but he just wouldn't aside from as I say, that one win out of ten.

@comicsrulebutdbzdoes2 said:

realistically grecioud hardly weighs much with so much TK strength apprantley why would cadet be able to just hold him in the air and cut him in half

It's a case of would, not could.

@dccomicsrule2011 said:

By weak link, I mean his lack of Force connection, tbh. Vader and Maul COULD finish him off with a telekinetic attack if they chose, but they probably woulnd't for a majority


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Not seeing how Grievous is a weak link. In their latest fight Maul won by throwing him out of a building; in the flat environment provided by this location it's not going to be that simple to deal with Grievous. It'll remain a duel for the most part between him and Maul save for a few pushes which are easy to recover from.

Realistically it's an either way situation with them with Maul getting a slight edge should he ever choose to just start crushing organs.

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@wollfmyth209: I was going to quote and reply to that for my first post, which is why I didn't add it. But it's probably best people can see it anyway.

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Thanks, Bart

This is a follow up debate from this thread, me and Wollf decided it'd be better settled as a CaV, so here we are. For some context find our initial debate in the spoiler block below.

@wollfmyth209 said:

ToTJ/KoTOR: Ulic has a shot. Though Malgus can probably make it to Revan or Kun, tbh.

@i_like_swords said:

@wollfmyth209: I'll bite.

Ulic's more skilled and in the same range of Force power. No reason Malgus shouldn't stop there.

@wollfmyth209 said:
@i_like_swords said:

Ulic's more skilled

Based on what in particular? Him fighting evenly with a pre-prime Exar Kun? Malgus's ability to hold an edge over someone who can fodderize the "Empire's best" should be on par with that.

@i_like_swords said:

and in the same range of Force power.

He's in the same range defensively, but Malgus is offensively superior.


@i_like_swords said:

Based on what in particular?

Overall; blitzing Warb Null as a weakened novice; stalemating a fellow top tier swordsman in Exar Kun in a fight that could have lasted hours (Dark Side Sourcebook). and would have ended in both of their deaths (Power of the Jedi sourcebook); and stalemating Sylvar without any connection to the Force, out of his physical prime and while only fighting defensively.

Ulic just comes off as faster, more precise and more refined.

Malgus's ability to hold an edge over someone who can fodderize the "Empire's best" should be on par with that.

I'd have to disagree on the premise that the feat is about as good as Ulic slaughtering Warb Null, except Ulic was sapped of strength and a novice at the time of his feat.

He's in the same range defensively, but Malgus is offensively superior.

Malgus has more showings in the offensive department, but I wouldn't write Ulic off too easily.

For starters, Ulic's Force power is "far beyond" any member of the Krath; the Keto's, being specific.

  • Satal has been shown mind controlling hundreds of pilots into suicide bombing a capital ship
  • Aleema has projected illusions so large they looked to swallow a fleet of capital ships (they fooled every pilot and Jedi aboard aside from Nomi Sunrider)
  • and has also used a Force blast to reduce a man to a charred skeleton (this feat being done after just a few months of the years she would spend developing her talent in Sith magic).

The disparity between her and Ulic is demonstrated when Aleema tries to blast Exar Kun, at which point her assault gets absorbed and she's dismissed easily, whereas Ulic circa the same time period is "the only Sith practitioner who can challenge Kun" (Databank) and proceeds to stalemate him in a duel.

So, aside from being far more powerful than those two (meaning Ulic's own Force blasts are vastly more powerful than Aleema's after a few months of training), we know that over the two year time skip Ulic crafted his own Sith Talisman into a gauntlet akin to Exar's; this can only be because he wanted to enhance his ability to channel the Force through it, ergo, Ulic after the timeskip should logically be a fair bit more powerful than his self prior to it.

With that noted, and already accounting for what I said about the Keto's:

  • Ulic was already able to incapacitate Jedi (Nomi) with Force lightning from just waving around his Talisman
  • And even threatened to kill his group of old Jedi friends (and they seemed to agree with the deadliness of Ulic's lightning, calling it "deadly").

Post-timeskip Ulic? More than likely rocking energy projection more than capable of matching Malgus' own, which just like pre-timeskip Ulic, is capable of killing groups of Jedi and ravaging non-Force sensitive bodies.

As for telekinesis, while it's likely not Ulic's strongest suit given his dedication to energy channelling and projection, it's worth noting that his feats of...

  • Blasting Tott and Cay (which is impressive given that Tott Doneeta would later on hold back a town-sized heat storm with Barrier)
  • And smashing apart his metal/stone restraints (after being tortured for hours)

...were both done without his talisman and prior to the two year timeskip. If nothing else he's displayed as a powerful telekinetic, and that's without truly mastering his power over the years to come alongside picking up an amulet dedicated channelling the Force more efficiently.

A Force contest between Malgus and Ulic could even potentially end up in Ulic's favour depending on how you want to interpret his relationship to Exar Kun and so on, but I'll settle for them being comparable since Ulic hasn't been expounded on in massive detail. I also apologize for the wall of text there, tried to keep it condensed with bullet points but Ulic requires more explaining in some fields.

The debate will pick up where it left off with me replying to Wollf.


  • Both combatants are in their prime (False Emperor Malgus 3641BBY) (Dark Lord of the Sith Ulic 3996BBY)
  • Standard equipment
  • No prior knowledge
  • In character
  • Fight to the death


Good luck Wollf, should be a stellar debate.

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@wollfmyth209: I'll put our preliminary discussion in spoiler blocks to begin with so people have some context on what we're debating.

PM me any images/settings you want for Malgus/the thread.

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Since posting walls of text on here might not be the best idea, wanna make this into a CaV? I'm itching for one of those, and this seems like a perfect theme. And if you win, which you probably will, I'll concede that Malgus stops at Ulic.

Alright, sounds good, was wanting to use Ulic in a CaV too conveniently. Shall I just kick it off by replying to your post in there?