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Issue Information

Title- Secret Wars (Volume 1) #10

Release Date- February 1985

Writer- Jim Shooter

Artist- Mike Zeck

Major Notes


Brief Summary

Death To The Beyonder!

The heroes watch from below as Galactus feeds on his home world to gain the strength that he needs to fight the Beyonder. They see a flash of light but suddenly they see the energy that Galactus is absorbing get drawn away from him and it heads towards the fortress where the villains are being held. Captain Marvel goes ahead of the others so that she can see what is happening.

When she arrives she discovers Doctor Doom strapped to his machine as Galactus’s energy goes into him. Professor Xavier creates a mind link between her and Mister Fantastic so that they can understand what is happening. When the energy transfer is finished Doctor Doom gets up and everything around him begins to change as he tries to cope with the power that he now wields. He gains omniscience as he can feel every atom around him. He can see practically everything and he even touches the minds of the villains who had once been his allies. It is at that moment that he sense Captain Marvel.

Xavier feels the mind link cut off and the heroes know that Captain Marvel is in trouble. Quickly they move towards their ship but they discover that it is damaged. They are about to split up but Magneto uses his own power to get the ship up and moving again. The heroes waste no time entering and rocketing back to the base.

On the way to the base there is some tension between Captain America and Magneto. When Captain America states that he has no issues with mutants Wolverine decides to step in. He questions why Captain America would stand by and protect the people who persecute mutants. He compares them to Nazis and even defends Magneto’s actions while on Battleworld. Wolverine no longer has any respect for Captain America as his teammates begin to hold him back.

Back at the base Doctor Doom sits down and considers destroying the heroes with a mere wave of his hand. He no longer even considers them his enemy and prefers to turn his attentions to the Beyonder who is watching what is happening through a rift above the planet. The severed head of the Klaw tells Doom that even with his new found power that victory is unlikely. Doom talks about David and Goliath before changing his suit as he has attached a piece of technology from Galactus which absorbs energy. He wishes to get close enough to the Beyonder to absorb his power. With that he teleports away.

Meanwhile the heroes arrive at the base but they soon discover that Doctor Doom is already gone. They check that the other villains are still accounted but as they search they also discover Captain Marvel. She is trapped in a light/frozen state where she is nothing more than a living hologram. They also find the head of Klaw who although is only a head felt no pain in having his body turned into lenses. Suddenly the ground begins to shake violently as above the planet Doctor Doom has approached the Beyonder and begun his battle against the immortal being.

In the base the heroes do everything they can to keep the base standing and Mister Fantastic moves to a monitor so that he can try and find Galactus. He hopes to revitalise him since Galactus is their only chance against Doom. Another shockwave hits causing debris to fall on Mister Fantastic. The Thing and the Human Torch tend to him as the Hulk goes over what is happening elsewhere on a screen. On request from Colossus he brings up an image of the alien village and he sees Zsaji in trouble. Colossus tells the Human Torch of Zsaji’s plight but he doesn’t care much about her at that moment. This angers Colossus but before he can properly react another earthquake occurs and the heroes have to shield the walls.

Above the planet Doctor Doom is losing his battle against the Beyonder but he refuses to admit defeat. He transfers an image of himself down to the heroes and he tells them that he is on the verge of defeating the Beyonder. He claims that he does need their help to utterly defeat the Beyonder and asks for their power. He offers them power beyond measure once he is victorious and at first Magneto steps up as willing subject but at the last moment he hesitates and looks back at the X-Men. He is then tackled by a few of the heroes as Doom’s projection fades. Hawkeye tries tells the X-Men that Magneto is evil through and through but Captain America stands by him stating that Magneto didn’t do anything in the end and there Doom was using some mental manipulation abilities.

Meanwhile above Doctor Doom is on the verge of defeat. He is sent down to the planet and he has lost all but one of his limbs. The Beyonder begins to probe Doom and discovers about his history and rise to power in Latvaria. He then begins to remove Doctor Doom’s armour and the good doctor himself can only watch this happen and seems to be powerless to do anything about it.

The earthquakes continue as the base continues to all. Captain America goes to where the villains are being kept and he begins to free them. Wolverine even gives him a helping hand and as soon as they are all free they flee outside as the base crumbles away. Wolverine admits that he was wrong about Captain America and that he has won his respect.

The earthquake suddenly stop and they see a flash of light coming towards them. As it approaches it forms into a giant size Doctor Doom. He claims that the Beyonder is dead and that he is the supreme being in the universe. The heroes are about to attack but Doctor Doom begins to shrink to his normal size and explains that there is no reason to fight. He tells them that the war is over as he removes his faceplate.

My Thoughts

Now we come to the tenth issue of Secret Wars and there is only two issues left before it is wrapped up completely. We saw Doctor Doom achieve a power level that he has never achieved before as he gains the powers of both the Beyonder and Galactus. By the end of the issue it looks like no one can stop him.

We also got to see another scene of tension between Wolverine and Captain America which now would seem silly since it had been more or less phased out. There have been numerous stories about Captain America and a pre-X-Men Wolverine fighting alongside in World War II. Of course Jim Shooter didn’t know this at the time but it makes Wolverine’s attitude towards Captain America a bit laughable but at the time readers could see that he had a good point. Captain America is a champion for a people who fear and hate mutants and since the US Government has made some questionable actions against mutants Wolverine’s words were understandable. As I said this is for the times that the story was written in.

As you can imagine from the cover Doctor Doom was ripped apart by the Beyonder even though he had absorbed the power of Galactus. This only shows just how powerful the Beyonder is if he could take down someone as powerful as Doctor Doom at that state. Ok so maybe Doctor Doom was still getting used to his new power but even so I don’t think Galactus could have defeated the Beyonder if you ask me.

The other heroes didn’t have too big of a role to play, besides maybe Magneto who actually helped the heroes in this issue. He was attacked by them as well (including the Wasp who somehow defeated the X-Men a few issues earlier). He did show self restraint with the fact that he didn’t try and kill the heroes for what they had done and for the first time ever we see Captain America actually sticking up for him. I think this is supposed to help us see that he isn’t as evil as he first seemed and will eventually become a mentor to the New Mutants although this event has yet to happen at this period.

The overall story wasn’t too bad and it felt like it was trying to show an epic battle. Yeah we did see two enormously powerful beings go head to head. We didn’t see that much happen between them however and we still haven’t seen what the Beyonder actually looks like. I guess this is to build up the suspense until we actually see what he looks like. I can imagine a reader seeing this in 1985 and still wondering what this omnipotent being actually looks like or is he so grand that his appearance defies comprehension. (I’m sure that we’ll be disappointed).

In conclusion I’m giving this issue a 7 out of 10. It was alright for what it was but I felt that there could have been some improvements.

Next Issue

New Mutants (Volume 1) #24

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Issue Information

Title- Dazzler (Volume 1) #35

Release Date- January 1985

Writer- Jim Shooter

Artist- Frank Springer

Major Notes


Brief Summary


Dazzler enters her apartment and is happy to be back after the business with her failed film. She sits down and calls Storm at the X-Mansion so that they can talk. Unfortunately no one picks up so she decides to leave an audio message. She talks about how her movie failed and there was a lot of anti-mutant hysteria due to her status being released. As she is finishing the message she hears someone entering the apartment and when she uses her powers to light the place up she sees her landlords Mr and Mrs McCorkle armed with a baseball bat and a lead pipe. They fear that she will vaporise them and at first they want her out because she’s a mutant. They heard her recording the message and they do feel sympathy towards her. They allow her to stay but only if she pays her overdue rent by Friday.

The next day Dazzler discovers that she is short on her rent and only has two days to find the extra cash. She goes out into the city to try and find herself a job but every would-be employer turns her down because she’s a mutant. One of these employers even chases her down a street with a crowbar and goes to strike her with it. She is able to destroy it and is seriously considering becoming the monster that he is calling her but she walks away telling him that he isn’t worth her time.

Hours later Dazzler sees a help wanted ad outside of a nightclub. When she goes inside she finds that it is a women’s only club. She is led down to the manager who does give her a job and tells her to put her uniform on. Dazzler will be waiting tables.

As she goes to the changing rooms she meets a woman whose nickname is Spoonsize due to her lack of height. They get changed together and Dazzler even gives herself an alias. Spoonsize is somewhat jealous of Dazzler’s height.

The two women go out so that they can do their jobs and as Dazzler waits the tables a band enter the stage and she likes their music. She is enjoying the job until she hears a team of Roller Derby enter club. They have just won a championship and are in a celebratory mood. They forcefully evict some women from a table and take their place. Dazzler takes down their drinks order although they are constantly changing their minds. They are very loud and obnoxious and it is preventing Dazzler from enjoying the music.

A minute later Dazzler returns with their drinks but one of the women has received the wrong drink. She pours it over Dazzler’s head but before anything else happens Spoonsize steps in and takes Dazzler’s place. The team trip her up and make comments about her lack of height. Regardless of this Spoonsize brings them the right drinks but they continue to hound her and Dazzler can see that she is upset.

The team continue to be obnoxious and even tell the singer to play different music. They also continue their abuse on Spoonsize and even lift her onto the table so that they can demonstrate one of their signature moves. Before they can do this Dazzler tells them to put an end to it. In response Spoonsize is picked up and thrown at her sending both women to the ground. Both women get up and begin to walk away but Dazzler is attacked from behind by one of the players. She uses her superior athletic abilities to send the player tumbling.

This causes the other members of the team to attack Dazzler. Other women in the club join the brawl, including the singer. Dazzler is able to get up from under a pile of bodies and attack one of the players. She is then grabbed from behind and is about to be punched but she is able to flip her over and into her other attacker.

Shortly later the team are down and Dazzler takes her tip out of their pockets giving her enough to pay her rent. She then goes to Spoonsize who is shaken by the events but Dazzler tells her that she shouldn’t let people put her down because she’s different. These words gets through to the shorter woman and she thanks Dazzler for her advice. With this Dazzler leaves the club, never to return.

My Thoughts

And now we come to another issue of Dazzler which I felt was an improvement over the previous two issues (They were bad). We see Dazzler having to deal with a loud mouth Roller Derby team and also try and find money to pay for her rent (Something that she was doing regularly in the first issues of the series).

One thing I did find funny about the issue is that the singer involved was named Janet Jackson and yet she had no links to the real life Janet Jackson who also happened to be a singer. Not sure if Jim Shooter could somehow see into the future or if it was just some coincidence.

This issue takes place after the events of the Beauty and the Beast LS (which at this point has only had one issue). There aren’t any real spoilers from the LS and the only real thing that is referred to is events from Dazzler: The Movie.

We also got to see another onetime character named Spoonsize who we don’t know much about her except for the fact that she doesn’t like being short. I think it would be fun if Dazzler one day got a hold of some Pym Particles and sent them Spoonsize’s way. Also from one of their scenes we learn that Dazzler is 5’8 (although I swear she’s been drawn taller at times). And a little fun thing as well is that Dazzler gave her name as Alison Brown which is a hint towards her step father and half sister.

We also saw Dazzler’s words turn two anti-mutant haters in the form of her landlords. We’ve seen her give those a couple of times but this is the first time that we’ve ever truly seen it work. It was nice to see this happen because it shows that not all humans (who aren’t superheroes themselves) hate mutants entirely. It is a step forward and it did save her from going on the streets at the time.

I seriously doubt that Dazzler’s message will get to Storm since she’s in Africa at the time on a soul-searching trip after losing her powers. Not including the New Mutants the X-Men at the time only have four or five members (since Kitty Pryde and Wolverine are dealing with their own thing in Japan) so they are stretched a little thin. I do wonder if Storm ever did get the message.

It was also good seeing Dazzler taking down the roller derby team without using her powers. She would have taken them down much easier if she had used them but this shows that she can tackle foes without the use of her powers. Also using her powers would have blown her cover but we also got to see Dazzler’s skills that she’s picked up from the gym rather than her mutant powers.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 7 out of 10. An improvement from the last couple of issues but not up to Claremont’s standards.

Next Issue

Secret Wars (Volume 1) #10

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Issue Information

Title- Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #189

Release Date- January 1985

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- John Romita Jr.

Major Notes

Features Magma, Storm leaves the X-Men

Brief Summary

Two Girls Out To Have Fun!

Rachel Summers and Magma are looking at the view of New York City from the top of the Statue of Liberty. Both marvel at the sight but Rachel remembers the New York City of her own time and even when she was a hound searching for other mutants for her human masters. She is using her telepathy to sense fleeing mutants in the ocean and as soon as they’re discovered the military kill them.

As her mind snaps back to reality Magma notices that she’s been crying. Rachel tells her that she has something in her eye and they also see a cruise liner on the dock. It is the one that Storm is travelling on and the other X-Men are there to see her off. She is leaving the X-Men since she no longer has her powers and doesn’t know whether she will ever get them back. They do open a bottle of champagne and each of them has a drink before each of them gives her a hug and wishes her the best of luck.

In lower Manhattan Rachel and Magma are travelling to a museum while not too far away Jamie the fisherman is bringing some fish into a warehouse. He is thinking about payday when he suddenly sees two fellow fishermen going through his locker. He quickly fends them off and he looks at the necklace that he discovered a short while ago. The necklace speaks to him and asks for his soul for a great reward. Jamie quickly shuts the door and he knows that the necklace is evil. He decides to get rid of it that night.

The two girls are at the Metropolitan Museum where there is an exhibition of a Roman Bath. Magma asks about what happened after Julius Caesar died and what she feared actually happened. It is why her ancestors fled Rome and set up Nova Roma in the Amazon. She is homesick but as Rachel tries to comfort her she feels something familiar in her head. She quickly runs out of the museum to a limousine. Magma runs after her and as the limo drives away Rachel reveals that Selene was inside. The name triggers a memory in Magma’s head which Rachel is able to pick up. Magma is angered that Rachel read her memories but she swears vengeance on Selene for killing her mother.

The women follow the limo to the Hellfire Club and using all of Rachel’s skills they are able to sneak inside. They can’t search the place in their current clothing so they put on some maid outfits that they’ve discovered. It comes with a collar which Rachel is reluctant to wear due to the fact that she had to wear one when she was enslaved. She does eventually put to the outfit and no sooner do they do this a butler appears telling them that they are needed upstairs.

In the catacombs beneath the building Sebastian Shaw sits there as he is introduced to Selene who wishes to become the Inner Circle’s newest Black Queen. Sebastian is impressed but tells her that she must earn the title. She demonstrates her power by generating a hand from the ground which grabs him. Sebastian is able to break free but he admits to himself that it was more difficult than he had hoped. When she is done Selene sits on his throne before seemingly teleporting away so that she can bring him a gift for being her host.

Upstairs Rachel has finished serving someone and as she goes to a private place she begins to laugh at the way that they were dressed and acted. Suddenly she sees Selene coming from behind her and is able to use a mental blast to knock her down. Rachel notices that it was too easy to defeat her and when she looks at Selene’s unconscious body it transforms into Magma. The real Selene then attacks from behind is able to absorb enough of both girls’ life force to put them under her control.

A short time later the two girls are brought before Sebastian. Inside her mind Rachel is fighting the control that Selene has over her, she has been enslaved once and never wishes for it to happen again and with all her might she fights Selene’s control and is even able to link herself with Magma’s mind.

Inside Magma’s mind Rachel finds herself in a Roman bath with Magma looking up at a statue. Magma doesn’t recognise Rachel and attacks but she is fended off. Rachel tries to break Selene’s control over Magma but this causes an earthquake within her mind causing the baths around her to crumble. Magma then powers up and is seemingly going to attack Rachel but instead focuses on the statue instead. With the destruction statue Selene’s hold is broken.

In the real world Magma has transformed and confronts Selene. Rachel knows that they are in real trouble and mentally shouts for Professor Xavier. She even tries a mental attack which Selene is able to repel and she is wrapped up in a rock tentacle. Just then Nightcrawler teleports in and teleports Selene away as the other X-Men burst through the wall. Magma still wishes for Selene’s life but the astral image of Xavier tells her that it is not the way of the X-Men. Sebastian allows the X-Men to leave with the two girls since the Hellfire Club currently has no quarrel with the X-Men.

The X-Men begin to recuperate but Rachel notices that they can’t walk the streets in the clothes that everyone is wearing. Using her telekinesis she shifts the molecules in the clothing of the team to make them look more normal. The effort is a little much for her and she needs a moment to catch her breath. Rachel asks if her mayday call is what the X-Men used to find them but they soon discover that it is because of a fissure appearing outside of the Hellfire Club building. Magma is in some disbelief that she caused it but she is saddened that Selene is still alive. Rachel assures her the next time Selene shows her face that the X-Men will take her down.

Elsewhere Jamie is waiting in a subway as he is watching a news report about Dazzler the Movie on a Walkman. He fails to notice someone coming up behind him and the next thing he knows he has been stabbed in the back and he falls down dead. The thief picks up the necklace that Jamie had and it soon consumes his soul allowing the evil within to be free.

My Thoughts

Now we return to the Uncanny X-Men in an issue which mainly features Rachel Summers and Magma (of the New Mutants). It has them coming face to face with Selene who seems to be one of the most evil characters we’ve seen in the series so far. It also marks Storm leaving the team for a bit of a time. She is a popular character but having this happen to her does give her time to reflect on what’s happened to her.

The issue is one that heavily features Magma and it might even explain why she was absent from the latest issue of the New Mutants (although I doubt it). Her role in this comic was pretty important and we saw just how much she hated Selene by the fact that she almost destroyed the entire Hellfire Club building to kill her. We can understand her rage towards Selene because she is the woman responsible for the death of Magma’s mother. In any culture that is a good cause for vengeance.

I also noticed something that would not have been allowed today. There was a reference to the twin towers lying in ruins. This is something that would not be allowed in comics today after a very tragic event. I could talk more about it but I think it’s best that I end it here.

We also get more insight into Rachel and her own past as we see that she was used as what can only be called a Hound. She was basically a mutant who had been enslaved by humans and then used to track down other mutants. There is no way that she would have done this willingly so it only leads us to believe that she was somehow brainwashed into doing this awful acts.

Selene does well to act as the main villainess of the issue and as I mentioned she is probably one of the most evil characters ever put into the series. For the other villains at least they had some redeemable qualities (Mystique is her love for Rogue and Magneto is that he has some honour). With Selene she’s evil through and through as she has killed thousands to keep herself young and isn’t above feeding on her own kind. It seems that she will make a fitting addition to the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club.

Storm’s send-off was touching and it makes us wonder what is in the future for this X-Man. We did see the X-Men enjoying some champagne with one another and I noticed that even Lockheed was having a drink with them. I wonder if Kitty Pryde would have approved if she was there. But alas she’s been brainwashed into becoming a deadly ninja on the far side of the world. If I didn’t know any better with Storm I would have thought that we would have seen more of her abilities in magic which has been hinted. It would also bring her closer to the version of her we saw in the Magik LS.

Once again we get a great cliff-hanger ending in the manner that this necklace that Jamie the fisherman had is now free. Sadly he was killed by someone who was more corrupted more by it. His little tale kind of reminds me of Frodo in Lord Of The Rings since he has something of absolute power and evil and he was able to fend off the evil and even wanted to destroy it. Sadly he didn’t get the chance and now it seems that the evil within the necklace has been unleashed on the world.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue an 8 out of 10. A good read overall and well worth looking into.

Next Issue

Dazzler (Volume 1) #35

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Issue Information

Title- Kitty Pryde and Wolverine (Volume 1) #3

Release Date- January 1985

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Allen Milgrom

Major Notes

Features Yukio

Brief Summary


Wolverine is on top of a building, he is thinking about the city of Tokyo and there is a woman approaching him from behind. The woman then attacks Wolverine from behind but he is able to fend her off. They engage in battle but eventually Wolverine gains the upper hand. The woman is revealed to be Yukio and she kisses him after she has been defeated.

A short time later they huddle together and they talk a little about the skirmish they have just had and the fact that Mariko Yashida loves him. He also explains that he isn’t there to see her but he is actually looking for his teammate Kitty Pryde. He states that she is being held hostage by Yakuza and that he has arranged a meeting with them. He doesn’t trust their head Shigematsu so Yukio agrees to go to his office while Wolverine goes to the meeting point.

When Wolverine arrives he finds himself in a garden and he admires it although he wonders why they have agreed to meet there. Suddenly a smoke bomb explodes right next to him causing his superhuman sense of smell to be neutralised. He is suddenly attacked by arrows and one of them even goes into his leg. He deflects ongoing throwing stars and makes his way up the roof. As soon as he gets there he is attacked by a demon mask wearing ninja who slices him with claws. Wolverine goes to slash the ninja but he seemingly misses before being knocked off the roof.

When Wolverine lands on the ground hard and he also realises that he has been poisoned. His healing factor is taking its time to fight the infection and in his state he knows that he doesn’t stand a chance. He staggers into an alley and hides himself behind a dumpster and covers himself in rubbish so that he has time to heal.

At Shigematsu’s office Yukio has arrived and she finds it to be empty. She does taste his brandy and when she goes into another room she sees Carmen Pryde seemingly drunk. She is able to figure out who he is but she is then grabbed from behind by one of Shigematsu’s bodyguards named Shumai. The big man seemingly has her at his mercy as he goes to throw her out of the window but she is able to fight her way out and it is her who throws him. He is able to hold onto the ledge and Yukio grabs him. She begins to interrogate him and he reveals that Kitty was given to Ogun and how Shigematsu had no intention of honouring his word. Yukio decides to spare him and as she pulls him up Carmen appears and this distracts her. This causes Shumai to grab her and attempt to throw her off. Carmen tries to help her but he too is thrown off the building. Both Yukio and Carmen are falling and are seemingly going to die but Yukio grabs him and then grabs onto a window cleaning scaffolding which causes them to smash through one of the windows and saves their lives. The alarms sound and they have to move fast but she swears vengeance on Shumai.

Elsewhere the ninja has discovered where Wolverine was hiding but she discovers that he is gone. Assuming that she is being followed the ninja runs into Tokyo station but Wolverine is able to follow. They engage in combat and Wolverine tries to slice her again but once again he seemingly misses. He recognises the ninja’s scent but he knows that it is impossible for it to be that particular person.

The ninja flees on top of a bullet train and Wolverine follows. The ninja uses a flash bomb and suddenly disappears. He knows that it was impossible for the ninja to escape when all the windows of the carriage was sealed. He knows that it is easy for someone who can phase through solid objects.

At that moment Yukio and Carmen arrive at the station after hearing a report on the police radio. Yukio runs into the station as Carmen is told to bring the car around a road which runs parallel to the tracks.

Wolverine continues to chase the ninja as Yukio arrives on the scene. The Ninja is tired from the chase and doesn’t even have the energy to get out of the way of an oncoming bullet train. Wolverine tackles her out of the way and her mask comes off revealing her to be none other than Kitty Pryde. This is seen by Carmen who shouts her name, this distracts Wolverine giving Kitty the opportunity to stab him right through the body.

My Thoughts

We come to the third issue of the Kitty Pryde and Wolverine Limited Series although I believe if it were written today it would be called Wolverine and Kitty Pryde (for the obvious reason that Wolverine is a more popular character). This was a relatively quick issue to read but it was still a really good read.

From almost the beginning to the end we already know that Kitty is the ninja who is attacking Wolverine but seeing him figure it out for himself was something that was fun to see. Her tactics did seem to work at first as she neutralised his senses and his healing powers for a time. This prevented him from identifying her earlier but as we saw when they returned he was able to put two and two together. Shows that Wolverine isn’t all about muscle but actually has some brains.

We also got to see Yukio again for the first time since the X-Men’s last trip to Japan (not including when they returned from the Secret Wars). She is a fun character to read about even though she doesn’t have any powers. She is probably more skilled than Wolverine and the fact that life to her is one big thrill ride makes her a pretty upbeat character. I can see why Storm took some notes from her and changed her look (although I’m not a fan of Storm with a Mohawk).

We also got to see that with her training Kitty is one particularly deadly opponent. Even at the end of the issue we see that she has stabbed Wolverine right the way through. We know that he’ll survive due to his healing powers but it is not the average person who can do something like that. Ok she’s been brainwashed into doing it but we do get just how far Kitty has gone into becoming a ninja.

We also got to see Carmen although I do question why he was able to drive after getting himself intoxicated. Maybe the adrenaline in his system burned off some of the alcohol but even so I don’t think Yukio should have allowed him to drive. He could have likely gotten them killed or even his driving would have gotten them the attention of law enforcers who would have tried to pull them over. Most likely Yukio would have put up a fight if that had happened.

I also wonder what it would have been like if Lockheed had of been involved in this series. Would he have made much of a difference or would he have just gotten in the way. There is no doubt that he is very loyal to Kitty but he is still back at the X-Mansion and having some great scenes with Illyana.

In conclusion I’m giving this issue an 8 out of 10. A good story that is still going strong in my view.

Next Issue

Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #189

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Issue Information

Title- New Mutants (Volume 1) #23

Release Date- January 1985

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Bill Sienkiewicz

Major Notes

Features Colossus, Cloak and Dagger

Brief Summary


Emmanuel Da Costa and Selene are before the members of the Inner Circle as Sebastian Shaw gives them their rite of passage. He gives a speech before passing them a grail for them to drink from. After both Emmanuel and Selene have drunk from the grail they are accepted into the Inner Circle. Selene congratulates Sebastian on the speech but he knows that she wants his position and that he doesn’t know much about her. He knows to keep an eye out on her.

Meanwhile at an old tavern in Salem Centre Colossus is playing chess against the owner named Harry Morrel. They have played many times and it seems that Harry wins every time. The pair are also talking just when Colossus wins the game, They are about to play again when suddenly the waitress named Molly comes to them telling them that Sunspot is at the bar and he is doing nothing.

They go to where Sunspot is sitting and it seems that nothing they can do will move him. Colossus places his hand on Sunspot’s shoulder and the young mutant punches him. He then transforms and strikes Colossus again. Colossus himself transforms and accidentally gets knocked into Harry and Molly which knocks the two humans unconscious. Colossus knows that he is in trouble and shouts a mental to Professor Xavier as he watches Sunspot transform further into a monster.

This is heard by Xavier who gives Mirage and Cannonball the mental command to wake up and go to the scene. Cannonball does almost go into Mirage’s room as she is getting changed. As soon as they are both properly changed Cannonball rockets them both towards the scene.

At the tavern Sunspot is trying to bring the building down around Colossus but the Russian mutant grabs him. Sunspot begins to absorb Colossus in a way that terrifies him so Colossus punches him sending him flying out of the building and when he hits the ground he reverts to normal. Cannonball and Mirage arrive just as he falls unconscious.

Meanwhile in the Bermuda Triangle Lee Forrester is driving a boat with Magneto inside. He is still recovering after she found him in the water and they are on the way to his old fortress. He is surprised to hear that the X-Men left it since they would have been safe from persecution there. He also didn’t want to go to a hospital since eventually he would be recognised. When they arrive they talk a little about the origin of the fortress and Magneto tries to use his powers but he falls down in agony. Lee tries to help him up but he pushes her away, in her anger she reminds him that it was her who saved him and that ultimately he is only human.

At the X-Mansion a still unconscious Sunspot and Colossus are being examined by Xavier and Doctor Moira MacTaggart. Scans indicate that they have no reason to be in comas and they find the situation baffling. They also talk about what happened at the tavern as they try to discover the cause of their aliments.

In another room Cannonball and Mirage are resting and awaiting news. Mirage wonders why Sunspot had even gone to the tavern since he is underage. Cannonball comments that the last he saw of Sunspot before this event the young mutant had gone to bed. Suddenly the phone rings and when Mirage answers it she is given surprising information. She quickly moves upstairs and even stumbles on her way up. She eventually enters Wolfsbane’s room and discovers that the bed hasn’t even been slept in.

They quickly rocket towards the Ritz hotel as Mirage explains what’s happening. When they arrive Cannonball doesn’t think they’ll get through in their attire. Mirage uses her powers to make them look like high class people and they make their way through. They make their way up to the penthouse regency suit. Mirage has pulled an image from the memories of the clerk and using her powers she is able to bring the image of a woman who looks like Wolfsbane but is taller and has flowing hair. This seems strangely familiar to Mirage but the effort is taking its toll on her.

They eventually reach the room and when they knock a normal looking but saddened Wolfsbane answers the door. They go inside and Wolfsbane tells how she has no memory of how she got there or even why she is wearing the clothes that she’s wearing. The last thing she remembers is going to bed at the mansion.

A short time later they return and Mirage puts Wolfsbane to bed. She notices a lovely necklace on the table and Wolfsbane explains that she doesn’t know where she got it from and even allows her to keep it.

Mirage then steps outside and yawns stating that she is tired. Suddenly Cannonball goes up to her and they talk about Sunspot and Wolfsbane. She even tells him that she had a dream the other night which was exactly the same that Wolfsbane experienced and was even the same outfit. She knows that it is due to the mental link between her and Wolfsbane and she mentions about Wolfsbane’s abilities and how they’re evolving. She thinks that something is pushing both Sunspot and Wolfsbane and in her frustration of being unable to figure it out she throws her cup of coffee at a nearby wall. Cannonball tries to comfort her but suddenly he sees something in the newspaper that attracts his attention. There was a wolf attack on a couple but when paramedics got to them they were seemingly unharmed although they were in shock. They even see the same necklace that Wolfsbane had in the newspaper and they decide to investigate.

When they reach the hospital they find the couple known as Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen but they were at one point the superpowered teens Cloak and Dagger. Mirage gives Dagger her necklace back and she explains how Sunspot and Wolfsbane were injected with the same drug that transformed her and Cloak into super beings. Dagger believes that she had purged the infection from their system but it seems that Wolfsbane and Sunspot have stolen Cloak and Dagger’s abilities. Rather than wanting their powers back Cloak and Dagger wish to be normal and tells them to leave.

At the X-Mansion Xavier and Moira are no closer to finding the answer to Sunspot and Colossus’s condition. They decide to take a break and compare notes but they don’t realise that Sunspot has transformed again. By the time they realise Sunspot has consumed Colossus and attacks Xavier. He is easily able to defeat his mentor leaving Moira alone to fend for herself.

My Thoughts

And now we return to the New Mutants in an issue which is directly linked to the events of Mutant Team-Up Annual #6 (that unfortunately I missed). It seems that whatever happened to Sunspot and Wolfsbane in that issue is affecting them really badly here. They seemed to have absorbed the powers of Cloak and Dagger somehow. I’m not sure exactly what has happened there but I think we’ll find out sooner or later.

One thing I did notice that a few of the New Mutants were actually missing from this issue. First off Magma was gone along with Illyana and even Doug Ramsey and Warlock (besides the Xavier file at the end of the issue). I’m wondering exactly where they can be, maybe Warlock is still being examined and Doug has gone home. There isn’t an explanation for Magma and Illyana’s disappearance. They don’t really have many other places they could have gone unless they’re on some kind of mission with the X-Men which I find highly unlikely.

It was nice to see Colossus appearing once again in the New Mutants although he does go toe to toe with a crazed Sunspot. We also got to see that he isn’t all muscle as he beat Harry in a game of chess and it seemed that the old man himself isn’t some novice but an experienced player. Unfortunately he becomes a victim of whatever has happened to Sunspot. We more or less know that he’ll come out of this in the end but at the end of the issue it seems that he’s been killed.

We also got a little taster of Mirage’s and Wolfsbane’s abilities evolving. We saw Mirage use her powers in a way that we haven’t seen before, kind of like Nightcrawler’s image inducer in his first appearances. We also saw Wolfsbane seemingly transform into a beautiful woman although we’re not sure whether that was a dream or reality. It definitely makes us feel that her powers are evolving in a way. We were more expecting a new wolf like form but a new human, I admit that I didn’t really expect to see that.

There was some nice insight into Mirage as she is angered by the fact that she can’t solve the mystery of what is happening. I think it is also due to the fact that she is still recovering from her ordeal with the Demon Bear. We do feel her frustration but she also demonstrates the fact that she is the ideal leader of the team in my view.

Cloak and Dagger’s role in the issue was a little less than I expected. I thought that they would have been at the forefront but they only had a minor appearance and even then they were depowered rather than their normal superhero selves. The whole transfer of power thing does confuse me a little but I feel that I would have understood it more if I had read the Marvel Team-Up annual. I guess I’ll find out as we go along.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 7 out of 10. It was alright but it did give me a few questions.

Next Issue

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine (Volume 1) #3

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Issue Information

Title- Secret Wars (Volume 1) #9

Release Date- January 1985

Writer- Jim Shooter

Artist- Mike Zeck

Major Notes


Brief Summary

Assault on Galactus!

At the alien village Colossus sees that Galactus has begun to devour the planet. He looks back at Zsaji who is still recovering from saving Wasp’s life. He goes to her and tells her how much he loves her even though she is in a coma. He then walks away intending to fight Galactus to keep her safe.

On the mountain by the village Storm strikes Galactus with powerful lightning blasts but it does nothing to harm him or his machine. The X-Men regroup and try another attack but a defence orb comes down towards them. Energy nets soon drop down and it destroys anything they touch. It is almost more than the team can handle but Nightcrawler teleports onto the orb itself and tries to attack it. He is pushed off but Professor Xavier commands the team to unleash an attack on the orb, unfortunately this causes it to explode with the same force as a small nuclear bomb. This is seen by Hawkeye, Wasp and Captain Marvel who believe that the X-Men have been killed.

The heroes who are still at the villains’ fortress quickly board a ship and fly towards the alien village. As they are travelling Thor notices that the Hulk seems depressed and after trying to cheer him up the Hulk explains that he is losing his intelligence and he isn’t much good to the team without either his intelligence or savagery.

Also on the ship Ben Grimm is feeling down because he is back to being human. He too is feeling useless and the Human Torch tries to cheer him up. Ben slams his fists into a console asking why it’s happening to him and as he does he transforms back into the Thing. This makes him very happy and he hugs the Human Torch as Spider-Woman watches on. Iron Man is also watching her and he feels that the others have figured out that he isn’t Tony Stark. He feels that he has to prove himself as a better Iron Man than Tony Stark.

Spider-Man then begins to leap around and even sprays some webbing into the face of the Human Torch to demonstrate that he has them back. The Human Torch notices that this webbing is more difficult to burn away than the previous. Spider-Man even demonstrates that he can control his new suit causing to retract leaving his arms and legs bare. Mr Fantastic offers to examine it in his lab but he fears that he will never see it again. He also thinks about how they were brought here and he is confused to why the Beyonder has brought in Galactus to this Secret War. He can’t see the sense of Galactus being involved and he thinks that he is the key to all this.

Suddenly the ship is attacked by an energy wave which causes it to plummet to the ground. They think they will crash but on the ground Colossus uses his strength to stop it from crashing. This aggravates his injuries but he states that he’s fine, the other heroes disembark from the ship and see Galactus beginning to devour the planet. They make their way up towards him but the defence orbs attack. Iron Man is even able to get passed them and attack Galactus’s machine itself and damages it.

Mr Fantastic begins to think that the heroes can actually succeed but he makes a realisation. He commands the heroes to stop their attack as they are repelled back by Galactus himself. Mr Fantastic begins to explain by allowing Galactus to win this Secret War he could wish away his hunger thus sparing billions if not trillions of lives. Even if the Beyonder were to refuse his wish Galactus would battle him until the Beyonder either paid up or Galactus himself was destroyed. Suddenly Mr Fantastic along with Galactus and his machine disappear.

Mr Fantastic reappears again on Galactus’s ship and he doesn’t have time to properly comprehend the scientific wonders around him. He soon finds himself face to face with Galactus himself. He welcomes him to his home and even shows him an image of his wife, son and unborn child. Galactus tells him to listen to his words and take heed.

Meanwhile in his cell a still defeated Doctor Doom sits and thinks about everything that has happened. He then realises that Galactus’s home is the key to his victory. He then uses what is left of his armour to free himself and as he walks passed the other cells the villains beg for their freedom. He ignores them and only goes for Klaw, he is the only one who is of use to him and so takes him to the lab.

Meanwhile Colossus is trying to dig where the X-Men were seemingly destroyed. Suddenly an optic blast comes out from the ground as the X-Men along with Magneto step out. They are perfectly safe and they explain how they were able to survive. They decide to go to the village where the other heroes have regrouped.

When they get there Colossus sees that Zsaji has recoved but rather than running to him she runs over to the Human Torch. The heroes are preparing for when Galactus reappears and suddenly Mr Fantastic reappears out of nowhere. He tells them that Galactus called him a force of the universe much like him. Mr Fantastic is the instrument of life while Galactus is the instrument of death. He doesn’t know why he has been told this or even if it means that he should fight on or allow Galactus to win.

Suddenly Galactus himself and his machine reappear on top of the mountain and the heroes decide to save the few people on the planet they go and fight as the events are watched by Doctor Doom. He sees that the Beyonder’s portal has reappeared close to Galactus’s home. Things are going perfectly and he walks to where he has sliced up Klaw. Since he is made of solid light Klaw is unhurt and is willing to help Doom accomplish his goals.

Elsewhere the heroes begin to battle Galactus but they are being repelled by the being himself. They continue their attack and even fight smart as Mr Fantastic decides that he will fight on. Eventually they gain the upper hand but Galactus flies up into the air, they think they’ve won but Mr Fantastic knows that it means they are doomed.

Galactus has gone to his home and begun to consume it to gather the energy that he needs. He intends to feed on everything around him so that he has the power to defeat the Beyonder but at that moment Doctor Doom commands Klaw to start the operation. He has been transformed into lens which will steal the power of the Beyonder and transfer them to him.

My Thoughts

We come back to the Secret Wars which comes up to the big battle that has been building for some issues. We see Galactus take on the heroes although I still feel that it could have been done a little better.

We did see Spider-Man in his black suit go into action and we got a little insight to the capabilities into what it can do. He has his webbing back and he showed us that he can control his costume. There is also the slight hint that his personality might have changed somewhat since he didn’t seem to be sorry at all for spraying the Human Torch in the face. I feel that this is something that regular Spider-Man wouldn’t do to an ally let alone a close friend.

The X-Men did play a bigger role in this issue than they did in the previous as they fought against Galactus and were almost destroyed by one of his defence orbs. It did seem that they had been killed at first but we soon learned that they had actually survived. If they had of died it would leave a lot of room for explanation to why they have appeared in the Uncanny X-Men series. I find this another reason why it is a bad idea to have comics happening after big events when said event is still going. It reveals a lot of spoilers for the event and when you see a character seemingly die you know that they’ll be alright since they’re still appearing in a comic based after the event.

Mr Fantastic or should we call him Reed Richards is definitely the most significant of the heroes as he is shown to be respected by Galactus and even called the Champion of Life. This is something that Galactus wouldn’t throw around lightly. I do wonder if this was ever referenced again or just something that Jim Shooter came up with that every other writer has ignored (Like the fact that Wasp defeated the X-Men and Magneto single handled). Not the best of writing for that one I’m afraid.

I did find it humorous that Zsaji ran straight passed Colossus and went to the Human Torch even though he had helped save her. The only explanation for this is that she has no idea what has happened and how Colossus helped her. At this moment he seems to be just another alien who she helped while the Human Torch is the one who showed her the wonders of his powers.

We also saw Doctor Doom snap back to his old self as he has a new plan to gain the power that he wants. Not too sure exactly what this plan is but since he only needed Klaw for this you can kinda guess that it is something big. It looks like everything is going his way at this moment in time.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 6 out of 10. It was alright but I felt that it could have been done a little better.

Next Issue

New Mutants (Volume 1) #23

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Issue Information

Title- Beauty and the Beast (Volume 1) #1

Release Date- December 1984

Writer- Ann Nocenti

Artist- Don Perlin

Major Notes

Features Beast, Dazzler, Wonder Man and Doctor Doom

Brief Summary

Beauty and the Beast- Part One

Inside his castle in Latvaria Doctor Doom is enjoying some sculptures in his sanctuary. He also thinks about his hatred of the US and especially the Fantastic Four. Suddenly an alarm goes off indicating that his attention is needed and he goes to one of his servants. Doom isn’t happy about this and the servant tells him that is concerns the man who claims to be his son. Doom ignores this since he believes that it is merely a lie but he does read the note and discovers that his so called son has reached adulthood and is now living in California.

In Hollywood Beast has just arrived and is standing on the infamous Hollywood sign. He is taking some time off the Defenders and has come to visit his good friend Wonder Man who is a member of the West Coast Avengers. He thinks about the recent anti-mutant hysteria and makes his way down the hill to see how people would react to him due to his appearance.

He eventually comes onto Hollywood Boulevard but his appearance scares some of the people. He walks across the walk of fame while he sees wax works of big movie stars. He thinks that people would be more used to him since he had been a member of the Avengers. He eventually comes up to the Chinese Theatre and his appearance still intimidates people and he even finds the stars’ signatures in concrete. He notices how many of them are not famous anymore and he hopes that mutants don’t receive a similar fate.

Beast eventually comes across a seemingly run down theatre. He finds it to be out of place for this part of Hollywood but he soon realised that it is because it has been vandalised. He sees a picture of Dazzler and he remembers seeing her in concert and how magnificent she was. He walks away disgusted that there is so much hate towards her because she’s a mutant and how it has affected her career.

That night at a party in a mansion Dazzler is attending a party to try and start her career once again. She eventually runs into a man calling himself Alexander Flynn who tells her that he is a fan of hers. She thinks that he is a rare breed and he tells her that she is very talented. He tells her about a producer who is willing to give her work despite the fact that she’s a mutant. She wants to say no but Alex tells her to trust him. She has been blacklisted from every other producer and has very little choice.

The next day Dazzler performs in front of the producer that Alex has told her about. His name is Hugo Longride. He likes what he is hearing and he wants to hire her. He leads her to an office while he tells her that he is going to make her a big star once again. He gives her a contract that she needs to sign and although she is at first reluctant she does sign it as Hugo tells her to trust him.

Over the course of the next few days Dazzler finds herself somewhat living the high life again. She is drinking a lot of champagne and is having her photo taken although a few of them are of embarrassing situations like being pushed into a swimming pool. She has noticed that she is beginning to lose control of her light abilities. She also notices that she is being slandered in newspapers but Alex tries to pit her mind at ease. Dazzler worries for her career and how it will never fully recover.

Dazzler attends a party on a sound stage in a film studio and many more performers from Hugo’s theatre are also there. In attendance is also Beast and Wonder Man. One horse looking mutant named Rocker seems to be bothering Dazzler. He tells her that all of Hugo’s performers are mutants and Beast doesn’t like the way that he is talking to her. He then confronts Rocker but Hugo steps in before there is a fight. Quietly he asks Rocker who asks if the little job is done. Hugo even suggests using the Beast in the show and calling it Beauty and the Beast. For this insult Beast grabs him and it is only Dazzler’s words that prevent him from striking Hugo. He is surprised to find that she is a part of his act and he suspects that that something isn’t right.

As Dazzler walks away her powers are still acting up and it even makes the strap of her purse snap off and fall to the ground. Hugo explains how he is in need of her talents and because she can’t show her face in public she basically belongs to him. She does run away so Hugo tells his spy Ralph to follow her.

Meanwhile Dazzler glows brightly and has found herself in the studio’s backlot. She is panicking since she can’t control her powers. The buildings seem to be looming over her and as she tries to hide herself she finds herself in a room full of masks. With no idea what is happening to her she screams.

The next day Beast sees in the newspaper that Dazzler has disappeared. Wonder Man doesn’t seem to be too concerned about her since she had acted coldly towards Beast. Beast himself is still concerned about her and goes off to try and find her.

A short time later Rocker is in his home and looks at some sculptures in his collection. Suddenly Beast swings and grabs him. He asks Rocker where Dazzler is but the horse like mutant attacks him with his hoof like feet to knock him down. Rocker seems to have the advantage as elsewhere Dazzler is still glowing widely. Rocker seems to have Beast at his mercy but the former X-Man uses his feet to fling him away as elsewhere Dazzler finds herself on a beach with a tidal wave heading towards her. Beast has seemingly defeated Rocker but the mutant still has a few tricks up his sleeve as he kicks Beast.

On the beach Dazzler is still glowing but has been knocked unconscious by the wave. She is discovered by a group of ne’er-do-wells on the beach and is taken away on a cart. Ralph watches from the background and he knows that Hugo will not be happy.

Meanwhile back at Rocker’s home Beast is able to gain the upper hand and defeat Rocker. He ties a phone cord around his neck and demands him to call Hugo. Rocker reluctantly does so and they both learn where Dazzler is located. Beast threatens to return and finish the deed if he is followed before leaping out of the window and making his way towards the address.

This leads Beast to a rundown hotel called the Heartbreak Hotel. He bursts through the door where he sees a woman with a broom. He asks her if she has seen a young glowing woman and at first she tells him no. He then notices the space beneath a door glowing and despite the efforts of one of the tenants Beast makes his way into the room and sees Dazzler. She is still glowing as it seems that she has lost her mind but Beast goes to her and promises that he will take care of her.

My Thoughts

Now we come to the first issue of the Beauty and the Beast Limited Series which was the other effort to keep the Dazzler series afloat since the sales were declining (and due to the issues I’ve been reading in the series I can see why). Just a month or so before you had the Dazzler OGN but this time you have Beast thrown into the mix who like Iceman is now a member of the Defenders. Last we saw of Beast in this blog he had still been a member of the Avengers.

The story is basically about Dazzler trying to jumpstart her career again and she is seemingly trusting a man named Hugo who is a producer for an underground theatre production that seem to hire mutants. There is certainly a lot more to this than meets the eye and I’m just wondering what exactly is he planning. Either way it can’t be good for either Beast or Dazzler.

We also saw Doctor Doom right at the very start of the issue but at this point in time he seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the story itself. All that links him to the events in Hollywood is that his supposed son is there. Other than that he plays no part in it unless he wants Dazzler for some reason like he did in the early issues of her series. Although I don’t think that he would have much use for her.

We also got to see a new mutant in the form of Rocker who basically seems to have super human strength and the characteristics of a horse. This includes a horse like head and hooved feet. Not sure if he appeared after the end of this LS and if anyone ever asked him ‘Why the long face?’

It is a shame to see Dazzler’s career go the way it has done. It was building up to something big and then it’s kind of been pulled from underneath her. Unfortunately that is what blind racism can do to a career.

It seems that a few of the X-Men characters are having their own LSs. First we have Kitty Pryde and Wolverine which started the month before and now we have Iceman with his own series and Beauty and the Beast. Ok so maybe Iceman, Dazzler and Beast aren’t technically X-Men at that point but even back then they were probably best remembered for being involved in the X-Men. It shows that the X-Men are on the rise in my view and it is a stepping stone towards them and the Uncanny X-Men series in general becoming the best selling series of the 1980s.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 6 out of 10. It was alright but hopefully it’ll improve over the issues.

Next Issue

Secret Wars (Volume 1) #9

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Issue Information

Title- Iceman (Volume 1) #1

Release Date- December 1984

Writer- J.M. DeMatteis

Artist- Alan Kupperberg

Major Notes

First Iceman solo comic

Brief Summary

The Fuse

A war is taking place on an alien planet leaving most of the cities in ruin. Many inhabitants have been enslaved or slaughtered while in a fortress the being behind it named Oblivion sends two of his stooges named White Light and the Idiot to find a particular person. He reminds them of the price of failure.

Meanwhile in Port Jefferson Long Island Iceman is hurrying to his father’s retirement party. He is using his powers to slide over the streets. He is nervous about seeing his parents since they don’t entirely approve of him being a mutant and want him to become an accountant rather than a superhero. As he goes by a bus he sees his cousin Mary and quickly grabs her. She knows his secret identity but he isn’t too worried about revealing it to the public due to this stunt. He is constantly being mistaken for the Silver Surfer. She can see that there is something on his mind and he tells her about his relationship with his parents.

Suddenly he sees a family walking underneath and the adult daughter catches his eye. He quickly puts Mary down on the ground and then goes over to the family. He tries to impress the girl but she and the family panic and flee. Iceman realise what has happened and suddenly a crowd gather around him. Then a policeman comes up to him about the seeming kidnap of Mary. At first he thinks that Iceman is the Silver Surfer but when he realises that he is a mutant he calls him a freak. Iceman freezes him up so that he has time to think, he isn’t happy about what the officer has said.

Iceman goes into a neighbour’s garden as he ices down and begins to get changed. He thinks about the current state of anti-mutant hysteria. Unfortunately he attracts the attention of the dog and soon the resident of the house who is an old woman pops her head out of the window. She believes that he is a sexual deviant who is undressing and sets her dog on him. Iceman has no choice but to flee.

By the time he has gotten away he thinks about when he found his own dog and wasn’t allowed to keep it. He isn’t really paying attention to where he was going and he runs into the family again. They don’t realise that he is Iceman and they seem to be very nice people. He tells them that he is the son of William and Madelaine Drake and they tell him that they’re the Smiths. Iceman doesn’t really know how to talk to the daughter and as they leave he discovers that her name is Marge and she lives next door.

Iceman eventually gets to his parent’s house and at first everything seems to be well but when they suddenly talk about him giving up being a superhero and becoming an accountant he realises that this is what he had been dreading.

Meanwhile at the local police station the officer talks to one of his colleagues about his encounter with Iceman. Suddenly a portal appears before them and White Light and the Idiot step through. The Idiot states that they’re in the right place but suddenly the officers pull a gun on them. White Light uses his powers commands them to be quiet and drop the gun. They do as he says and then uses his powers to make them go home and to bed. With the officers gone the pair start their hunt.

At the Drake House the party is in full swing as a couple of aunts coddle Iceman. They are hurting his cheeks but Mary is able to pull him away stating that there is an emergency in the kitchen. They actually go outside and begin to talk, Iceman says how his parents are trying to ignore the fact that he is a mutant and how he is torn between staying hidden and being normal or being a superhero. Suddenly Madelaine arrives with Cousin Joel who wants to give Iceman advice about accounting. Iceman isn’t interested with this and basically sends the advice back into his face. This causes his parents to become angry with him and he walks away as his father shouts at him.

Iceman bumps into Marge again who had been takin a tray of brownies to the party. They are properly able to introduce one another while at the house with the old lady White Light and the Idiot arrive. They have disguised themselves but as they enter they put the old woman and her dog to sleep. White Light pulls out a device that amplifies the Idiot’s tracking abilities. He is then able to locate their target and they quickly move for both their sakes.

Iceman and Marge are still talking and their conversation has moved onto their own families. The Smiths seem to be very normal and his family are also normal but he feels that there is a rift between them. They seem to really like each other but before it can go any further White Light and the Idiot comes crashing down from above them. Marge flees inside the house while Iceman ices over and defends himself. It is a seesaw battle between them but he doesn’t know that the Smiths have fled through a portal located in one of the closets.

Meanwhile next door the Drake family realise that there is a battle taking place next door. Madelaine instantly becomes worried about Iceman and they watch the Idiot taking down house right on top of him. As the dust settles they see that Iceman has protected himself with an ice dome while also using it to protect White Light and the Idiot. The villains suddenly disappear in a portal and before he can explain what’s happened the police officer arrives to place him under arrest while the Drakes can’t believe that Bobby Drake is Iceman.

My Thoughts

Well here we begin with the first issue of Iceman’s first solo Limited Series. It is the first time that Iceman has been the subject of a post since Bizarre Adventures and to tell you the truth I have missed him. I did like him in the original X-Men comics but I know that soon enough I’ll be reading about him regularly again.

Since we haven’t really been covering Iceman since he left the X-Men shortly after Giant Size X-Men #1 we haven’t really been following what he has been doing. From his little recap we know that he’s been a member of the Champions and the Defenders. Unfortunately those stints have not been as memorable as his membership of the X-Men which one day he will eventually return to.

I did find it funny how Iceman was constantly being mistaken for the Silver Surfer. They do look very similar and it was the Silver Surfer who more or less stole the look, not the other way around. Even in merchandising I’ve seen the two characters get mixed up (even I’ve done it once or twice). Well they both came out of the mind of Stan Lee so you can see why they’re similar.

We also saw that there was a rift between Iceman and his family since they want one life for him while he prefers another. This is something that we have seen numerous times in both reality and fiction. Hell we’ve even seen it in the Dazzler series (which had the recent graphic novel mentioned). It is something that it believable, especially after the fact that Iceman is a mutant.

There are several characters introduced in this issue which don’t get any page time after the series has ended. We have Marge and the Smiths who definitely have something going on with them since they fled through a portal which isn’t entirely normal. Then we have Oblivion who seems to be an alien overlord and his two stooges. The first being White Light who can basically do the Jedi Mind Trick amongst other things and the Idiot (what a name) who are basically his lapdogs. Not sure exactly who they were looking for but at this point it seems to be Iceman.

The overall story was alright with subjects that weren’t entirely superhero like. When I say that I mean about Iceman coming to blows with his family although his cousin Mary is still on his side. We also learned that Iceman is half Irish Catholic and half Jewish. This is a little something that does give us a sense of realism to the story. I also noticed that when Iceman was arrested the officer was wearing his dressing gown. I found this humorous since it was the same officer who had been racist towards him and had been sent home by White Light.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 7 out of 10. It was a pretty good start to the series.

Next Issue

Beauty and the Beast (Volume 1) #1

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Issue Information

Title- Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #188

Release Date- December 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- John Romita Jr. & Dan Green

Major Notes

Features Illyana Rasputin, Amanda Sefton, Magneto and Lee Forrester. First appearance of the Adversary

Brief Summary

Legacy Of The Lost

Inside Forge’s penthouse the X-Men are being attacked by a strange shadowbeing. Forge commands Storm to shoot off his artificial leg. She does this but almost catches him and although this time it was accidentally she vows that the next time it won’t be. He quickly moves away as he knows that he has made a powerful enemy and also so he can stop what’s happening. The team is being turned into Shadowbeings themselves and he calls out for Naze.

Upstairs Naze himself has created an enchanted circle around himself as he speaks to a spirit, he offers him the world in exchange for it helping his people. The spirit appears before him and refuses to help him stating that the world is already his. The spirit uses its own magic to see that Naze is in fact a Dire Wraith and quickly kills him and the spirit states that both his body and soul is his.

At Dallas airport a freak snowstorm has grounded all planes. Suddenly Nightcrawler teleports inside a Boeing 747 and grabs his lover Amanda Sefton before teleporting away. They reappear on the X-Jet and as they fly away Nightcrawler explains how the X-Men are in trouble and how her abilities can help them.

A short time later Nightcrawler teleports Amanda within Forge’s penthouse where the X-Men are being overwhelmed. Amanda uses a spell to disrupt the shadowbeing causing it to drop the X-Men to the ground. Colossus sees to Rogue who has transformed into a Dire Wraith due to the fact that she touched one of them. He tries to keep her at bay but she goes to penetrate his forehead so that he can absorb him.

Suddenly Illyana teleports onto the scene and she quickly conjures her mystic armour and Souldsword. Knowing that it will reveal to her brother her change she uses it to slash Rogue and returning her to normal. She uses it on Storm as well to rid her of the Shadowbeing’s corruption. Amanda then tries to seal the gate in which the Shadowbeing had travelled through. She is able to web up the being as Illyana tries to attack but she is repelled. Amanda tells them to run but Storm believes that this is caused by a Dire Wraith. They had believed them to all be killed but she still believes that one remains on the roof. She tells Nightcrawler to teleport onto the roof but when he goes to teleport Forge holds onto him.

They reappear on the roof where it is still snowing and they see a Dire Wraith using a spell. Nightcrawler believes that they are only going to knock it out but Forge shows no mercy and outright kills it.

They teleport back to the penthouse where the Shadowbeing has disappeared. The X-Men are recovering and as Colossus tends to Illyana she tells him how she changed while in Limbo. Despite her change he still loves her no matter what. She also tells him how Professor Xavier had sensed what was happening and sent her to help.

Forge bursts into a dark room looking for Naze and he finds him unconscious on the ground. Forge curses building the sanctum and suddenly he sees Storm step into the room. Forge intends to take Naze to the hospital but Storm tells him that she will be gone when he returns. At first he refuses but she pulls a gun out at him. She tells him not to follow her but she tells him that they will meet again although he’ll wish that they never had.

Meanwhile at the heart of the Bermuda Triangle on her fishing ship Lee Forrester sees a man being attacked by a shark. She uses a shark gun to scare the creature away and then she dives into the water to save the injured man. She is just able to swim away from the shark and bring the man onto the ship. It is only then does she realist that the injured man is in fact Magneto.

Sometime later at the X-Mansion Storm has been swimming in the pool and as she steps out Nightcrawler wraps her in a towel. They talk a little about the fact that she no longer has her powers. The genetic potential is still within her but her powers are gone, she also doesn’t see that she has a place on the team since she is no longer a mutant. He does ask her to stand by his side for one last time.

A few minutes later inside the X-Mansion Rachel Summers along with Illyana and Sunspot sit on the stairs as they overhear the discussion between the X-Men and Xavier in his study. Xavier is able to sense them and commands them to go to bed while Rachel remains behind since Xavier wasn’t able to sense her.

Inside the study Nightcrawler explains what happened to Storm and how the government is acting against mutants. He reminds him that even though it is supposed to be a civilized age, he was still hunted and almost killed because of his appearance. He sees that things have only gotten worse for mutants in general since he joined the team and he is starting to not see the point of the team. He admits that the school is needed to train mutants. He is considering leaving the team so that he can live the life that he wanted and he even goes through a list of the mutants who have been either killed or maimed in action.

When Rachel hears that Jean Grey has been killed she lashes out and enters the room. Her telepathy causes everyone much pain and she tells Nightcrawler to take it back. Xavier has to do everything he can to contain her and as the madness passes she apologises for what she has done. She explains that Jean was her mother and how Nightcrawler used to tell her bedtime stories.

Rachel begins to explain the dark future where she comes from where many of the X-Men have been killed and how mutants live as slaves. She explains the events that led to Kate Pryde going back into the body of her younger self to stop the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly. The X-Men take a few moments to fully sink in what they have been told as Rachel explains how she came to the past and hoped to change the future. She also explains how things are going differently than they were supposed to. The mutants had wanted vengeance but X-Men stood by and prevented this from happening because they stood for an ideal. This is enough to convince Nightcrawler and the other X-Men that what they’re doing is right and they come together as they prepare themselves for whatever comes next.

Meanwhile at a harbour some fishermen are going through some of the fish while talking about the ball game. Everything seems to be normal until a worker named Jaime comes across a strange necklace which calls to him and tell his to wear it and he will rule the world.

My Thoughts

Now we come back to the Uncanny X-Men in an issue that was surprising since it wasn’t all about the battle between the X-Men and Shadowbeing. I would have thought that it was the entire premise of the issue but instead at the end we get Nightcrawler pouring his heart out in a way that I really didn’t see coming.

The first thing I would like to mention is that this is the first time that we ever actually see the Adversary although for now he is merely an unnamed spirit. He will be the main villain of the X-Men’s side of the Fall Of the Mutants storyline and although we don’t know much about him right now we will find out more in the future. He was also able to show us that Naze had become a Dire Wraith which is something I had thought might have happened since we did see Naze in an unwinnable situation.

We also see the return of Lee Forrester who hasn’t really been seen since the whole business in Uncanny X-Men #150 although she did have a brief appearance after that. More importantly we get to see Magneto once again who last we saw was on Asteroid M when Warlock went right passed it, what he’s doing in the ocean is anyone’s guess at this moment in time but I feel that all will be revealed in time.

The overall story was quite good as we had action and drama in this issue. The scene between Storm and Forge was particularly memorable. We had Nightcrawler’s scene and you could fully understand where he was coming from. He is a person that unlike many of the X-Men can’t walk around in public due to his appearance and he feels that things are only getting worse. Also after seeing his teammates fall to a dream that isn’t coming to fruition we can definitely see why he was upset.

We also learned a lot more about Rachel in this issue as it is actually revealed that she is the daughter of Jean Grey and how she came to the past. We also learn a few more differences like Illyana being older than she should be (this was first mentioned in New Mutants) and that her mother was still alive. Not sure too much if her outburst was appropriate but in a way I can see why it happened.

The ending to the issue also left us on a cliff-hanger as we see an average joe come across a necklace that seems to be very powerful. I can’t remember that much about it but I am more than convinced that I’ll find out more in the next issue and hopefully be treated to a great story.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue an 8 out of 10. It was a really good read and very thought provoking.

Next Issue

Iceman (Volume 1) #1

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Issue Information

Title- Kitty Pryde & Wolverine (Volume 1) #2

Release Date- December 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Allen Milgrom

Major Notes


Brief Summary


Kitty Pryde is in the office of a Tokyo crime lord named Shigematsu. She has travelled half way around the world to find her father because she thought that he was in trouble but she has learned that he is a crook. She shouts for him and quickly Shigematsu’s bodyguards attack her. Using her skills that she has learned through the X-Men she is able to defeat the bodyguards and run passed Shigematsu himself. She completely ignores her father Carmen Pryde.

After she has left Ogun helps Shigematsu to his feet and although the crime boss isn’t very happy Ogun reminds him of his place. Ogun demands that for his services that Kitty Pryde be his payment, without much consideration Shigematsu agrees. Although they’re speaking in Japanese Carmen hears the name of his daughter and realises that the two men wish her harm. He goes to attack Ogun but he is quickly able to twist his arm and he tells him that Kitty’s life now belongs to him. If Carmen interferes with him he will be killed and the American man is reluctant to accept.

Kitty phases herself through the various floors and does nothing to hide herself from the others inside the building. She knows that she can’t leave through the main entrance so she phases herself into the basement. She is heartbroken by what she has seen and she plans to find Mariko Yashida who can help her. She also noticed Ogun earlier who she admits gives her the creeps. As she tries to find her way out Ogun suddenly drops down in front of her, he is wearing a demon mask and instantly he sprays a knock out gas right into her face causing her to fall unconscious.

At JFK airport Wolverine steps through a metal detector which instantly goes off. He is pulled to one side and as the security guard goes over him with another detector Wolverine states that he has metal implants on his bones. He has the medical certificate to clarify this so he is allowed through. The guard does notice that he is on his way to Tokyo and when he asks if it is for pleasure or business the X-Man responds ‘Business’.

Kitty finds herself in a dark room while the only light is a spotlight shining over her. She is standing up but is paralysed from the neck down. She cannot risk using her powers since she would fall into the earth and suffocate. She sees Ogun with a samurai sword approach her and with speed and grace he uses it to tear off part of her clothing, then uses the sword on her neck to make her unable to speak. Then he uses the sword to bring her down to her knees and then he slices her hair off until it is short. He then slices more of her clothing and although Kitty tries not to show any fear as she is knocked to the ground and she sees his demonic mask.

Kitty then feels herself falling and as she falls her body regresses to that of a new born baby. Ogun stands next to her and tells her that it is time to begin. Over what seems to be years Ogun trains her in martial arts, use of ninja/samurai weaponry and stealth. At first Kitty is useless with these skills but over time she learns and eventually Ogun even considers her to be superior to him when he was her age. He imprints his own mind set into her and when he sees that she is worthy Kitty picks up the demon mask and places it over her head.

In Tokyo Shigematsu and his body guards enter his office and see someone sitting at the desk. The bodyguards fire at the intruder but it has no effects. The intruder is easily able to take down the bodyguards leaving Shigematsu with the two women who are standing right next to him. These women turn out to be body guards as well but the intruder is easily able to take them down. It is only then that Shigematsu realises that the intruder is in fact Wolverine. Wolverine demands to have Kitty but Shigematsu states that he doesn’t know where she is. Wolverine has to use some intimidation for Shigematsu to make a phone call.

At Ogun’s personal home he is called and told that Wolverine has appeared and made his arrangement more complicated. Ogun then goes to his dojo and he had hoped to never see Wolverine again. He sees Kitty sitting down with the demon mask on and he commands several hidden ninjas to attack her. They all come out of hiding and attack but she is able to fend them off with ease only using a samurai sword which is still in its holder. Eventually only one ninja remains and Kitty goes for the killing blow but Ogun stops her stating that she has passed the test. He calls her his daughter and then tells her to join him in the study in a couple of minutes.

A couple of minutes later Ogun returns to the phone and tells Shigematsu to arrange a meeting for tomorrow. He then goes to a picture that depicts himself and Wolverine and he knows that Kitty confronting him will be the ultimate test. He had even considered having Wolverine as his apprentice just like he did with Kitty but then the girl herself enters the study. She is ready for his instruction and Ogun tells her that she must destroy his foreign enemy (referring to Wolverine). Kitty obeys and states that he is as good as dead.

My Thoughts

Now we return to the Kitty Pryde & Wolverine Limited Series with the second issue. This is where Kitty starts to change from the innocent girl that we’ve seen in the so far in Uncanny X-Men into the strong and confident young woman that she is most remembered for by fans.

One thing that is different in this issue was that Wolverine had a bigger role than he did in the last. That was good since the series is called Kitty Pryde & Wolverine so Wolverine is expected to play a big role in the series. His page time was still less than Wolverine’s but at least we know that he’s gone to Tokyo to find Kitty and bring her back home.

We saw Kitty go through a metamorphosis as in what can only really be described as an abstract and surreal moment. She went from being a teenager into a new born baby again and then underwent fourteen years of brainwashing and training in what couldn’t have been any more than a couple of days. From the end result we see Kitty as a capable and deadly ninja who is completely devoted to Ogun. Hell she even sports a new haircut that is completely different to her old one.

It was a real shame to see Kitty’s heart breaking when she discovered that her father is a crook. Most children like to see their folks as a role model, someone to look up to but unfortunately for Kitty she has discovered that her father is involved in a money laundering operation. She genuinely believed that Carmen was in some kind of trouble but instead she learns of his illegal activities. This makes her heartache understandable and it does make you feel for her.

Seeing Wolverine in action for the first time in some months (due to the fact that he hasn’t appeared in the Uncanny X-Men for some months) was pretty exciting. We saw him take down around half a dozen people with barely breaking a sweat. This just shows how deadly Wolverine can be and how even a gun totting big man pales in comparison to this deadly X-Man.

The issue also hints at the fact that Kitty will fight Wolverine in the next issue. Previously you would think that Wolverine would be the flat out favourite to win that battle but with Kitty going through everything that she has just gone through the odds have been tipped in her favour. He does have a healing factor on his side but Kitty’s ability to phase through solid objects should definitely be a deciding factor.

In conclusion I’m giving this issue another 8 out of 10. It was a great way of moving forward and makes us wonder what will happen next.

Next Issue

Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #188