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I am so buying this.

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Just want to put up a link to my X-Men fanfiction series on fanfiction.net. It is set in the year 1983 although it is not the Marvel continuity of that year but just set it the year so I can still introduce more recent characters. The team consists of Cyclops, Wolverine, Iceman, Beast, Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde and Forge. I did start posting it here but I couldn't post after I did two straight posts because the site doesn't allow it. I have written three volumes so far with a fourth on its way. Also may I'd like to point something big out. In my series I've given Kitty a secondary mutation like Emma Frost, I've given Kitty the ability to grow in size like Giant-Man from the Avengers. One big but in that is that she can't use both powers at the same time. I started writing the series two years ago and I DID NOT steal the idea of a giant Kitty Pryde from the Ultimate Cataclysm storyline. I hope you enjoy the series and it will be updated on close to a monthly basis.


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Just wondering if Kitty Pryde will retain her growing powers after being exposed to the enhanced Giant-Man serum. Hopefully she will and I'm not too happy that the cover I want is a variant because it's going to be a lot harder and more expensive for me to obtain.

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I really like the one that had the Phoenix, Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, The Imperial Guard and Lilandra.

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Sadly no Kitty Pryde in this preview. But I know she is in the book.

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@dernman said:

@punyparker: As much as I love Ultimate Peter Parker I'm not sure it's a good idea that it would be him. (shield faked his death) Maybe it's another clone.......

Of cource it's a bad idea!....i was bummed when he died,but .....he dead.Done.Fin.

Don't bring him back.Ultimate U already seem to be ressurecting Norman,Gwen and everything......i liked that people died in 1610....and remained dead.

@dernman said:

@punyparker said:

@dernman said:

Wait what is that? Ultimate Iron Spider suit? He's changing his costume or is that a new character?

No,he's not changing,cuz Miles is accually in the back of the pic.....you can see him.

Creating Spider-characters that are not Peter is getting streching.........the characteer of Spider-Man is getting weaker....."now everyone's Spider-Man" kinda thing.....

I agree. It's becoming too much and thining the idea out. I think that guy with MJ is her new boyfriend. I think the writer is trying to show that she's moving on.

Yep.There's always a line.Miguel O Hara?....future Spidey.Ok.I can understand that.Noir,Ultimate?...Fine,it's different incarnations of Peter,interesting,awesome.Even Superior...it's a Peter Parker story where a mutha%^&* gets ahold of his body...it's not a different Spidey.....but with Miles,they just went to create a black Spider-Man?...why?.....the most stupid explanation i heared is "To make african American people people relate to him".....that's incredibly rascist!!.....the magic of Parker is that he's the everyman,not in the "No money,girl troubles,personal problems" way.....he's the everyman in the case that everyone can relate to him,no matter anything!....the mask covers up the whole face,he's "Our guy" !....and killing Peter Parker,and making someone else Spider-Man,just because your think tank of Peter stories is empty,is dumb.......

Sorry for that mini rant,Miles is a great character,Bendis is my favorite writer,but i found this concept weird....

ON TOPIC: I have doubts it's MJ now......look inside the appartment....Gwen is conforting a sad redhead(bright red) which is obviously MJ ,and she's dressed differently than the girl outside.Plus the hair is more brown than red.....maybe it's Kitty?....

I don't think it's Kitty since she is seen inside with the others. Also the mysterious red head has the wrong colour eyes for it to be Kitty Pryde.

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I wonder if Kitty now has Giant-Man powers since she grew and shrank on her own accord in the issue. if it was a one time only I think she would have grown immediately after being injected with the GM serum, but since she was told to shrink without the shrinking hormone I think she will retain those powers.

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I recently found out my copies of Kitty Pryde Shadow and Flame. Only then did I realise that its been 9 years since Kitty last had her own series. For such a great character like her I think its time she had her own series. I can see it being difficult for her to have an on-going series but a limited series would be great.

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I do not own any of the Characters. All belong to either DC Comics or Dragonball Z

The city of Metropolis had for many years been protected by a hero that some truly believed was a gift from God. Although the hero himself was not from Earth he had treated it as if it were his home world. The hero’s home world of Krypton had been destroyed some years prior he saw Earth as his true home. The hero was arguably the most powerful man in the world if not the universe, but he never used his powers for his own benefit and never played judge, jury and executioner. To his home world his name was Kal’El, to his close friends he was Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent. But to the world at large he was known by one name… Superman.

In his last battle the vile villain Brainiac had infected with a virus native to Krypton. Although the villain had been defeated and Superman had received the cure the virus had left him weak and vulnerable. Although he would recover in time he was in no shape to protect Metropolis. Instead he trusted the responsibility to three up coming heroes that had proved themselves time and time again. But word of his incapacitation had reached the ears of many citizens of Metropolis.

The sun had been shining on the city of Metropolis and to most it had been a glorious day. But the staff and customers of the Metropolis Independent Bank their day had just taken a huge rain check. Half a dozen heavily armed men wearing all black had heard about what had happened to Superman and took the opportunity of a life time. With no Superman to stop them they thought that the bank would be easy pickings for them. There were millions of dollars in the bank’s vault, enough money to make all six of them very, very rich men. It was an opportunity too tempting to pass off.

The people inside the bank were all lying face down on the floor with their hands on their heads. A loan clerk was attempting to open the vault with little luck since the vault was closed with a timed lock.

Three of the robbers were keeping their eyes on the people. If one of them wanted to play hero they would show them the error of that decision. Once in a while they would shoot into the air just to show them that they were in charge.

“Don’t no one do anything stupid!” shouted one of the Robbers. “No one is coming to save you and if you do exactly what we tell you nothing bad is going to happen. But if something was to go wrong your brains will decorate the walls.”

At the vault the other three robbers were trying to motivate the clerk into opening the vault. But it was physically impossible to open the vault. There had been fail safes in place in case of a situation like this. The robbers’ patients was running thin at this moment in time. They wanted the money and they wanted it now.

One of the robbers pointed his AK 47 into the face of the terrified clerk. She had only been working at the bank for a few weeks and already she was regretting it. She thought that she should have stayed in Kansas.

“Open the vault Blondie,” demanded the Robber who was pointing the gun at the clerk. “Or else you’re going to take a permanent absence of leave.”

“I c-c-can’t,” replied the Clerk with terror. “The vault has a timed lock. I can’t open it anymore than if I could turn the world backwards.”

“Then you are no longer any use to us.”

Suddenly they heard a thud and a couple of muffled cries from the main lobby. The lead robber turned around and looked towards the door leading to the lobby. He could not see what was happening in there and was getting nervous. The police might be arriving any second and he didn’t want any nasty surprises. He looked towards the last robber and nodded his gun towards the door.

The last robber walked slowly towards the door and walked through door. There he saw that his comrades were on the ground with their weapons magnetized to an African-American man who seemed to be part man part machine. Floating in the air was a man with an ginger bowl cut hair and wearing all green. On the ground looking at him was a woman with red hair and green skin wearing a black outfit with a blue cape. He pointed his gun at her but a green sphere appeared around it and it floated into the air. Then the woman flew towards him and punched him in chest and it sent him flying back through the door.

“What the hell?” asked the Lead Robber.

He and his final colleague soon realised that their plan had failed and now all that was left was to escape before their fate was entwined with co-conspirators. But there was nowhere for them to run. There was only one way out of the room and it was through the door that they had entered.

By now the part machine part man had come through and he pointed his hand at them. In seconds the hand converted from the robotic hand to an energy cannon. Instead of firing at them he warmed it up and it began to glow.

“Face it chumps,” he said. “You came you saw we conquered. Now give it up before you live to regret it.”

The robbers weighed their options and realised that resistance was futile. They dropped their weapons and put their hands up. The hero lowered his arm and the cannon converted back into his hand.

The heroes who had saved the day were known as Green Lantern, Cyborg and Miss Martian. Superman had made them guardians of Metropolis while he was recovering from the Kryptonian virus. He trusted them entirely and believed that they would not let him down. So far they had been more than capable of the work.

Green Lantern went by the name of Guy Gardner. He had been an average Joe until one day when a strange green ring hand appeared in front of him while he was out to sea with a fishing crew. The ring had chosen him to be a Green Lantern, a member of a corp who protected the universe from many evils. The ring had seen him pure and courageous heart and chosen him. With the Lantern Corp he had saved many people both human and otherwise and he never regretted the ring choosing him.

Victor Stone had been an All American Football player who had a bright future ahead of him. In college he had been top of his class in both academics and Football. He was on the verge of signing with a major team until a tragic car accident left him broken and battered. He had lost his arms and legs to the subsequent explosion and many of his organs had began to shut down. Much of his body had been burned beyond the repair of medical doctors. Victor’s father had been a pioneer in mechanical bonding to human patients. Since his son was dying he used all his knowledge and skills to bring him back from the brink. But the resulting procedure had left Victor almost more machine than man. Although his body had been changed his mind stayed the exactly like before.. His enhancements blessed him with incredible strength and allowed him many other feats that would be impossible to a normal human being. As a hero for the people he had gone by the name of Cyborg.

The final hero was native to a planet very well known to the people of Earth. She had come from the planet Mars and she was the niece of Justice League founding member of the Justice League of America. Her name was M’gann although she preferred to be called Megan. Like her uncle she super strength, the ability to fly, shape shifting and mind reading talents. Although she looked like she was in her early twenties Megan was close to being a century old. Although her home world was more or less dead she had made Earth her new home. As a hero she was known by the name Miss Martian.

Meanwhile millions of miles away from the Earth the planets beauty had not gone un-noticed. A spaceship as large as a sports stadium was hovering just outside of the Solar System. Around it were many smaller ships, it was almost like bees hovering around their hive.

Inside the ship was technology more advanced than anything humanity had ever seen. But also inhabiting the ship were beings of tremendous power and evil. One such being was very large with pink skin and spikes on his head. He was wearing blue armour that covered his torso with brown extensions over his shoulders and thigh. He also had a device that was attached to his ear and wrapped around to his eye. He was called Dodoria and he was someone who was powerful enough to take down an entire army, but even he was just a subordinate.

Dodoria was typing away at a computer and eventually the planet Earth came into view on the screen. The computer was scanning the planet and eventually a green light appeared at the top of the screen. Dodoria smiled and turned around to another alien behind him. He was wearing identical armour and clothes.

“In form Lord Freiza that we have found a suitable planet in this system,” said Dodoria.

“Yes Dodoria,” replied the alien.

Many minutes later Dodoria was in a throne room like area of the ship. Many soldiers were around the room but he did not have the time to notice them. His focus was on the being sitting in front of him. He knelt down to him as a sign of respect and loyalty. This being was probably more powerful than anyone in the universe.

This being was known as Freiza. He was small but his lack of size hid his true strength. His body was white and purple and he wore the same armour as Dodoria and had the same device. Freiza had a long pink tale and two spikes grew out of the side of his head. His lips were purple and his eyes had black pupils. He commanded an army of thousands although he had the strength to destroy them all in a heartbeat.

Standing next to him was Zarbon who along with Dodoria was his right hand man. Zarbon was very tall with light green skin and long dark green hair platted into a pony tail. Like his comrades he wore the same armour and device. He was also extremely powerful but not so much that he dared turn against him master.

“I’ve heard reports that you’ve found the next planet to conquest,” said Freiza. “Is this true Dodoria?”

“Yes Lord Freiza it is a planet ideal to sell on,” replied Dodoria. “It has immense beauty and terrain. There is a slight pollution problem but nothing we can not clear up before selling on. It will fetch a good price. The scans show that the local population are weak and will easily succumb to us. There are a few exceptions but nothing that should cause us much trouble Lord Freiza.”

“This planet what is it called?”

“Earth my Lord.”

“Hmm Earth.” He spat onto the floor. “Such a disgusting name. When we’re finished we’ll have to rename it. How long until we arrive?”

“A couple of hours if that my Lord.”

“Good now rise.” Dodoria then stood up to his full height. “You will lead the attack on Earth. You will choose the location where we will operate. And let me remind you what the price of failure is.”

“Indeed I do Lord Freiza. I will not disappoint you.”

“For your sake I hope you’re right.”

In Metropolis the citizens were completely oblivious to the approaching danger. They went on their way without almost a care in the world. In a back alley a young African-American teenager was running away. Behind him was a small group of older teenagers running after him. He threw down a garbage can to try and stop them from catching him but the boys jumped over them. After a short chase they reached the youngster and their leader pinned him up a wall. The young teen was terrified as the leader took a knife out of his pocket.

“You know what happens when you try to run away Jack,” said the Leader. “Remember what I told you would happen if you stepped on our turf again.”

“Please Crush,” replied Jack with terror. “I won’t do it again.”

“Oh I’m sure you won’t. Ever.”

“HEY!” shouted a voice. The teens turned around saw what looked to be a more human Cyborg. He wore a trench coat which only just missed reaching the floor. “I think you should let him go.”

“Or else what?” He then dropped poor Jack and turned his attention to this mysterious stranger. The other teens also took their knives out and they felt confident that things were going to go their way. “There’s only one of you and three of us.”

“I’m giving you one last chance. Leave now and I promise I won’t hurt you.”

This last statement made the teens laugh. “Oh that’s a good one. But somehow I don’t think so. Get him boys.”

One of the teens then went to stab the stranger into arm. But instead of slicing through the blade bent out of shape and almost snapped. The teen looked at the knife in disbelief. He soon realised that this was no normal person.

“Oh crap,” he said.

With that the stranger pushed him out of the way. He went down to the ground and his two friends attempted to stab the stranger. But the stranger was fast enough to grab their wrists and snap the blades out of their hands.

Now that the teens’ weaponry had been damaged beyond use the teens turned tail and ran away leaving Jack cowering on the ground. But now that they were gone Jack slowly stood up and began to slowly build his confidence back up. He brushed himself off and even gave a little smile.

“Thanks Victor,” said Jack. “I owe you one.”

“You better be more careful,” replied Victor. “Next time I might be around to help.” The pair than began to walk out of the alley and into the street. “What would your Mom do if you weren’t there for her.”

“I know I’m sorry but I didn’t think they’d catch me.”

“You’ve come a long way since I first met you trying to steal my car. Don’t throw it away as if it’s nothing. Now I know a great comic store around here. Me and the owner go way back.”

At that time Guy was just arriving at one of Metropolis’s most popular parks. He was wearing his biker outfit since he was seeing someone very special to him. He and Megan had been seeing each other for a couple of months but weren’t calling themselves an official couple just yet. He was looking around the park for her and he eventually saw her sitting down on a red and blue blanket with a picnic basket right next to her. She was wearing a short orange dress and flat strapped sandals. She was also reading a copy of H.G Wells’ War Of The Worlds.

Normally a Martian in the park would draw a lot of attention but using her shape shifting powers she was able to turn her skin Caucasian. She also had a couple of freckles on her face but when Guy approached her she seemed to be a little different. He thought he was just being crazy and sat down next to her.

“Hey there Megan,” said Guy with a smile. He then gave her a little kiss on her forehead. “Been waiting long?”

“I don’t know,” replied Megan. She put a bookmark in her book and put it down besides the basket. “I’ve barely noticed the time. The books’ a good read but I seriously doubt Martians could be killed by the common Cold.”

“I thought you’d think it was a comedy.”

“I admit it is laughable at times but since it was before any Martians came to Earth I’d say it’s a good attempt.” She then picked up the basket and opened it. “Besides I made you lunch.”

Guy began to take the food out of the basket and lay it on the blanket. All the food was for him since Megan barely ate due to her Martian metabolism. She just smiled as she watched him eat.

After the morning they had Guy was hungry and it wasn’t long before he had eaten everything that Megan had made for him. But she was still smiling, but it wasn’t entirely a happy smile, he could see that there was some mischief in there also. He was curious with what she was thinking.

“I have a surprise for you,” said Megan with her growing smile.

“What is it?” replied Guy.

“First I need you to stand up.”

“Err Ok.” He then stood up to his full height. Then Megan did the same but as she stood up he noticed that she was standing slower than normal and he would soon realise why this was. As she was standing up he noticed that she was much taller than she had been before and when she reached her full height Guy was having to look up to her. She had a good two to three inches on him. He looked down to see if she was hovering or if she was wearing heels. But her feet were firmly on the ground in flat shoes. “M-Megan you’re taller.”

“I know short stuff,” chuckled Megan. She had always been a few inches shorter than him but now she was liking being the tall one in the couple.

“B-but how?”

“Well I always wondered if I could change my size like Uncle J’onn can. It took a bit of practice but as you can see it worked. I know you like tall girls and I can be as tall.” She then slowly began grow and within seconds was a couple of inches above seven feet, a full foot taller than Guy. “As you want me to be.”

“M-Meg this is so weird,” replied Guy. “Can you just be normal again for now?”

“Oh OK.” She then began to slowly shrink her body until she was back down to her normal height. “Is this better?”

“Yes Meg. You shouldn’t do that in public? What if someone saw you?”

“No one would of. Right now everyone who looks at us thinks we’re just sitting eating a picnic.” She then tapped her head. “Little mind trick Uncle J’onn taught me.”

Suddenly the pair were engulfed by a very large shadow. Guy looked up and was amazed to see Freiza’s ship along with dozens of the smaller ones. At first he thought that Megan was using another of her mind tricks. But when he saw that she was just as amazed as he was he realised that this was no trick. The city of Metropolis was under attack.

Next Freiza’s Army Unleashed.


Freiza, Zarobon and Dodoria


Miss Martian


Guy Gardner




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Thanks. I a couple I've already started. I just wanted to see what people thought before finishing them and posting them. Thank you for the comments.