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Issue Information

Title- Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #187

Release Date- November 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- John Romita Jr. and Dan Green

Major Notes


Brief Summary


Storm is walking away heartbroken from the Eagle Plaza in Dallas. It is raining heavily and she is completely soaked. She doesn’t notice a bright light in the lobby behind her as a Dire Wraith appears. Its mission is to test Forge’s defences and it is soon obliterated. This sets off an alarm and Storm turns to see some FBI agents approach the main doors. She carries on walking and soon a security guard answers the door. He welcomes the FBI agent in but soon she reveals herself to be a Dire Wraith and kills the guard and steals his appearance. All that is left of him is his clothing and he soon moves to the control console. He informs Forge that all is well before turning off the internal defences and surveillance. The other Dire Wraiths in disguise soon enter the building and make their way up to Forge’s penthouse with the intention of murdering him.

Outside Storm has noticed something odd but at first she doesn’t care too much after what Forge has done to her. She hears something and when she turns around she sees a Dire Wraith behind her. It grabs her and she can sense its evil, before it can absorb her she kicks it and then runs. She uses a nearby metal rubbish bin to smash her way into the building and when she enters she finds what remains of the guard. The Dire Wraith follows her and with little choice she picks up the guard’s gun and fires at it. Her bullets seem to have no effect but suddenly a shotgun shoots it in the head causing it to disintegrate. The man behind the trigger is a Native American named Naze.

Naze quickly checks to see if Storm is fine, she is indeed and she tells him that the alien was a Dire Wraith. She knows that Forge is in trouble and Naze explains that he saw all of this in his dreams. He is a shaman and also explains how Forge is the last hope for his people. Storm tries to call Forge the Dire Wraiths have already gotten to Forge’s penthouse but the pair quickly move to try and save him. Naze admits that it has been a while since he has had a scrap like this and it causes Storm to mention Wolverine. She remembers a firearms lesson he gave her some time before.

The pair enter the elevator and they go through the panel so that the reach the roof of the elevator. Storm doesn’t notice another creature known as a hellhound in the shadows and it soon attacks her. She falls but when it moves in for the kill Naze is able to kill it. Before they can go any further a Dire Wraith on an upper floor casts a spell that causes a cable to wrap around Storm’s ankle. She is suddenly pulled up and with the counterweight coming down she knows that she only has seconds to act before she is crushed. She throws her gun away and is quickly able to unwrap the cable. She begins to think of Yukio and she even uses the cable to go onto a higher ledge. She takes her heels off since they are a hindrance and she hopes that Naze will be fine.

Naze himself has gotten to one of the upper floors and he carefully makes his way through the corridor. He thinks about Storm and how Forge has made her his enemy. He is mainly in darkness but he can still sense the Dire Wraiths. He shoots at them and demands that they show themselves.

Meanwhile Storm has made her way to the roof but when she opens the doors she is confronted by a terrible blizzard. She finds it very odd since it is out of place for this time of year and location. She steps outside but is attacked by a Dire Wraith. Since the cold effects its strength the Dire Wraith allows a Hellhound to finish her off but she attacks it with a metal pole. It is so cold that it briefly freezes to her hand but she is attacked once again. She is almost thrown off the building and she instinctively tries to use her powers to no avail. A freak gust of wind keeps her from falling and she tries to make her way back inside. The Dire Wraith attacks once again but she is able get inside quickly and bolt the door. The Dire Wraith knocks repeatedly but eventually the knocking fades away. She realises that she has killed it but suddenly she feels a strong presence in her mind and she sees an amalgam of herself Forge, a Dire Wraith, Naze and a being of enormous power but absolute evil.

Forge is also feeling this and he is seemingly helpless as Dire Wraiths move. In they think they have him cornered but suddenly cannons appear from the floor and walls and fire on the Dire Wraiths. It sends them back and moments later Storm approaches him, at first he thinks that she is one of them but his scanner shows that she is human. She knows that he is human and he tells her that the remaining power has been rerouted to the defences. Storm also talks about the vision that they have both felt.

They talk briefly but as Storm is given a gun she senses more Dire Wraiths approaching and she fires at them. They use their spells to try and defend themselves and Forge realises that they had been cloaking themselves so he didn’t realise that they were there until it was too late. One is able to corner Storm and uses a spell to switch their appearance as an illusion. Forge sees the pair and Storm seemingly commands him to destroy the Dire Wraith. Forge uses a long lost ability see that Storm is in fact the Dire Wraith and destroy it. As soon as it is dead the illusion fades revealing Storm’s true appearance.

By then Naze has reached them and they are both surprised to see him alive. They suddenly feel the building shake and moments later Rogue and Colossus burst down through the ceiling. They are happy to see Storm but quickly they move up to the penthouse and see what seems to be an army of Dire Wraiths. Rogue and Colossus attack them but Forge knows that they are an illusion and that there are only two Dire Wraiths remaining. He once again uses his spirit sight to see through them.

Meanwhile in a domed room Naze stands there and is impressed with what he is seeing. He begins to use his magic powers to activate something on the ground while downstairs the battle is still raging. A Dire Wraith attempts to absorb Colossus but it is knocked away. Storm fires at the Dire Wraiths and she

reveals to her teammates that she has lost her powers. This makes Rogue feel guilty.

Suddenly the figures of Rom Spaceknight and his paramour Starshine suddenly appear causing the two real Dire Wraiths to panic. Forge then destroys them and the group come together to regroup. They are seemingly victorious and Forge reveals that Rom and Starshine were merely holograms. They also notice that Naze is missing and suddenly a fabric or reality tears behind them and some monsters suddenly appear and grab the group.

My Thoughts

Back with the Uncanny X-Men in an issue that mainly features Storm much like the last issue and we still see her dealing with the fact that she no longer has her powers. This time however we have her pitted against the Dire Wraiths in a way that sorta reminds me of Ripley in the Alien franchise.

One quick thing to point out before I dive into the story is that the freak blizzard that Storm encountered was due to the events that were taking place in the Thor series at the time. For the next couple of months because of this practically every Marvel comic at the time was effected by this freak blizzard that had encircled the globe. I could go more into detail about it but for now I won’t. At least back in the mid 80’s continuity was still very important, not so much today however.

The story at hand I enjoyed it more than the previous issue. This one had a lot more action in it where the other was mainly romance. That is not a bad thing since it is a good way to build character but I definitely didn’t want to see it too often. We saw Storm taking down Dire Wraiths without the use of her powers and she actually has Wolverine to thank for that because as shown he taught her how to use a gun.

We also got to see Naze in action who we only saw briefly in Uncanny X-Men #185 but this time we saw him in action. He reminds me a lot of the old style gun slingers that you sometimes see in films. He showed no fear and he was a great ally for Storm but at the end of the issue we see that he isn’t entirely right either. Not sure what he is doing but I can suspect what has happened to him since he was in a bad situation and seemed to come out of it unscathed.

The whole rapport between Storm and Forge I think is supposed to indicate that Storm has some magical abilities herself. I think there was going to be a crossover story with another magic based character but it never materialised. I could see the whole magic business leading Storm to becoming like the version we saw of her in the Magik LS from the previous year. It would have been a different direction for the character and one other thing to pick up is that this mysterious being that she felt during her vision is that of a being called the Entity. He will be the main villain in the X-Men side of the Fall Of The Mutants arc which will take place in three year’s time.

The Dire Wraiths seemed to be very capable villains in this issue and it is a small wonder why they are still not haunting the pages of Marvel. They could have been close to (but not on the same level) as the Skrulls or Kree. Unlike them the Dire Wraiths rely on magic but they are somewhat similar to the Skrulls in the fact that they can shapeshift. The only difference is that a Skrull can do it willingly where a Dire Wraith needs to absorb their victim to do this.

One thing that we did learn was that Forge has other powers rather than just his ability with technology. He showed that he had mystic powers and I can see why Naze had bothered him in Uncanny X-Men #185. This will be an important part of his character and his heritage.

The ending was definitely a great cliff hanger and really makes the reader want to buy the next issue. A good writer is really great at doing this since it draws the readers in and annoys them enough to buy the next issue. Ultimately if issues don’t sell than a series gets cancelled (some deservingly, some not so much).

In conclusion I’m giving this issue an 8 out of 10. It was a great issue to read and it didn’t matter to me that some of my favourite X-Men weren’t featured.

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Dazzler: The Movie (OGN)

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Issue Information

Title- New Mutants Annual (Volume 1) #1

Release Date- November 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Bob McLeod

Major Notes

First appearance of Lila Cheney

Brief Summary

The Cosmic Cannonball Caper

Cannonball is undergoing a training session in the Danger Room. He is pushing against a ram which is pressing downwards while Professor Xavier, Illyana and Mirage watch from the control room. Cannonball is doing well but Xavier still wants to test him further, he commands Mirage to create a three dimensional image of a Brood and when it appears in front of Cannonball it scares him enough for him to lose concentration and return to normal. He is angry at Mirage for what she has done but an astral image Xavier appears and tells him that she did it under his command. He explains that the exercise was so that he learns to never let his guard down and that since he is the oldest member of the team the others look up to him. Cannonball thinks that he has let him down but Xavier responds that it is the reason for the Danger Room, to train them.

In New York City an alien suddenly materialises at a construction yard. On a fence he discovers a poster for a rock star named Lila Cheney. With his claws he slashes at the poster completely destroying it.

Meanwhile at the X-Mansion Mirage is going through a therapy session with dance teacher Stevie Hunter. Mirage is having to stretch her leg but she feels a sharp pain in her thigh and stops. Stevie begins to massage her leg and Mirage hates the fact that she is recovering so slowly. She even begins to cry a little and Stevie tells her what she did when she was struck down by injury. They talk for a little time as Stevie encourages Mirage as best as she can but suddenly Sunspot bursts into the room. He states that he was able to get tickets to Lila Cheney’s final concert.

On Saturday night the team along with new recruits Doug Ramsey and an in-disguise Warlock go to the concert hall where the concert is taking place. They think they will have to queue for hours but they are allowed to watch the sound test because their passes permit them to. Thanks to Sunspot’s fortune and the fact that the tour promoter owed him a favour.

The team go backstage where they see Lila’s band practicing but they are briefly pushed to one side by technical crew. Suddenly Doug sees Lila approaching and they watch as she practices with her band. The team enjoy what they are seeing but suddenly a chain keeping the stacked speakers together snap and they fall towards Lila. Quickly Sunspot and Warlock transform and try to stop the fall. Unfortunately the upper speaker still falls and Cannonball uses his powers to save Lila. Her manager arrives and demands that the team be thrown out but Lila is against this and even kisses Cannonball for saving her life. As she walks away she invites them to a party after the show.

After Lila has goes a still disguised Warlock discovers that the chain had been cut. This means that someone tried to murder Lila and Wolfsbane quickly transforms into her wolf form and she quickly picks up a scent that is seemingly alien. The group change into their costumes and follow Wolfsbane while Mirage and Doug remain behind. Eventually the trail leads them to the rafters above Lila’s performance and they see an alien calling itself a Vrakanin warrior. He attacks Wolfsbane and aims his gun down at Lila. The team attack and Illyana goes to use a light disc but is blasted in the stomach instead. Warlock tries his best but the Vrakanin throws him at Sunspot and Wolfsbane. Even Magma’s attacks are of no effect thanks to his suit. The Vrakanin goes to fire at Lila but Cannonball rockets into him.

In the concert below Lila has realised what is happening and turns up the volume of her guitar causing great pain to both the Vrakanin and Warlock. Suddenly both the Vrakanin’s armour and weapon explode and he begins to fall. Unfortunately Cannonball falls with him but he is grabbed by Magma. The Vrakanin begins to glow and suddenly he disappear in a ball of light. The crowd think that the light is all part of the act and the team notice Warlock acting very strangely. Cannonball is still holding on but suddenly Lila and the entire band begin to glow and so does Cannonball and mere moments later they have all disappeared.

The team drag the seemingly wounded Warlock back to Mirage and Doug and they try to explain what happened. Warlock in his pain explains that the light show was a stargate which took Lila and the others across the galaxy. He has absorbed some of the energy and must vent some out before the worse were to happen. Warlock can use the energy to open the stargate again and the team decide to do that so that they can try and rescue Cannonball. They all agree to go and as Warlock opens the stargate the entire team disappear in a bright light but much to their horror when they materialise they find themselves in the empty gulf of space.

Seconds before Cannonball, Lila and her band reappear in a building and when Cannonball asks where he is Lila tells him that they are in her home. He asked what happened and she tells him that she teleported them there and when Cannonball looks out at the view he finds a vast empty city. Cannonball knows that he is in a Dyson Sphere and even explains how he knows. Lila discovered it sometime ago and has been using it as her own private paradise. She shows him some affection before pushing him off so that he can change. When he is gone an image appears of a Vrakanin named Charasulla and tells her about the bounty hunter and asks why they need the auction. She informs him of the rules and how she stole the world and all of its inhabitants.

Mirage suddenly wakes up and finds herself on a pod in a ship. The other New Mutants are in pods as well and when she walks onto the bridge she realises that the ship itself is Warlock. They discuss a little about what happened but unfortunately they are too far from Earth to get there. Warlock however has a lock Lila Cheney’s position and quickly moves towards it.

Meanwhile Cannonball goes to Lila dressed in a leather punk like outfit. He feels a little ridiculous in the costume but Lila likes it and even gives him a kiss. This is watched by Lila’s drummer Hovannes. He then goes to a communication console and contacts Charasulla, he plans to double cross Lila and allow Charasulla and his forces to invade the Dyson Sphere. With Lila out of the way he thinks that he will take the payment as Charasulla takes Planet Earth.

Sometime later the New Mutants have arrived and Doug is looking over some alien writing on a wall. He can’t believe what he is seeing and as the team try to find Cannonball they go over a bridge which is miles above the ground. Doug has a fear of heights and begins to panic but before he can be taken across the team are suddenly attacked by Vrakanin fighters. The team do their best but the bridge below them takes the brunt of the damage and causes Mirage and Wolfsbane to fall. They are saved by Warlock as Sunspot is able to obtain one of the fighters but due to his inexperience with the vehicle accidentally flies forward and breakneck speed.

A short time later Warlock, Mirage, Wolfsbane, Cannonball and Lila have been captured by the invading Vrakanin. The shackles they wear nullify their powers and they are brought before Charasulla. He states that they will fetch a good price at a slave auction but Lila herself will be put to death. Hovannes steps up telling Lila that he was given an offer that he couldn’t refuse but rather than being paid he is vaporised. Charasulla moves towards a lever that will activate an energy web that Lila has placed around the Earth. It will teleport the Earth away and put the inhabitants in stasis before being sold on as slaves. Before he can pull the lever there is a sudden earthquake and a jet of lava pours up from the ground.

When Magma makes her appearance the Vrakanin stare in awe as Illyana jumps down and slashes the one Vrakanin with her soulsword. Since he doesn’t comprise of magic energy he isn’t harmed but he is distracted long enough for Doug to tackle him. Illyana then takes his gun and fires at another Vrakanin and then uses it to free the others. The team then attack all of the other Vrakanins and even Sunspot makes his appearance. They are all surprised to see Cannonball’s look but they also destroy the Stargate controls.

Suddenly the walls around them begin to glow and Lila explains by destroying the Stargate controls the world will be destroyed. She doesn’t know how to stop it since she found this place and learned how to use its technology through trial and error. Doug goes back to the alien writing on the wall. He begins to make sense of it but unfortunately he doesn’t have too much time to fully decipher them. The room continues to glow brighter but he doesn’t know if what he is reading is right. Due to desperation presses a nearby switch and everything reverts back to normal.

There is a sigh of relief but Mirage demands an explanation from Lila. She tells the team that she is a thief and by hijacking the world was a way to prove that she was the best. Since she owes the team her life and freedom she promises to never try again. She is satisfied enough with what she has done but when Doug asks how they’re going to get home she tells them to leave it to her.

The team soon materialise in London and they realise that they are still far from home. Lila explains that her powers work on a stellar distance and since this is her townhouse this is as close to New York as she can get. Mirage is allowed to use

a phone so that she can call Xavier but they even ask Illyana to use one of her light discs but she tells them that the time aspect of her powers make it an unwise idea.

As the team go inside the townhouse Cannonball stays outside with Lila. He asks her why she would allow the world to be enslaved and sold and she responds that they sold her. She will not go into details and Cannonball doesn’t believe that she truly likes him. She tells him that it is the truth and he also realises that they forgot about the band. She tells him that they are safe and that her life history is in her songs. They both admit that they like each other and they kiss. This is seen by the other New Mutants much to Sunspot’s dismay. Three months later Lila releases a love song that goes straight to Number One. It is simply called ‘Sam’.

My Thoughts

Now we come to the first annual in the New Mutants series and the first thing to mention is that rather than having Bill Sienkiewicz drawing this issue instead we get co-creator and original artist Bob McLeod. This is a nice surprise since with most annuals a random artist is used rather than the series regular but this time round we got to see the guy who originally designed many of the New Mutants. To tell you the truth I couldn’t have picked a more suited artist for this annual.

This annual was a first for a few reasons. The first is that it is the first appearance of Lila Cheney who basically has teleportation powers that are more powerful than any that I have seen so far (except maybe Lockjaw) but we saw that her powers don’t really work on shorter distances. This makes it more acceptable in my view and doesn’t really make her overpowered. We did learn that she is a British Rockstar and I believe that she appears in a few other issues. We don’t know for now what her motivation was for her actions but I figure that we will learn soon enough.

Something else to pick up was that this is the first time that we’ve seen Doug Ramsey and Warlock as part of the team. Doug didn’t have his own costume like the others but we see that when Warlock is out and about he is able to disguise himself as a regular looking person. This is something that we have yet to see in the New Mutants series since he has only just joined the team.

In the general story I see Cannonball as being the main character as he falls in love with Lila and has to help save the world. Ok she was the one who put the world in risk but it was definitely a great issue for him. There was some development for him and he got to see plenty of action.

I did notice a colouring mistake since in one panel Wolfsbane is given blonde hair rather than red. When I first saw that panel I thought that it was Magma but as I read on I discovered that it was actually Wolfsbane. That is unless Wolfsbane has undergone a secondary mutation and picked up the ability to change her hair colour.

The other New Mutants did have their own little bits in this story as we saw Sunspot become jealous, Mirage still recovering from her injuries, Doug ultimately saving the world amongst other things. We also met a new alien race that I don’t think have been seen or heard from since unless I’m mistaken.

Also something else I noticed was that when Mirage stepped out of her pod on the ship shaped Warlock it really reminded me of when we first met the crew of the Nostromo in the original Alien film. It wouldn’t surprise me if Bob McLeod took inspiration from that scene and incorporated it into the comic.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue an 8 out of 10. It was a great read and perfectly fitting for an annual.

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Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #187

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Issue Information

Title- Kitty Pryde and Wolverine (Volume 1) #1

Release Date- November 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Allen Milgrom

Major Notes

First appearance of Ogun

Brief Summary


Kitty Pryde has been home in Deerfield Illinois since she left the X-Men for a leave of absence. She has been living with her father but since he has been busy at work he has not been around. Kitty has been ice skating and thinking about her time with the X-Men and her break up with Colossus.

Kitty makes her way towards her father’s bank so that she can surprise him. She notices a limousine parked outside but as she tries to enter the bank she discovers that it is closed. She uses her phasing abilities to phase through the door but she sees a guard at the other side. When he turns around he is very surprised to see him and she goes to her father’s office.

When Kitty arrives outside of the door she hears voices inside. She doesn’t like what she hears but after she hears a slap she calls for her father. When the door opens instead of her father she sees a large well-built Japanese man. She runs passed him and goes to her father and she also sees other men there as well. Her father Carmen Pryde reassures her that everything is fine but she sees a bruise on his face. She is then introduced to the men who are there to purchase the bank that has belonged to the Pryde family for generations. The man who really creeps Kitty out is named Ogun. Carmen tells her that he has to go meet with the head of their corporation and Kitty stats that she will wait for him, this gets a laugh from the other men and she soon discovers that Carmen has to go to Japan. He tells her that he will be gone for a week and it is best that she return to the X-Mansion. She reluctantly agrees but she doesn’t want to involve the X-Men in all of this. Ogun offers for her to come along but Carmen snaps at her telling her that she has to stay. He is sorry for this and gives her money for a cab to the airport. The men then leave along with Carmen while Kitty can only say goodbye.

After they have left Kitty figures out that the men were Yakuza and she knows that her father is in trouble. She does go to the airport but rather than going back to New York she discovers that her father is going to Tokyo so she sneaks herself onto a commercial flight that is going directly there.

Kitty phases her way up from the luggage bay and into an empty seat. She tries to go to sleep but is then awoken by a stewardess who demands to see her boarding pass. Kitty admits that she doesn’t have any and the stewardess thinks that she is a schoolgirl who has had a dare. Kitty wants to tell her the truth but instead admits that it is a dare. The stewardess walks away so that she can inform the captain.

When the plane eventually lands Kitty escapes by phasing right through it and running away. She has to dodge the airport staff and security but eventually she makes her way onto a bus and the fact that she can speak Japanese does help her situation. She does know that she will stand out due to her race and her clothing.

She is dropped off in a very crowded area of Tokyo. She has no idea where to begin to look for her father but she remembers Ogun mentioning the name of the head of their operations. She is able to call an operator and find the address of the company and she quickly moves towards it.

When she arrives she discovers that it is a skyscraper and also that there are some rainclouds heading her way. She has very little money and no food on her but instead of turning to Mariko Yashida she decides to take shelter within the building itself. She uses her phasing powers to walk on the air up to one of the higher floors. She phases her way inside and tries to have a little time to sleep on a nearby sofa.

Kitty is rudely awakened by a cleaning lady who then calls for a guard. Kitty tries to explain things but when the guard enters he fires at her but she phases through the bullets and also through the window. Thinking that she is surely dead the guard leaves to inform his superiors.

Kitty runs through the rain drenched streets of Tokyo after losing her hat and skates. She is getting soaked and she knows that she has to buy food and shelter along with a change of clothing. She makes her way to an ATM machine and due to her desperation phases her hand into it so that she can grab some cash. At first Kitty is successful but suddenly an alarm goes off and within moments police show up. In her panic she drops the money and flees but the policemen chase her. They seemingly corner her in an alley but she phases through the ground and ends up in a sewer. The water in the sewers carries her down to Tokyo Bay.

The next morning Kitty has been sleeping next to a building and she is shivering after having to brave the elements. She thinks that she is a thief like her father and she regrets eavesdropping on him at the bank. She notices that she has a fever and she makes her way to a payphone. She makes a collect call to the X-Mansion and it is answered by Wolverine but when he answers she puts the phone down. She is ashamed to speak to him but as she looks towards an electronics store she sees a news bulletin of herself being wanted by police.

With little choice Kitty makes her way back to the skyscraper and even makes her way to the executive suite. Her fever seems worse than she thought but suddenly she hears the door open so she uses her powers to hide in the next room. She then hears Carmen enter with Ogun and his boss Shigematsu. Much to her horror she hears Carmen agree to a money laundering scheme and she cries out for him.

My Thoughts

Now we come to the first issue of Kitty Pryde and Wolverine although after reading this issue I felt that it should have just been called Kitty Pryde since Wolverine only appears in two panels. Well I already know that his presence in the series will greatly increase in the next issue and all the others after this. The series is also the reason why Kitty Pryde and Wolverine have been absent from the Uncanny X-Men series.

This series is also very important for mainly Kitty Pryde but also somewhat for Wolverine. The series is basically Kitty coming of age and turning her from the doe eyed teenage prodigy into a confident young woman. For Wolverine we get to see him team up with some of his of his allies from the Wolverine LS from a couple of years earlier. It will also show the two characters form a bond that still exists even to this day.

The issue itself was pretty good and the overall story is that Kitty thinks her father Carmen has gotten himself into trouble with the Yakuza and basically goes to Japan to help him. Unfortunately she has trouble of her own while she’s there and in her desperation even resorted to stealing. We know what Kitty is like and the fact that she stole money only showed her desperation. She might have only stolen a relatively small amount this time round but in the distant future an inverted Kitty will steal a whole load of money in a fun little crossover called Axis.

One of the other important things to point out is that this is the first appearance of Ogun who will be considered a serious thorn in the sides of both Kitty Pryde and Wolverine, even after the series has finished. From this issue we learn that he is Yakuza but we don’t know all that much about him. We don’t even realise that he will be the main antagonist of the series and turn the once sweet Illinois girl into a hardened assassin. Oh did I mention that he can also possess people? Kinda reminds me of the thought to be deceased Karma. In fact from the ending of the issue you would have thought that Ogun’s boss Shigematsu would be the main villain.

The issue is entirely from Kitty’s point of view and was very well written by X-Men scribe Chris Claremont and brought to life in the art of Allen Milgrom. Too bad we couldn’t see the art of John Romita Jr or Bill Sienkiewicz but then again artist struggle to be on two different books at once. That is a shame but Milgrom did do a really good job anyway and it is nice to add another artist to the X-Men franchise.

In conclusion I’m giving this issue an 8 out of 10. It was a pretty good set-up for the series and I really look forward to reading on.

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New Mutants Annual (Volume 1) #1

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Issue Information

Title- New Mutants (Volume 1) #21

Release Date- November 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Bill Sienkiewicz

Major Notes

Warlock joins the New Mutants

Brief Summary

Slumber Party

Several shadowed figures make their way to the X-Mansion. At first they seem to be a threat but as they enter they are revealed to be teenaged girls who have come to the mansion for a slumber party. They are there because Illyana invited them since Professor Xavier allowed them to invite some friends for a slumber party. It is to celebrate Mirage coming out of hospital. Wolfsbane feels out of place but a short distance away a few of the guests begin to talk about the fact that they should look around since no one in the local area have ever been to the mansion. They don’t realise that Lockheed is watching them from an opening in the ceiling.

Meanwhile many miles above the Earth’s surface on Asteroid M Magneto is alerted by an energy signature which is rocketing towards the Asteroid. His instruments have no time to properly protect the asteroid so Magneto is forced to create a magnetic push force. It is of no avail as the force strikes the asteroid. The being turns out to be Warlock who is heading to Earth out of pure fear and desperation.

Back in the mansion the party continues as the girls talk about celebrities that they have a crush on. One girl is even dancing in front of a poster of Michael Jackson and pulling off his moves. Magma asks who he is and one of the girls can’t believe that she doesn’t know Michael Jackson. She says a comment that annoys Magma enough to create a small tremor. Thankfully she is able to calm herself before causing anything worse.

A short distance away Wolfsbane sits and watches the group of girls which include Illyana and Magma. She wishes to join them but she thinks that these kind of things are wicked but the girls soon turn their attentions to her. Suddenly they dart towards her with a make-up kit and in her panic she begins to transform into her wolf form. Mirage is able to pick up on Wolfsbane’s distress through their mind link and she reassures her that she is in no danger and also to revert back to normal. Wolfsbane does as she is told as the girls ready her for a makeover.

Outside Cannonball and Sunspot are walking around and talking about baseball. Cannonball talks about the players that his father liked and the two decide to have a little practice. Sunspot transforms and hits a large rock into the air using a tree as a bat. Cannonball then rockets into the air and destroys the rock with ease. Sunspot talks about his own father and how they have become estranged. Cannonball reminds him that his father is still alive and there is still time to patch things up.

They make their way back to the mansion and knock on the door. The door is answered by Wolfsbane who has had a makeover. Cannonball doesn’t recognise her and asks for one of the New Mutants. Wolfsbane is angered by this causing her to transform and punch him in the gutt. Illyana arrives and tells both boys that no boys are allowed before slamming the door. Cannonball is on the ground recovering from the punch and Sunspot sees the funny side to it.

A little later in the attic the girls along with a few others are jokingly trying to conjure some spirits. Wolfsbane and Mirage talk quietly about the fact that Cannonball didn’t recognise her. Lockheed is sitting on Illyana’s head and one of the girls thinks that he is simply some kind of hat.

Meanwhile outside Cannonball has been swimming in the lake and he talks to Sunspot about home. Suddenly they see a meteor crash right into the lake. Cannonball quickly swims down to it and uses his powers to bring it back up to the surface. When he does they discover that it is metallic and they don’t fully know what it is. Sunspot carries it towards the mansion and they leave it in the lab so they don’t disturb the girls and they don’t think that it is a threat.

After the boys have walked away the meteor transforms into Warlock who is exhausted from the trip. He begins to scan the area and sees a plug socket that he thinks will recharge him. This causes him to overload and the power goes out throughout the mansion.

Oblivious to what has happened the girls in the attic continue to call to the spirits and for a bit of fun Mirage creates an image of a spirit using her mutant abilities. Lockheed becomes agitated and flies away much to the surprise of the girls.

Downstairs Warlock makes his way through the mansion and discovers a plant which he wishes to convert. He touches it and the plant is infected with a techno virus and it is transformed into an inorganic object after Warlock has absorb its lifeglow.

He eventually ends up in the kitchen and goes through the fridge. He believes that it is actually a person who is simply storing organic food. He is surprised when it doesn’t respond to him. Suddenly Lockheed appears and Warlock sees that he has the lifeglow that he needs to survive. Before he can touch the small dragon Lockheed roars and breathes fire on him. This alerts the others inside the mansion and Illyana soon goes down to the kitchen and attacks Warlock with her soulsword. Unfortunately since he is not of magical origin her blade has no effect. She is pushed back again the wall and she noticed that her night clothing has transformed into her armour.

Lockheed tries to fend Warlock off and Illyana uses a combination of her sorcery and mutant abilities to conjure a Limbo demon to fight. Warlock sees the demon as a source of life force and touches his arm. This causes the demon to transform into a techno statue and also Illyana notices that her hand is beginning to turn metallic. With little option she grabs Lockheed and teleports away.

Elsewhere the other New Mutants have met up and they start to investigate the disturbance. Wolfsbane is able track Warlock and after informing Mirage what the boys have found no one is particularly happy. They easily find Warlock and Magma attacks him along with Cannonball who rockets him out to the ground lawn. Magma notices that her attack had no effect on Warlock so she makes the ground below him become molten causing him to sink.

They think that Warlock is defeated but suddenly techno like tentacle pops up from the ground and grabs Magma’s leg. Sunspot rips the tentacle off and this causes Warlock to let out a deafening scream.

Inside the mansion Mirage notices that none of the guests have realised what is happening. She also notices that two of the girls are missing and she even risks getting out of her wheelchair to find them. Unfortunately she is still too injured to get very far and she soon receives a mental message from Wolfsbane telling her that Warlock is his way inside the mansion. It is then that she sees Warlock approaching her and he goes absorb her life force as well but she is able to create an image of Magus from his memories and it is enough to scare him away.

Moments later Wolfsbane still in her transformed form goes to Mirage to see if she is alright. Suddenly the two missing girls appear and they believe Wolfsbane is just a dog. Through their link Mirage and Wolfsbane discuss about their next move and the fact that Warlock is a person rather than a creature or machine.

Mirage tells the girls that Wolfsbane is actually a wolf and they find it humorous. Suddenly they notice Cannonball rocket passed the window and also noticed the petrified Limbo demon. They believe that it is simply a statue however and they see Cannonball enter with a seemingly unconscious Magma. Cannonball tries to explain to the girls that there has been a blackout and that they should go back to the attic.

With the girls gone the team start to really discuss their next move. Warlock’s trail leads into the subbasement and they realise that he is simply hungry and needs sustenance. They realise that their actions haven’t made the situation any better and they think that the bright lights that Warlock has been giving off is his way of communicating. Knowing that they have little choice they decide to call for the aid of Doug Ramsey who doesn’t even know that he is a mutant.

In the Danger Room control room Warlock is trying to switch it on so that he can try and communicate with it. As it activates it creates a series of lights and in his desperation he crashes through glass into the Danger Room itself. It is not too long afterwards that the New Mutants arrive and see Warlock in a heap and completely helpless. Doug Ramsey is with them and he is still getting over the fact that he is a mutant.

Doug is still able to create some holographic images of life on Earth to try and communicate with Warlock. Warlock himself stretches his arm and uses the control panel to show the team the horrors on his own planet. The team are horrified by what they are seeing and Warlock realises that he has been trying to consume living beings and becomes very remorseful.

Wolfsbane takes great pity on Warlock and demands they do something to help him since he is close to death. Despite the team’s protests she goes to hi and holds onto his hand to show trust. It is then that Warlock’s hand turns into a plug and Wolfsbane shows him a nearby outlet. Warlock begins to absorb the electricity and it revitalises him to the point where he can now actually speak English.

Later Xavier returns to the mansion and although the guests are peacefully asleep he notices a hole in the wall. He instantly realises that there has been a battle but suddenly right next to him Illyana reappears wearing a spacesuit and with Lockheed on her shoulder. She tells him that she has got a real story to tell him but Xavier instead wants an explanation. This is when the others arrive with Warlock, they introduce him to their mentor as the New Mutant’s latest candidate. He is told how Warlock needs his protection and training but Xavier is in disbelief. Warlock offers to shake his hand and tells him that he is honoured to meet him. The pair then shake hands as a new beginning has begun.

My Thoughts

Now we come to the first double sized issue of the New Mutants series and it makes me somewhat wonder why this issue was double sized. I did notice that it was like the Dazzler series since the twenty first issue of that was also doubled sized. Maybe its like a special number in comics for some reason.

Anyway back to the issue at hand, the whole New Mutants fighting Warlock had turned out to be a big misunderstanding. The New Mutants thought that Warlock was some kind and of monster and on the flip side Morlock thought that they were food. After all this was resolved they realised just what was happening and decided to help Warlock rather than allowing him to die. I can understand their reaction since it is how many people would have reacted to someone like Warlock. It was still great to see the whole situation get resolved with neither party doing anything that they later regretted.

The idea of the girls having a slumber party was pretty humorous and that some of the guests were up to a little mischief. It is something that I could see Professor Xavier allowing something like this so that the team can feel like normal teenagers rather than just a super powered team. If Kitty hadn’t been dealing with her own problems in Japan along with Wolverine I think she would have attended the party as well. It felt a little odd that she was absent but I can understand why.

In this issue is also when Doug Ramsey finds out that he’s a mutant. This is something that has been known by the readers for a few months but the boy himself had no idea. This will lead him to eventually joining the team and taking the codename Cypher. His partnership with Warlock will be remembered fondly by many fans.

One thing to also mention is that the whole thing with Illyana is a spacesuit at the end of the issue and with a real story to tell will actually not be told for a another three and a half years in issue sixty three. I wonder why it took so long to have this story in an issue that is amongst my favourite issues. It was an adventure that even Lockheed went along with and in this issue he showed Warlock that he might be small but he is also incredibly dangerous.

We did get some great scenes between pairs of the team like Illyana and the girls giving Wolfsbane a makeover and the talk that Cannonball with Sunspot. It is little things like that which makes it feel like these are real people rather than just drawings. It is one of the reasons why this is a great series along with its parent title the Uncanny X-Men which are both penned by Chris Claremont.

The art of the issue also really made Warlock look really abstract and alien. It is the look that really pulls him off and shows us just how different he is from a human being. Sienkiewicz’s did brilliantly pulling off his look and made us genuinely believe that we were seeing some kind of freaky alien.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue an 8 out of 10. A really great issue and one well worth picking up.

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Kitty Pryde and Wolverine (Volume 1) #1

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Issue Information

Title- Secret Wars (Volume 1) #7

Release Date- November 1984

Writer- Jim Shooter

Artist- Mike Zeck

Major Notes

First full appearance of Julia Carpenter

Brief Summary


The heroes confront the mysterious shadowed woman who reveals herself to be Spider-Woman. She is different to the Spider-Woman that they already know and she explains that she is from a suburb of Denver that has been transported to Battleworld. She wishes to join the heroes in their fight and even demonstrates her strength. The heroes are unsure whether to accept her but they hear a loud rumbling sound. Suddenly the Wrecking Crew’s giant tank like vehicle crashes through and they throw the seemingly lifeless body of Wasp to the ground. They speed away as the heroes try to help they fallen teammate.

Wasp is taken to Zsaji’s hut where she tries to heal her but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. The heroes bent on vengeance want to go to the Villains’ fortress and avenging the Wasp’s death but Captain America is against this. They are unsure when Galactus will make his move and they have to be there to prevent him from destroying the planet. There is much discussion between the heroes and no one notices She-Hulk walking away.

Elsewhere Wolverine, Cyclops and Rogue are returning from their mission over the volcanic region. They are flying in a ship and they receive a mental command from Professor Xavier. He has decided that they should attack the team of Molecule Man, Doctor Octopus, Absorbing Man and Titania. They are returning to their fortress and the opportunity to take them out of the picture is too big to ignore. The other X-Men along with Magneto leave their fortress to intercept the villains.

Not too far away on the villain’s ship Molecule Man is still in a critical condition since being wounded by Wolverine. This is seen by Volcana at the fortress and she instantly becomes worried of him. She races to the Enchantress and demands that she send her to the Molecule Man’s side. At first the Enchantress is reluctant but eventually sends her to the ship after Volcana agrees to be in her debt.

Volcana immediately reappears in the villain’s ship much to the surprise of those inside. She quickly goes to the Molecule Man’s side. Before she can try and care for him Doctor Octopus notices that two ships are in the vicinity and are converging on them.

Their ship is then attack and is forced into a crash landing. The X-Men are the ones responsible for the attack and the two sets of teams attack one another. Titania is able to fend off three X-Men while the Absorbing Man battles Magneto. Doctor Octopus is able to capture Storm and Wolverine goes to rescue her. The Absorbing Man steps in-between them and although he is in a rock form Wolverine is able to slice his arm off. Volcana uses her powers to burn Wolverine while Magneto manipulates Doctor Octopus’s arms. Rogue is able to gain the upper hand on Titania. The villains decide to retreat as Volcana unleashes a powerful attack that allow them to escape. Although the X-Men have failed Xavier still sees it as a positive outcome. Storm is not so sure however.

On Galactus’s home Doctor Doom has been discovering new and powerful devices but he still has nothing that can allow him to confront Galactus or the Beyonder. He notices that he has been there for sometime without Galactus noticing him. Although Galactus is distracted by the volcanic eruptions on the other side of the planet he does finally notice Doom and with a quick gesture evicts him from his home with extreme predjudice.

A short time later the villains arrive back at the fortress and the Molecule Man is rushed to the medical bay. Ultron is unwilling to help since he only takes commands from Doom but Enchantress is willing to do so for a price. She reminds Volcana that she still owes her but as she goes to the medical bay Titania stays behind. The towering powerhouse more or less threatens the Enchantress to help.

Nearby the Absorbing Man is able to reattach his arm while the Wrecking Crew transport the Lizard to a cell. He is still angered that they have killed the Wasp but they are able to throw him into the cell and walk away. They don’t realise that Klaw is watching from the shadows.

Bulldozer splits up from the other members of the Wrecking Crew and goes to his room. He doesn’t understand why Doom wants the Lizard. Suddenly he notices a large hole in the wall and then She-Hulk steps out from the shadows. She is there to avenge the death of Wasp and as Bulldozer charges at her she is able brush him off with some ease. The battle is heard by the other members of the Wrecking Crew who join in. Unfortunately none are up to the task of defeating She-Hulk.

Eventually Titania shows up and the two engage in combat and she is able to gain the upper hand on the Jade Giantess. By then other villains begin to show up and the Wrecking Crew recover.

Elsewhere in the fortress the Enchantress hears the battle but she chooses to stay where she is. She thinks about Thor and the fact that he is still alive, she considers having him join her side but she fears that she will perish in this secret war. Suddenly she hears a voice and she is greatly surprised to see a wounded Doctor Doom. She tries to ask him what has happened to him but he ignores her and walks into another room. He then falls down onto a bed and admits that he is done. Unknown to him She-Hulk has been defeated and the villains come in for the kill.

At the village Captain America sits on a mound and looks over to Galactus. He has noticed that Galactus is taking an unusually long time to complete his machine but then Hawkeye comes up behind him. He tells Captain America that She-Hulk is missing and has most likely gone to face the villains. The Hulk has arrived but Captain America tells them that they must stay. The other heroes want to rescue the She-Hulk but he reminds them all about the threat of Galactus. They cannot endanger the lives of everyone on the planet to try and save She-Hulk.

In the village itself Colossus has gotten up and is trying to find Zsaji. He is able to find her but she keels over, he rushes to her aid and discovers that she is pale and struggling to breathe. It is at that time that Captain America receives a telepathic message from Xavier. He tells the hero that the X-Men will take their place in watching Galactus. This frees the other heroes to go to the villains’ fortress to rescue She-Hulk and avenge Wasp.

My Thoughts

Now we start the second half of the Secret Wars limited series. This is one of the ongoing issues which is not too highly sort after even though it is the first full appearance of Julia Carpenter aka Spider-Woman. The next issue is the one that’s actually worth the most and brownie points for those who can guess why.

Anyway back to the issue at hand the heroes themselves didn’t do too much, they are just waiting for Galactus to make his move. This has been going for a couple of issues and this has given the X-Men a chance for some page time while the other heroes sit around and basically do nothing. There are a few of the heroes who get their own page time but other than that it is mainly X-Men and the villains who have been focused on the last couple of issues.

One other interesting fact to pick up on is that this is the first time that She-Hulk and Titania have had a one on one battle. I think they may have fought each other as a group but this is the first time they fought as individuals and I’ve gotta say even if the others didn’t interfere I think Titania would have had the She-Hulk. Ok she may have taken down the Wrecking Crew before fighting Titania but it is still impressive. I can see why the two became bitter enemies in the near future.

One of the other interesting things that are seen is that Doctor Doom has actually admitted defeat. This is something that can seem to be normal to people but this is Doctor Doom we’re talking about, the man who never admits defeat or even that he is wrong. To see him like this only shows how hopeless and low he must feel to actually admit that he is done. This just shows what is at stake in the Secret Wars.

The whole battle between the X-Men and the villains I felt could have been done better. Although the villains were more powerful as a whole I still think that with their teamwork the X-Men should have done better. Professor Xavier still saw it as a mini victory but to me I didn’t see any at all. If written properly I think Magneto would have stepped up a bit more and even take the villains down by himself.

It seems that we have lost two Avengers in this issue as the Wasp has been more or less confirmed to be dead and the She-Hulk is looking in a bad way. Nowadays we know that they’re alive and even at the time it is most likely that the reader knew that both characters had survived (since the Avengers comics at the time took place after the event). I don’t think this kind of thing would be revealed nowadays. The writers wouldn’t want to spoil anything.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue an 8 out of 10. It was a good read and sets us up for a big battle to come and another debut next issue.

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New Mutants (Volume 1) #21

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Issue Information

Title- Dazzler (Volume 1) #34

Release Date- October 1984

Writer- Mike Carlin

Artist- Geoff Isherwood

Major Notes


Brief Summary

Where Have All the Models Gone?

At a fashion show in Los Angeles a model is walking down a cat aisle but as the crowd watch in horror she begins to glow. Moments later the model herself has completely disappeared leaving only the outfit that she was wearing remaining.

Meanwhile at the Health and Racquet Club Dazzler finishes teaching her aerobics class when her friend Janet goes up to her. She tells Dazzler that it will be her last class since she is becoming a model. She is working for a company called Millie’s models and even recommends that she tries it herself. As Dazzler walks into the changing rooms she seriously considers what Janet has told her and after much thought she decides to give it a try.

Later Dazzler takes some professional style pictures of herself in model poses. She uses her own mutant light abilities to help with the pictures and she is even able to develop them herself. When the pictures have been developed she mails them to Millie’s Models but she doubts that she’ll ever hear a reply.

Four days later at the Millie’s Models headquarters Dazzler’s pictures are received. The head of the company Millie sees the pictures and instantly thinks that Dazzler is model material. She wants to hire Dazzler as soon as possible but unfortunately she is also informed that another of her models are missing. There have been many others who have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

The next day Dazzler is walking down the street when suddenly Roman Nekobah pulls up right next to her. She no longer believes that he has her best interests in mind and despite his best efforts she no longer wants him to represent her. He follows her to her apartment and tries to explain a few things. He even takes Dazzler’s mail from her table and she is none too pleased about this. One of the letters is a reply from Millie’s Models and she is happy to find that they have accepted her. She does force Roman out of her apartment.

A week later Dazzler is sitting at the headquarters of Millie’s Models and sees a woman walk in. At first she thinks that the woman is Millie herself but she is not and actually tells her that Millie isn’t hiring. Millie herself then appears and calls the woman Chilie. She is a woman who has been turned down since she doesn’t have a portfolio and Millie even remembers what Chilie did to her when they were younger. Chilie is then shown out as Dazzler meets with Millie. There is a little talk about the disappearing models but she still wants to be a model. After the meeting Dazzler leaves and sees Chilie watching her, she wonders what she will be like and if she should watch her back.

Over the next few days Dazzler goes through several photoshoots and after that is done she calls Janet. The two women talk and they discover that they have both been hired, but Dazzler does discover that she needs to be more confident.

Later that week Dazzler and Janet meet up at a fashion show where they will be modelling. Chilie is there as well although she is not a model but the women do meet up with Millie who introduces them to Doug Scruggs who is in charge of the show. As they all talk Dazzler notices a business card on the ground and when she picks it up she sees it is for a company named Revenge Inc. She believes that Chilie has dropped the card but she keeps it to herself so that she doesn’t alarm the models.

A short time later the show starts and the models begin to walk down the catwalk. Suddenly one by one they begin to glow and disappear. Thinking that Chilie is responsible Dazzler rushes over to her. She is in the crowd but Chilie states that she has no idea what is happening. Millie is helpless but to watch as the models disappear and when Dazzler begins to disappear Chilie is holding her arm and both women disappear.

When Dazzler awakens she finds herself in a dungeon cell along with the other missing models. She notices that they are all wearing different clothing and despite the shock of their disappearances the models don’t actually like the clothes that they’re wearing. They then see a man walk down to the cell door and as he arrives he introduces himself as Tom Devine. He had been a top fashion designer but his designs are not considered beautiful anymore and has lost his credibility. He discovered Revenge Inc and has poured a lot of money into them so that he could use their resources to gain his revenge. He plans on forcing them to wear his clothing and parade them to the world. He then leaves so that he can get back to work.

Dazzler realises that she has made a mistake and apologises to Chilie but she also begins to think of a way to escape. She is given a nail file by one of the models and she begins to file down the bars. The models don’t think that she will succeed so look away taking no notice of her, this is exactly what she wants so she secretly uses her powers to break open the door.

Upstairs Tom and his team are designing new outfits but suddenly they hear footsteps coming towards them. Suddenly the door bursts opened and the kidnapped models come into the room. They attack the staff and Tom himself tries to flee, eventually he runs into Dazzler and Chilie but before he can react Chilie knocks him out.

The next day Dazzler is at Millie’s headquarters and tells the woman herself that she is quitting. Millie accepts Dazzler’s resignation and Chilie taking her place. When Dazzler goes outside Roman is waiting for her. She tells him that he is only interested with her hanging with him rather than meeting other people who can propel her career. For now he admits defeat and drives off and as he drives away Dazzler thinks about Revenge Inc and the fact that Roman will return.

My Thoughts

Now we return to an issue of Dazzler with another lacklustre story. We see Dazzler trying to achieve stardom and this time she is trying her hand in model. I can see how that can lead to music and acting jobs but the overall story felt a bit flat to me and if it continues I can see why the series got cancelled only eight issues later.

One thing to properly mention about this issue is that rather than the story continuing on into the next issue it instead goes into Marvel Graphic Novel which is going to be called Dazzler: The Movie. Also starting a few short months later is the Beauty and the Beast Limited Series that stars Dazzler alongside former X-Man (at the time) and Avenger Beast. These projects were an attempt to revitalise the series and keep it going. After the last couple of issues of Dazzler the prospect of reading these are a bit daunting.

The overall story itself fell a little flat in my view as we have disappearing models and some jilted fashion designer being responsible. I know that Dazzler isn’t supposed to be a conventional superheroine but I thought that there could be some more effort put into the story. Rather than having a story like that maybe Dazzler could have helped those who are considered to be on the darker side of L.A, away from the glitz and glamour of the city. People like those who are living on the streets or under the poverty line. Instead we have her scaring a crooked film director and a jilted fashion designer. Ok it does kind of go with the trying to make it in LA but still it could be done better.

This issue introduces something I think will be a big deal in the following issues. That is Revenge Inc, this was something that I haven’t come across before and I believe it to be something introduced in Dazzler. It makes me think that it will become a big deal to her but when it is all over it will have practically no impact anywhere else. It is like with the original characters from the series, almost all of them have no impact after the Dazzler series has finished.

One thing that did get me thinking was that when the models disappeared their clothing also disappeared but when they awoke they were wearing awful clothing. Does that mean Tom Devine got them changed into these clothes while they were out of it? It is something that feels a little disturbing and I’m surprised that none of the models picked up on this. Although one of them did call him a pervert which I think is true.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 4 out of 10. A bad story that I think is easily forgotten by most. The Dazzler stories of the past were much better.

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Secret Wars (Volume 1) #7

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Issue Information

Title- Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #186

Release Date- October 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Barry Windsor-Smith

Major Notes

Double sized special issue

Brief Summary


A now powerless Storm sleeps in a bed when she is approached by Forge who carries in her breakfast. He wants her to eat instead of wasting away but she doesn’t respond to him at all and in his anger he storms out. As he leaves she curls up into a ball.

As Forge walks into the main room of his home he knows that he shouldn’t of reacted the way that he did. He knows how much his device has harmed her and using the hologram system he is able to create a replica of Storm in her original costume. He watches the hologram creating storms and he calls her beautiful. He then watches the hologram transform into her current attire and appearance. He also watches as the events that led to Storm losing her powers plays once again and he is helpless but to watch. Then the real Storm makes her appearance and tells Forge that he should have let her drown.

At the X-Mansion Professor Xavier has been using Cerebro to try and locate Storm but he is having no luck. He felt Storm’s sudden cry of pain and then there was nothing. Nightcrawler is by his side and they both fear that Storm has died. They try not to think this and instead scan for Rogue since they think it will lead them to Storm.

Inside Forge’s home he tells Storm that the army’s search for Rogue has been unsuccessful. He believes that she could have drown but Storm doesn’t think this. Forge also believes that Rogue is a villain but Storm explains that she has become an X-Man and that she has much in common with her. She explains how she was a pickpocket in Cairo and even demonstrates by stealing Forge’s handheld device from his pocket. She then looks out the window and he tells her that a storm is on its way. She tells him that before she would have known when it would strike and exactly what would happen. Now she feels hollow and although Forge tries to make her feel better she rebuffs him.

Forge chooses to take a swim in his pool and he thinks about how he is handling the situation with Storm. He doesn’t think that he is making a good enough job for her and he tries to think how to truly help her. Then Storm approaches the pool and dives in so that she can have a swim as well. They race to the other side of the pool and Storm is able to beat him there. She then climbs out of the water and sees Forge’s artificial leg and hand. He gets out of the pool and congratulate her of her victory but also explains how he lost his hand and leg. He had been a soldier during the Vietnam War and had gotten too close to a bomb when it exploded. Rather than giving up on life like Storm seemingly has he decided to make something of it and keep going. Storm begins to shiver as she is cold, her powers would always compensate temperature but without them she is now normal. Forge wraps her with a towel and leads her away.

In Mississippi Doctor Valerie Cooper has met up with a man named Phil Rosen at a motel. He is in charge of the search for Rogue and he admits that his forces haven’t found her. They also discuss about Storm’s whereabouts but Valerie tells him that Henry Peter Gyrich will deal with her. With that the pair depart as Valerie goes to the motel while Phil goes to his car.

Phil walks to his car and begins to think about the situation in general. He goes into his car and goes to turn on the ignition but suddenly he sees a Dire Wrath. Before he can react a tentacle crashes through the windscreen and strikes him in the forehead. He is then sucked out and absorbed leaving only his clothing behind. The Dire Wrath has transformed into Phil and there are two more by his side as they walk away to get to Valerie.

The Dire Wrath disguised as Phil knocks on the door of Valerie’s room. She is able to answer and allows him to come in since he supposedly has urgent news. As soon as he is inside he grabs her as the two other Dire Wraiths enter. They are about to absorb her as well but suddenly Rogue enters the scene and attacks them. It is enough to send one of the Dire Wraiths flying through the wall as Valerie gains the upper hand on the one disguised as Phil. She knows that Rogue is after her as well and wants to flee but she wants answers from the Dire Wrath as well. She is told that the world will soon belong to them but Valerie then shoots the Dire Wrath dead and then flees. Rogue notices Valerie fleeing and quickly finishes off the remaining Dire Wrath. Unfortunately they have had skin to skin contact make Rogue absorb some of the Dire Wrath’s mind and she feels everything that it did. She senses the hate and tries to remind herself that she is human.

These thoughts are picked up by Xavier at the X-Mansion. He describes to Nightcrawler the thoughts that he senses from Rogue. Nightcrawler is disturbed by this but he locates Rogue’s co-ordinates.

Back in Mississippi Valerie continues to run and there is even a helicopter searching the area. Not knowing whether it is friend or foe she smashes her way through the traffic in Phil’s car. She sees his clothes in the seat and she realises that is all that will be left of her if the Dire Wraiths get to her. Suddenly Rogue grabs her from behind and begins to absorb her memories. It causes the car to crash in a tree but through skin contact Rogue discovers that Forge has Storm and she also discovers that her teammate has lost her powers. This makes Rogue feel very guilty and she flees so that she can inform Xavier.

At Forge’s home Storm picks out a dress from what she has been given by Forge. She puts a beautiful dress on and walks down to where Forge is located. He is preparing dinner he can’t help but see that she is beautiful but he makes her feel nervous so she goes to get changed. They both feel stupid about the whole thing.

Storm returns a few minutes later wearing more appropriate clothing. They both apologise about a few moments ago and they sit down to eat. As they eat Storm compliments Forge on his cooking and she also notices that he is a Native American. He tells her that he is Cheyenne, he is proud of his heritage but doesn’t allow it to rule his life. Storm begins to explain the death of her parents and they continue to talk on. Storm can hear a crack of thunder and using a control pad she is told to press the yellow button. When she does the room transforms so that she can see the weather outside. This frightens her greatly and Forge has to switch it off. He comes to her side and she states that her powers reflected her emotions. She had to enter a state of mind that didn’t allow her to properly be a woman but she has cast that aside some months ago but she find the irony that she doesn’t have to do it anymore. They then kiss for a few moments.

After the kiss Forge tells her that the damage can possibly be reversed. She doesn’t believe this to be true but suddenly the phone rings and Forge picks it up. He has received a bit of bad news and has to go away for a little bit of time. Storm realises that she should have called Xavier to tell them where she is. She goes to pick up the phone but discovers that Forge is talking to Henry Peter Gyrich. They talk about Valerie’s condition and that Rogue is behind it. This is when she discovers that Henry knows where she is and that Forge has been keeping her there, Henry wishes for her to go to a federal facility.

Storm drops the phone loud enough for Forge to hear her. He tries to explain to her but she walks down a set of stairs but they fall beneath her and she falls down onto a sofa. She can still see the weather outside and she knows that it was Forge who collapsed the stairs. She knows that her only way of escape is by using the control pad in her hand but when she presses a button there is an explosion right in front of her. She finds herself in the middle of the Vietnam jungle with bombers flying overhead.

Storm tries to flee from this but in her confusion she falls off the platform. Forge tries to go down to her but she is in a state of total confusion and emotional hurt. She cries out for help and a bolt of lightning comes down and strikes the building smashing some of the windows. This allows the rainwater to enter the penthouse but by now Forge has reached her. He tells her that he is not the enemy and that it was only his job to create the neutralizer. She tells him that she is not his guinea pig but rather a human being. He tries to apologise for what has happened and assure her that he will find a cure. She thinks that he is filled with lies and he tells her that if he were as bad as she says he would have allowed Peter to take her straight away. She knows that everything she tells him will be fed back to Peter and used against mutants. She asks him what he sacrificed and even feels stupid for pouring her heart to him. He tries to show her otherwise but as he steps closer she punches him. She feels no different but tells him that his home of hologram and illusions is perfect for him because it is a reflection of the creator himself. He tells her that he cared for her but she knows that he will betray her. To be loyal he has to believe in something that Storm feels that Forge doesn’t and she walks away. As she leaves she tells him that they are much alike but she has chosen to walk a different path and one day she will fly again.

My Thoughts

Now we come to the double sized issue that focuses mainly on Storm’s loss of her mutant abilities and the start of her relationship with Forge. Ok it practically ended as soon as it began but I think there are still a few lingering feelings afterwards and they might even hook up again at one point.

The first thing to mention that rather than having regular artists John Romita Jr. and Dan Green instead we have Barry-Windsor-Smith who also co-wrote the plot. Not too sure why they have him rather than John Romita Jr., it is not uncommon for this to happen but still normally in a run like this the artists only change when it comes to the annuals. Maybe it was because Barry co-wrote the plot.

As you can imagine the vast majority of the story is about Storm dealing with the loss of her mutant abilities. At the start of the issue we see that she is a shell of the woman that she once was but over the course of the issue we see her confidence grow as she develops a relationship with Forge. Unfortunately this is shattered when she discovers that he is still working with Henry Peter Gyrich. You could feel her betrayal and her reaction was understandable since she poured her heart out to this man and he seemingly crushed it with his bare hands.

The other little subplot with this issue is Rogue trying to find Storm and also coming face to face with the Dire Wraiths. She was the only member of the current team (barring Rachel Summers) to have not faced the Hybrid when the X-Men went to deal with that in a couple of issues of Rom. So you could say that this is the first time that an X-Man has truly come face to face with a Dire Wraith. Anyway her little time in the spotlight did break the issue up a little so it wasn’t entirely focused on Storm. That was a good thing in my mind and also we did get a glimpse of Professor Xavier and Nightcrawler. Sadly the other X-Men were nowhere to be seen.

The amount of dialogue in the entire issue was a little much to read but at least it lengthens the reading time and makes the issue more value for your money. Reminds me a little of the original X-Men comics from the sixties. With those it gave us more reading material and it is not like nowadays when a comic can be read in like five/ten minutes.

Despite the fact that Storm has lost her powers there is a hint that she still has some connection to them. I don’t believe that bolt of lightning that struck was random. I believe that it was what little connection she still has causing them to manifest the lightning. This is what I believe to be the connection that will eventually restore her powers to their former glory. I also think we saw a little something that hints towards the future ‘Fall Of The Mutants’ arc.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 7 out of 10. It was alright but there were a few things that could be improved.

Next Issue

Dazzler (Volume 1) #34

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Issue Information

Title- New Mutants (Volume 1) #20

Release Date- October 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Bill Sienkiewicz

Major Notes


Brief Summary


The New Mutants are trapped in the realm ruled by the Demon Bear as they see a globe showing Mirage in surgery. Illyana’s spells are keeping it from destroying Mirage but the team notice the Bear still has the policeman and the nurse from the hospital. Before they can do anything to help them the Bear transforms the couple into Native American demons.

Cannonball rockets into the Demon Bear but is repelled back. The two demons begin to attack the team but as the battle rages one of the surgeons treating Mirage sees a rip in the wall. He is able to see the battle but the rip soon disappears, he has no time to truly take in what he has seen because he and the others still need to save Mirage’s life.

In the Demon Bear’s realm the battle continues as Magma is about to use deadly force against one of the demons. Sunspot stops her and tells her that the demons are actually people and have no control over their actions. Unfortunately the demon grabs him with a demonic rope and tosses him into a shadowed area. Here Sunspot is weakened and then the second demon comes from behind him. In his weakened state he cannot break free but a fully transformed Wolfsbane saves him. Unfortunately the demon then goes to attack both of them but Magma steps in the way.

Unfortunately this gains the attention of the Demon Bear who attacks Magma. It begins to corrupt Magma like he did with the policeman and nurse but Illyana manifests her soulsword and attacks. This breaks the Demon Bear’s hold on Magma but she has still been corrupted. To rid the corruption from Magma Illyana stabs her soulsword into her. Thinking that Magma is about to be killed Cannonball rockets towards Illyana and grabs her. He is angered that she is trying to kill Magma but then Magma herself tells him that she was saving her life. Illyana also notices that part of her arm is now covered by armour.

The shadow over the realm continues to grow and so does the power of the Demon Bear. The team begin to discuss what they should do to stop the Demon Bear, it is then that Illyana realises that Mirage is the key. She quickly goes to Wolfsbane and demands that she reopen her link to Mirage. At first Wolfsbane refuses stating that it will kill Mirage, unfortunately with the world at stake she reluctantly reopens the link.

The Demon Bear continues to attack the sphere and it weakens Illyana since her spells are preventing it from crossing over. Magma protects her teammate and the two other demons attack. The team are able to fend them off but Wolfsbane is knocked down as she makes a realisation. Illyana uses her soulsword to stab the demon and when she does it reverts to human but rather than being a Caucasian Male he now looks Native American. Wolfsbane is able to recover enough to tell Illyana that her soulsword is the key to their victory.

The team work together to divert the Demon Bear’s attention as they have noticed that it is fearful of fire. For this reason Magma attacks as Cannonball rockets towards the Demon Bear while he has Illyana in his arms. When she is close enough she slashes at the Demon Bear and cuts it completely in half. With its destruction a Native American Man and Woman come forth from the form.

The next thing the team know they are back in the hospital and as they recover they remember about the policeman and the nurse. They spot them on the ground but their race has changed from Caucasian to Native American. The Native American couple are also with the team and the man explains that although the policeman and nurse have been purged of the Demon Bear there is still evil within them that has not been removed.

Suddenly a doctor comes out of the surgery and is confused by what he is seeing. The Native American Man introduces himself as William Lonestar along with his wife Peg. They are Mirage’s biological parents they wish to see their daughter and the doctor reveals to them all that Mirage has lived but due to her injures she will never walk again. Suddenly the New Mutants receive a mental command from Professor Xavier telling them that steps have been taken to help Mirage.

Sometime later Mirage is taken back to the X-Mansion where the Morlock Healer has healed her to the point where she will be able to walk again. Storm is by her side and tells her that she still has some way to go before she is fully recovered. Mirage asks about the Demon Bear and she is answered by her parents, she is extremely happy to see her parents once again. They explain how they were corrupted and became the Demon Bear, they wanted to see her and came to Westchester to find her. Unfortunately they were not in control of their actions.

In another room Xavier decides that there are still a few unanswered questions about the Demon Bear and he decides to ask Doctor Strange about this since he is the Sorcerer Supreme. The New Mutants are there with him and he congratulates them for their efforts but also reminds them that with every victory there is a price.

My Thoughts

Now we come back to the New Mutants as we see the finale to one of the most popular arcs in the entire series. This is the final part of the Demon Bear arc which saw the New Mutants once again dealing with a big problem without the help of the X-Men and to tell you the truth they did a great job.

One thing to really mention at first is that it was great to see Mirage reunited with her parents but from the events of this arc I can see her taking time off the team. A little so that she can spend some time with her parents but also because she physically can’t re-join them. Although most of her injuries have been healed she still needs time to fully recover so this is a good reason to keep her off the team for a short while. If this is true I will miss her from the team.

One thing I did notice that was despite being on the same team Wolfsbane still doesn’t trust Illyana and even calls her a witch. This is most likely because of her Christian background and the whole looking down on witchcraft and sorcery. It makes me wonder if they will ever be friends or even at least respect one another. It is not so much Illyana disliking Wolfsbane rather than the other way around.

We also saw how ruthless Magma could be as she was willing to kill the two demons who had in fact been humans. If it had not been for Sunspot she would have most likely killed them. This reminds me a bit of Wolverine from the X-Men and as seen in the latest issue of Secret Wars both characters are willing to cross the line to save those that they care about. I admit that Wolverine is more ruthless than Magma and even Illyana is probably more ruthless than the both of them.

The way the team worked together to take down the Demon Bear only shows that they are coming together more and more as a team. I remember when we first read them how they were getting in each other’s way and how their lack of control over their abilities made battles more difficult. Now we see them working together as a coherent team and I must say that it is a good thing to see. We can’t expect any team to work really well together to begin with, for things like that it takes time for them to get to know one another and each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The entire arc has been something that one could call bizarre. Rather than facing a solid foe like in the previous stories the team have had to face something that is overall demonic (hence the name). The fact that not only did the team hold their own but actually defeat it only shows that they are a powerful bunch of kids but like Spider-Man would say they are learning about the responsibilities of their powers.

One last thing is although Professor Xavier states that he will inform Doctor Strange I am not sure if he ever does. If it did it certainly didn’t happen on panel and the results were never shown. Maybe this was a little plot that Chris Claremont simply forgot about or felt that it was too unimportant.

In conclusion I’m giving this issue a 9 out of 10. A fitting end to the Demon Bear arc with a special double sized issue coming next for the series.

Next Issue

Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #186

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Issue Information

Title- Secret Wars (Volume 1) #6

Release Date- October 1984

Writer- Jim Shooter

Artist- Mike Zeck

Major Notes

First cameo appearance of Julia Carpenter

Brief Summary

A Little Death…

The Wasp flies away in her ship that she has stolen from the X-Men but unfortunately she cannot control the ship and it crashes. She accidentally presses a button that gives her a hologram that seems to be telling her where to go. She then shrinks and flies away.

Eventually the terrain below her changes into that of a swamp. She is attacked by large insects and although she is fatigued she is able to fend them away. Eventually she comes to one of the legends from her map and decides to rest a while. She grows to full size and she begins to wonder if anything else is around her. Suddenly a huge rock comes crashing down right next to her and when she looks she sees the Lizard.

On Galactus’s home Doctor Doom is using a device to try and pick up a strange vibration that his suit has detected. Using the machine is he able to reconstruct the sound and much to his surprise the villain known as Klaw materialises. Klaw is somewhat a jabbering wreck but he is able to tell Doctor Doom that he had been absorbed by the mutant named Dazzler and how she had unleashed a great light bolt at Galactus himself. This released Klaw from her body but he was absorbed into the walls of the ship. Doom sees no use for Klaw and walks over to a projector where he sees that Galactus has almost finished constructing his machine. He knows that Galactus will return soon so he must think of a way to distract him. Unfortunately none of the teams on the planet have the strength to fight Galactus so he decides an indirect route is necessary. He tells Klaw a message that he needs to take back to the vilains and then uses one of Galactus’s machines to teleport him away.

Klaw reappears in the villains’ fortress and he tries to tell the villains the message but first he gives them a code. Titania is not willing to listen but Ultron stands in her way, she is able to destroy his arm but he still has the power to destroy her. Reluctantly the villains begin to listen to Klaw’s message.

Meanwhile in the swamp Wasp tries to approach the Lizard but he is still being aggressive. She notices that he has a serious wound on his arm and she also realises that he doesn’t fully understand what is happening. Taking sympathy on him she leads him away so that she can tend to his wound.

At Magneto’s fortress part of it was destroyed by Galactus. The X-Men and Magneto begin to rebuild it as Professor Xavier walks away and sits down on a seat. He wished that he had took his wheelchair but he doesn’t want to show any sign of weakness. He begins to concentrate and stretches his mind so that he can pick up what the villains are planning. This is sensed by the Enchantress who is able to shield their minds but he has learned everything that he needed to know.

Xavier then gives a mental command to Cyclops, Rogue and Wolverine to travel to the volcanic region where the villains are planning some kind of attack. They do as their command but Storm is angered and immediately goes to confront Xavier. When she does she states that she leads the X-Men but he reminds her that he gives the orders. He tells her that he will not tolerate insubordination and she walks away not happy with what has just gone down.

At the village where the heroes are recovering Colossus doesn’t understand why there has to be a division between the X-Men and the heroes. He tries to think about Kitty Pryde but his thoughts drift to Zsaji. He cries out for Kitty but Zsaji approaches and begins to use her own powers to heal him. He tries to talk to her but she can’t understand a word that he’s saying and he is feeling affectionate towards her. As she walks away the Human Torch flies down and picks her up. They both fly up into the air and they kiss before they land back down on the ground. They then walk away much to Colossus’s distaste.

Nearby the remaining heroes begin to devise a plan of action against Galactus. She-Hulk is angered that they are not dealing with Magneto and trying to find the Wasp. The other heroes are also on edge but they have to keep their wits about them.

Not far away Hawkeye is going through some new arrows he has with Spider-Man and Ironman tries to speak with Captain Marvel. Unfortunately his approach causes her to reject him and she flies away. Ironman walks away with a sore head and he tries to work off his pain.

The three X-Men arrive at the volcanic region where they spot the Molecule Man, Titania, the Absorbing Man and Doctor Octopus. The two teams confront each other and at first the villains gain the upper hand. Cyclops unleashes a powerful optic blast which is shielded by the Molecule Man. Titania is able to overpower Rogue but as the battle rages Wolverine sneaks in the background and then tries to slash the Molecule Man. With Cyclops’s interference the attack doesn’t kill the villain but instead wounds him gravely. The villains wish to fight on but they know that the Molecule Man is essential to Doom’s plans and so retreat.

The X-Men regroup and Wolverine is angered that Cyclops prevented him from killing the Molecule Man. Cyclops reminds him that the X-Men don’t kill, but he also tries to figure out why the villains were there. He figures that it is to stop Galactus so he fires an optic blast into a crater which begins a chain reaction. The X-Men leave before they are buried by lava.

Meanwhile in the swamp Wasp has patched up the Lizard’s wounds. They are talking a little but then a bolt of energy suddenly goes straight through her and when the Lizard looks he sees the Wrecking Crew approach in a large machine. They are happy to see him but he attacks them for seemingly killing the Wasp. They are able to stop him using a stasis ray and they bring him into the machine but they also take Wasp with them.

At the village the heroes watch as Galactus nearly completes his machine and they begin to decide whether to reason with him or attack. They don’t notice a woman watching them from the shadows.

My Thoughts

We have now reached the half-way point of the Secret Wars LS. We’ve gone through half a dozen issues now with another half a dozen left to go. This one did feature the X-Men quite a bit and they were the ones who mainly saw action while the other heroes basically stood around and did nothing.

One of the main things to point out for this issue is that this is the first cameo appearance of Julia Carpenter who is basically one of the women who have called herself Spider-Woman. She is definitely a minor character in the Marvel Universe but her biggest claim to fame was being a regular in the Ironman TV series during the 1990’s. I don’t believe that she has any direct links to Spider-Man (much like the Jessica Drew Spider-Woman) but they have definitely had a couple of adventures together.

It was interesting to see the conversation between Professor Xavier and Storm. It made showed that Xavier isn’t entirely a saint but I think if Chris Claremont had penned the issue that he would have done a better job. Nonetheless it shows that there is a rift between him and Storm, although this hasn’t been mentioned yet in the Uncanny X-Men. Maybe it is something that will be concluded in this LS or it will be picked up later on.

It was also nice to see a little hint to the Dazzler series. We saw the return of Klaw who had seemingly been killed by Dazzler in the early days of her solo series. I admit that it was smart bringing him back that way although there isn’t any real explanation to why he is a little incoherent. Maybe it was due to the fact that he wasn’t in a physical form and it made him go a little loopy.

The only real fight in the issue did see the X-Men once again on the receiving end of a beat down but it was great seeing Wolverine unleashed. I’m not too sure if he was right trying to kill the Molecule Man but he definitely was the most powerful of the villains. Putting him out of action would had seriously effected Doctor Doom’s plans.

The little plot with Wasp and the Lizard did show that there is different levels of being a hero rather than just beating up bad guys. Despite the fact that they’re technically enemies the Wasp took the time to help the Lizard. Although he did appreciate her concern unfortunately the Wasp got a chest full of laser. I know that she lives but it is definitely a cliff-hanger.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 7 out of 10. It was alright but I do think that there was room for improvement.

Next Issue

New Mutants (Volume 1) #20

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Issue Information

Title- Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #185

Release Date- September 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- John Romita Jr. and Dan Green

Major Notes

Storm loses her mutant abilities

Brief Summary

Public Enemies

At a meeting filled with Government officials Henry Peter Gyrich shows video footage of Rogue and describes how she was a part of the Brotherhood and has recently joined the X-Men. He believes that the two teams have joined forces and also that she killed the S.H.I.E.L.D agent during her last visit the Hellicarrier. He holds up a weapon created by Forge that will strip her of her powers. Suddenly Raven Darkholme (Mystique in disguise) storms in demanding the neutraliser be returned to her. She states that it hasn’t been tested and that he shouldn’t even know about it. Valerie Cooper reveals that she is the one responsible for this stating that Rogue is a genuine threat and it is the perfect opportunity to test the device. Unfortunately there is nothing Raven can do to stop what is happening.

At the X-Mansion Professor Xavier is having a session with recent recruit Rachel Summers. Storm suddenly enters telling him that Rogue has left the mansion, she hasn’t left a note and her clothing has disappeared. They speak just outside the room where Storm explains Rogue’s actions with Michael Rossi and how it affected her. They both agree that Rogue must be found so they make their way to Cerebro so that she can be tracked down.

Unseen by both X-Men inside the room Rachel goes to the phone and finds the number for Cyclops scribbled on a piece of paper. She calls the number and as expected Cyclops picks up, unfortunately she cannot bring herself to speak and he puts the phone down thinking that it is a wrong number. Rachel sobs quietly and calls him ‘Dad’.

In a restricted area in the Pentagon Raven walks into some living quarters and as she enters she reverts to Mystique. Destiny is inside the room as well and she is told about everything that is going on. Mystique thinks that Rogue losing her powers might be for the best since they are a source of misery for her. Destiny believes that it is up to Rogue how she feels about that but she also reveals that her vision of the future has been clouded due to an unforeseen event. All she can tell her is to follow her heart.

A team of soldiers led by Henry fly on their way to Rogue’s location. They are tracking her using one of Forges Scanners and at his penthouse in Dallas Forge himself is angered that his neutraliser is being used without being properly tested. Raven has contacted him about this and he quickly rushes away to try and stop Henry and even threatens to quit the government.

On the banks of the Mississippi River in Caldecott County Rogue is diving into the river itself using a tree that she used to go to when she was younger. Her dive is being appreciated by the crew of a small tug boat sailing in the river.

Rogue begins to sunbathe on the banks and she admits that she gas really missed the place. She sees a shadow over her and when she looks it is Storm. She sits down besides Rogue as she is told about her childhood and that this was where she discovered her mutant abilities. Rogue tells of when she kissed a boy named Cody and how she absorbed his memories. She also believes that nothing has changed since she joined the X-Men and she is not sure about her loyalties. They talk a little about Carol Danvers and how Rogue will never truly be herself again. Storm asks if she doesn’t trust her and if she has only used her powers for violence. When Rogue mentions about Wolverine, Storm offers her, her hand so that she can absorb her memories and powers. Rogue is reluctant to do so but she holds Storm’s bare hand and absorbs her life force.

Storm falls to the ground as Rogue feels Storm’s mutant abilities course through her body. She feels at one with the elements and is eve able to create a small raincloud and tornado. She wants more power so she goes to touch the barely conscious Storm again but stops herself as she feels that it is very wrong.

Suddenly an energy bolt strikes Rogue from behind. It is Henry and his agents and Rogue knows that they are after her. She is severely weakened by the blast and tries to fly away to draw them away from Storm. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the strength to get over the tree line and goes crashing down through it. She sees the agents coming and she breaks off a large branch to try and fend them off. Henry still fires the neutraliser at her but she is able to use what power she has left to avoid them.

Rogue knows that she is thinking more like Storm rather than herself and in an effort to defend herself she creates a hurricane that keeps the agents at bay. Unfortunately it causes problems for the tugboat in the river as it has lost its engines. Rogue notices this and wants to help but she believes that these are Storm’s concerns and not her own. She also notices how the weather is tied to her own emotions. She then flies up into the air and tries to disperse the hurricane but discovers that she can’t. Storm’s brain patterns are fading and she believes that all is lost.

Suddenly Storm herself flies up to her and using her own powers disperses the hurricane. She explains that her awareness began to return almost immediately and Rogue realises that the concern was her own. The two women then tend to the tugboat while Forge arrives from above with his jet. On the banks Henry has recovered and sets the neutraliser to full power. He aims at Rogue and fires but Storm tackles her out of the way. The bolt strikes Storm causing her powers to lash out and destroy the tugboat. She then falls into the river itself but Forge rushes in to rescue her. She is unconscious and Forge is greatly angered by what has happened. He shouts at Henry stating that Storm was innocent and that by stripping her of her powers she has been destroyed.

This is all being watched by the Dire Wraiths in an unknown location. They see Forge and his weaponry as a threat and they know that he will eventually supply the army with weapons that will send them to Limbo. It is the same weapon that Rom Spaceknight used on them and they vow that Forge must be destroyed.

My Thoughts

Now we come to the infamous issue of the Uncanny X-Men which is a big deal for Storm. As you have just read this is the issue where Storm loses her powers and it is not like she got them back in the next issue, this is something that the character will have to deal with for a few years and makes her one of the very few powerless members of the X-Men.

As stated this is the issue where Storm loses her powers and won’t regain them for a few years. Although her exact state isn’t given in this issue we know that this is something really big. It also marks a unique turn for the character which is well developed and proves that Storm isn’t a superhero because of her powers but because of the woman that she actually is. For any Storm fan this is definitely an issue to pick up.

Not only was this a big issue for Storm it was a big issue for Rogue as well. We learned a little more about her history and how she first discovered her powers. We also learn that the first person who she accidentally absorbed so to speak was a boy named Cody. We learned more about her in this issue than we have done for a good long time and it also made us see some of her vulnerabilities. Despite her great power she retreated to a place that was familiar and where she felt safe.

One thing to mention is that Destiny’s inability to see what is happening in the future is most likely due to the events from the X-Men’s side of ‘Fall Of The Mutants’. Although it won’t be seen for a good long time it is still worth mentioning.

Forge also played a pretty big role in this issue as he showed that although he created a weapon to strip a person of their powers that he was still angered by its use. It is true that it wasn’t tested but he has shown genuine concern for Storm. Like the rest of us he saw Henry Peter Gyrich as the villain in this picture.

One thing I have to say about the art is that the panel where Storm was actually struck by the neutraliser really stuck in my mind. In the panel we see just what the neutraliser has down to Storm and with the word ARRGH making up the panel itself it only shows us Storm’s pain. This is definitely a very memorable panel in the X-Men franchise, if not comic books in general.

Once again we are left with a cliff-hanger as we don’t know at this point Storm’s condition but more importantly we see the Dire Wraiths themselves. They don’t seem to have anything against the X-Men yet but Forge is definitely on their hit list and it seems that Storm will be caught in the middle. One other thing we learn is that Cyclops is Rachel’s father, this might lead to some pretty big things later on.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 9 out of 10. A really powerful issue that should be read by all X-Men fans.

Next Issue

Secret Wars (Volume 1) #6