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Issue Information

Title- New Mutants (Volume 1) #15

Release Date- May 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Sal Buscema

Major Notes

Features Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost and Doug Ramsey

Brief Summary

Scaredy Cat!

Very early in the morning at the X-Mansion Illyana Rasputin is casting a spell in her room. She is worried about her best friend Kitty Pryde who has not contacted her since leaving to visit the Massachusetts Academy with her friend Doug Ramsey. As Illyana casts the spell her astral form leaves her body and travels the distance over to the Massachusetts Academy. There in one of the subbasements Illyana sees Kitty strapped to a chair with the villainess Emma Frost before her. Kitty’s mutant abilities are being blocked. Emma intends to make Kitty renounce the X-Men and join her. The X-Men can’t save her since they have gone missing and Emma has placed Doug in trance where he believes that Kitty is by his side and he kisses her. This is when Kitty learns that Doug is in love with her. Emma explains how she recovered from her catatonic state and gives Kitty the option of joining her or else she will use her influence to ruin her parents. It is then that Kitty sees Illyana’s astral image and when she looks up at it Emma senses it and destroys it with a mind blast.

Back at the X-Mansion the New Mutants are awoken by Illyana’s scream and they rush to her room. When Cannonball kicks down the door they are confronted by demons. The demons are originating from Illyana and they begin to run through the mansion. The other New Mutants leave so that they can track down the demons and stop them from escaping while Mirage remains behind so that she can help Illyana.

The New Mutants attack the demons throughout the mansion but whenever they come into contact with the demons they fade away. In his personal battle with a demon Cannonball accidentally rockets out of a window but so far the team as a whole are doing relatively well.

In Illyana’s room Mirage tries to get close to her but the demons begin to overwhelm her. In her panic she uses her mutant abilities to project the one thing that the demons fear, Illyana herself. With the sight of their demonic mistress the demons disperse but Mirage begins to hallucinate herself as she feels herself be carried away by the demonic Illyana. The next thing she knows she is in bed with the real Illyana by her side. The other New Mutants then enter the room to demand an explanation from Illyana.

A short time later the team have regrouped in the kitchen and Illyana explains that not only is she a mutant but also a sorceress. When they ask her why she cast the spell in the first place she explains that she was worried about Kitty and has discovered that her best friend is in danger. She tells the team that they must go and rescue her but rules set by Professor Xavier state that a situation like this requires the X-Men, Avengers or Fantastic Four. Unfortunately all three of those teams have mysteriously disappeared meaning that it is up to the New Mutants to rescue her. At first the team are unwilling to fight the Hellfire Club but Magma stands by Illyana and eventually the rest of them agree to rescue Kitty. Unfortunately none of them are qualified to use the X-Jet or even drive a car. Illyana is unwilling to use her mutant abilities and Stevie Hunter is away on vacation. In the end they have to raid their piggy banks to get enough money to take the bus to the Massachusetts Academy.

A short time later the team travel to Port Authority Bus Station where they buy their bus tickets. Magma is somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of people there but the team also notice Sunspot and Wolfsbane travelling up to the observation deck. When they get up to them they seemed to have been in a trance and they had been looking at the church which is the base of operation for the crime fighting duo of Cloak and Dagger. The pair snap out of the trance and they’re unsure how they got up there.

Later the team are on the bus heading to Massachusetts and Cannonball goes over to Mirage who is trying to devise a strategy. They also go over what happened to Sunspot and Wolfsbane during the team’s team-up with Spider-Man, Cloak and Dagger. They had been injected with a serum that had turned them into monsters but they had seemed to be cured. Cannonball fears that they might have traces of the serum still within them but Mirage reminds him that they have a more pressing concern to concentrate on and that is to rescue Kitty from the clutches of the Hellfire Club.

Cannonball moves over to Wolfsbane who feels that Illyana is a witch and a spawn of the devil much like herself. Cannonball reminds her that she is not a spawn of the devil because of her mutant abilities. He too is very religious and they go over how they have lost those that they have loved and that God still loves and judges them. He even invites her to go with him the next time he visits home and she more than willingly agrees.

That evening in the subbasement of the Massachusetts Academy the New Mutants enter as Magma has used her powers to tunnel them in. Wolfsbane transforms so that she can pick up Kitty’s scent but there are too many different scents for her to pick up. Thankfully Illyana still remembers where she saw Kitty so the team make their way to the lab where she had seen Kitty.

When they arrive they see Kitty still strapped to the chair. She is happy to see them but when they go to release her they realise that she is just a hologram. Suddenly a series of bright lights blind the team and moments later they see an oversized hologram of Emma with a dejected Kitty by her side. Emma states from the team belong to the Hellfire Club and that Kitty already belongs to her. Illyana vows that she will destroy the entire academy if Kitty is harmed.

My Thoughts

Now we return to the New Mutants in what might be one of their most treacherous capers yet. As we saw in Uncanny X-Men #180 Kitty Pryde has been kidnapped by the Hellfire Club and it is up to the New Mutants to save her. They might not like her too much but the heroes that they are doesn’t allow them to give up on her. They also don’t have any of the A-List superhero teams to fall back on so since they are all taking part in the Secret Wars crossover event.

The first thing I have to mention is that I’ve seen a superhero team travelling to battle in a wide range of transport. I think this is one of the very few times that I’ve ever seen a team travel on a bus to battle. It is things like that which gives the series a sense of realism since the team can’t drive and they have no one else to depend on. I could even imagine them being late for a battle because the bus was late. But thankfully in the future the New Mutants won’t have to rely on public transport.

We saw a nice scene between Cannonball and Wolfsbane who have feelings for each other and it seems like they’re expressing their feelings towards one another. As it has been mentioned several times Wolfsbane sees herself as a devil spawn due to her mutant abilities and the teachings of her local vicar who doesn’t seem to like mutants. The scene was great in the way that we saw the pair begin to draw towards each other.

Mirage also shows the leadership skills that she will be widely remembered for as she was the only member of the team who was doing research while on the bus. This shows that even when she loses her powers twenty years later that she will still have skills that will make her an extremely valuable member of the team. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ultimately becomes the team’s leader.

Illyana further shows her loyalty to Kitty as she is the one who was most worried about her when she didn’t call the mansion. The other New Mutants still don’t particularly like the young X-Man who refused to join their ranks but Illyana refused to leave Kitty to her fate. This is a friendship which will last for many decades and it seems that there is a link between the two characters since Kitty was able to see Illyana in her astral form. I’m not sure if this is ever explained but it could probably mean that they are Best Friends Forever in the literal sense.

Emma Frost portrayed a great villain in this issue and it still makes me wonder from appearances like this how she was able to redeem herself. She doesn’t seem to be an unwilling villain or misguided. She seems to be evil through and through with no redeemable qualities. I prefer this Emma Frost over the one that is in the comics right now. Maybe one day we could see her return to her old ways.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue an 8 out of 10. It was a good set up and the ending makes the reader want to skip to the next issue immediately.

Next Issue

Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #180

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For me

1. Kitty Pryde

2. Gambit

3. Nightcrawler

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Issue Information

Title- Secret Wars (Volume 1) #1

Release Date- May 1984

Writer- Jim Shooter

Artist- Michael Zeck

Major Notes

Features the X-Men, Avengers, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk plus numerous villains. First issue in crossover and first appearance of the Beyonder.

Brief Summary

War Begins

In the distant reaches of the universe many of Earth’s heroes find themselves on a strange space station. The heroes include the Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man and even the villainous Magneto. All are unsure how they exactly got there and they begin to introduce each other although many of them have already met before. They also notice an identical space station.

On this ship there are numerous villains including Doctor Doom, Galactus, the Wreaking Crew, Ultron, Enchantress, Doctor Octopus, The Absorbing Man, Kang the Conqueror, the Lizard and the Molecule Man. They too are wondering what us going on but on the Heroes’ space station they notice that Magneto is amongst them. Captain Marvel calls him a murderer but Magneto defends his actions as he is fighting for his people.

They all look out into space and see the stars around them disappear and the entire galaxy that had been in view was destroyed. There is only one star remaining and they watch in horror as a planet forms.

On the villains’ space station Ultron attacks the other villains since they are all living things. Doctor Doom realises that Ultron is extremely powerful and he commands the Molecule man to destroy the machine. Molecule Man refuses. Doom is able to convince him other wise and the machine slams into Galactus. The towering being notices this and forces Ultron up to his eye level. Ultron threatens to destroy Galactus but the cosmic being absorbs all the energy from Ultron’s body and it then drops to the ground.

Suddenly a rift opens in the blank space and beams down at the space stations. A being calling itself the Beyonder and informs both heroes and villains that by slaying their enemies they will receive whatever they desire and nothing is impossible. Galactus takes this to heart and he doesn’t care about the task. All he wants it to no longer have his hunger and he flies up towards the rift. Doom flies up with him since he is impressed beyond measure by the Beyonder’s power and wishes to obtain it for himself. As soon as the pair get close they are forced away by the Beyonder and fall down to the planet.

The heroes are amazed by the Beyonder’s power and the space stations travel down to the recently formed planet and then the heroes are teleported onto the surface. They try to work out where they are but some are still not happy that Magneto is amongst them. Wasp calls him out for killing the sailors on a Russian submarine that had tried to attack him. He stands by his actions and the X-Men even try to defend him stating that they might need him. The other heroes see this as sympathising with the enemy and a few of them even try to attack Magneto. He is able to use his powers to defend himself and despite the arguing between the heroes Magneto flies away so that no mutant blood is spilled.

With Magneto gone the heroes begin to decide who should lead. Mr Fantastic’s name is the first to be given consideration but he turns it down since his wife the Invisible Woman and unborn child are still on Earth and he will be thinking of them instead of the others. Both the Hulk (who now has the mind of Bruce Banner) and the Avengers leader Wasp turn down their opportunity to be leader. They decide upon Captain America even though Wolverine is against it.

Far away Doom wakes up and sees that Galactus is still unconscious. He walks away from the fallen giant and comes across a fortress where other villains are staying. He knows that they can’t play under the Beyonder’s rules.

As he goes inside he sees the other villains who want to make him their leader. He doesn’t want to go for the prize and instead wants the Beyonder’s power. Molecule Man tries to convince him otherwise but is swatted away. The other villains go to battle him but he uses his gauntlets to collapse part of the fortress and walks away. He gets upon a ship and flies away so that he can find a way to rob the Beyonder of his power. He is watched by Kang who uses a cannon mounted on the fortress to destroy Doom’s ship.

This is spotted by the heroes who rush to where the ship had crashed. When they arrive they find that Doom is still alive since his shields were able to protect him. He is still injured and they although Wolverine wants to put the villain down Captain America offers him a hand to get up. Doom sees this as an insult and attacks them. He swears vengeance on the heroes and the Beyonder.

Doom escapes and as the heroes recover they see that the remaining villains are heading right towards them. They intend to kill the heroes and receive the prize that the Beyonder has offered them.

My Thoughts

Now we come to what you could call the first Marvel Crossover event that involved many of the company’s A-List characters. Not only do you have the X-Men but you also have the Fantastic Four, Avengers, Hulk, Spider-Man and a couple of others. We also got to see many of the top villains from the Marvel Universe although a few top ranking villains were absent (like Loki and the Green Goblin) either due to their deaths or other causes.

Although we couldn’t see him in this issue the Beyonder makes his presence known in this issue. He demonstrated power that is literally God like and maybe even Dark Phoenix pails in comparison to me. If I remember correctly about him it turns out he does originate from Earth. I think he is a Mutant Inhuman who has god like powers. Although for now the point of this crossover hasn’t been explained I think that we’ll find the answer in due time in the series.

Hero wise the Fantastic Four is minus the Invisible Woman and has been replaced by She-Hulk. The Invisible Woman is pregnant so has been left behind and this makes sense. X-Men wise Kitty Pryde is left behind and is in her own trouble that will be picked up in the New Mutants series. Her dragon Lockheed, Cyclops and Rogue are with the team even though I don’t think that we ever saw them go through the gate that led them to Breakworld. Maybe it happened off panel.

This Incredible Hulk that we’re seeing in this series is far more intelligent than the Hulk that we’re used to seeing. I believe that at this point in the Incredible Hulk series the Hulk retains his intelligence when he transforms so in a way he is no longer a monster. I’m not sure the reason for his increased intelligence but I guess I would have found out if I read the Incredible Hulk series.

The premise of the series is the Beyonder creating a world where the heroes and the villains fight one another and whichever team is left standing gets their desires no matter how big fulfilled. I don’t think the heroes would be too bothered about fighting but the villains but of course on the opposite end of the scale the villains want nothing more than to kill their hated enemies.

One thing I did find a little funny to see is that Wolverine had no respect at all for Captain America. It is later stated that they have teamed up in World War II and that they’ve had each other’s back for years. The outburst took me as being odd but maybe Wolverine has simply forgotten (he did still have those memoires at the time however) or for some reason he wanted to keep their friendship a secret.

I’m also wondering why Magneto was amongst the heroes since he is considered to be a villain. I think he was as confused with this as the heroes but again I think that it’ll be explained at some point in this series. It is interesting to see however as he isn’t a typical villain. It is also interesting to know that this is the first time that the X-Men have even encountered him since Uncanny X-Men #150. We did have that Texas State Fair special but since that was non-canon it doesn’t actually count.

In conclusion I’m giving this issue a 6 out of 10. It felt like too much was trying to happen in a short amount of time.

Next Issue

New Mutants (Volume 1) #15

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Issue Information

Title- X-Men and the Micronauts (Volume 1) #4

Release Date- April 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont & Bill Mantlo

Artist- Butch Guice

Major Notes

Final issue. Features the New Mutants

Brief Summary


Mirage is sleeping at her desk as the Entity possessed Xavier approaches her. He uses her powers to enter her mind and as she wakes up she gives a cry of terror before falling to the ground. When he asks her if she enjoyed it with an evil smile she says yes and he tells her to help him manipulate the New Mutants and she will be rewarded further.

In the Microverse the combined teams of the X-Men and the Micronauts are still making their way out of the Entity’s citadel while unseen a Baron Karza possessed Kitty Pryde fires at them from a rock formation. The shot is targeted at Commander Rann but Colossus is able to get in the way and he takes the shot without being harmed. Nightcrawler teleports to her and knocks her down before realising that it is his team mate. In his confusion Karza phases away from his grasp. The two teams suddenly have to repel falling rocks above them and they think the Entity has returned.

In reality it is Kitty in the body of Karza who has ordered her fleet to attack the planet. The Chief Scientist Degrayde is by her side but he notices that his commander seems to have changed in both mannerisms and behaviour. Kitty suddenly receives a thought image of Professor Xavier and she decides to teleport down to the planet. She commands to halt the attack as she teleports to the planet’s surface. Degrayde ignores this order however and ensures that the attack continues.

Meanwhile Karza phases into the Entity’s citadel where the seemingly dead body of the villain still lays. He realises what has happened and suddenly Kitty appears and uses the glove in her armour to shoot out and grab him by the neck. Suddenly both teams burst through the wall and they’re unaware of the mind switch as they go to attack Kitty who is still in Karza’s body. Suddenly the body of the Entity rises up to his feet but his voice is that of Professor Xavier. He is able to explain that Kitty and Karza have swapped bodies but he also reveals that the Entity is in possession of his own body on Earth.

On Earth itself the Entity has gotten access to Cerebro. He begins to amplify his power so that he can destroy the Microverse and in the tiny dimension itself both teams have to defend themselves from the bombardment. Thankfully Bioship is on his way towards and when he arrives he beams them into him and they flee. But a beam of energy comes down towards them and Bioship’s energy shield is able to protect them. The beam does destroy the planet that they were just on and the attacking fleet. Degrayde and all the soldiers under his command are killed instantly.

The Bioship tries to flee the destruction and the only way it can escape is to try and escape to Earth but he doesn’t have enough energy. Fireflyte uses her own powers to help the Bioship pass into Earth without him needing to drop his shield.

When they reach Earth they find themselves outside the X-Mansion although they are still stuck at a tiny size. The teams have been shaken up a little in the Bioship as the X-Men realise that he is actually a living ship. Rann explains about Bioship’s origins and he tends to Fireflyte who has severely weakened herself. They notice Karza has constructed a new costume which upsets Kitty as she fears that she will never return to her own body.

As Bioship stands up he is struck from behind by Cannonball as he is attacked by the New Mutants. Sunspot throws him into a tree but the X-Men and the Micronauts join the battle and hold their own against their larger opponents. Bioship cannot restore the X-Men to their true size without exhausting what little energy he has left so Storm accepts that they must stay small for a little more time.

Inside the Bioship Nightcrawler is tending to his mentor Xavier. His body is dying but he tells Nightcrawler that the teams must keep the New Mutants and the Entity distracted and to keep his body alive until he tells him otherwise. Even kill him if need be.

Outside the New Mutants are falling to their tiny foes causing the Entity to focus his mind on them. He doesn’t notice the astral form of Xavier slip into mansion as Magma uses her powers to burn the already injured Bioship.

As Xavier moves inside the X-Mansion he finds Illyana unconscious on the ground with Kitty’s pet dragon Lockheed by her side. He is able to communicate with Lockheed and the dragon fly outside to defend Kitty as Xavier enters his study where the Entity is using Cerebro. He enters his own mind and sees memories including one of the Dark Phoenix.

At the battle Lockheed has reached where Kitty and Karza are located. He senses that they have swapped bodies and attacks Karza despite the fact he possesses Kitty’s body. The Entity picks up on this and he is angered that he has been played a fool and causes Kitty to use her armour to attack Karza. They know that the Entity is behind this but they don’t know why he doesn’t just destroy them with a click of his finger. Xavier realises that on Earth the Entity only has his power and is in fact weakened.

Karza tries to phase through the glove but he cannot and Kitty is trying to will the glove loose. They begin to phase into each other as Fireflyte sees a way to swap their minds back and she begins to sing. The Entity realises that there is someone in his mind and at the battle the mind transfer works as Kitty returns to her own body while Karza returns to his. He teleports away as Colossus tends to Kitty.

Bioship is close to death as he sacrifices his systems to keep Nightcrawler and Xavier alive. Nightcrawler has no choice but to teleport out of the stricken Bioship and he hopes that Xavier will make it out alive.

Inside Xavier’s mind he has come face to face with the Entity and although he seems to be weakened Xavier intends to sacrifice himself by causing himself to suffer from a stroke. That way he and the Entity will both be destroyed. With little option the Entity goes back to his own body but it has already been destroyed.

In the aftermath the X-Men and the Micronauts tend to one another but the X-Men remain small while the Micronauts are stuck on Earth. Fireflyte reveals that she can get them back to the Microverse but they must leave quickly. Bioship is too injured to make the trip and with his last remaining energy he enlarges the X-Men back to their normal size before he dies.

The teams say their goodbyes to one another as Xavier explains how he was able to defeat the Entity. Fireflyte uses her own abilities to transfer the Micronauts back to the Microverse. The X-Men’s struggle is over for now but the Micronaut’s continues on.

My Thoughts

We return for the fourth and final issue of this crossover Limited Series. It was a pretty fun series to read, not the best X-Men crossover I’ve ever read but not the worst either. What I do find a little funny however is that this crossover has finished but the following month the X-Men were involved in another crossover of even more epical proportions. I think you know what I’m talking about.

I still question why Rogue wasn’t in this series at all. I don’t think there was any explanation to why she wasn’t there for its entirety. We do know that the Limited Series takes place after she joined the team. She’s too attached to the X-Mansion to have gone anywhere else so I wonder where she is throughout this entire crossover. If she had been involved could things have gone differently?

I did find it a little confusing how exactly travel to and from the Microverse works. I thought it meant having to shrink to microscopic size but it seems that one has to go through some kind of space wall to get there. In the first issue we saw the X-Men get there by shrinking but it seems that it isn’t enough. I think if I read the Micronauts series the answer would become a lot clearer.

The battle between the pint sized X-Men and the Micronauts against the New Mutants was especially humorous to read. Especially seeing Wolverine and Bug taking down a seemingly giant Mirage. It makes me wonder what would have happened if the X-Men had stayed at being six inches tall. Like Nightcrawler said the ladies might not like it but I think that he would have found some advantages.

It was confusing as well all about the body swapping part of the story. Not only did you have Kitty Pryde swapping bodies with Baron Karza you also had Professor Xavier and the Entity. I don’t think I’ve seen two body transfers like this in a single issue. It is something that isn’t seen all that often but I do feel that they went a little too far this time and I think it could have been done better in a different way. Maybe having the X-Men not seem to be normal size in the Microverse. That was just a random idea but I think you get what I mean

The finale was somewhat fitting as we saw the Entity basically destroyed by his own cowardice. He tried to jump into his original body when it was destroyed and thus killing him. Xavier’s dark side will flare up again the future. For now there will be no more evil Xavier for a good long time.

In conclusion I’m giving this issue a 7 out of 10. It was an alright issue but as I said there have been better.

Next Issue

Secret Wars (Volume 1) #1

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Issue Information

Title- New Mutants (Volume 1) #14

Release Date- April 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Sal Buscema

Major Notes

Illyana aka Magik more or less joins the New Mutants. Features the X-Men and Doug Ramsey.

Brief Summary

Do You Believe In- Magik?

Illyana is outside the X-Mansion looking at the Medallion that Belasco gave her while she was in Limbo. She knows that she will never have the life that she used to have and she is angered by this. She knows that Belasco will one day come for her and she isn’t sure if the world will be safer with him or her. It is her birthday today and she walks back to the mansion as it begins to snow.

Due to the snow Professor Xavier has allowed the New Mutants’ class to finish early and they go outside to play in the snow. All the New Mutants have fun but Magma is feeling a little uneasy with the snow since it is alien to her. Pulling from her memories Mirage is able to create an image of a palm tree to make her feel better. Magma reveals that things happened under that palm tree. Illyana watches from the side since she is unsure how to ask to play with them. She is also being watched by Xavier from inside the mansion who still can’t read her mind and has no idea what happened to her in Limbo.

The New Mutants notice that the Professor is looking glum and Magma reveals about how he misses Princess Lilandra. They decide to throw him a party to make him feel better and they invite Illyana along with them to pick up some supplies. She agrees to go with them but no one notices the shadowed figure of S’ym watching them.

With Stevie Hunter the team travel to the Mall where they were attacked by the Sentinels and it is still undergoing repairs. Before they leave Kitty Pryde’s friend Doug Ramsey arrives at the mansion to see her. Since she is on a mission with the X-Men he leaves and states that he’ll return later.

After a short while of shopping the team have gotten most of what they need and Cannonball is trying to show some machoness by carrying both bags. He accidentally knocks into Wolfsbane who reacts negatively to this. They are even able to bump into the teenagers who they had met the last time they had come to the mall and they begin to chat for a short time.

At the X-Mansion Xavier is still considering the best way that he can help Illyana. He considers contacting Doctor Strange and Nightcrawler’s stepmother but suddenly he is confronted by S’ym. He knows that he is no physical match for the demon and attempts a mental attack but S’ym swats him away as if he were nothing.

Later the New Mutants with Stevie return to the mansion but outside they notice that it seems to be empty. Illyana decides to go inside while the New Mutants admit to themselves that she creeps them out. Illyana hears this but realises that they’re right. She calls out Xavier’s name with no answer and then suddenly S’ym grabs Illyana’s hand and he tells her that he is there to take her back to Limbo.

In her desperation Illyana creates a light disc around the car and the New Mutants outside and at first they travel to Limbo where they briefly see a younger Illyana but before they can do anything they reappear inside the X-Mansion’s sitting room. There they see S’ym with a seemingly unconscious Illyana and without thinking Cannonball rockets towards the demon but he bounces off the brute. Sunspot transforms and tries to outmuscle S’ym but he is thrown out of the mansion.

Wolfsbane also transforms and attacks but S’ym swats her away with his tail and Mirage tries to use her abilities. She is able to conjure a large image of Belasco which terrifies S’ym. The image transforms into Illyana’s Darkchild form while Stevie grabs Illyana and tries to flee with her. Magma creates a volcano within the room which covers S’ym with molten lava over him seemingly defeating him. She is confident of victory but the demon is able to break free.

Stevie has been able to get Illyana down to the subbasement but S’ym begins to pull the elevator back up so she is forced to jump out with the unconscious Illyana. They fall on the ground hard but Stevie gets up and keeps going. Unfortunately her knee goes and she falls to the ground.

S’ym catches up with the two women but before he can attack Illyana uses a spell to keep him back. He is able to corner her and she manifests the Soulsword and is able to bring him under her mercy. S’ym begs her to spare him and she accepts as long as he renounces Belasco and serves her. S’ym accepts these terms but when he wants to kill Stevie she banishes him away. Stevie is confused with what has happened and Illyana reveals some truths before casting a spell to wipe her memory of the event.

Later the X-Men return from their mission to find the New Mutants are throwing a party for Xavier. The volcano and car are still in the room but Illyana is standing by the window sad. Xavier goes over to her and he gives her some guidance. He then stands up from his chair and begins to dance with her. It is then that everyone realises that Xavier can walk again.

Kitty hears a knocking on the window and when she looks she sees Doug. When she asks him what he wants he tells her that he has been given a scholarship at the Massachusetts Academy and wants her advice since she was a student there. Kitty doesn’t want to reveal anything about the Hellfire Club and she is deeply concerned for her friend.

My Thoughts

Now we return to the New Mutants in an issue that is basically the epilogue to the Magik Limited Series which concluded the previous month. This issue started exactly where the last issue of Magik left off so it is a little like the fifth issue which took place on Earth and featured the New Mutants.

As you can imagine Illyana aka Magik was the main focal point of this issue as she and the team had to deal with the threat that was the super strong S’ym who could possibly be the stronger than the Hulk. We learned that for now she doesn’t want the others to know about her sorcery abilities and hasn’t even told them about her mutant abilities yet. At least she showed somewhat that she can interact with the New Mutants despite the fact that she creeps them out. She has also gained a new pawn in the form of S’ym which she could probably use to great effect.

Also we found out that there was something between Magma and Sunspot when they were still in Brazil. Not exactly sure what happened but we can kind of guess what it was. But still seeing a palm tree in the middle of a snow storm was pretty funny to see. It is just so out of place.

It was also nice to see hints towards previous issues since we saw the Mall where the battle between the New Mutants and Sentinels took place in the first couple of issues and they even saw their friends there. It is always nice to have these little things every now and again so that we can remember events of previous issues.

The most important X-Man to feature in this issue was Kitty Pryde who Illyana has stated to have accepted her with no strings attached. Something that she is very thankful for but also because of Doug Ramsey and the acceptance that he has gotten from the Massachusetts Academy which will be the main focus of the next three issues (which take place during the Secret Wars event).

Also revealed in this issue is that Xavier can now walk again without feeling any pain. He has been practicing this ever since he regained the use of his legs in Uncanny X-Men #167 but this is when he can finally walk again. It is a little odd seeing someone you’re used to seeing in a wheelchair walk again but it does show that Xavier has been hard at working recovering from his disability.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 7 out of 10. It was a pretty good issue and I’m really looking forward to the next arc.

Next Issue

X-Men and the Micronauts (Volume 1) #4

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Issue Information

Title- Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #180

Release Date- April 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- John Romita Jr., Dan Green and Bob Wiacek

Major Notes

Secret Wars tie-in (at the end). Return of Emma Frost

Brief Summary

Whose Life Is It, Anyway?

Professor Xavier is practicing playing basketball in the X-Mansion’s gymnasium. He has recently regained the use of his legs and is having fun while playing. His fun is shattered when he feels another scanning wave and he keels to the floor in pain. He still wonders where it is coming from and who is responsible. Storm arrives to see how he is and although he is fine he tells her how he had been an athlete in college but because he could read the minds of his opponents he knew what their plans were and it took the fun out of the game. He senses something wrong with Storm and she begins to explain about her recent changes and how Kitty Pryde has pushed her away. Xavier scans her mind and finds no mental illness but he does offer his help, Storm turns him down stating that she needs to go down her own path.

Meanwhile at the nearby mall Kitty and her friend Doug Ramsey are playing at the arcade. They are having a lot of fun but unfortunately they score too many points causing the game to crash. The owner of the arcade throws them out since they are too good at the games and are ruining his business. They have been kicked out of every arcade in Westchester and they decide to go and get something to eat.

They go to a fast food restaurant and Doug notices that there is a lot on Kitty’s mind. She tells him about Storm and how she isn’t the woman that she was before. She admits that Storm scares her and now she seems like a stranger. Doug also tells her that he has been accepted into the Massachusetts Academy and he was hoping that she go along with him since she had been a student. She tells him that she quit after a week but doesn’t tell him about the Hellfire Club or of Emma Frost.

At the X-Mansion the still injured Colossus is chopping down a tree to take out his frustrations. Wolverine sits down and watches him and he knows that his frustration is about Kitty. He is in love with her deeply but he believes that she doesn’t feel the same about him despite the fact that she gave herself to the Morlocks to save him. He thinks that she has more feelings towards Doug Ramsey, he thinks that Doug is more like her and he is alien to her. Wolverine tells him that if he believes that then he has lost more than he already knows.

At the Bronx Botanical Garden Storm walking through and she goes up to some of the plants. She is glad to be around plants again and she remembers her time in Kenya and her life before the X-Men. She even uses her powers to water some of the plants but her concentration is broken when she hears an elderly couple being mugged by a group of thugs. She tells them to leave the couple alone and as one goes to attack her she grabs him and throws him through the glass. The others try to attack but she uses her hands rather than her powers to defeat them. She then uses her powers to conjure up a storm to scare them into turning their ways. As the thugs flee Storm tends to the elderly couple who are more terrified of her than they were of the thugs. She then receives a mental command from Xavier to return to the mansion.

That evening the X-Men have regrouped at the sitting room as Kitty explains about Doug Ramsey and the Massachusetts Academy. She believes that Emma Frost is still in a coma and that the Hellfire Club are in disarray. She thinks that Doug will be fine but she should check it out in case there is trouble. She wants Xavier to keep a mental tab on her so that if there is any trouble the team can come and rescue her and stop whatever the Hellfire Club might have planned. The plan is somewhat risky but the team agree to it. Xavier also believes that Doug’s talents with languages both computer and verbal is a mutant power.

Later Kitty is walking through the corridors of the mansion and thinks about the possibility of Doug being a mutant and Xavier’s ability to walk. She suddenly feels a strong gust of wind behind her and she realises that Storm is behind it. Kitty is flown outside of the window and taken up into the air where Storm is waiting for her. She tells Kitty that it is time that they had a talk away from prying ears and minds. Kitty realises that they are over a mile above the ground.

They begin to talk and Kitty doesn’t understand why Storm has changed. The older woman explains how she has slowly been changing since she joined the X-Men and that her beliefs have started to subside and being replaced by new ones. The fact that she is the leader of the X-Men has also been a factor and it has caused her to make difficult decisions. She these feelings for a while and the trip to Tokyo was the release that she needed to truly change. She is scared herself of the road that she is going on but she admits that she loves Kitty and they hug each other as Kitty comes to terms with Storm’s change. They promise to be there for each other as much as they can.

A week later Kitty is dropped off at La Guardia airport where she is boarding a private plane to Massachusetts. She says goodbye to the team as she boards the plane and when they’re in the air she talks to Doug who is on the jet with her. She hears a woman’s name calling her name and she is frightened when she recognises the voice. She looks up the aisle and sees Emma Frost walking towards her and she has something planned for the two teenagers. Kitty realises that she’s in trouble and mentally calls out for Xavier.

Elsewhere the X-Men have driven to Central Park where Xavier has been able to pinpoint the location of the scanning waves that he has felt for weeks. When they arrive they see a fantastic gate like opening before them which is as tall as a skyscraper. Knowing that something big is about to happen they enter before Kitty’s message can reach Xavier and the team disappear from Earth.

My Thoughts

Now we come back to the Uncanny X-Men with an issue that felt more like a prologue meaning that it was leading to different things rather than having any big action in this issue. It primarily sets us up for the Secret Wars Limited series but the secondary story will be the New Mutants going to the Massachusetts Academy to rescue Kitty Pryde and Doug Ramsey from Emma Frost.

Before I go on any further I’m just want to mention that I’m changing my read through order. I’ve been noticing that events in the New Mutants series precede the events of the Uncanny X-Men since that issue is released earlier in the month. Whenever I started a New Month I always began with the Uncanny X-Men but starting from the next month I will start with Secret Wars (for the duration of that series), then go with New Mutants (since that was released before that month’s issue of Uncanny X-Men), then the Uncanny X-Men and then I will finish the month off with whatever else there is (Dazzler, Annuals or any LSs or guest appearances in other series). I made this decision since Xavier’s ability to walk happened in New Mutants #14 which I will read next and it is obvious that this issue of Uncanny X-Men takes place after this. Also at the end of this issue it said that the New Mutants will be released two weeks later while the Uncanny X-Men will be a month. For Secret Wars I could in theory complete that entirely before reading the next issue of Uncanny X-Men but I still prefer to do it by month. Unfortunately the reason for this mix up is because my sources for release dates only give me the month and year rather than the actual week of release. I hope this makes the blog more realistic).

Ok back to the issue at hand. The first thing I want to pick up on is that this is the issue where the whole rift between Storm and Kitty began to heal. The talk that they had took us deeper into Storm’s psyche then we ever have seen before. We could see that she truly spoke from the heart and it proves that she is a great character that has been written very well (probably better than she’s being written right now). I don’t think that it is fully repaired the rift between the two characters but it is a start.

I did notice how Rogue was absent in this issue and she didn’t go through the same gate that took the X-Men to Breakworld. I know that she is amongst the team in the Secret Wars series but I can’t see how she was able to regroup with them. It might be explained in the first issue of Secret Wars but I have checked thoroughly and she definitely wasn’t with the X-Men that went through. Also to quickly point out is that in the original promotional art for the Secret Wars Kitty was supposed to be with the team as well but she has been left behind and her ordeal will be shown in the New Mutants series. Also I know that Lockheed was in Secret Wars for a brief time but he also didn’t go through the portal with the X-Men so again I’m wondering how he got there.

We also see Doug Ramsey for the first time in an X-Men comic and the revelation that he could be a mutant isn’t really surprising since this is the X-Men. It does make things more interesting with him and he definitely shows that he has feelings for Kitty which makes Colossus jealous. He shows that he is just as intelligent as Kitty and that they are more alike than they probably realise. I know that they never have a formal relationship but it is nice to wonder if they had of done, what would have been the outcome?

It was pretty funny to see the normally serious Xavier pretending to be a world class basketball player. It is a little something that I didn’t expect to see but it is understandable since Xavier can now walk without pain. I will talk about the matter a little more in the New Mutants #14 write up.

Storm taking down the thugs with mainly her bare hands shows that without her powers she isn’t defenceless. It is also an omen for what is to come in my mind. There is a lot things coming up for her very soon which will change her forever and also increase her popularity amongst fans.

The fact that Colossus is jealous of Doug Ramsey and he also mentioned that if they lived in Russia he could actually marry Kitty right there and then and raise a family. I feel this is all due to the fact that Chris Claremont is being forced to break the couple up due to the fact that Kitty at this point in time is only a minor while Colossus is in his early twenties. This is understandable and we will see what happens to all this in a couple of months’ time. This is not the end of the Colossus/Kitty Pryde relationship however.

To see Emma Frost returning at the end of the issue also makes me wonder how she recovered from her coma but I think this will be something that is explained in the New Mutants series. It was a bit of a shock first time I read it and I had to wait a couple of years before finding out what happened in Massachusetts. We will also see that she has formed her own version of the New Mutants.

In conclusion I’m giving this issue another 8 out of 10. It was a good issue to read and as I said it sets us up for what is to come.

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New Mutants (Volume 1) #14

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Issue Information

Title- X-Men and the Micronauts (Volume 1) #3

Release Date- March 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont & Bill Mantlo

Artist- Butch Guice

Major Notes

Features the New Mutants

Brief Summary

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory!

While Professor Xavier is asleep he sees the combined forces of the X-Men and the Micronauts attacking an outpost in the Microverse owned by the villain Baron Karza. They are under the influence of the Entity and with ease the two teams are able to defeat the Dog Soldiers while what is called an Archivist records everything and beams it back to Karza. The Dog Soldiers soon surrender and at first the teams do not wish to execute them. Kitty Pryde (who has the mind of Karza himself in her body) goes to kill the prisoners but is stopped.

Just then the Entity himself appears and both teams bow to him. He is disappointed that the Dog Soldiers remain and when Commander Rann speaks out of turn the Entity grabs him and ages him until there is nothing left but dust. Knowing that Rann has learned his lesson the Entity quickly resurrects him. Rann falls back in line and the Entity notices that only Kitty had the ruthlessness he desires in his pets. He promises her a special reward as he uses his powers to kill the remaining Dog Soldiers. Only the Archivist remains.

On Earth the still sleeping Xavier screams and falls out of bed. The New Mutants come to his aid and help him back to bed. He is still asleep and they are very worried about their mentor. They do not suspect what is happening inside his mind and as they leave a tear rolls down his cheek.

In the Microverse the Entity has the Archivist at his mercy. The only reason he let him live was so that he could transmit everything back to Karza. Using a small portion of his power the Entity begins to destroy the asteroid that they are on. He and the two teams safely teleport away as the asteroid crumbles to nothing.

At his citadel Karza (who has the mind of Kitty Pryde) is told of what has happened by his Chief Scientist Degrayde. Karza shows concern towards the X-Men, Micronauts and Dog Soldiers which catches Degrayde by surprise and when he orders the Body Banks to be shut down Degrayde protests and gets mechanical glove to his throat for his trouble. He does as he commands but he thinks that Karza as changed.

Now along Karza thinks of some kind of way to return to her original body. The mind Kitty Pryde hates being in this body and even considers suicide. She realises that she only merely had to think about silencing Degrayde and the glove did the rest. She considers what else she can do and accidentally transforms into a rocket powered centaur. This horrifies her and as she removes her helmet she shouts that she is Kitty Pryde.

Elsewhere Kitty’s body still being possessed by Karza wakes up and finds himself in a Roman like villa. He discovers that he wearing revealing clothing and as he looks on he sees the Entity approach him. Not realising that the villain has switched bodies with the young X-Man the Entity begins to seduce him seeing how their personalities seem to match. Knowing that he is powerless against the Entity, Karza plays it cool although he still plans on overthrowing the Entity and ruling himself. When he asks the omnipotent being what has happened to the other X-Men and Micronauts he discovers that they are in a large cell since their personalities are not yet to his liking.

In the cell itself the two teams are sleeping and Wolverine is the first to wake up. They are for now free of the Entity’s influence. He doesn’t see a way that they can be truly free so he extends his claws and goes to kill the sleeping Storm. He is stopped by Colossus and when Wolverine questions why he is told that if they die that the Entity will simply resurrect them. The Entity wishes to crush their hope completely to give him his final victory over them. By now the others have woken up, they begin to decide how to escape and locate the source of the Entity’s power. They even make a small joke and laugh which Huntaar finds unbelievable. He is told that they laugh because they can and it is shows that they still have hope.

On Earth Mirage is tending to Professor Xavier who is still asleep. She is very worried about him but he grabs her arm and produces a mind link with her. He was powerless to do anything to battle the Entity in his body and is using her abilities to enter the Astral Plain. At that moment the Entity enters the Astral Plain himself and the two enemies confront one another.

In the Microverse Karza has noticed that the Entity has ceased moving and uses the opportunity to seemingly kill him by stabbing him in the back. With the Entity seemingly dead Karza decides that to rule the Microverse he needs to return to his original body and then kill the X-Men and the Micronauts.

On the Astral Plain Xavier and the Entity duel. With the seeming death of his body the Entity weakens and Xavier takes the opportunity gain the upper hand. He is able to restrain the Entity and as he takes off his helmet Xavier realises that the Entity is him. The Entity is the dark side of Xavier who has been lingering in his heart. He has been growing stronger and originally could manifest himself into the Microverse when Xavier was asleep. Now he is powerful enough to manifest by himself and as he breaks out of Xavier’s hold their body forms switch. The Entity now has a hold of Xavier’s body on Earth while Xavier himself is stuck in the Microverse.

Elsewhere the X-Men and the Micronauts walk through home of the Entity trying to find their way out. Acroyear loses faith and refuses to go on. He feels absolutely hopeless and he believes that he has truly failed his name. The wise words of Storm bring him back a short amount and as they continue on they are unaware that Karza has them in his sights and is about to kill them.

On Earth the New Mutants discuss about Xavier’s condition. Mirage believes that there isn’t anything wrong with him. She does decide to keep an eye on him a little longer but as they go to bed they don’t realise that Xavier’s body is now being controlled by the Entity who has big plans for them.

My Thoughts

Now we are back with the penultimate issue of the X-Men’s first crossover Limited Series. I did feel that this one was the best so far and by the end of it things looked pretty bleak for both the X-Men and New Mutants and it sets things up for the final issue that comes out the following month.

Not only in this issue do we have the Entity more or less a threat to the X-Men and the Micronauts but we also have Baron Karza himself is now trying to kill the two teams. One advantage that he has is that he is in the body of Kitty Pryde. This gives him an element of surprise advantage over them. He has showed his ruthlessness and given the chance he will kill them.

The big revelation that the Entity was Professor Xavier himself was no surprise since it has been hinted a few times over the series. The Entity is Xavier’s evil side who has already popped up in X-Men #106 but back then it wasn’t sure if what happened in that issue was real or not. This is the first true confirmation of Xavier’s evil side and it shows what he would have been like if he allowed himself to be evil. In truth he could be even deadlier than Magneto.

In this issue the Entity shows his god like powers by actually being able to resurrect Commander Rann after he was killed. When you face a foe who can do something like that you often wonder how you can beat him. This is something that the two teams will have to find out on their own but if they discover that Xavier is the key can the X-Men kill the man who is their mentor. We also saw that the Entity took a liking towards Kitty Pryde (although Karza) possessed her body. I wonder if things hadn’t gone the way that they did would he have had his way with her? I think that if Kitty had been in possession of her own body she would have gone against him but most likely she would have found herself in the same cell as the others.

The New Mutants did play a pretty important role in this issue, especially Mirage since she was the one who helped Xavier go into the Astral Plain. The other members were not all that important but it was nice to see Magma on the team and it showed continuity with the New Mutants series at that time. If that is the case I’m still wondering where Rogue is in all of this.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue an 8 out of 10. As I said the best issue in my mind so far and I am eager to read the finale.

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Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #180

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Issue Information

Title- Magik (Volume 1) #4

Release Date- March 1984

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Sal Buscema

Major Notes

Death of Limbo Storm. Final issue in Limited Series

Brief Summary


In Limbo, Belasco confronts Illyana who is tending to the fatally injured Storm. She begs him to save Storm and first Belasco intends to use Illyana to conjure the third bloodstone and then sacrifice Storm’s soul to his masters. He passes Illyana a dagger so that she can complete the ritual but instead she plunges it into the heart of Storm killing her and thus saving her soul. With her death a lightning bolt rains down as Belasco angrily condemns Illyana to a life of pain and misery. Before he has a chance to do anything she conjures a light disc that sends both her and Storm’s lifeless body away.

A short time later Illyana is burying Storm in the garden that she had created and loved. Illyana is greatly saddened but suddenly she notices the garden around her dying. With Storm dead there is nothing stopping Belasco from ripping it apart. The wind is making her cold and as she looks towards the grave a zombified Storm rises up and tries to attack her but Illyana teleports away.

She finds herself in a cave ad as she tries to remember the way that Storm was, Colossus breaks through a wall and tries to attack her but again she teleports away. She ends outside what seems to be her parents’ house in rural Russia. She runs to the door and sees her mother but when she tells her that she is Illyana her mother refuses to believe her since she is too old. Her father also arrives and he too refuses to believe that she is their daughter so they slam the door on her. She then drops to her knees and realises that she can never truly go home and when she feels a tap on her shoulder she turns and sees zombie versions of the X-Men. This causes her to faint.

When she wakes up she is confronted by Belasco and the zombie X-Men. Colossus is holding onto her arms and stretches them so that she feels pain. Belasco then uses a spell to dig into her soul and before Illyana’s eyes a demonic version of herself comes forth and is turned into the third bloodstone. With his use for her temporarily finished Belasco banishes Illyana to remain in the remnants of Storm’s garden. He removes her mutant abilities and also despite what happens to her she will not die and afterwards he might bring her back to his side. He then disappears with the medallion and the zombie X-Men also fade away.

When Illyana wakes up she is in the middle of a snow storm and she makes her way to Storm’s dacha but it is completely destroyed. A powerful gust of wind sends her flying into the oak tree that had been the garden’s centrepiece. It is all that remains in the garden and of Storm’s magic. Illyana has to use it as a wind shield and tries to draw from its power and she tries to conjure her own acorn but unfortunately it splatters.

Illyana spends a year by this oak tree and she is sad that she has been drawing its life force. One last time she tries to conjure up an acorn but again it splatters since she has been too corrupted by Belasco. She leans on the oak tree but it tumbles over and begins to wither away. In her anger towards Belasco Illyana pounds on the ground but eventually she knows that it will not do her any good. With all the power she can muster she creates a sword that she can use as a weapon against Belasco. She finds it easy and she feels incredibly powerful with her soulsword and discovers that the enchantments keeping her there have shattered. She uses a light disc to teleport away from the garden.

At Belasco’s citadel the man himself is planning another escape attempt from Belasco using his dreaded enemies Ka-Zar and his allies. Suddenly Illyana appears and destroys the statues of Belasco’s enemies and then confronts him. She is able to deflect his attacks and uses her light discs to nullify Belasco’s size and strength advantage. He summons S’ym to defeat her but she is easily able to put him down.

With S’ym incapacitated Illyana destroys Belasco’s precious spell books and as they continue to battle she grows horns, a tail and her skin turns red as he reverts to human. He is severely weakened and she is able to corner him. She prepares to kill him but she suddenly realises that she is becoming like him and chooses to spare him. He is angry since she is giving up much power and he teleports away but not before throwing her the medallion. With Belasco gone Illyana herself reverts to her normal self.

Illyana then travels to Belasco’s alter where Cat had taken her some time before. She thinks about her new soulsword and the medallion in her hand. She knows that she can now no longer stay in Limbo and she uses a light disc to teleport towards Earth. Only seconds have passed since she left and as she grabs the hand of Kitty Pryde she is pulled up and Illyana has already made sure that she was dressed for the occasion.

A year later at the X-Mansion Illyana is still standing looking over the horizon as she thinks about the X-Men who had been trapped in Limbo and eventually died. She vows to be worthy of their sacrifice and as she walks towards the X-Mansion she feels the snow storm and sees the New Mutants playing outside. She wonders what would have happened if she had a normal life but it is something that she will never know.

My Thoughts

Now we come to the final issue of Magik in overall what has been a great Limited Series. We finally see Illyana free herself from Limbo (which we knew was already going to happen). It was a great series that explained what happened to Illyana in Limbo and also sets up a few things that will happen to her over the next few years.

In this issue we see how Illyana developed the Soulsword that will one day become her greatest weapon of choice. It is extremely powerful and is built up of both energy and magic. It can be used to either harm the body or the spirit and in a way I think it can heal as well. One thing to mention about it is that it can harm Kitty Pryde even when she’s intangible. That has to count towards something and it also shows that it is a weapon of great power.

I was saddened to see the death of Limbo’s Storm since she had been a mentor for Illyana and might have even been able to save her if Cat had not taken her away. It does make me wonder what would have happened if Illyana had stayed with her but I think things would have turned out badly anyway, not because of Storm herself but more so about Belasco eventually pulling out all the stops.

I believe the point that was raised in this issue about how Illyana’s parents would react if they saw her as a teenager rather than a toddler I think was going to be picked up in a future Limited Series. I think there was going to be a Colossus/Magik Limited Series which would have dealt with them having to travel to Russia. Sadly this series I don’t think went passed the planning stage and thus was never created.

This is also the first time that we see Illyana’s Darkchild persona and although I’m not sure exactly what it means I believe it might appear when she is delving into Dark Magic. I would have a better idea about it if I had read more issues of New Mutants but that’s the beauty of this blog. I’m getting to read the New Mutants (up until the end of Classic Volume 7) and then I might have figure what to do after that (I’m thinking Marvel Unlimited maybe).

The final confrontation between Illyana and Belasco has the classic hero won’t kill villain moment but it did show that she had broken his grip on her. She will never truly be free of him but it showed that she was mightier than him. If she had of killed him though her soul would truly have been damned.

I did find it odd that a year has taken place between Uncanny X-Men #160 and what that month would be #179. A year passing in twenty issues is very unusual since I didn’t think time passed that quickly in comics. But then again with a floating timeline almost anything is possible.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue an 8 out of 10. A fitting end to an all-round great Limited Series.

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X-Men and the Micronauts (Volume 1) #3

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Sorry about that. I have changed it now so that it is correct.

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30 Points: Kitty Pryde

29 Points: Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan)

28 Points: Spider-Man

27 Points: Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen)

26 Points: Batman

25 Points: Superman

24 Points: Ant-Man

23 Points: Cyclops

22 Points: Green Lantern (Hal)

21 Points: Magik

20 Points: Magneto

19 Points: Captain America

18 Points: Jean Grey

17 Points: Nightcrawler

16 Points: Wonder Woman

15 Points: Iron-Man

14 Points: Incredible Hulk

13 Points: Wasp

12 Points: Tiny Titan

11 Points: The Flash (Barry Allen)

10 Points: Storm

9 Points: Green Arrow

8 Points: Hellboy

7 Points: Hank Pym

6 Points: Beast

5 Points: The Thing

4 Points: Star-Lord

3 Points: Rogue

2 Points: Batgirl

1 Point: The Vision


30 Points: Galactus

29 Points: Apocalypse

28 Points: Joker

27 Points: Red Skull

26 Points: Raze

25 Points: Lex Luthor

24 Points: Morlun

23 Points: Doctor Minivera

22 Points: Bane

21 Points: Doctor Doom

20 Points: Kang

19 Points: Charles Xavier Jr.

18 Points: Mystique

17 Points: Cheatah

16 Points: Brainchild (Real Heroes)

15 Points: Scarecrow

14 Points: Hush

13 Points: Blob

12 Points: Toad

11 Points: Sabretooth

10 Points: Thanos

9 Points: Red Skull

8 Points: Carnage

7 Points: Deadshot

6 Points: Felix Harmon

5 Points: Giganta

4 Points: Rhino

3 Points: Maria Hill

2 Points: Shadow King

1 Point: Knife