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Issue Information

Title- New Mutants (Volume 1) #7

Release Date- September 1983

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Sal Buscema

Major Notes

First appearance of Sunspot’s mother and Axe. Features the X-Men

Brief Summary

Flying Down To Rio!

Sunspot is standing by the shoreline of the Big Sur thinking about what has happened to the team over the last few days. After the New Mutants’ victory over Viper and the Silver Samurai they had been in good spirits but an explosion had spoiled all of that. Most of the New Mutants seemed to escape with their lives but Karma is missing and he fears that she has been killed.

The other members of the team catch up with him to see how he is and he is told that the X-Men are continuing the search for Karma. There has been no sign for her and they begin to think that she is indeed dead. Wolfsbane refuses to believe that she is gone and the entire team leave so that they can go back to Professor Xavier.

When they reach Xavier Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler are also there helping with the search. Wolfsbane is once again put off by Nightcrawler’s appearance and they wish that Wolverine was there since his keen senses would be a great help. When Sunspot asks Xavier why he has summoned him he sees that his mother has arrived. The two embrace in a hug and she knows that he is a mutant. He asks why she wasn’t with him sooner and she says that she was on a dig. Sunspot feels that she loves her archaeology more than him and his father.

She is about to lead an expedition into the Amazon and she has invited the New Mutants to go along with her. Xavier has agreed to this but Sunspot refuses since Karma is still missing. Xavier confronts Sunspot and it turns into a war of words which leads Sunspot to quit the team. Colossus asks Xavier if goading Sunspot was the right idea, Xavier states that it was and that Karma’s disappearance isn’t normal. He can feel a strange energy in the area and he is more than certain that she is still alive.

A short distance away Sunspot is venting out his anger on trees and rocks and after he has powered down the other New Mutants come to his side. Cannonball tells him of how he felt when his father died and he had to provide for his family. At first Sunspot feels no better but as the others comfort him they promise that they will remember Karma and they go to his mother.

A week later the New Mutants arrive at the Da Costa mansion and are welcomed inside by the butler. A little later the team sit down for a meal with Sunspot’s parents. They begin to talk but as the dinner goes on Sunspot’s parents begin to argue about the expedition along with a few other topics. This makes the team feel uncomfortable and after being annoyed by his wife too long Sunspot’s father angrily leaves so that he can go to bed.

The next morning the New Mutants are on the streets of Rio as a huge festival takes place. The team begin to get into the swing of the party and Mirage asks Sunspot if everything is alright at home after what they witnessed at the dinner. He states that he can only pray for a miracle.

To fit in more with the festival the team go into a nearby costume store along with Sunspot’s mother. They each pick out a different costume and Sunspot’s mother is told that there is a chauffeur waiting for her outside. She believes that it is from her husband but when she gets outside she is grabbed by two Hellfire Club goons. They throw her into a car and begin to drive away.

Cannonball rockets out of the store and flies towards the car but an axe strikes him causing him to divert into another building. The other New Mutants go out to see what is happening and they are confronted by a mutant calling himself Axe. He defeats Sunspot and Mirage while Wolfsbane seemingly runs away. Cannonball is powerless but to watch Axe get away.

A short time later the three members of the team regroup to decide their next move. Mirage’s mental link with Wolfsbane activates and she realises that the Scottish mutant has transformed into her wolf form and tracked the scent of the kidnappers.

The team meet up that night outside an abandoned house. Sunspot wants to avoid what happened to his girlfriend. They do have some time before his mother’s fate is determined and as they talk Sunspot thinks of an idea.

Inside the building the occupants hear a howling sound. One of the Hellfire goons is particularly spooked and Axe tells him to search the area if it makes him feel any better. The goon does this and he spots what seem to be three beautiful women at the top of the stairs. They call up to him and he is attracted by their beauty but as soon as he reaches them they transform into demons which sends him falling down the stairs.

Mirage is responsible for this hoax and as the other goons attack she uses all of her effort and to use her mutant abilities to make them see their worst fears. In their panicked states they are easily defeated by Mirage and Wolfsbane. Sunspot is takes on Axe and is able to defeat him fairly easily. The building begins to fall down, Cannonball saves Sunspot’s mother as it crumbles Sunspot finishes off Axe.

A few days later the New Mutants board a plane with Sunspot’s mother. They are going on the expedition and the team vow to keep the older woman safe. They don’t realise that they’re being watched from a nearby limo. Inside Sunspot’s father is speaking with Sebastian Shaw, he is being offered a place in the Hellfire club and he was also behind the kidnap. He doesn’t want his wife’s expedition to succeed and steps have already been taken to ensure that it fails.

My Thoughts

We are back with New Mutants in an issue where we discover that Karma is dead and we also get to meet Sunspot’s parents (Although we met his super rich father in Marvel Graphic Novel #4)

The issue marks the last we will see of Karma for some time as she has seemed to have been killed in the explosion that took place last issue. I think it would have been nice to have some kind of flashback to see exactly what happened but we don’t get anything like that. This is most likely because of space since a standard comic book only has around 20-24 pages an issue. I am sad to see her leave the team and I think she should have been kept on for a little longer before being seemingly killed off.

The issue also marks the start of the New Mutants saga in Brazil. It might just start as a simple kidnapping plot in this issue but over the next few issues the mutants will go on an unexpected adventure in a place that was supposed to be thousands of miles away. They will meet a new mutant that will join their team and another mutant who will become a villain and most possibly the oldest mutant on the planet.

The minor villain Axe is introduced in this issue and he seems to be a mutant who has super strength and is very handy with an axe. He is one of those characters who appeared a few times over the space of about three decades and was then killed off. I think he could have been a decent thorn in the side of the New Mutants but it seems that he was more or less dropped.

One thing that is touched upon is something that many children have to go through in their lives and that is watching their parents argue and drift away. With all the fantastical scenarios that take place in almost every issue it is nice to see something that a lot of people can relate to. I always think that parents arguing like that is a real shame but it is something that happens everywhere in the world.

This issue also features three members of the X-Men and their roles were minor and didn’t belittle the New Mutants’ role in the book at all. I did find it funny seeing Wolfsbane’s reaction to Nightcrawler. It reminds me of how Kitty Pryde was around him and I think she will eventually warm up to him. They are both devout Christians although one is a catholic while the other is a protestant. In the future they will both serve on the UK based Excalibur team.

There is further proof that the New Mutants are gaining better control of their powers as Mirage showed that her skills are improving. Sunspot took on a mutant who was as strong as he was and yet he still came through. It is good to show things like this since it shows development in power.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 7 out of 10. It was quite good and did its job to set up the arc.

Next Issue

Uncanny X-Men At The Texas State Fair (Volume 1) #1

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Issue Information

Title- Dazzler (Volume 1) #28

Release Date- September 1983

Writer- Frank Springer

Artist- Frank Springer

Major Notes

Features Rogue

Brief Summary


In the basement of her home Rogue is training herself in a hyped up gym so that she can exact her revenge on Dazzler. She is being watched by Mystique and Destiny and they have some concern. Destiny can sense the hatred within Rogue and the young mutant recounts her last encounters with Dazzler and how when they meet again that she’ll destroy her.

In Los Angeles Dazzler and her sister Lois London are in the room of a rich man after a blackmail attempt by the butler has gone wrong. Angel is still recovering from being shot and as Dazzler looks at the rich man she recognises him as Nick Brown who is Lois’s biological father. Father and daughter seem to be happy to be reunited.

The Butler begins to tell how Nick had sent him to find his long lost daughter. He had been a detective and had been following her for some time. He had photographed the attack on Lois by the homeless man and he planned to use the photos to blackmail the two women. Dazzler isn’t happy with what has happened and how the Butler went about his work. Suddenly the police show up with Ken Barnett with them.

A little later Dazzler, Lois, Nick and Ken are in a limo right after dropping Angel off at a hospital to be treated. Ken informs them that after reviewing the photos that were taken of the attack he has no doubt that a court or judge would throw the case out since Lois was acting in self-defence. The official cause of death was a heart attack so things seem to have worked themselves out but Lois knows what truly happened and still feels guilty.

As they continue to drive one of Dazzler’s songs comes on the radio and when Nick realises that she’s a singer he tells her that he can hook her up with a big time singer. He practically owns the singer and as they go through the gates into Nick’s grounds Rogue flies in front of the car and uses her tremendous strength to stop it in its tracks.

Rogue pulls Dazzler out of the car before she begins to wreck it with the other occupants still inside. Dazzler runs to try and find something on the grounds that she can use to her advantage. She finds the garage and discovers that the only car there with the keys is an old vintage car. With little choice she drives the car as Rogue flies towards her. Dazzler is able to blast her with a light beam but she doesn’t have enough power to inflict any real damage. She continues to drive but Rogue is able to grab the rear bumper but it tears off under the strain.

Rogue is able to hold onto the car and due to her strength she is able to hold on despite Dazzler’s best efforts. Eventually she drives the car right next to a tree which then strikes Rogue stunning her for the moment. Dazzler takes the opportunity to drive through a metal fence into Nick’s private airstrip. She drives towards two motionless planes as Rogue flies right towards her. Dazzler slams on the break and toots the horn which gives her enough sound to generate a light beam that stuns Rogue.

As Rogue begins to recover Dazzler steps out of the car and makes her way into one of the planes. She is able to figure out how to start it but Rogue then jumps onto the plane and removes the glass cover so that she can get to Dazzler. The sound which is created is more than enough for Dazzler to blind her. The two women begin to engage in combat as Dazzler gets the upper hand.

Dazzler uses a series of lights to completely daze Rogue but she notices that her enemy is frighteningly close to the air intake of the plane and without thinking of her own safety she saves Rogue from it by tackling her to the ground. This knocks Rogue out and Dazzler puts her into the car and drives back to the limo. As she is driving she thinks about what she will do in the future and how she is feels no sense of victory making her think that she isn’t cut out to be a heroine.

My Thoughts

Now we are back with Dazzler that at this point in time has been reduced to a once every two months book rather than once a month which is the norm. That is a shame but when you don’t have the numbers for it to go monthly there isn’t much that can be done about it I guess.

The issue itself once again features Rogue in her final appearance in the Dazzler series. Recently she has been considered to be a recurring villain in the series but with her now joining the X-Men and turning over a new leaf this the last time she will bother Dazzler as a villain. Their rivalry won’t be going anywhere though since when Dazzler does eventually join the X-Men they have a few choice words with one another.

Since Rogue is in this issue as a villain it is obvious that this issue takes place before the events of Uncanny X-Men #171. Maybe it was supposed to be released before that comic but because the Dazzler series got shunted down to once every two months it released a few months afterwards.

The overall feeling of the story was trying to tie up a few loose ends with Dazzler’s run from the law with her sister basically over (Although we do have the business with Project Wideawake) and also finishing off her feud with Rogue. It seems to signal the start of a new era for Dazzler as she goes to focus on her career again and it seems that Nick Brown will set her up for life.

The issue also reintroduces Nick Brown to the series and I’m just wondering how a deadbeat alcoholic man can amass a fortune like that. It makes me think that he either won a hell of a lot of money on the lottery or he has been doing something very shady. I think it is most likely the second choice, he seemed to be a very violent man when he was married to Dazzler’s mother and most likely he has used that somehow to amass his riches. He seems to be very nice in this issue but I sense that there is much more to him that we have yet to see.

I do question how Dazzler was able to start up the plane but I guess we can put it down to dumb luck. I guess when you push enough buttons something is going to start in a plane and she was just lucky that it was the engines. If it had not worked for her she would have been creamed by Rogue.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 6 out of 10. It was alright but lacked a certain quality seen in other books.

Next Issue

New Mutants (Volume 1) #7

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Issue Information

Title- Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #173

Release Date- September 1983

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Paul Smith

Major Notes

First appearance of Storm’s Mohawk look. Features Viper and the Silver Samurai

Brief Summary

To Have and Have Not

In a bar in Tokyo Wolverine holds up a gangsta. He demands to know the location of crime lord Nabatone Yokuse. The gangsta is no willing to talk, Rogue tells the gangsta that he should talk. She is unaware of another gangsta behind her who tries to stab her with a sai but due to her invulnerability the blade bends and she throws him to one side. Wolverine pops out his claws and forces the gangsta to talk. He tells Wolverine Nabatone’s location and he is then knocked out. Wolverine and Rogue move to Nabatone’s location since they know that he will lead them to Viper and the Silver Samurai.

Elsewhere Yukio and Storm try to find sanctuary with a friend but he refuses to let them in since they are both marked for death. They begin to wonder their next move when they notice a group of assassins heading their way. Despite being outnumbered Yukio is looking forward to the battle which Storm is very surprised to see. She even accepts that they must fight and she herself is somewhat looking forward to it as well.

Wolverine and Rogue make it to Nabatone’s estate just outside of Tokyo. They enter carefully and they notice that there are no guards. Wolverine begins to track Nabatone’s scent but as they walk through the corridor Rogue accidentally activates a trap. Wolverine is able to save her from it and the trap causes a nearby statue to be destroyed. Rogue goes to give Wolverine a little kiss for saving her but he forcefully declines. He didn’t use his claws because he knows that she meant no harm.

They eventually enter the room where Nabatone is located. He is sitting behind a table and Rogue notices a strong smell. Wolverine realises that the stench is a decaying body, Nabatone has been dead for a week meaning that the man that was at the warehouse that night was an imposter. He also realises that him and Rogue being there gives Viper and the Silver Samurai a good opportunity to attack.

Elsewhere again Storm and Yukio defeat the assassins. It is the first time that Storm has used her powers to intentionally harm another person. Yukio assures her that the assassins deserved it and Storm welcomes what is happening.

At the hospital where Mariko and the X-Men are being treated a group of ninjas led by Viper kill the armed guards. She commands there to be no survivors but before they can attack Rogue flies in sending them outside. Rogue begins to take out the ninjas one by one but Viper knows that it is giving the Silver Samurai the time he needs.

Inside the hospital itself Wolverine is all that stands between the Silver Samurai and Mariko. The Silver Samurai lunges towards Wolverine and both men engage in combat. Each man is able to cut the other but Wolverine’s skills prevail as he is able to get the better of his opponent. He is even able to break the Silver Samurai’s arm but before he can be killed Mariko steps in saving him from certain death. Viper makes his appearance and as the Silver Samurai staggers towards her he falls to the ground unconscious.

Viper is greatly angered at the state of her champion and goes to fire her hi-tech handgun at the couple. Rogue flies in and is able to shield them before the energy bullet hits. Wolverine dives with Mariko into another room and Viper continues to fire at Rogue. Even with her invulnerability the energy shots still harm her. Viper fires so many times that her gun overloads and blows itself up. She then teleports away with the Silver Samurai as Wolverine tends to a wounded Rogue. She seems to be done for but he kisses her so that she can absorb his healing abilities and survive.

A week later at the Ancestral seat of house Yashida Mariko is looking upon a statue of Buddha in the gardens. She looks to her ancestors for guidance and she proclaims her love for Wolverine. She turns to see another person who claims to be a friend and she walks off forgetting that she has met him.

The X-Men are ready for the ceremony while more guests arrive like Professor Xavier, Lilandra, Cyclops, Havok, Corsair and Madelyne Pryor. When Lilandra sees Madelyne she thinks that she is Phoenix reincarnated and reacts angrily. She is calmed down eventually but they notice someone flying in the sky. Moments later Storm lands on the ground sporting a new Mohawk hairstyle and leathery clothing. Kitty Pryde sees Storm’s new appearance and runs away crying and Storm too is surprised to see the resemblance between Madelyne and Jean Grey.

A short time later everyone is inside the estate awaiting for the wedding to begin. Since Kitty is basically the maid of honour she gives Madelyne a bag containing Lockheed so that she can look after him. Madelyne accepts and when she opens the bag she expects to see a cat but instead she sees that Lockheed is a dragon. She begins to question Cyclops exactly who these people are and what he has brought her to.

After sometime of waiting Mariko enters in her bridal dress. Wolverine is already at the alter awaiting her but she suddenly stops stating that the wedding will not take place. When Wolverine asks why she responds that he is not worthy. Without muttering a single word she leaves the ceremony as Wolverine stands there and he sheds a tear. There is someone else watching what is happening.

My Thoughts

And we come again to the Uncanny X-Men in what is their second trip to Japan. This was a great issue and did showcase quite a bit on Storm’s transformation and Rogue’s more or less acceptance into the X-Men.

The first thing to really highlight is that this is the first appearance of Storm’s new look. She had looked more or less the same since her first appearance in 1975 and this look is remembered fondly by fans. It definitely gives her a more edgy appearance and takes a step away from the whole goddess business and make her look more kick ass so to speak. I would say that her Mohawk hairstyle is probably what’s most remembered and even after she has stopped using this costume. Also the fact that she didn’t really mind harming the assassins only shows that she has indeed changed and her friendship with Yukio also cements the change.

One other point to make out is that this is the first time that we’ve really seen Rogue actually perform like an X-Man. Her team up with Wolverine was definitely one of the highlights of the issue and we got to see her actually not act like a villain like she has in almost all of her previous appearances and she showed that she is changing by taking the bullet for Wolverine and Mariko. If she was still villainous she could have let Viper shoot the pair, we all know that Wolverine would have survived but unlikely that Mariko would have though. This showed to me that she truly is changing and that there is room for redemption within her.

The battle between Wolverine and the Silver Samurai was beautifully drawn by the talented artist Paul Smith and the fact that there was no speech during the battle only added to the realism. We could see every strike that was taken and the tolls that it took on the fighters as each panel was beautifully brought to life. From this issue I can definitely see why Paul Smith is held in such high regard by X-Fans.

One thing I did find funny was when Kitty Pryde passed Lockheed’s bag over to Madelyne Pryor. The seemingly normal woman expected to see a cat or at least a puppet and her surprise that Lockheed was actually a dragon did get a chuckle out of me. It just shows that when you’re involved with the X-Men, truly fantastical things are practically common place like a teenage girl having a dragon for a pet.

The shocking end to the issue with Mariko ending the wedding there and then was a great shock to reader and the characters themselves. Something seems to have happened to her in those moments between her at the statue of Buddha to her going to the wedding itself. It hurt Wolverine more than any wound that he has ever suffered and it was enough for him to shed a tear. He must truly be broken if a man of his calibre and ferocity is more or less reduced to tears.

The revelation that the Nabatone Yokuse that was at the warehouse in the last issue was actually an imposter only adds more to the mystery although from what we saw of the mysterious individual I think that I’ve worked out who it is and if I’m right I do want an explanation.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 9 out of 10. A brilliant issue with many moments that will be remembered for a good long time.

Next Issue

Dazzler (Volume 1) #28

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Kitty Pryde should definitely be on the list. She is the most interesting character in the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

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Issue Information

Title- New Mutants (Volume 1) #6

Release Date- August 1983

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Sal Buscema

Major Notes

Features the Silver Samurai and Viper

Brief Summary

Road Warriors!

The New Mutants burst into the luxury apartment of Karma’s uncle Nguyen Ngoc Coy who is crime czar. His two lady bodyguards go to shoot the team but Karma possesses them as Wolfsbane transforms and takes him down. Karma demands that he tell her about Viper but he refuses and she is forced to possess him. She forces him to walk to the edge of the balcony and then releases him. He is terrified to see that he is on the edge and she threatens to force him to walk off and fall to his death. Nguyen calls her bluff knowing that she won’t kill despite everything that he has done to her. The team have no help from Professor Xavier who is focusing on Team America and Karma cannot bring herself to kill him. Nguyen agrees to give the team the information about Viper for a price. He demands that Karma come into his service for a year, knowing that it is the only way to save Mirage Karma accepts.

In Sonora Province New Mexico Team America members Wolf and R U Reddy are racing across the ground but a series of hills sends Wolf off of his bike. Reddy laughs at his teammate as the rest of the team catch them up. Suddenly an astral image of Xavier appears who angrily reminds them that Mirage’s life is at stake and that they’re acting like children. After the image as disappeared Honcho tells the team exactly what is at stake and how they must focus.

Xavier is located on the California bank of the Colorado river in the X-Jet and communicating to both Team America and trying to focus on the New Mutants is making him tired. Lilandra is there to try and comfort him. The plan is that Team America locate the crystal that Viper wants while the New Mutants try and rescue Mirage.

Mirage herself is located in a cell inside Viper’s compound on the Big Sur. She tries to figure a way out of the cell and she thinks that her mutant abilities will help. There is also a camera watching her, she can be seen on a screen by an armourless Silver Samurai who isn’t in the best of moods. As Viper enters the room and asks him what is wrong he reveals that his father Shingen has died. At first Viper thinks that he is entitled to Shingen’s criminal empire but he reveals that his half sister Mariko Yashida has taken the empire and will also marry Wolverine. Shingen had promised the empire to him but Viper is willing to help him take what they think is his. They agree that after their business is done here then they will travel to Japan and take Shingen’s empire.

Team America has reached the secret base where the crystal is located. Wolf and Reddy are tired after the trip and they agree with each other that they need to use more teamwork. When Cowboy checks up on them he discovers that both men have fallen asleep. An astral image of Xavier appears telling him that he is responsible and it gives him a chance to hone their mutant ability.

Inside the base Honcho and Wrench have snuck in and stolen the suits of two A.I.M scientists. The base is owned by the organisation and with Xavier’s help the pair are led to a locked door. Wrench tries to pry the lock but this causes an alarm to sound alerting the base of their presence. Honcho is able to hold off the attacking A.I.M personnel as Wrench finishes prying the lock and is able to open the door. He then grabs the crystal that is there and as they run the base explodes as miles away Xavier suffers from a telepathic attack from an unknown mutant.

At Viper’s base of operations the New Mutants quietly make their way towards it. Karma leads the team and even uses her mutant abilities to take down a guard. Originally they were going to wait for word from Xavier but he has not responded leaving the team no choice but to act. Karma begins to hear a voice in her head and at first she thinks that it is Xavier but she soon realises that it is something else entirely. This causes her to scream in terror and this alerts the nearby guards of their presence.

The team is attacked by guards and the two groups engage in combat. During the battle a wall in Mirage’s cell is damaged allowing her to escape. She uses her mutant abilities to incapacitate two guards and as she goes to flee she discovers Wolfsbane on the ground injured. She tries to tend to her but is confronted by the armoured Silver Samurai who is responsible for Wolfsbane’s injuries.

In Northern Mexico Team America are fleeing the base and Honcho and Wrench have survived the explosion most likely due to the crystal. A.I.M hovercrafts are chasing them and with their superior firepower they will eventually kill the team. A couple of the members are knocked off their bikes and Wolf calls out for the Dark Rider. He states that what Sunspot told him rung true and he knows that it is the only way to save themselves.

There is a flash of light as Wolf transforms into the Dark Rider and uses his bike to jump onto the hovercrafts (That under normal circumstances would have been impossible). He is able to destroy the hovercrafts and save the team. Wolf admits that he has never felt so invincible and confident but he sees that more hovercrafts are on their way.

At Viper’s base the Silver Samurai is about to strike down Mirage when Cannonball rockets through the wall and knocks him outside. There Sunspot is waiting for him but before he can strike the villain he teleports away.

In another room Karma is trying to possess Viper but the villainess resists with all of her might. The Silver Samurai teleports into the room causing Viper to be distracted allowing Karma to possess her. A possessed Viper threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t drop his sword, the Silver Samurai responds by knocking Viper out which causes Karma to be stunned. He then teleports himself and Viper away so that the villainess can kill Karma at a later date.

Sunrise at the X-Jet and Xavier begins to recover from the mental attack. Team America are there and they have brought back the crystal. They begin to discuss about the mental attack and why Viper wanted the crystal in the first place. Xavier notices that there are two members missing but on the screen he spots Wolf carrying Reddy towards the jet.

At Viper’s base the New Mutants reunite but they discover that Wolfsbane is hurt. Her wound is healing fast so they think that she’ll be fine. The team are also not too happy with Karma for agreeing to her Uncle’s terms. An astral image of Xavier appears somewhat annoyed that they didn’t tell him what they were doing. As he talks his image begins to change before Karma’s eyes and what she sees truly terrifies her.

Offshore the Silver Samurai activates a detonator which causes the base to explode. Xavier feels his mind link with the New Mutants cut off and he realises that something terrible has just happened.

My Thoughts

We once again return to the New Mutants in a very entertaining issue that not only left us guessing what happened to our favourite team of teenaged mutants and also set us up for the events in the Uncanny X-Men series.

The first thing to point out is that for the first time in the series we get to see Karma’s uncle who seems to be a really nasty piece of work. I believe that he first appeared in Marvel Team Up #100 along with Karma herself and he seems to be the kind of guy you most certainly wouldn’t want to meet. He is responsible for Karma’s position (no other family besides her twin brother and sister) and most likely will be a thorn in the side of the New Mutants in the future.

There is also several unanswered questions in this issue, the first is exactly who was the mutant who was responsible for the mental attack on Xavier and for causing Karma to become so terrified? I think this will eventually be answered but for the moment it is shrouded in mystery.

One thing I think was never revealed was exactly why Viper wanted the crystal and I don’t think we ever learned exactly what it did or how because of it Honcho and Wrench were able to survive the explosion. I guess these are things that we’re just going to have to wonder for the rest of our lives.

The standout member of Team America in this issue is Wolf who actually transformed into the Dark Rider for the first time I believe. He seems to be the character that if Team America had of carried on for longer would have become the team’s Wolverine. Sadly after this stint in the New Mutants I think we do see the team a couple of more times before they more or less disappear altogether.

The part with the New Mutants assaulting Viper’s base was pretty well done and also made us wonder if all the members of the team would make it out alive. We do also learn that Wolfsbane has healing abilities and I believe that it might be the first time that we see Karma possess two people at once. I do find it funny that Mirage and Karma hugged each other and were genuinely happy to see each other even though Karma tried to kill Mirage in the first issue. I guess they’ve gotten past that now.

The explosion at the end of the issue does make us think that the New Mutants might have been killed. Even Xavier’s reaction was enough to make us think that the team are truly gone but from the events in Uncanny X-Men #172 we know that only Karma is the one that is believed to have been killed and that is a shame in a way.

The Silver Samurai and Viper once again play the roles of villain of the story pretty well. We are also seeing them in the Uncanny X-Men series which is good if you really like the characters. It is mentioned again that the Silver Samurai is Shingen’s father and the half brother of Mariko. Does this mean he’s related to Sunfire in some way as well?

In conclusion I’m giving this issue another 8 out of 10. It was entertaining and well worth the read.

Next Issue

Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #173

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Issue Information

Title- Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #172

Release Date- August 1983

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Paul Smith

Major Notes

Return Of Wolverine, features Silver Samurai and Viper

Brief Summary

Scarlet In Glory

The X-Men arrive at the home of Mariko Yashida ahead of her wedding to Wolverine in Tokyo. The Canadian X-Man himself is there to greet his team-mates and even gets to meet Kitty Pryde’s dragon Lockheed. After Wolverine has greeted his teammates Mariko appears informing him that there is another X-Man waiting to enter. This X-Man is Rogue and Wolverine is very distrustful of her after their meeting in the Pentagon. Storm informs him that Professor Xavier has welcomed her to the team and Mariko greets Rogue as a guest.

Outside the conversation is being listened to by the Silver Samurai. He plans to kill the X-Men and thinks that after their trip that they will be tired. He doesn’t realise that the assassin Yukio is behind him and she is able to strike him with what would have been a killer blow. His armour protects him however and he attacks her. The battle is heard inside the building causing Wolverine and Nightcrawler to investigate. Wolverine tries his luck against the Silver Samurai but he teleports away sending Wolverine off the edge. Only the quick actions of Nightcrawler save him from falling.

When both X-Men recover they notice that Yukio is also gone. She is leaping from building to building but unfortunately she loses her footing and falls. Luckily Storm comes to her rescue and lands her safely. Yukio is thrilled with the experience and Storm is surprised how the fact that she almost died hasn’t affected Yukio. The assassin is able to laugh it off as she moves away but not before thanking the X-Man. Storm stands there and she wishes that she could laugh more herself.

The X-Men regroup at Mariko’s home and they discuss about the Silver Samurai. He has recently fought the New Mutants which led to the death of one of them. Wolverine knows that this is due to Mariko’s father Shingen’s links to the criminal underworld. At first the X-Men think that they can question Shingen about this but they soon discover that Wolverine has already killed him.

In another room Mariko thinks over everything that has happened. She has received a note and as the head of her clan she must respond. She has told her maids that she must not be disturbed as she leaves.

Elsewhere in the house one of Mariko’s maids is knocked out by the villainess known as Viper and she is there to make sure that the X-Men don’t interfere with what she has plans. She steals the maid’s outfit and brings tea to the X-Men. Wolverine and Storm are talking about how much each of them has changed and how it is unbelievable that he is marrying someone like Mariko. He also talks about Shingen’s former criminal empire and how it runs deeper than either he or Mariko ever suspected. Suddenly Wolverine notices a strange taste in the tea and he realises that it is poisoned. Storm has not drunk any of the tea but the other X-Men have and have fallen unconscious.

Outside Mariko gets into her limousine and tells the driver to take her to a warehouse on the waterfront. She doesn’t realise that the driver is actually Yukio.

In Alaska Cyclops is going through the files at the headquarters of his grandparent’s company. Havok arrives and begins to question what he is doing. He is looking for files on Madelyne Pryor as he wants answers. Havok claims that it is just a coincidence that she looks like Jean Grey and that they should be happy together. Cyclops states that things seem to be too perfect between them and the plane crash that Madelyne was involved with not only happened on the day that Jean died but at the exact moment.

Back in Tokyo Mariko arrives at the warehouse where the Silver Samurai, Viper and an elderly man named Nabatone Yakuse are waiting for her. The Silver Samurai believes that he should run Shingen’s empire since he is his only living son. Mariko knows that he is as evil as her father and that he will bring shame to the clan. She renounces his claim causing him to become very angry.

Nabatone realises that she is not Mariko and with that she pulls off her disguise revealing herself to be Yukio. She then attacks the Silver Samurai as Viper realises that the real Mariko is still in the limousine. She goes to the limousine which is parked nearby but as she opens the door a gust of wind pushes her back causing her to fall unconscious. Storm steps out of the limo but she was only supposed to stun her and not harm her. She then tells Mariko to flee just before she flies to where the fight is taking place.

At the battle itself Yukio is doing well but she is no match for the Silver Samurai. Storm arrives and unleashes a lightning bolt but she realises that she is using too much power. Nabatone seems to be happy about this and states that his plan is coming together. The lightning bolt strikes a case of explosives and as Yukio looks up she sees Storm glowing like the Phoenix. Knowing that she must escape before everything blows up she jumps up and grabs Storm sending her into the nearby sea. This reverts Storm to normal and as they both surface they watch the warehouse explode.

The two women recuperate on the shore and Storm envy’s Yukio for her happy go lucky spirit and also that a part of herself has seemed to have been lost to her recently. She hopes that this is the reason for her loss of control.

Both women don’t realise that the Silver Samurai has survived. He picks up the unconscious Viper and he swears vengeance on both Storm and Yukio. Both women leave the area as well not realising that they’re being watched by Nabatone.

The X-Men have been taken to a hospital where they are being treated. Due to Wolverine’s healing abilities he recovers first and wants to go and take down the Silver Samurai. Mariko wants to stop him but realises that she can’t. Rogue has also recovered thanks to what she absorbed from Carol Danvers and wants to go along with him. At first Wolverine refuses but he knows that he needs the help since he hasn’t fully recovered. He agrees but she must follow his lead.

My Thoughts

We’re back with the Uncanny X-Men in the first issue to take place after the Wolverine Limited Series that was actually published almost a year before this issue was released. From this issue it seems that three months have taken place between this issue and issue #168. That’s a lot of time for a comic book series.

The issue also features the Silver Samurai and Viper who are both currently in the New Mutants series as well. This issue takes place after that story and also reveals that the Silver Samurai is in fact Mariko’s half brother. Most likely he is Shingen’s base born son since he doesn’t have the Shingen name. In truth normally when it comes to that a house with the history of clan Yashida would not allow a base born son to be the head unless there was absolutely no one else to take over.

Also in this issue we had the first of many fights between Wolverine and the Silver Samurai although you can’t really call it that much of a fight. It was just Wolverine lunging and the Silver Samurai teleporting away. It wasn’t much but it was the first in a long rivalry between the two characters.

One of the highlight characters of the issue was Storm who met Yukio for the first time. They will develop a strong friendship and also we see Storm’s powers going more out of control and I can imagine it being very scary for the character. Especially since she is such a powerful mutant, there is no explanation yet although I have my suspicions (which link to the mysterious Nabatone Yakuse) but for now I’m keeping it quiet. She played a very important role in this issue and it will do well towards her transformation which is taking place. The whole Phoenix part was weird but I think that if my theory is correct then it will all make sense.

Cyclops’s search for answers in this issue did give pause for thought. It did seem like too much of a coincidence between Madelyne Pryor and Jean Grey but it could be down as just that. The fact that her plane crash took place the exact time that Jean died is too big of a coincidence for my liking.

I did notice as well how Rogue seemed to keep away from the other X-Men. This is a clear indication that she doesn’t yet feel accepted with the team. When they were all sitting down about to have the spiked tea I noticed that most of the X-Men were sitting on a sofa together while Rogue sat on a stool some distance away. Also the fact that she was reluctant to enter Mariko’s home only furthers the sentiment that she is yet to feel welcome amongst the team.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue an 8 out of 10. It was a great issue to read and a nice follow up to the Wolverine Limited Series.

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New Mutants (Volume 1) #6

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Issue Information

Title- New Mutants (Volume 1) #5

Release Date- July 1983

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Sal Buscema

Major Notes

Features Silver Samurai, Viper and Team America

Brief Summary


Professor Xavier is in his study and he cries out in pain as he falls to the ground. Lilandra rushes in to help him, he was trying to walk and collapsed due to the pain. He can’t conceive why it is happening and Lilandra suggests that the pain might not be mental but physical. Xavier then realises that his mental link with the New Mutants has been severed.

Miles away at a funfair the New Mutants are attending with Stevie Hunter. They go on the rides and play the games while Mirage and Sunspot have a ride in a stunt plane. Sunspot admits that his father has bigger planes but none as fun as this.

A little later the New Mutants see the stunt performers Team America preparing for their show. Sunspot is a big fan of them. The team disbanded a few months back but they are performing at the fair to raise money for charity. Cowboy signs an autograph for Sunspot but Wolf is not too happy with him being there. Cowboy and R.U. Reddy are happy to be in their old uniforms although Wolf only cares about how they perform and not how they look. No one realises that they are being watched.

A short time later on the field a crowd of people including the New Mutants watch as Team America go through a series of death defining stunts. The crowd is overjoyed to see this and for the finale the three bikers intend to have a race. But just as they begin they are attacked by a group of mercenaries who are there to capture them.

The New Mutants know that they must help Team America despite the fact that they don’t have their uniforms. Cannonball rockets forward to take on the mercs while Team America somewhat recover and go on the offensive. Karma possesses a merc and uses him to fire at his colleagues. Sunspot and Wolfsbane also go on the offensive but from a distance the shadowed figures of Viper and the Silver Samurai comment on how only half of Team America are there and that there is no Dark Rider. They intend to put down the New Mutants so that they can get to Team America.

The Silver Samurai then appears behind Stevie and Karma and demands that they step aside. Karma tries to possess him but in her weakened state she can’t and he knocks her out. Cannonball rockets towards him but he is able to use his sword to deflect him causing him to fly into the stand. Wolf picks up a gun and threatens to use it even though he doesn’t know how to use it but the Silver Samurai uses a Shruiken to destroy the gun.

Suddenly the being known as the Dark Rider appears and drives straight towards the Silver Samurai. He is able to take off one of the wheels with his sword but the Dark Rider is able to stay on the bike. It is only when the Silver Samurai destroys the bike entirely that the Dark Rider is defeated. He goes to his fallen enemy and when he takes off the Dark Rider’s helmet he sees that it is Mirage. He grabs her as Sunspot and Wolfsbane tries to come to her rescue but he teleports away before they get the chance. The team then try to recover but Karma is unconscious and Mirage has been taken.

Later in an unknown location Mirage wakes up in an open room not unlike the Danger Room. She has no idea how she got there but she does notice a motorbike in the room. Suddenly three giant spiked rollers head her way and she knows that her only means of escape is with the bike. Unfortunately she has no idea how to drive it or even start it. She has to jump out of the way as one of the rollers destroys the bike and she uses her own agility to avoid it. She hits the ground hard and sees a roller coming towards her, she thinks she is about to die but the roller then stops and the Silver Samurai enters telling her to follow him.

Mirage is led to another room where Viper is waiting for her. Viper can see that Mirage had absolutely no idea how to operate the bike and she even asks what Mirage’s connection with Team America. Mirage tells her that she has no connection with them but in her anger she accidentally produces a three dimensional image of Viper’s past. Viper then attacks Mirage and she is willing to kill her.

At the X-Mansion the remaining New Mutants have returned with Team America. Xavier has heard about Mirage being the Dark Rider and he finds it very unlikely since she has never demonstrated the skills before. He also goes over files of Viper and the Silver Samurai. Xavier uses Cerebro to try and get the answers that he needs for the mysterious Dark Rider and when he is finished he discovers the answer.

In Washington DC fellow Team America member Honcho is in bed but he is suddenly awoken by Viper and the Silver Samurai. Viper tells him that she wants Team America to break into a fortress in Mexico. If they don’t she will kill Mirage and she refuses to give any proof of her. She gives the team twenty four hours to complete the task or else Mirage will die.

A short time later the rest of Team America rendezvous at Honcho’s home and they begin to discuss their next move. They are unwilling to risk a life but Wolf doesn’t believe that Viper has a hostage. Suddenly the lights go out and there is a knock on the door. The door opens and Xavier rolls in on his wheelchair along with the New Mutants. There is still bad blood between Sunspot and Wolf but Xavier begins to explain that the Dark Rider is the combined abilities of Team America transferred into the body of another person. It is a form of possession and at the fair it had been Mirage who had been the host. Wolf still believes that they don’t need help and Sunspot reacts angrily.

Xavier tells Team America that he will train them to use this ability but it is also the team’s fault that Mirage was possessed in the first place. Due to the friction between Wolf and Sunspot Xavier tells the New Mutants to leave and reluctantly they go outside.

Outside the New Mutants are disappointed with Xavier’s actions. They believe that he seems to care more for Team America rather than Mirage. An astral image of Xavier appears telling the team that if Team America are successful it’ll give them time to summon the X-Men and take the fight to Viper. Sunspot confronts him about Mirage and Xavier states that he has done what is necessary. The New Mutants realise that if they wait for Team America or the X-Men it’ll be too late for Mirage. They intend to confront Viper and the Silver Samurai themselves and rescue her. Xavier is aware of their plan and realises that they are in deadly danger and that he will do anything that he can to help them.

My Thoughts

Once again we are back with the New Mutants in the fifth of what will be a hundred issues (Plus annuals and a couple of specials). So there is plenty more of this enjoyable series to go before it becomes the very popular X-Force series.

The first thing to mention is that this comic is the first appearance of Silver Samurai in an X-Men related comic. He first appeared in an issue of Daredevil nearly a decade before the release of this comic but nowadays he is more well known for being an enemy of Wolverine. It is stated that he uses an energy sword in this issue but in truth he has the mutant ability to charge up his sword so that it can cut through anything (I don’t think it works on Adamantium though). He is one of Wolverine’s constant foes but he has also been his ally from time to time as well.

Viper also makes her first appearance in an X-Men related comic as well. Although she is more well known as an enemy of Captain America and the Avengers she has had a few run-ins with the X-Men from time to time. She is most well known in the X-Men franchise as being the wife of Wolverine although I think that their marriage was not out of love. It was enough for her to be included as one of the main Villains in the recent Wolverine film and although she is a baseline human her skills and intelligence along with her ruthlessness makes her a capable villain. In fact before this issue was released Viper was believed to have died.

When I saw that Team America was in this issue I thought I would be seeing a team of puppets taking on terrorists and the leader of North Korea. Instead we get a team of stunt bikers that is more or less based on real life daredevil Evel Knievel. They had their own series that lasted twelve issues before cancellation and the most interesting thing about them is this Dark Rider. I’m assuming in their own series that he was always a mysterious person with this issue of the New Mutants actually shedding light on what the Dark Rider truly is. The fact that they haven’t been seen for a number of years makes me think that they have mainly been forgotten.

The issue itself had a pretty good story and there is a hint of mystery to why Viper and the Silver Samurai want Team America to break into the Fortress in Mexico. I believe that this is something that’ll be revealed next issue.

The two main New Mutants to point out in this issue is Mirage and Sunspot. For Mirage first she was the unfortunate host for the Dark Rider and once again continues to be one of the most used members of the team in this issue. I am also seeing a common trait that when she accidentally pulls images out of peoples mind that they attack her and even try to kill her. I guess she has no luck there and in this issue I just think that she was incredibly unlucky.

For Sunspot he met his heroes in the form of Team America and he especially looked up to Wolf who turned out to be a complete ass. It reminds me of the phrase ‘Never meet your heroes because you’ll always be disappointed.’ That phrase rung true in this case as Sunspot learned that Wolf wasn’t the great hero that he thought and the two even get close to punching each other. In a fight Sunspot would win in my book.

Xavier also played a pivotal role in this issue as he was able to discover more about Team America and it also shows that he is still trying to walk despite what happened to him. He did seem to care more about training Team America rather than helping Mirage but I believe that he would never allow her to be killed and that he was protecting the New Mutants since he still doesn’t think that they’re a mission based team like the X-Men. I can see his point of view but I definitely see why the New Mutants decided to go and try to rescue Mirage themselves.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue an 8 out of 10. It was a good issue and makes me want to see what happens next.

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Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #172

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Issue Information

Title- Dazzler (Volume 1) #27

Release Date- July 1983

Writer- Frank Springer

Artist- Frank Springer

Major Notes

First issue written and drawn by Frank Springer. Features Rogue and Angel

Brief Summary


Dazzler and her sister Lois London are on a bus destined for L.A. Lois is asleep and Dazzler thinks about everything that has happened to her ever since she tried to start a music career. She thinks about enemies, past loves and her own family. She realises that she has left her watch behind and she taps the shoulder of the person sitting in front of her to ask her the time.

This person stands up and takes off her hood revealing herself to be Rogue. She begins to punch Dazzler but the heroine is able to find a boom box and turns it on to get the sound that she needs to fight back. This causes everyone on the bus to panic and as the two women fight Rogue grabs Lois and holds her hostage. Lois’s hand begins to glow and she goes to grab Rogue with it. Rogue herself sees an opportunity and ungloves her hand to grab Lois. She then begins to absorb Lois’s mutant abilities and she becomes even more powerful.

With her newfound power Rogue grabs Dazzler’s hand causing the heroine tremendous pain. She then grabs Dazzler’s face causing it to become disfigured and in the panic of the battle the driver of the bus drives erratically. Dazzler realises that she is near death and absorbs all the sound around her and fires a powerful light blast. Unfortunately the driver is also blinded along with Rogue and it causes him to drive the bus off a cliff.

Dazzler suddenly wakes up as the driver announces that they have reached their final destination. Lois is there to comfort her and when Dazzler asks for a mirror she sees that her face has returned to normal much to her relief. Dazzler is still exhausted but the two women leave the bus so that they can find a hotel.

They check into a local motel and Dazzler asks Lois if she is sure that the man she killed is actually dead. She is sure and as she picks up an ashtray it melts in her hand. They are not even sure that anyone actually saw Lois do the act and Dazzler tries to reassure her that everything will be fine.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door and when Dazzler answers it there is no one there. She does notice some photos on the ground along with a note. They are photos of Lois killing the homeless man and the note states to call a particular number. With little choice Dazzler calls the number which goes to a payphone. The man on the other end tells her that there is a man that he wants to be murdered and if they do this tasks the photos will disappear and they will never hear from him again. He gives them an hour to think about it before putting the phone down.

The man then calls another number which goes through to a mansion and another mysterious man picks it up. He has been searching for Lois and has paid the other man and if he fails that certain files will be sent to the F.B.I.

Dazzler decides that the only way that they’re going to get any answers is if they play along. She calls the number up again and pretends to agree to the murder. The man on the other side gives her details before putting the phone down. Dazzler then calls the pager of Angel hoping that he is in the area since he has a penthouse in the region. Angel himself picks up the pager but doesn’t know who it is from and considers ignoring it.

Later that night Dazzler and Lois drive in a car and the address that they’re given takes them to a mansion. They enter the mansion and creep upstairs and eventually find the person that they’re supposed to kill asleep in his room. The butler watches them come in and confronts the two women with a gun. When he speaks Dazzler realises that he was the one that called them and as he goes to shoot Angel bursts through the window and takes the bullet for them.

Believing that Angel is dead Dazzler switches on the nearby TV set and absorbs the sounds that it gives off. She then uses a light blast to knock out the butler. With him down she goes to Angel who is still alive but wounded. The man who they were supposed to kill begins to wake up and when he sees Lois the pair recognise each other.

My Thoughts

Now we are back with Dazzler with an issue that half takes place in reality and the other half in Dazzler’s dream. I could be nit-picky with a few things in the dream (Like how did Dazzler feel pain when it is impossible to do so in a dream?) But for now I am just going to roll with it for now.

I’m guessing that this story takes place before the events in the Uncanny X-Men since it has been mentioned in the next issue that Rogue returns as a villain (It was even stated in UXM #170). Her appearance in this issue is purely in Dazzler’s dream and she acts as villainous as ever but since it wasn’t the real Rogue we can forgive her for that. She did put up a really good fight and if she had of really disfigured Dazzler that would have definitely been the end of her career there and then.

The whole blackmail part of the issue seems a little confusing since it seems that the man that is supposed to be killed is the man who hired the butler to find Lois. I think there needs to be more explanation which I believe we’ll see in the next issue. Who exactly is this man and how does he know Lois. I have a sneaking suspicion to who it might be but for now I am not going to say.

Angel’s appearance in this issue seemed to be very sudden and I do wonder how he was able to find them. Maybe Dazzler did leave some kind of message and we saw for absolute certainty that he is not bulletproof (although no one ever asked if he was).

The issue did give us a quick recap of everything that had happened to Dazzler since her series began. I do question why they missed out her appearance in Uncanny X-Men but maybe there was only so much that could be drawn on paper and that just had to go. It was something good for new readers and those who might have missed those first few issues of the series.

One other question that I hope to be answered in the next issue is how exactly the butler got the photos in the first place. Had he been tracking Lois since New York, that would mean that she is being tracked not because she’s a mutant but because of just her. That raises even more questions.

Last thing to mention that I find a little funny is that it says to tune in next month. There will be no Dazzler next month, it’ll be two months so it should have said something like ‘Next in Two Months, or maybe in Sixty Days.’ Just so the reader actually knows when the issue comes out since this is before the internet.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 6 out of 10. It was alright but there were too many questions for my liking.

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New Mutants (Volume 1) #5

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Issue Information

Title- Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #171

Release Date- July 1983

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Walt Simonson

Major Notes

Rogue joins the X-Men. Guest art by Walt Simonson. First appearance of the Soulsword

Brief Summary


Storm declares herself as the leader of the Morlocks and she has accepted their decision to stay within the tunnels. She also commands them to never harm humans again and although they are against this they concede when they realise that they don’t want to face Storm. She then checks on Callisto who is up when she should still be resting after being healed. She is still bitter over the loss and Storm commands Sunder to take Callisto back to bed so that she can recover. Nightcrawler watches over what has happened and he is very concerned about Storm, she is changing before his eyes and she doesn’t seem to mind.

In Alaska Madelyne Pryor is asleep and she suddenly wakes up screaming. Cyclops rushes in to see how she is and she breaks down in his arms. She begins to explain how she was involved in a plane crash and how she was the only survivor. He tries to comfort her but when she tells him the date when it happens he realises that it was on the same day that Jean Grey died.

Carol Danvers is visiting her parents. She says goodbye to her parents before stepping out and she begins to think about what she is going to do next. She still doesn’t have her memories and doesn’t feel too much love towards her parents because of it. She transforms into Binary and flies towards the X-Mansion.

At the X-Mansion itself Kitty Pryde is throwing a tantrum when she thinks that the New Mutants have lost her computer disks. Illyana Rasputin is there with her and comments that the disks are exactly where Kitty had left them. Kitty herself feels like a jerk for her outburst.

In the mansion’s gym Professor Xavier is exercising his legs. Lilandra is there to help him but to block out the pain he has to shut off parts of his mind. This allows him to pick up the thoughts of everyone around him and he senses Kitty’s tantrum. He sees himself as being weak but Lilandra reassures him of his strength and even offers to examine him to see the root of his pain.

Upstairs Colossus is trying to cook when he receives a mental command from Xavier telling him that there is a guest. He quickly goes to the front door and when he opens he armours up when he sees Rogue standing there. She falls down in fear and begs for him not to harm her, she isn’t there to fight and she desperately needs Xavier’s help.

A short time later the X-Men have gathered in the sitting room. Rogue is a nervous wreck and she begins to explain how having Carol Danvers’s memories in her head along with her mutant abilities being out of control is taking a heavy toll on her. The other X-Men don’t believe her sincerity but Xavier believes that Rogue does need help. Storm in particular speaks out against Rogue after what the villainess has done in the past but Xavier wants them to leave the room so that she can properly examine her.

The X-Men are forced to wait outside and they eventually decide that a Danger Room session could be what they need to clear the cobwebs in their heads. Colossus, Nightcrawler and Storm are in the Danger Room while Kitty and Illyana are in the control room. Illyana has rigged up a new program and when she starts it they see the villain Belasco and the dimension of Limbo. This causes Illyana to flip and Kitty is forced to switch off the program. She tries to talk to Illyana but she seems to be distant. Suddenly Illyana now wielding an energy blade lunges at Kitty and is able to cut her even though she is phasing. Kitty is able to disarm Illyana whoever and with the sword gone she reverts to normal and states that she remembers. The other X-Men go to the control room to see if she is alright but Kitty is there to comfort her and the two girls need time for themselves.

A little later Storm is in her attic and notices that one of the plants are dying. She thinks about Illyana and also her own problems. She creates a small raincloud to feed the thirsty plant. She begins to think about her fight with Callisto and the events of that morning. Her transformation is making her a better leader although it is costing her morals. Suddenly she notices that her raincloud has become a full on storm. She is able to dispel it and the plant is destroyed in the process. She knows her powers are reflected on her emotions and when she sees an astral image of Xavier commanding her to come downstairs she throws a knife at it blaming him for what is happening to her.

A short time later the X-Men return to the sitting room. Xavier reveals that after his examinations that he thinks that Rogue is indeed being genuine and not only has given her a place at the mansion but also on the team. Storm is instantly revolted by this statement and claims that as leader of the team that she should have a say.

At that moment Binary arrives at the mansion and when she goes inside she punches Rogue so hard that she flies up into the air and goes so high she almost reaches the moon. She flies back down the Earth where Binary is waiting for her but she punches Rogue again. Colossus tries to stop Binary from harming Rogue. Xavier does arrive and is able to calm things down but Rogue doesn’t recognise Binary. When she reverts to normal Rogue realises that it is Carol Danvers. Rogue is under the protection of Xavier but Storm and Nightcrawler claim that if she stays they will leave. Xavier reminds them that Wolverine was given the chance even though Angel had been against it and he will not give up on her. The other X-Men agree to stay including Nightcrawler. Binary however refuses to accept her and flies away.

Storm also needs time to think and as she walks around the grounds she takes both Xavier’s and Carol’s points of view. She does want to leave but her duty is making her stay but she refuses to stay the same and as she walks back towards the mansion she doesn’t know what will become of her.

My Thoughts

Now we are once again back with the Uncanny X-Men in what is a somewhat sort after comic book since it is the issue when Rogue joins the X-Men. She is definitely one of the most popular members of the team and with this issue she has started her transformation from villain to X-Man.

As I’ve stated this is the issue where Rogue joins the X-Men even though from her appearances in Dazzler I would have said that the change was sudden. Under normal circumstances I’d say that it is fitting that she joins and she is genuinely sorry for what she has done. She is the second villain turned X-Man in the series with the first being Changeling back in the 60’s. It is not unheard of since Hawkeye of the Avengers was originally a villain and now he is a full on Avenger.

Besides Rogue joining the team there are a few other interesting developments in this issue. The first that I’ll touch on is that this is the first time we see the Soulsword. It is Illyana’s weapon of choice. It is an important part of her character and will eventually fall to a couple of other characters to carry it. The soulsword is powerful but also corrupts as we will see later on and one other thing to mention about its power is that it can cut Kitty Pryde while she’s phasing. That is something that is definitely note worthy and we will see more about this in the upcoming Magik LS.

The second thing to mention is that we see more of the inner turmoil of Storm as she seems to become more angry and violent. She is definitely evolving into a different character than she was when she first appeared. This is something that has made the character very popular and we seem to be seeing an entirely different side to her. We will soon see a completely different Storm.

The battle between Rogue and Binary was quite good and it was fun to see Binary punch Rogue so far into space. It is lucky that Rogue is invulnerable or else she would have not survived. I do wonder who would have won if the fight had gone all the way. It would have been one for the ages.

The issue is actually drawn by Walt Simonson rather Paul Smith. It was a nicely drawn issue but to tell you the truth I do prefer Smith. His art is fantastic and I only wish he still drew an X-Men series today.

One thing to mention as well is that the issue touches on the rivalry between Kitty and the New Mutants. She doesn’t like them at all and it is seen later on in the New Mutants series itself. She sees them as X-Babies and she made a big fuss about staying with the X-Men rather than joining them.

Xavier also showed some backbone in this issue as he stood by Rogue and his decision to keep her at the mansion. He could have turned her away but he showed that he is willing to give anyone a chance regardless of their history. It is a trait that stands out in comics and shows why he started the X-Men in the first place.

Last to mention is that there definitely seems to be a link between Madelyne Pryor and the deceased Jean Grey. Madelyne’s plane crash took place at the same time as Jean’s death and it is too much of a coincidence to be just that.

In conclusion I’m giving the issue a 9 out of 10. It was an overall great story with development and history.

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Dazzler (Volume 1) #27

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Issue Information

Title- New Mutants (Volume 1) #4

Release Date- June 1983

Writer- Chris Claremont

Artist- Sal Buscema

Major Notes

First issue to feature art by Sal Buscema

Brief Summary

Who’s Scaring Stevie?

Stevie Hunter receives another threatening call from an unknown caller. She angrily puts the phone down as Karma enters the room. Karma knows that it is the caller again but Stevie tells her that it is pointless calling the police since they have already told her that there is nothing that they can do. She doesn’t think the X-Men or New Mutants should get involved but as they walk through the dance studio they spot Peter Bristow sitting at a piano. The door had been opened so he had come in to tidy up. Karma then leaves so that she can return to the mansion.

At the X-Mansion the New Mutants are playing Frisbee while using their mutant abilities. Wolfsbane uses her wolf form to catch the Frisbee and Cannonball accidentally rockets into a tree. Suddenly the astral form of Professor Xavier appears telling them to meet him in his study immediately. The New Mutants think that they might have done something wrong but they go inside anyway.

When they are inside the mansion they meet Lilandra who tells them that there is refreshments for them when they have finished speaking with Xavier. They go into his study and they have to wait a few moments for Karma to arrive. When she does Xavier explains that his reason for forming the New Mutants was so that the Brood could have mutant hosts but he still believes that bringing the together was the best course of action. He apologises deeply for trying to kill them and he understands that they might be reluctant to trust him. Mirage speaks out and tells him that they know it wasn’t their fault and that they will stay.

Xavier also picks up that there is something troubling Karma. She tells the group about Stevie’s stalker and she wishes to help her in any way she can. The other New Mutants also want to help her and Xavier allows them to and even uses it as a sort of training exercise. Mirage is against that idea but Xavier explains the merits of the idea and also that he is not her enemy.

Afterwards Lilandra brings refreshments in for him and they discuss a little about Mirage’s rebellious attitude. Lilandra does speak on Mirage’s behalf and Xavier revealed that when he was infected with a Brood egg he did use his telepathy on her but he refuses to do it again. He knows that he has to earn the trust of the New Mutants and he kisses Lilandra as they take comfort in each other’s company.

At Stevie’s apartment the New Mutants install a phone tracer into Stevie’s phone system. They wait for the caller to call again and there are a few false alarms before the caller finally calls.

They are able to trace the call to a payphone and when they reach it Wolfsbane transforms and sniffs out the phone booth. At first she is disgusted by the smell but she overcomes it and is able to pick up a scent. The caller is a boy of their age and they follow the scent to a high school where there is a dance taking place inside. The New Mutants were invited to this dance at the mall a few weeks ago.

Cannonball and a transformed Wolfsbane go to one of the windows and she is able to see the aura of the people inside. The rest of the New Mutants go inside to join the dance along with Stevie. They plan to use her as bait and they are wearing normal clothing. They meet up with the teens that they met in the mall but outside Wolfsbane picks up the aura of and scent of the caller. Mirage feeds on this information and they discover that the caller is Peter Bristow.

Peter realises that he has been found out and panics. He runs outside as Wolfsbane chases after him. The other New Mutants also give chase but Peter reaches his car and speeds away. Cannonball rockets forward to keep up with him but he notices a mother and young daughter crossing the road unaware of the approaching car. Rather than trying to stop Peter he flies further forward and grabs the pair before they are struck by the car. He continues to fly forward and sees that he is moments away from crashing into a building. With all his strength he is able to change his direction so that he flies directly up and with help from Xavier’s mental commands he lands on the ground safely with the mother and child unharmed.

Peter crashes the car into a construction yard and he continues to flee. The other New Mutants are not far behind him but Stevie’s knee gives in and Sunspot has to stay with her. The girls head towards the in construction building while Sunspot pulls the burning car away before it explodes. Unfortunately the hut that the car crashed into is filled with explosives and the fire will soon cause them to explode. With Xavier’s help he is able to broadcast the warning to the other New Mutants.

Inside the building Mirage and Karma pick up the warning and decide to find Peter first. They hear Wolfsbane scream and when they find her they see that Peter has struck her with a blunt object knocking her out. Karma possess him as Cannonball flies in and picks up Wolfsbane and the explosions outside cause the building to begin to crumble. They rush outside but they are slower than usual but Sunspot is able to hold the ceiling up so that they can just about get out.

A short time later at Stevie’s apartment Stevie along with the New Mutants try and get answers out of Peter but he isn’t talking. When Stevie mentions about telling his parents he instantly becomes terrified. Xavier isn’t able to mind scan him so Mirage uses her own powers to delve into his mind. She conjures an image of Peter kissing Stevie but as she delves deeper she produces an image of Peter’s parents striking him with a belt.

Angered by this Peter lunges forward at Mirage and tries to attack her. Karma possess him before he can harm her and his clothing is ripped in the process. They discover lash wounds on his back that are both recent and old. Peter cries telling them that his parents love him and he has just been a bad boy. Stevie had been nice to her and since she didn’t punish him he thought that she was being mean so he started the calls. He apologises for what he has done and Stevie hugs him.

Later Peter is taken away in an ambulance. Xavier tells the New Mutants that Peter’s mental scars might not recover but there is still a chance of being cured. He congratulates the New Mutants for their efforts but he wants a report for the morning on what could have gone better. The New Mutants accept but they are happy that they were able to help a vulnerable person.

My Thoughts

And we are back with the New Mutants with a story that was somewhat similar to that I read in Dazzler which came out a few weeks before. It features a villain of sorts who isn’t your standard super villain who plans either world domination or to become rich. They are vulnerable people who have a fixation on a particular person.

This is the first issue of the New Mutants that takes place after the X-Men have returned from space and it was revealed that Xavier had a Brood egg within him. It did make sense for Xavier to think that the New Mutants might not trust him. The fact they still do show that they have some respect for him and that training with him is indeed the right thing to do.

Mirage continues to be the most interesting member of the team as she seems to be the most rebellious. This is something that you could say that she has in common with Wolverine. She is definitely the character that readers should keeping their eye on. So far Claremont has written her the best out of all of the New Mutants and I am looking forward to seeing her character development since I haven’t read too many New Mutants comics.

Rather than regular artist Bob McLeod we have Sal Buscema providing the art in this issue although McLeod did finish it up. I do believe that Buscema has drawn some X-Men related comics in the past since his name does ring a bell. I think it was a fair while ago that he drew for the X-Men in anyway.

Peter Bristow did seem to be a very unfortunate character as he did more or less stalk Stevie Hunter. When first reading about him the reader would feel no sympathy to him but after you learn what his parents have been doing to him you can understand why he cracked. It is unfortunate for any child to go through something like that. It doesn’t give him the right to do what he did but it still gave the reader a small amount of sympathy towards the character.

The New Mutants also seem to be a little more in control of their abilities as we saw Cannonball change direction, Mirage willingly pulling images out, Wolfsbane’s senses and more. This shows that their training is coming along and they have each come some way since their mutant abilities manifested. They might not have mastered them just yet but it shows that they are on their way.

In conclusion I’m giving this issue an 8 out of 10. It was a good issue without the traditional superhero vs supervillain angle.

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Uncanny X-Men (Volume 1) #171