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Wow, 27 years now. (Yes, I am posting from the far future, why do you ask?) Seriously though, just adding my wish that this is fixed sometime soon. I have no idea if more commenters make a difference, but I am surprised that so few people have mentioned this. Most of the posts are from the same few people. I wonder if people just figure it is being taken care of, or just don't notice. Has anyone found a kluge? One of the earlier posts mentioned it was broken on re-edit only, but even when I am adding an issue from scratch, it doesn't work.

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@gpbmike said:

@pikahyper: Oh the button the add an issue panel. I misread his post. :D I'm looking at this now.

It's also the add a volume w/first issue panel, the regular add a volume panel on the Help page is not effected.

No, for me at least, the issue is that after I use the add an issue button, the add Image button does not do anything.

I am in fact talking about the big blue add image button on the right hand side of the add issue pop-up window. Sorry for the confusion.

Again, I can't upload in Firefox or IE. In IE, when I click on the add image button, I get the choices, but then the desktop button does nothing, just like the add image button in firefox.

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I have been having this problem for a few weeks now. In firefox, clicking add image does nothing. In IE, the choice comes up, but if I choose my desktop, nothing happens. If I try to add an issue without an image, The message says, "Image must be specified"

Hope this is fixed soon.

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@cbanack: Thanks for that.

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It's working again....

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Does anyone actually think the revamp was necessary?

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Comic Vine Scraper, is the reason I use Comic Vine. While this is my first forum post, I have done enough editing to have just shy of 15,000 wiki points. If I can't scrape, I won't edit. I don't mean to be a jerk here, I'm just saying, the reason I started to edit was to fill in gaps in my collection that were missing or had incomplete CV entries. If we can't scrape with Comic Vine Scraper, I have no reason to keep editing. Thanks