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Yeah, after the recent developtments in Deadpool's dead arc, X-sanction and Uncanny X-force's most recent arc being called final execution, I think it would be interesting to see Cable take over the X-force again. Maybe reshuffle the roster, bring back classics like Warpath, Domino Cannonball, and if the writer of X-factor doesn't mind bring in a few of their former X-force members. Keep some of the new blood like Deadpool and X-23 and maybe keep the black uniforms.

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@Man of Lengend said:

i'm hoping they meet and stay friends honestly. They are the best "buddy cop" ever, the Cable deadpool series was amazing.

Yeah, I would like to see these 2 in a new ongoing series.

Possibly a new Volume of Cable and Deadpool or after the Uncanny X-Force final execution arc have Cable get back the team although I would be satisfied just having Cable as a supporting character in Deadpool.