Top 10 Physically Strongest Marvel Heroes on Earth-616

This list is just my opinion but feel free to correct me if you seen fit as I would love to have a more concrete list. Everyone here is easily class 100 and have shown themselves to overcome whole teams (and even each other) in certain situations so the ranking isn't very concrete. This list only exist through certain criteria for said characters:

a. Have to had spend a majority of there careers as heroes

b. Originate or resides on earth the majority of their time.

c. Originate from the 616 continuity

Honorable mentions include Juggernaut, Captain Britain, and members of the Hulk Family.

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Posted by GhostRavage

Abomination. Juggernaut should be on the list right next to Hulk... probably more things to point out but meh. Good list bro, glad to see Hulk as "the strongest one there is" :P

*2 thumbs up*

Posted by Hyperlight

@ghostravage: this list only composed of heroes. I was conflicted on whether to put Juggs on it since he was a hero for a while too. thanks, its my first list, figure about time I make one just to be random. You should tell me what I missed if it would help.

Posted by DATNIGGA

Cool list but. Tho Hyperion & Skarr would probably fit better instead of Colossus & Sasquatch. cause I wouldn't say there the strongest. unless of course its juggernaut colossus who overpowered red hulk.

Posted by Hyperlight

@datnigga: hyperion isn't a native of the 616 reality nor does he have the solid feats to be on this list. Skaars alignment is iffy and he also wasnt born on earth. The criteria is at the top

Didnt put juggernaut in because he spent most of his time as a villain

Posted by Hyperlight

@datnigga: can you think of anyone who fits the criteria ive set?

Posted by DATNIGGA

@hyperlight: Oh yeah I just read the criteria. other than mabey ms marvel thats all I can think of