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Oberyn Martell

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The way I see it , every single thread across the battle forums is either a rehash or a variant of previously existing thread .

Darkseid vs Thanos ? Done . So people resort to making all sorts of variants , most of which too are getting rehashed or at worse , duplicated .

Same goes for the countless iterations of Thanos vs Hulk , Superman vs Hulk , Superman vs Wonder Woman , Wonder Woman vs Thor , Thor vs Superman , Superman vs Silver Surfer , Batman vs Captain America , Supergirl vs Wonder Woman , Thor vs Silver Surfer , Galactus vs Odin , Galactus vs the Anti-Monitor , Green Lantern vs Quasar and the list goes on and on , all the way to the Andromeda galaxy .

I think it's high time that people either start coming up with new ideas(yeah , good luck with that) or just abandon a forum which has become the embodiment of "seen it all and done it all" . I'll be doing the latter , and anyone else who wants to join me is more than welcome .

Or better still , the mods and admins of this site realize how one of the main attractive features of comicvine is qualitatively stagnating , and do something about it .

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@drache64 said:

BTW has everyone read the Thor comic in question? He takes some hits and gives some hits that redefine his durability to me.

Hits taken:

Various Blasts from Galacticus

A hit so hard it goes through the earth and into the Moon (which Thor shrugs off).

Hits given:

Breaks Galacticus's thumb

Makes Galacticus vomit

Knocks Galacticus down

I wasn't a big Thor fan until I read this comic Lol. He made a believer out of me. I don't think anyone less powerful than Galacticus could stop Thor in this version. (Though that statement might start a flame war lol)

That was a hungry Galactus from an alternate future , and even Thor's granddaughters were giving him trouble while Thor was busy collecting the Necro-Sword .

Why would you bother to leave out such an important bit of context is beyond me .

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Franklin or Legion stomp . Most other mutants would be canon fodder for regular Thor , let along Old King Thor .

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Thor wins .

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@charlesmartel said:

Galactus got stomped by that huge nameless Celestial, but I don't know how strong he is compared to TOAA

It was merging of multiple rogue Celestials , and these same Celestials had exterminated a council of supergeniuses who wielded Infinity Gauntlets and Ultimate Nullifiers as is these were everyday handguns .

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Galactus wins .

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Doom wins .

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Mera is out of her league here .

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Presuming that neither character has any basic knowledge about the other , Zee takes this based on superior feats . Though it should be pointed out that beating Zee is only a matter of gagging and trussing her up .