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I would buy this if he really died and didn't come back. Otherwise meaningless. Death is worthless in comics.

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As a huge Hellblazer fan here are my worries:This feels very Hollywood, and makes him seem the Bad boy with the golden heart instead of the jerk he is. Does Constantine try to do good? Generally, but his true skill is in outsurviving friends and tricking his enemies. It is only a clip and i want to support show, but it made me worry a little..

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Kitty is a condescending jerk. As for a ninja. NOPE> NInjas kill. Don't confuse the issue. I know, have the issue, and read what your speaking about. Its like calling an assassin who doesnt kill, an assassin. Nope. Ninja was a word to describe a group who used misdirection and deception to KILL someone.

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i use to read spider man quite a bit. I remember reading spider man quite a bit as a kid. I remember the mcfarlane days, and peter smashing a spike in juggernauts eye. i remember some people geting upset. Clone wars upset. black suit(originally upset) whenever he changes slightly, ( by the way anyone with any level of psychology background will agree that everyone is constantly changing.) fans threw fits. So Peter is never allowed to grow or change. Someone involved in fighting like him would change substantially, again not a question absolute psych 101. I have come to notice as authors make new spider-men Peter has become easily the most boring spider-man. Will I miss OCK AB-SO-FREAKING-lutely. Can Peter actually be written so he grows from this and changes his personality. Yes., but people will get upset and reset him to a boring Peter Parker. This is why people lose faith in comics. CHANGE is so scary.

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ill say the same thing i always say. Torn, want it to be good because xmen are favorite by some distance. However, i really want fox to let go off the rights. Marvel could do this franchise so much better.

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Yawn another story of "Don't kill." Love Hope, Cable,Domino and Stryfe, but this is really hard to read through. Everyone is misunderstood, and suddenly Bishop was never really a crazy baby killing psycho who killed everyone in the way. If you even think that Hope killing Bishop is a great revenge for Stryfe, then I have ocean front property to sell you. Really bad character writing. Spoiler "soldiers" kill. Since Hope was raised as soldier.....well I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Same thing with ninjas. Every trick and lesson that made them ninjas was in order to kill. Sooooo.....you figure it out.

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this would be xfactor vol. 4. First it was original 5 xmen. 2nd volume was government mutant team, First written by one Peter David. (Polair, Havok, Quicksilver, Strong Guy, wolfsbane, multiple man and at different times forge, mystique, etc) Vol 3 Madrox's detective agency. Now we start the 4th vol. under Peter David who wrote all of vol.3 and the better parts of vol. 2

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Best series out now without a doubt. Proves only good stories come from putting heroes in real peril.