I found a friend for Easter (pics)

Yup I found someone really cool hang out with for Easter he Bunny himself (/herself had some effeminate hands).

The funniest part was the lady behind me trying to kid ready to go see the Easter Bunny.

Lady: "What does the bunny do?"
My thoughts: Crap I know this one. It was right after the duck. Uh Oink?
Lady: "He goes hop hop hop."
Me: thats cheating
Lady: "Don't worry Patton isn't going to get eaten"
Me: What? Way to put ideas in her head lady.

oh if your wondering what I'm looking at I made the lady taking the picture wave the frog around. Why? Because I paid for the full experience

Better picture of the awesome shirt I had made


I'll Blame Easter for my Type 2 Diabetes

and Wal-Mart's low low prices. So let's see where do I begin this story. I was in Wal-Mart for some Seafood Crackers, took about 5 minutes to find those I think they were $4. I could look at the receipt to make sure, but I'm lazy. So, as I was walking around Wal-Mart (Cuz you can't just get in and get out) I saw the Easter area (this was after me and my brother screwed around in Wal-Mart a little bit). So, I picked up a few things and then had to get a cart because I couldn't hold it all.

 The small stuff  .....you really can't sweat it   

 Jelly Beans....Necessary for any celebration.

 The random stuff that was left over

 34 OZ of Candy Goodness...this will take a while
and no I could not fit them all in the same picture, that is how much candy I bought.

BTW the crab legs were delicious.

Worst Day Off EVER!!!!

So I finally took a day off from work. I thought oh wonderful I will sleep in, eat a late breakfast, and then work on this paper. Let's see I slept in till around 9:30 and normally I would wake up around this time, because I would be hungry or just tired of being in bed, but not today. Today I was woken up by the ******* Police Department. Odd right? So i wake up and hear voices shouting through my house, "Is anyone here?" so I respond with "Yeah". I'm guessing they didn't hear me because they then said, "is anyone here? This is the  ******* Police Department." Now this woke me up pretty good. I got up and said, "Is something wrong? One minute let me put some clothes on. Do you want some ID?" They (the officers) said, "Yes, and show me your hands." I thought that was just something they said, but I learned they have a reason for saying that. they do it when they have their guns drawn. So back to the story I open my door and with my ID and my hands in front of me and guess what I see? It was a gun with hands curled around my staircase. then as i looked around I saw another guy with a gun behind a wall. It wasn't till I got half way down the stairs that I saw a third gun behind the wall of my living room. I finally get down the stairs completely confused and terrified and they take my ID ask what is my name and have me put my hands against the wall IN MY HOUSE. Two of the officers go up stairs to look around I guess. The woman asks why I didn't answer her before when she had been knocking on the door for 10 minutes. I told her I was sleeping. the two came back down stairs and then I found out that my car had been hit and thats why they were here. OH more good news. I asked how bad had it been hit? She tells me oh they just traded some paint. WHAT? You woke me up with three guns pointed at me because some paint got traded on to my crappy car. The other two leave and then the 30 minutes of paper work starts. Hopefully the worst thing to happen to me today is that, but if something else bad wants to happen to me today it will have to try pretty hard to out do that.  
Now I'm going to go work on my paper I haven't even started on, probably take a shower and eat some breakfast to. Feel free to leave comments on this, and give your worst day off. the terrible thing is it's only 10:45 so there is plenty of time for something else bad to happen today. try and excuse any poor grammar or spelling I'm still and little frazzled. Maybe I'll take a picture later. 
I hope this is a good enough excuse for an extension on my paper, cuz I can not focus on it at all.


Battle of the unbeatables

Ok so these guys are beatable, but they are all definitely the strongest there are in there fight class 
Here is the situation everyone of them has been given a bio of all of the powers of the person they are fighting.  
This is a Battle Royal kind of fight they are all in the same area and an equal distance from each other and can not attack till all of them have read through the bios.  
They are all at full power and have access to all of their powers (w/exception of Midnighter's Doors) and all of their regular gear.(w/exception of Noh-Varr who does not have the Nega Bands
Morals are off for the few that have them, no BFR, when by KO or Death.  

The Unbeatables 

Karate Kid 
Cassandra Cain
Batman 1 Million 
Iron Fist 
Omega Red 
I do not want to see just *someone wins* I would like to see arguments. These are the top tier a reason for why someone wins would be appreciated and if possible back you argument up with scans.

if you know anyone else like these guys let me know and I will add them to the fight.    

Thank You Ladies

Today is International Women's Day (or at least thats what my calendar says). I thought that since this is the most international place that I know of I would issue a thank you to all of the women of Comic Vine. I could name of several that bring a lot to the site, through interesting Comic book topics, information on the what is going on in the world of Comics, those that share their ideas for stories, those that give help to others, and those that make this site the fun and amazing place that it is, but I won't because the list would be too long and take way too much effort to make. So i will just give a large Thank you to the lovely, intelligent, creative, insightful, understanding, calm, and amazing Women of Comic Vine, you ladies deserve it.


Comic Book Auction

so i'm going to a Comic Book Auction, and i need some help, does anybody have any tips for getting things at an Auction.
I've done one before but, I think i spent too much on stuff that wasn't that good.
so any tips would be greatly appreciated


Mimic taking on the DC Universe

here are the rules of this fight you are using Mimic to take on selected DC characters you can give Mimic any Mutants ability (all abilities not just certain mutations) you may select any mutant from any reality or time (but try to refrain from using any Omega level mutants) Mimic gets 3 days to learn how to use his new powers before each fight.
so tell me which Mutant's powers you would have Mimic(616) copy to defeat these DC characters
1. Green Arrow 
2. Dick Grayson (Batman) 
3. Huntress
4. Batman (Bruce)
5. Cyborg 
6. Zantana
7. Booster Gold
8. Red Tornado
9. Aquaman 
10. Hawkman
11. Flash 
12. Donna Troy    
For these you can use Omega Level Mutants
13. Hal Jordan
14. Wonder Woman  
15. Superman
16. Orion   
17. Martian the Manhunter 
18. Mr. Majestic


I HATE MY STATE (Representatives)

alright so if you didn't get it yet I live in South Carolina. The greatest state in the South cuz when we talk we don't sound like idiots (it's true)
but lately and a lot SC representative have been screwing up simple stuff. for starters Miss Teen SC, the there was Mark Sanford, then Alvin Greene why anyone thought that someone who is unemployed and living with their father should be in the Senate is beyond me. and Jim DeMint calling another senator sacrilegious because he was going to force them to work through the holidays. Look Jimmy I work for the government too and i'm going to be working through the holidays and my job is no where near as important as yours. Also Lindsey Graham was disappointed that "don't ask don't tell" wasn't repealed. it's bad enough that other states think the south is full of inbreed racist hicks, but to say something like that just makes no sense, you are not making SC look any better Lindsey.
I love my state but the stupid things the people that represent it do pisses me off.
I'm looking for a new state are there any good ones (preferably no where cold)?


Gadget throw down

Round 1
Blade has been tracking Vampires to a Slaughter house 
There have been news reports of cattle being killed at a Slaughter house, so Batman goes to investigate
Deadpool has been hired by someone to mess up a Slaughter House
Punisher is also checking out the Slaughter House thinking it is a bunch of gangsters causing trouble
Green Arrow is patrolling a city and see's a bunch of people move in on a Slaughter House and goes to Investigate
None of them know each other and they all think the others are people messing up the Slaughter House (except Deadpool he thinks they are trying to stop him)
They all have there regular gear and infinite ammo, arrows, and batarangs.
Slaughter House blue prints

when there is one left he gets tazed and they are all placed in an empty room and rest til the next night
Round 2
Doctor Doom tells the Round 1 Heroes that in Round 2 more heroes will be introduced and this Round is to the Death (complete incapacitation for Deadpool)
The fight is in the same place and same gear and ammo
The new characters are Know who the others are and how much they hate them
Taskmaster was told he could find Deadpool here
Jason Todd was told Batman wouldn't be expecting him here
Bullseye is after Punisher (he is looking for some fun)
Gambit is on a mission for the X-Men to take down Blade 
Captain America (Bucky) is after Green Arrow who he saw running into the Slaughter House the night before
The Round 2 Heroes are having a bad day and are not interested in holding back are willing to kill there opponents just like the Round 1 Fighters are
This is also an all open free for all, certain people just have objectives that are optional not necessary to winning the fight
Who Wins Round1 and Round 2?

Marvel Univ. Under attack

So what would happen if Lex Luthor went to the Marvel Un. and convinced all the Marvel people that Superman was the greatest evil in his world and he needed Marvel's help to destroy Superman he tells them everything he knows about Superman (which i would assume is everything known about Superman since he is his arch nemesis) he also tells the Marvel people that they should also watch also watch out for the other members of the Justice League. Lex has also brought with him a cubic yard of kryptonite for them to use  after having Karnak look over all of Lex Luthors info on all of the JLA members he  see's some weakness's of Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian the Manhunter, and Aquaman. Tony Stark takes some of the green rock and starts building an Iron Man armor to combat Superman, but after talkling with all the other heroes decides that Professor X should be in the armor he builds a regular Iron Man armor but with a Kryptonite finish and the Klaw's sound (arm) cannon, the suit is also fitted with a smaller version of cerebro that is just as powerful, the suit also radiates a portion of kryptonite as far as 10 miles the closer to the armor the stronger it is. The other Heroes decided that they will also need Captain America, to lead them against these new foes Thor decides that there is no need for him and Cap to go if Cap can have the power of Thor and in trusts him with Mjolnir they also coat his shield in kryptonite. They next decided that they would need someone that could use a vast array of powers and decided on Mimic they had him see Juggernaut, Northstar, Magneto, Feron, and Absorbing Man, and he was also given the Soulsword for this important mission. The Marvel team then thought they should consider the rest of the JLA and started with Martian the Manhunter and saw that he has a weakness to fire but since just any fire won't do they had the Silver Surfer convince Firelord that he should help them defeat this great evil. The Silver Surfer believes that he will need to be on the team as well to handle the Green Lantern and make sure that Firelord doesn't change his mind during the battle. After realizing that Wonder Woman is the greatest of the Amazon warriors and seeing her bracelet's reminded them of another captain one who is also the greatest warrior of his kind, Captain Marvel. The team knew that no one in their entire universe could keep up with the speed of the Flash and decided to change tactics and send the most powerful telepath they have Omega Kid they also noticed that Quentin has no real defenses besides his mental and they collected two ancient artifacts that should grant him the assistance he requires the Darkhawk amulet, and the Ebony Blade. Seeing as Batman uses fear against those that stand against him the team decides to use the scariest person they know Ghost Rider (wonder the pensive stare would do to him). For Aquaman they do not want to underestimate him and select Nova to take on the commander of the sea. Lastly for this act of War the induct the God of War himself Ares and grant him a powerful Promethium sword to add to already large arsenal.
This Marvel Strike Force of sorts prepares in a Quinjet and have Lex Luthor show them they way to the fight.
Ok I think that this team would be able to defeat Superman and the JLA if you think it could be improved by anything in the Marvel Univ. please i would love to hear it.
Oh and if you think that it still wouldn't work even with this team let me know that too.

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