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well it made me sound cooler in my head.
I guess this isn't really a "Super" life bio as i have no "Super" abilities. I've never saved anyone's life or ruined one either. I used to be with an organization known as HYDRA, but due to budget cuts was released without severance and with no money i walk the streets looking for a new home. We'll see how the old HYDRA BOB does as just Bob.  
Bob has developed a super infatuation with the Super heroes Feral Nova and Eclipse and talks about them any chance he can get. His dream is to one day meet them and fight crime with them.


Hydra Bob posses one power it is Comic Book Healing. He can recover from any wound over time and can even come back from being killed, though that normally takes a few days. 
Man of many trades- Bob has had several different occupations the most recent being A super spy, an orbital bus boy, a hired killer, a security guard, and is currently the janitor for the The Institute of Tomorrow.
Bob's SECOND POWER: Naked Thursday Vision. Allowing Bob to see through any piece of clothing, but only on Thursday.
Bob's Magic: Bob was given a spell by Sorcerer Swift  that has doors open for him as he approaches them.

Hydra Bob's Amazing Team-ups

Bob helps a Patrick, a Super Spy, take back a Satellite from an evil Corporation, while wearing a parrot suit in License to Klutz
Bob sweeps a lovely lady off her feet, as they investigate a murder in space in Bob helps Miranda solve a mystery (yeah, the name is kinda stale, but it's a real good story) 
People Bob has seen naked 
Mr. Mercury 
Morgaine De Bourbon