Nightcrawler cosplay

Working on my Kurt cosplay. Doing the x-men evo version and right now I I have foots and wig mostly done

here video with stilts in action : D

edit: so all is done, here have some photos:

and with my kitty :

in few days I should have smth from photostudio and video of presentations


cosplay files: raven

so I was thinking... what are two things that I really love and can go together? Cosplay and FX!

And I want to lern to do a lot of FX so... why not like that : D

now a little teaser of a teaser. For smth crazy and epic I need to grab a friend or two : D

now I need to choose what get edited and spend a lot of time on full video X"D


Cass Cain Batgirl cosplay

Cass Cain cape and cowl : D

so I just finished the hardest part of the costume D : and I have like 5 days to finish the rest of the suit D : so little time so much to do D :

also I woonder how many Css fans will be angry at the mirror eyes :>


new52 Supergirl cosplay

cause I'm long past half done, I'll show you some progress of my supergirl costume

the last two were taken moment ago, i hope to finish it till the end of the week


Damian Wayne: should stay dead...

for a year or smth. I still hope they have much bigger plans for him, also the page with Talia, she won, but she wasn't celebrating. People change,

but back to the topic

he should stay dead for a year or smth. why? to make it a better story. And it have to be long time, Bruce should be a bit better and then it will hit him. Some dark story, some fight to get his son back from whoever bring him back. He coulb be like a puppet living somewhere...

girl can dream, right

btw. finishing my rob costume right now will be hard emotionally...

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