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I'm glad to see Guradian is back, but i can't tell if its Mal Duncan or Jim Harper, he looks kinda black. Does anybody know if he appears any other issues before in the new 52?

Also, those batgirl covers get more and more impressive with every issue.

Lastly, REALLY!? DC WHY!? Im talking about Furture's End: Grayson. As if people weren't screaming Winter Soldier before they're definitely gonna be screaming it now.

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I like how Aquaman gets a nicely represented pic of him in a swimming pose and Big Barda, being a highly trained Warrior and once a field commander of Darkseid/Granny Goodness Furies gets a scantily clad pic. I'm red blooded male as much as the next guy, but it's sometimes hard for to ignore so minor/major sexiest activities and not say anything. I mean c'mon Big Barda wears some pretty bada$$ Apokoliptian armor and the yet decision was made to represent in a half naked bikini esque attire.

Note: i'm attacking anybody here. Not the OP and not anybody who's digging the picture, i just think it's unfair discrimination female comic characters. Also note: I am no white knight what so ever.

Now that's out the way, i'm going with Barda in a close fight. Even though Aquaman showed so damn good feats so far in the new 52 like speed blitzing Wonder Woman and enough Strength to knock Wonder Woman around, i feel that Barda's armor, her being a New God, and her weapon, the Mega Rod gives her an advantage over Aquaman's Atlantian feats and his trident. Although his trident has yet to be used at it's fullest potential iirc.

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@jayc1324 said:

I think it will be interesting to see how batman deals with huge threats like the league and Darkseid. Darkseid always seemed to have some kind of respect for batman and I always found that interesting to see. It'll be funny if Tomasi has batman take both the league and darkseid out but I hope it doesn't get to that point.

I also hope that Damian Wayne isn't resurrected. He was a brat and a killer and was always meant to die, and I hate the idea of batman actually having a real son (besides terry McGinnis). I would much prefer to see Carrie Kelley take the role and become the first girl robin in new 52. Lastly, Talia definitely needs to ressurected at some point. I wouldn't be surprised if Ra's already did that to her and then destroyed Damian's body in favor of a clone that will be loyal to Ra's. This arc sounds exciting.

I was with you until you said Carrie Kelley as Robin. It would make no sense at all for Batman to jeopardize another teenage sidekick on his war on crime. im already pissed that Harper Row is following him around(which happen in the future issues at some point in time), Kelly has shown no feats of H2H skills at all, so that mean's he'll have to quick train a robin who shown no aspiration to fight crime. Now if Carrie was to be another Oracle type of character i can get behind that.

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@chrisj_1 said:

This has probably already been said but neither. I get that Justice League is a big thing but I hate how after the crossovers these guys basically don't have their own lives anymore no more self contained stories these character need to have their own friends and love interests made up of their own individual supporting casts. Steve for Wonder Woman Lois for Superman and Catwoman/Talia/Barbara Gordon/Vicki Vale/dozens maybe hundreds of others for Batman.

I love you Chris

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if it's Brian Azzarello's Wonder Woman, then i most definitely say Team.

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I got caught up on this series last night and must say this feels more like a Justice League book than new 52 version( which is not saying much).

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I'm surprised @wolverine08 hasn't lumbered in here yet lol

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@experio said:

Cap. Trained Hawkeye pretty good

Trained him so good that he's getting crap beat outta of him by a group of fools in track suits constantly saying "bro!" lmao. #donttakethiscommentserious

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@veshark said:

@immortal777 said:


Cap might start someone out on steroids.

You have a guy who trained to peak physical condition the hard way vs a guy who used a drug to get to enhanced conditioning the easy way

Come now, that's hardly a fair assessment. Bruce had money and was already a healthy kid growing up. Steve had to fend for himself on the streets during the Great Depression and he had a list of physical ailments as long as your arm.

you get the hell outta here with your creepy face bastard, lol jk

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Geoff Johns