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Like Superman said in Justice League unlimited "C'mon, it's Lex Flipping Luthor"

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If this is a current character battle I'm definitely going with Nightwing/Grayson.

Also I know this looked down upon but Hawkeye's showing against Daredevil haven't been too pretty iirc

Nightwing suit got some pretty good durability feats in the new 52. I believe he was tanking helicopter rifle bullets while he was in Chicago

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I guess all those recently rapid superman vs hulk threads must inspired this lol. Great though thanks katz

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@slimj87d: sir you've been more than great I appreciate you trying to clear this up for me

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@slimj87d: Then how is that the Shield will ricochet off a Walls but pierce tanks or helicopter? Also, since i'm thinking about it, does make his shield boomerang back to him with hurls into the air at angle?

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The reason i need an explanation is b/c my friend was ripping on how awkward it have to be for him to actually throw something that shape and be aerodynamic. She will not accept the whole "comic book logic" as in answer. So if anybody has a good explanation, please tell me i'm all ears.

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can somebody please the age difference between Dick and Jason? B/c i know Barbara is older than both of them. im starting to think there's 2 year gap between all three robins with Dick being 2 years older than Jason and Jason being 2 years older than Tim.

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That's one mighty fine looking Batman drawing. I love how the Batsuit is displayed, well done Mr. Clay Mann.

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@youknowwhattodo said:

@orangebat said:

Eh, the whole, "we're like brother and sister, we already love each other too much" is cliche enough already, and not just in comics. Also, I don't think it's valid to compare Batman/Wonder Woman and Robin/Wonder Girl to Dick/Donna, since the latter have a far more different and closer dynamic than the former two. Plus, it's way better than the gag-worthy Roy/Donna pairing.

Well I'm not totally against Dick/Donna, I do think that a romantic relationship between those two would be better than BM/WW, Tim/Cassie but I don't know by how much, especially in the new 52, they're likely coming to come from two separate worlds.

Personally, my favorite Donna pairing is her with Kyle Rayner, I really did wish DC explored that more.

I liked Donna and Kyle, and would have liked it if they got together again down the line, sometime after the Sinestro Corps War; didn't care for Kyle/Natu at all. You could have both being a little older and more experienced, which can lead to a compeltely different kind of relationship.

I'll definitely thought that Dick and Donna were better off as extremely close friends/brother/sister, and I really don't think there's a lot of that in comics anymore; a male/female relationship/friendship where there's really no sexual tension anywhere, and the idea that they might get together at some point really doesn't exist.

I agree with Dick and Donna being a strong opposite sex friendship and you're right they don't display that in comics hardly ever. It seems in comic when characters of the opposite sex get really close to each other, they are forced by unknown(writers) force of nature to hook just for a romp. I was honestly hoping that Superman and Diana would have more a solid friendship but nope. He's Strong, she's strong, they look somewhat similar, lets put them together b/c reasons.

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Gambit would definitely thief this win from Cyke. The environment is going to be an explosive mess