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Unexpectedly Awesome 0

Back in the day, this was one of the first X-Men annuals that I actually read. So imagine my surprise when in fact it wasn't so much the X-Men as it was the New Mutants that made the annual! But it made sense too -- the junior team's most recent annual had touched upon the same issues, with the same villain: Mojo.At the time, I really had little experience with him and the New Mutants both; I hadn't really read much of their series. But if only the whole series could have been as strong as this ...

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Embarrassingly stupid example of self-important 90s Marvel 0

Remember the 90s, when everyone seemed to buy into the X-books and characters? X-Men Unlimited was something of a stand-alone series to begin with, and most issues of this oversized series tended to have self-contained stories. That was a truly positive selling point after the endless crossovers and tie-ins of the decade had led to a disastrous drop in readers and fans, so Unlimited wisely avoided that and tended to do more in-depth character studies and emotional stories than action-packed supe...

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Eddie Berganza, Paid for Drinking Coffee 0

Eddie Berganza is listed as 'editor', but anyone who has read Graduation Day knows very well that he must have somehow managed to finagle his way into a paycheck for doing...absolutely nothing at all! There's no kind of consistency in the story itself, much less consistency with previous appearances of the characters, or logical flow of any event. As before, grasp of the characters' powers, personalities, and any semblance of common sense is completely beyond Winick. Yet another of the Titans --...

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The End of...a Lot of Things. Quality Among Them 0

With the success of the Teen Titans cartoon, the title was to be brought back, thanks to Dan Didio wanting to have a title to hook the viewers of the cartoon. He apparently didn't quite get that the audience of the cartoon would be so horrified with the tone in the Titans comics that they would not remotely have a chance of picking them up, and that tone was taken a notch darker and more miserable with Graduation Day.  Employing the always abysmal Judd Winick as writer, Graduation Day is basical...

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The Worst Titans Story Ever -- Bar None! 0

There have been some pretty disgraceful Titans stories over the years. The Titans series just previous to this one wasn't very good either, although it had its moments of fun and interest. But Graduation Day occupies a special place in the hearts of more or less every fan of Young Justice and the Titans series as, quite deservedly, the worst story ever written including the Titans and Young Justice.  Winick, as usual, is employed not for his writing talent (of which he has none) but because Didi...

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Homophobia Lives! 0

Not that Marvel has ever been a particularly progressive company (but then neither has DC), but this is just atrocious beyond compare. In one of the worst ends that any hero has ever met, and which no hero under any circumstances deserves, Freedom Ring -- one of the most interesting and novel characters invented by Marvel in the past 20 years -- meets a messy end. Messy not only because it's the sequential art equivalent of a hate crime, but because it's disgusting, grotesque, and visceral.  Rob...

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