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@westy206 said:

Above Captain America, below Spider-man, above Hawkeye, below Nightcrawler.

Perfectly stated!

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@ascended: Unfortunately, that's what know one seems to know currently. I hope he retains some remnants of his New Son abilities.

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Why does it seem like he had more strength accomplishments in his human form (when he was supposedly weaker), than in his ape/cat/bat-ear forms?

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Kitty Pryde and Iceman. It's utterly pointless and forced just because of the movies.

You dont take ideas out of the movies and put them into comics. You take ideas out of comics and put them into the movies.

I agree with you 95%. Except for when it comes to Blade. The movie's influence to me, improved the character. Other than that, yeah...comics should influence movies.

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I forget what number of transformations Hank is on, but with his latest back to simian transformation--has his powers changed at all? He seems a great deal bigger and muscular (although that could be artist's interpretations). I would hope he's gotten stronger or something.

Also, my second question is in regards to Hank's physical & strength feats. It seems like lately he's becoming insignificant unless it has something to do with science or intellectualism. Don't get me wrong, I really do like the Beast and by no means do I feel he's useless. I would just like to see him kick some ass every now again. Has there been any recent displays of his physical prowess? I've read all the the A+X series. The first one featuring Beast, he was really just used as a cannon ball by Spidey. The second A+X featuring Beast, the hero was Hulk (in strength AND intelligence). Am I missing something? Is he just a lab geek/vice principle now used only for his intelligence?

To make it simple, my two questions are:

  1. Has the Beast's powers been upgraded or changed in anyway by his newest transformation?
  2. Has there been recent displays of his physical attributes via strength or fighting in the field?

Thanks in advance!

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@aquarius1480: agreed! I wonder why writers have been watering him down. I would've liked to see his powers expand. From reaching New Sun's power level, to having Death powers from Apocalypse, I would like to see him have some of those powers left over from that. Or are we just going to see charged playing cards and toothpicks? (And Cap's shirt) sigh

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I think a lot of people underestimate Gambit. Maybe that's the fault of recent Marvel writers. I believe Batman would undoubtedly win WITH PREP TIME. However in a random encounter, I think Gambit has the upper hand. And for those that say Batman is the superior fighter--I agree! But why use fisticuffs when you have explosive powers at your disposal. My opinion, don't bite my head off.

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edit: It's Gambit issue 5, not 4 that stirred up my confusion

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Ok, Gambit can't charge organic matter, then he can, then he can't, then someone uploads scans proving he can. Has anyone read Gambit #5? Is he back to being unable to charge organic matter again? What is 616 cannon on this subject matter?