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flash has been garbage with what these chuckle heads have done to it. i do love bret booth art but new 52 wally west is trainwreck... just make him a durlan then we can move on

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didnt like the movie at all but i hate most of the xmen movies.

everything i hate about the franchise overshadowed the cool stuff they were trying to do, the movie made zero sense when you try and fit stuff in the timeline,

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just downloaded the annual and really tried to look at it objectively but my reaction to all this mess is still best put this way

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So I'm pretty sure all this mess smells like dad Dan didio handiwork. I would like to think Geoff had nothing to do with it but who Knows at this point. who will be the scapegoat?

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give us a 90 min monty python meets freakazoid acid trip

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@bloodtide: wasnt bat-hombre a mexican batman? dc should bring him back

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@wardemon32 said:

You seem to think that I think people are racist becuase the question something but that isn't the case at all. I don't know why you are saying all when I clearly said some. And to back why I think people are racist is becuase of things like this:

Wally West support group a place where we can heal

dc doesnt care about us, a lot of us are angry, frustrated, sad at the just lack of respect they show us.

when i said that i meant the hardcore fans of the flash family that has bought the books and the family as a whole, wally west is a character that i have grown up with just as all of us have.

are we not allowed to be angry that dc has such little regard for the people that buy the monthly books, the trades, the omnibuses the figures and merch, my arguement is the same ITS NOT ABOUT RACE ITS ABOUT EDITORIAL,
we have pleaded with dc for years just give us our character back so we can enjoy him for another generation for our kids and their kids, when the announcement broke we were overjoyed they finally listened. then the other shoe dropped.
none of this drama would exist if they thought ahead and just brought xs to new 52 continuity she is bri racial and a much loved member of the flash family.if anything they would have earned brownie points cause 2 members of the flash family would be in new 52 then they could move onto the next problem and fix bart allen.
but they had to get cute and traint(not cause hes black.....its the drama that will now forever be linked with this version of the character) him.
as for my dc boycott it has nothing to do with him being black, its that what other choice do we as readers have to send a message to dc that they dont listen.
dc needs to be held accountable to every single fan of wally thats angry we want to enjoy reading the flash thats why we are so passionate.
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any chance we can all just stop arguing and debating this thread was supposed to just be a fun wally west thread for fans of the character.

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you are the one that is making it sound racist when you say it that way. and that isnt what we are saying, just like superman isn't russian in main continuity but there are elseworlds stories where he is and there is nothing wrong with that.

wally west isn't bi racial because hes not, if you want to tell those stories make it a elseworlds it doesn't make it not "count" it would have to live or die to weather its a good story or not and weather people respond to it.

now we are in a situation where we don't have a choice and people are not going to respond to it. we want ice cream cake we were told there would be cake and they give us pie...... the cake is a lie

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@hunterzolomin: Why? They're fictional characters, part of the reason they're so great is because they can be adapted and reinterpreted. And differences between different versions can help exemplify the core of the character. I mean if superman can be Russian why can't Wally be mixed?

russian superman isn't canon its a elseworlds or a parallel earth.

if they gave us our wally but at the same time did a flash earth 2 like they did the graphic novels for batman and superman where wally is bi racial, thats a completely different story go right ahead cause it doesn't interfere with main cannon. if that character takes off then cool play with it try some new stuff. but when 90 percent of your flash is saying over and over and over they want something, give it to them make them happy increase your sales in your books, its going to be interesting to see what their projected sales would be vs what they will be now that the cat is out of the bag and all hell is breaking loose.