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Number 4: 
Think of a movie with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close ;)
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It depends how they do it...  
Barbara was completely re-invented after killing joke, she went from an able-bodied fighter to a disabled thinker in a fairly small amount of time, so I think that she misses being Batgirl while having come to terms with the fact that she probably won't be Batgirl ever again. 

I know that we've probably all had our own scenarios, but the way I see it, it should happen gradually and with some arguments between the Batgirl and Oracle personas, or at least there be some debate about which of the two Barbara wants to be. After that there should be some kind of catalyst where Barbara has to become Batgirl (ok that's unlikely and controversial) in order to save someone she cares about (or something like that) After that she decides to return to being Oracle, which is (imo) a far more imoprtant character than Batgirl.

For there to be another re-invention of Barbara, there has to be some connection to the first one (as it was with Dick Grayson) the first one wasn't her choice so this one must be, so that she can have some closure about it, maybe even a fight with the Joker. I think that it's also important that she isn't fixed by magic or miracles because that takes away part of the sacrifice of it all, if there was something like they did in the Birds of Prey TV series then there can always be a malfunction or something that can elude to a possible storyline in the future.