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To me One More Day was detrimental to the character of Peter, one of the most noble superheroes, who selfishly made a deal with an evil demonic entity so he didn't have to live with the guilt over May's death.

This will always piss me off.

Both quoted for actual, factual real-life God's honest truth...

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Air and water filtration systems... or magic... whichever

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That's Jackie Chan... I'm going to assume that you're trying to make some kind of point... but you did it using a picture that doesn't really explain anything... I have no idea what you're replying to or the context that goes with it, thus your retort is completely pointless... I therefore retort in the exact same manner, whilst giving context and reasoning:

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Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that there's no contribution or that what artists in general do isn't important, it's just that one of the big counter-arguments to that are characters like Hulk, Daredevil etc who's "classic" look is not necessarily their "original" look and then there are characters like Green Arrow (and others I currently can't think of) whose look is taken from somewhere else... but yeah, you do have a point and I understand your point of view... which is why I was conflicted.

The problem is when not all examples of something fit the "rule" - should all the first artists (etc) be given credit in the creation of the character or should none of them be... I don't really see a problem either way, but I'm sure others probably would.

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I'm not sure about this one... my opinion has always been that the character and the design are two different things, and that while the design does add something important, it's the history and personality of the character that actually matters. Designs and suits change from artist to artist, but the character always remains the same, at least for the most part. I've just never seen them on the same level, as the idea of the character was created before the artist makes the design.

So the question is whether or not the design makes a difference to the character and whether the artist deserves credit for that contribution... personally I would say no... but I would never call into question the time and effort that's gone into making a character look and feel the way they do... but hey, that's just my opinion

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That's not really what I meant with the glow in the dark rabbit thing... the problem is that we're not that advanced when it comes to mapping the human genome, but we have been able to locate and isolate the chromosome that makes jellyfish glow in the dark and then implant that into a rabbit, but that's about it.

The "ideal" manipulation would be to isolate certain genes in animals that give them the abilities that we would need to become superheroes, an axolotl, for example has the ability to regenerate cells at a massive rate, meaning it can regrow lost limbs, organs and unlike most animals, it can regrow parts of it's brain and take other parts from other axolotls... so it's pretty much the Deadpool of the animal kingdom:

But there are also general human traits that could theoretically be altered, such as stopping the production of lactic acid, which causes soreness in the muscles, giving better endurance, or making bones, skin and muscles thicker and more dense, allowing them to become stronger, giving more durability, possibly even allowing us to run faster and become stronger

What this does not account for is the side affects that could come with this... even in the comics, with Curt Connors... he tried to alter his genetics to allow him to heal his amputated arm... what happens... he turns into a giant lizard... the truth is that we don't know what will happen if and when we attempt this... but for now we're not even near close to finding out.

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It was Nolan's own interpretation of robin.

That's fine. Why name him Robin though as opposed to one of the four male Robin names he could have given him.

For one thing, naming the character Dick Grayson or Jason Todd or Tim Drake or Damien Wayne would give the game away... personally I prefer the amalgam references instead, a little reference to all three gives a nod to the characters, while saying that he's something different... he's not Dick Grayson, or Jason Todd or Tim Drake or Damien Wayne... he's the character that they represent, the partner, the sidekick, he is, for all intents and purposes Robin

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Ebay have some good holsters, utility belts and body armor etc, so you'd just need to find the belt buckle

but if you want realistic swords, guns etc, you'd need to be spending a lot more... but there are some out there that come with the back harness, it's just a case of searching online for them, maybe you could try some specialist replica sites like this one or something, but it depends on where you live because of tax and legality.

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Anything is possible, but the problem is that things don't work the same way as they do in the comics... we've seen diseases that make people look like wolfmen and even trees... but that's about it... they don't have any conventional "superpowers" to speak of.

We have people who are intelligent... designing the car, and cell phones and ipads and those toilets that shoot water for some reason... most of which were actually on Star Trek first, but hey...

We can even take certain traits, found in the dna of some animals and then put it into another... yeah, that's right, we found a way to create a genetic mutant hybrid creature and what did we do with that knowledge... we created a rabbit that glows in the dark:

We've seen what happens when people are exposed to radiation... pretty much everything from nausea and headaches, to light burns, to rapid cell deterioration or mutation, cancer and death.

So is it impossible, no... but it's really unlikely that we'll ever become something that would equate to anything on the same level as anyone we see in the comics

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I don't see what's so confusing about it. His real name is "Robin John Blake" and he just goes by "John Blake" because he doesn't like the name "Robin." He's a fusion of Dick, Jason, and Tim and they took the name from the old cop character. Why not?

hmm, not really sure I like that idea... I would prefer if it was made more clearer, with a better nod to the fans, like if we actually saw his ID, or if he said "maybe it's under my original first name" or something as simple as that. Here the problem is that the name "Robin" and "John" do have a meaning, but there is no relevance in the name "Blake" other than it rhyming with "Drake"

The characterization of John Blake in the movie shows some sides of Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, but not really anything of Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, or Stephanie Brown - For me, it would be nicer to have some little nods, even if they are all just in the name and background.