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@Hunter114: Again they are Not using the characters from the movie

Which is what makes the entire plan completely pointless... making a show about the Avengers, without actually using the Avengers would be like making a Justice League TV series, but without using Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and then replacing them with a crap version of the Atom, Fire and Ice... and then calling Kyle Rayner Guy Gardner... oh and having an old and fat Martian Manhunter and having the "big bad" be the Weather Wizard, but wrapped in tin foil...

Oh yeah... they did that already didn't they :/

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@Billy Batson said:

Started watching the first Keaton Batman movie - lost interest in ten minutes.

The Burton movies are put on a pedestal and apparently I'm suppossed to love them. But I don't; to me they weren't even that good.

I think the general point is that there's a difference between a bad movie and a movie that you don't like... if you just don't like it and have a reason, then it's fine, because it's subjective, so it can't be argued with... but if it's being called a bad movie, which in my opinion it isn't, then that's a different story altogether.

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Sorry, but there aren't really any major flaws with the character... or the actor... it's a matter of tone... and I would expect nothing less from Tim Burton than something dark and gritty

Keaton didn't need to say anything... his actions and demeanor spoke for themselves... and he ok he did kill, but it was only twice (that I'm aware of) though there's some room for debate there.

The cinematography was great, the music was pretty good (more Danny Elfman's theme than any of Prince's songs), the only "real" flaw was that Knox didn't really have a place in the movie, he was just there to move the plot along and for some comic relief, but that's a personal thing... it actually adds more to the movie than it takes away from it

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Honestly... no I don't... I mean the artwork is beautiful, but we're talking about a story where Batman kidnaps a 12 year-old boy and effectively drafts him into his own private war... just after he witnesses his parents getting murdered... and then when the kid calls him out on it, his only reply is, "I'm the goddamn Batman"

Miller completely bastardizes Batman's integrity and personality by making him an arrogant man-child who fights criminals for the fun of it, rather than him believing it to be a necessary evil... he then makes every other character worse to make Batman look better by comparison.

The story itself is reasonably pretty good, but the dialogue is terrible, Miller repeats himself over and over again, "Goddamn" this and "Goddamn" that and everyone telling each other to "shut up" - and the Batman / Robin relationship is abusive... they are supposed to be like father and son... or a guardian and his ward... hell, I'd even take a teacher / student relationship, but instead they are kidnapper and victim, pure and simple... not only should this not be made into a movie, but it should be seen for what it really is and not given false praise for being that comic with the line: "What, are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I’m the Goddamn Batman" - and nothing else is even remembered about it

- wow... I didn't know I hated this that much... but I really, really do

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It's too soon for Spider-Man to be an Avenger in the movies... maybe after Avengers 2 and Amazing Spider-Man 2, when he's more "worthy" to be one (in movie continuity)

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I'm gonna go with the traditional fan-skepticism... for one thing, I doubt they'd use the same actors, while the Avengers cast may not all be "A-list" actors, they are predominantly identified as movie actors, though pretty much all of them have appeared in at least one or two television series at some point in their career. There is also the fact that they would need to have a fairly big budget to make the show and considering the average TV show has about 20-25 episodes per season, though some first and last seasons have about 10-17 episodes, each lasting about 45 minutes, the writers would have to write something that would need to be able to fill that time, while creating an over-arcing story, with all of the characters and some new villains... does not seem likely.

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Getting back on topic :P

Dick's a little too old to change his name... the symbolism has kinda gone because he's an adult... Tim'a always been more like Batman than anyone else, so it would seem natural that he would take the name, becoming more and more like both Batman and Bruce Wayne, while Dick wanted to become his own man.

Plus, I think that Dick would probably feel it was dishonoring his parents to change his name... he was one of the Flying Graysons... they were a team, as much as they were a family, and the name is part of that... Tim on the other hand, only had his father, who he was seemingly not that close with because he was Robin before Jack Drake died... so the father / son connection was as much with Bruce as it was with his own father.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope said:

Well, planets are layered. So...everyone lives in a huge hardened onion?

no... that would be silly... I just thought of giant mutant onions taking over the planet... or the day in the life of an onion... not sure why, but hey... that's what you get when you try to read at 3 O'clock in the morning

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Gonna be honest... at first I read it as "Onions of Earth" - just saying that would be an awesome story also... probably

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@Hunter114: Yyyyyyeah......chill man, i just used humor, to show that the Green Goblin is a very famous Spiderman character......and i "pretended" to not know who he is , by asking "Who's this guy?....."...i used this this Jackie Chan picture as a famous 9gag meme that shows something is very obvious, and you dont know it......i simply used humor.....

9gag is an entairtenment site, that uses pictures to express website... :s

You didn't really use humor to show anything... I had no idea you were referring to the Green Goblin... because you never mentioned the Green Goblin, so it seemed like you were asking me who Jackie Chan was in some sarcastic effort which then lead to your insult through the "my brain is full of f**k" meme (which I'm fully aware of) which made no sense as there was no frame of reference from which to draw any context

I'm also familiar with meme sites like 9gag, 4chan, reddit etc... I'm really not THAT old... and you were really not that humorous