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Jek Porkins

Search your feelings... you know this to be true

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Rob Liefeld is really bad at drawing... well anything...

He draws muscles disproportionately, spines at a near ninety degree angle and breasts that defy the laws of physics

also this:

Worst... Attack... EVER!
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Just "found" this... it's the Avengers short that comes with the Blu-Ray, entitled "Marvel One-Shot: Item 47"

The link is for the whole thing... the video is for Marvel's official "clip 1"

Maybe this has something to do with the series?

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It seems more likely that "they" would focus on a small team of field agents and give an overall perspective on the rest of SHIELD, than focusing on the commanders like Nick Fury and Maria Hill...

But Coulson better be in it!

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Gloves are awesome and should be respected... for if there is no glove, then there can be no love

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This is nothing personal, but it has to be said... both to you and to everyone else who I've seen do this... because it really does seem like it's everyone:


now that that's over with...

the main idea is to catch them off-guard... for the most part, he can sneak up on some of them... if not that, then he has gadgets that can either help him in a fight, or help in executing that specific method...

Flash may not see the bullet coming... and thus not move fast enough to dodge it

Wonder Woman does necessarily need to be injected in the ear... a small drone could easily be guided into her ear canal... etc

Superman, again, may not see the kryptonite, and Batman doesn't really need to take it out of the belt... just expose Superman to it to weaken him, and then do whatever after that

GL, could theoretically be hypnotized if he wasn't expecting it... plus I would expect it to be some kind of neural interface, not the "hey dude, look at this watch... now you're getting sleepy"

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isn't a legacy character a hero or villain whose mantle passes down to a "next generation"?

From what i recall, Peter Parker has never given his name or his suit to anyone else to continue the legacy... they always either stole it, or it was given to them by someone else

so no... Spider-Man is not a legacy character

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I suppose IF they were setting up a movie tie in show where they can elaborate on some things or add something that would contribute to the movieverse, then it would have more weight to it... as it stands, I don't see it working... and it just seems like Marvel are cashing in on the Avengers movies... so the actual effort they put into it would be questionable

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DC don't put any of their characters out there... all we seem to be getting is Superman and Batman movies, while Marvel have had the Avengers, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men... with some of the Marvel Knights... so pretty much every branch of the Marvel U is accounted for

Plus IMO Marvel have more relatable characters than DC

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They would have to change pretty much everything about her that matters... including her backstory, and how her powers work... so she wouldn't be the same character

just something to think about...