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I reckon that Panther should win... he's the underdog... plus it would really annoy the Storm fans... which would be a really big plus for a lot of people

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see kids this is why I like DC.

Because DC would never create an event that was out of cannon... they just create events that make all of their previous events out of cannon...

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@The Enigma: I have some questions:

  1. it is one limb or two?
  2. can we have one arm and one leg?
  3. is the limb gone completely or can we include appendages, such as hands, feet etc?
  4. if so... what is the condition of whatever is left attached?
  5. is there going to be any use of prosthetic replacement?
  6. if so... what are the limitations of that prosthetic?
  7. would she still be able to use her powers?
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I've kinda always thought of Thor as Storm's closest male counterpart, or I suppose even Beta Ray Bill, and if we're going to include DC then obviously Black Lightning, but I think that if Storm, having the same back-story was male, there would be some difference in how I perceived the character, simply because often, the general perception of women in media and society is that women are (for lack of a better term) "weaker" than men.

The character of Storm is shown to be a strong, independent woman and that makes her stand out a little more, whereas male characters are expected to be that way, so I think that it would take a lot away from the character, and considering the history and the way that she was written, there would be a lot of changes in the history of what Storm has done and why she/he has done it, these should also be taken into account.

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Biting the heads off anyone who answers "no" or variants thereof to the question "Would you like Storm under so and so conditions" kind of narrows down the available answers.

Which would technically make Dane's answer on-topic, which is pretty unfortunate for those that don't know how to act or respect other's opinions.

Just to add to the fray... because the title of the thread is "if storm was created a guy would you still like him" - there is the pre-supposition that everyone likes Storm, which is a logical fallacy, and since the post referred to something that was in the OP, it is technically on-topic... the irony, of course being that all discussions of what is and is not off-topic, is in fact off-topic or at least tangential, as they do not in any way relate to what was in the OP... just saying :)

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She doesn't need any more powers or applications, she really has more than enough...

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I don't recall her calling herself (or claiming to be) a goddess, other than to say that's what other people called her or treated her like... but I am probably wrong

any scans of Storm "bragging" or saying she's a goddess or anything like that?

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That was pretty well done... but I'm a little too white and have a little too much of a "Y" chromosome to be able to do that.

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Indeed I did... but I've gotta say that the idea of it (however cool it may be) was both predictable and kinda bad writing. The idea of the rings is that the wearer must show that inherent quality, so a green lantern must be courageous, and a yellow lantern must be able to instill fear, the problem is when there are two rings that have conflicting qualities, such as avarice and compassion or rage and hope.

So really all seven (or nine) rings shouldn't be used in unison, though I will re-qualify that to mean that while they can be used together, the effectiveness of certain rings will be higher or lower than others because of the level of the inherent quality that the person (in this case Kyle Rayner) has.

... yeah that probably makes no sense :/

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Nope... some rings cancel each other out, or at least can't be used together...

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@Hunter114: No.. It wasnt wrong you just don't know comedy.. Peace!
That doesn't address what I said to you... and considering the fact that you've already admitted that you were wrong, there is no point in discussing this further.
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@Band Lone:  
I don't think you understand... Miles Morales is not Mexican... so why do a joke about Mexicans? 
The joke was completely unjustifiable, it would be like saying all Hispanics and Latinos the same, or that all Asians or Indians are the same... you have to realize that your "joke" was not only not funny, but it was out of place and out of context. 
And like you said, I don't know you and you don't know me, which means that you don't know that I like jokes too, the difference is that I can justify them... and more importantly, you know that what you said was wrong... so I'll repeat my last comment: " There's a difference between being a clown and being offensive, I'm just suggesting that you think about what you are saying before you make jokes like that"