Cheating on the Quests...

Though I would never deliberately or knowingly cheat on any of the quests, I have found several ways in which a person could gain points, though if this is done with the intention of gaining points, you should be ashamed of yourself! 
Two of the easiest "cheats" I can think of (which I hope everyone has already got) are for the quest 1984 -  
 - If you make a forum post, but do not attach it to a character, the mods will graciously do it for you (and we thank them muchly) but some of them will send you a PM to notify you... this also works with Wiki edits, this completes the Covert Communications quest. I am going to point out that I did not intend to get this quest, it just happend. 
 - Another quest which can be "cheated on" is the Investigated quest (which I don't yet have) - this I actually found when I was sent a PM from what I suspect was a bot, telling me to send an e-mail to get some pictures of what could have been a teenage girl (considering the site's age range) - suffice to say that I did not e-mail the user and instead found that they had completed this quest... so if someone flags you, there's a chance that the mods will look at your profile. 
 - Not much of a cheat, but for the Caped Crusaders quest, you can enter the clue into a search engine (if not on the site) and their name's should  come up. Another "non-cheat" is the Ducks in a Row, you can either follow twenty-five random people, or you can go to the forum and ask the nice people there to follow you... that's what I did. For the Next Class quest Scientific Breakthrough, you can type any combination of nine letters (unless they fixed it) and for Last Night Cram you just click on the link then press the "back" button. 
 - For the Major Fan quest in South Boston, you need to earn 1000 wiki points in one entry... copying and pasting may get you those points or you could get banned, your choice (wouldn't recommend it) the better suggestion to find a tv show page (that you like) that is either blank or has copy / pasted material already and just write out a synopsis for the show's episodes (I got about 4000 for one entry) and for Mowing Them Down, you can make small changes to pages, if you get at least one point, you complete the quest.
 - For the Critic of Critics quest I suggest looking for reviews that have bad grammar or spelling and mark it down, though there are some good ones out there too. 

Cheats that don't work... 
 - You cannot "fast forward" a video, but I think you can play several videos on several different tabs at once, just to save time. For Southern Comfort on the Pride of the Pacific quest you have to update your status during SDCC, which has been and gone, so I don't think this quest is completable anymore. The Secret Quests in Secret Society are for mods only... if you aren't a mod, you cannot complete the quest. The limited edition quest Dead Head is no longer available, so you cannot complete it.  
And yes the whole reason for this blog was for one of the quests... and for you guys... but mainly for the quest :P
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uh... okay
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You cannot cheat  Last Night Cram if you don't know where is the damn link xDD 
I agree 'bout this, but part of the whole quests deal is about research (or at least that's what i believe) i found it very refreshing, i dunno if the main goal of the quests is to know everything about comics, buy i enjoyed knowing stuff that i didn't wasn't aware of by doing the quests. Greets!

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In a system where fun and learning is the only reward the old adage goes, you're only cheating yourself. 
I do wish I could knock the super sup quest out though, that one is painful.