Cartoon Legacy Part 5: MAU Part 1: "X-Men: The Animated Series"


X-Men's "A-Squad"

   Starting in 1992, X-Men: The Animated Series (X-Men: TAS) was Marvel's answer to DC's newest Batman cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series, the cartoon lasted a good five seasons and depicted one of the more popular versions of the X-Men team based on Jim Lee's early 90's run, they were Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Beast, Jubilee and Professor X. 
Supprisingly this was not Marvel's first attempt at an X-Men cartoon, in 1989, Marvel created a pilot for a new X-Men animation called "Pryde of the X-Men" though the pilot was not carried over to a series it was still broadcast several times between 1989 and 1992 when X-Men: TAS began. While the original airing of X-Men TAS was scheduled to appear in September of 1992, production delays set it back several weeks, though the first two episodes entitled "Night of the Sentinels" was aired early as a sneak peek, but it has been reported that there had been several errors in the animation that were corrected by the following year. 
During it's run, X-Men: TAS has continued the work of the comic book in depicting several famous storylines, including the Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past, but more than that, the cartoon represented social issues like discrimination, one of the main reasons that the X-Men were created for in the first place and something that as continued into the movies. While the main focus of this prejudice would be focused on the anti-mutant movements, there would also be other stories which would bring up things like religion, the holocaust and the AIDS scandal as well as several other social topics. 

Deadpool's Very Minor Cameo

Unlike Batman: TAS, the X-Men cartoon had a massive array of both hero and villain characters including additional members of the X-Men, X-Factor, Alpha Flight, XSE, Cable's Clan Chosen, the X-Terminators, the StarJammers, the Acolytes, the Morlocks, the Shi'ar, the Brotherhood, Project: Wideawake, the Hellfire Club, the Nasty Boys, the Savage Land Mutates, the Horsemen of Apocalypse, the Reavers, Weapon X, Mojo's Trackers and the Brood, as well as many other appearances by lone characters such as Apocalypse, Mr Sinister, Spider-Man IronMan, etc, etc. 
X-Men's original run was only supposed to last for four seasons, but FOX (who were airing the cartoon) wanted more episodes, even though the animators (AKOM) were unavailable at the time, this is why the remaining ten episodes (season five) have a distinctly different animation style. 
All of the original run (seasons 1-4) are available to watch for free at Marvel.Com along with another three episodes from season 5 (as of 19/08/2010) with a new episode being added every Tuesday, the episodes below should be episodes one and two (Night of the Sentinels)    








Cartoon Legacy Part 4: DCAU Part 1: "Batman: The Animated Series"

   Beginning with Batman: The Animated Series in 1992, the DC Animated Universe was a revolution in the way that animation and storytelling was done, the DCAU would later expand to include Superman and in time the entire Justice League, covering nearly every character in DC comics. The original Batman series ran for three years and consisted of eighty-five episodes lasting twenty minutes. 
Unlike the previous cartoons, Batman: TAS had actual guns, actual violence and actual blood, which gave a darker feel which had never really been seen before, the characters were made more real and that had a very big impact on the stories, which for the most part were written by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, who also re-designed and even re-defined most of the characters for the new generation. Where other cartoons would patronise the audience with unnecessary dialogue, this cartoon didn't, the characters were allowed to be expressive and have back stories, suddenly characters like Mr Freeze went from a mad scientist to a tragic figure, the Joker became both hysterical and homicidal and the creation and development of Harley Quinn has made her so popular that DC actually put her into the comics. Even characters that weren't that well known were given new life, characters like the Clock King and the Mad Hatter.
Another innovation was that the voice actors actually got to record their lines together, something which made conversations more fluidic and realistic. Even the voice actors themselves were practically perfect for their roles, the show has even had cameos from well known actors like Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamil, Frank Welker, Ron Pearlman, Helen Slater, Ed Begley Jr, Kate Mulgrew, John Glover, Peter Scolari, Michael York, Tim Curry, Rene Auberjonois, John De Lancie and previous Batman actor Adam West.
Batman: The Animated series has won two Emmys in 1993: "Robin's Reckoning" for Most Outstanding Half Hour or Less Program  and "Heart of Ice"  for Most Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program, it has been described as the second best cartoon ever, losing only to the Simpsons and has gone on to set the benchmark for all superhero cartoons, even introducing some of them, without Batman: The Animated Series, there would be no DC Animated Universe and the people inspired by it would probably have ended up liking Twilight. 
Unfortunately someone at Warner Brothers found out that every episode of Batman: The Animated Series could be found on YouTube and decided to make a DMCA claim on everyone... so here is a clip of the greatest moment in cartoon history:



Cartoon Legacy Part 3: "Super Friends"

   Produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1973, Super Friends was one of the first cartoons to feature a revolving door of characters, with five core characters (Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman) The show itself ran for twelve years, under several different guises: "Super Friends" "The All New Super Friends Hour" "Challenge of the Super Friends" "The World's Greatest Super Friends" "Super Friends" (again) "Super Friends: The Legandary Super Powers Show" and "The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians" 
Super Friends had only sixteen episodes, but unlike before (and since) lasted a full hour, after that the series was cancelled, but brought back in 1977 due to the sudden upsurge in superhero shows like Wonder Woman and the Six Million Dollar Man. The new, updated version, now called "The All New Super Friends Hour" consisted of four cartoon shorts - the first cartoon focused on a team-up of two superheroes (Batman and Robin were classed as one hero) the second cartoon featured a story with the Wonder Twins, the third cartoon had all of the Super Friends and the fourth cartoon featured a team-up of one of the core characters and a special guest character. In between each cartoon was a public service announcement (PSA) made by one of the Super Friends or a tips section in which one of the Super Friends would show a magic trick, how to make something or there would be a two-part riddle which related to one of the cartoons. 
The format would change once again in 1978 with two different shows put back to back, The All New Super Friends Hour and Challence of the Super Friends, which were both thirty minutes long. The first cartoon had the five core members of the original Super Friends cartoon, plus the Wonder Twins and Gleek, the second cartoon would feature the five core Super Friends and newly rostered characters Flash (Barry Allen) Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Hawkman (Katar Hol) along with three new characters Black Vulcan, Apache Chief and Samurai which were created by Hanna-Barbera. The Challenge of the Super Friends would also include the Legion of Doom as opposed to the aliens and mad scientists that usually appeared in the original Super Friends cartoon. 
In the next season, however, would reduce the number of characters to the five core members and the Wonder Twins (along with Gleek) the format was also changed, so that it lasted a full hour, but with only eight new episodes, the rest of the season was made up of re-runs from The All New Super Friends hour with the new name of The World's Greatest Super Friends. 
In 1980, the name was changed back to Super Friends and format was changed once again, this time the cartoons were only seven minutes long, but still consisted of Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Wonder Twins, with guest appearances from other heroes that had appeared in previous incarnations of the show and another character created by Hanna-Barbera called El Dorado. 
After being cancelled for the second time in 1983, Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers show was commissioned a year later, the show would consist of two cartoons which each lasted eleven minutes, once again the core characters and the Wonder Twins starred, along with newcomer Firestorm (Ronald Raymond) The show also featured cameos from some of the old guest characters from the other shows as well as some new heroes and villains from the comic books. 
The final incarnation of the Super Friends, The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians" featured Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Samurai, El Dorado, Firstorm and Cyborg, though most of the focus was on the Cyborg and Firestorm. Each episode was thirty minutes long and had only ten episodes, though the most notable (called "The Fear") was the first time Batman's origin was shown outside of the comic books, the episode was written by Alan Burnette, one of the story editors on Batman: The Animated Series. 
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Who has the worst costume?

Of all the characters in the Marvel, DC and other comic universes, who has the worst costume, uniform or generan atire and why. 
Here are some that I really don't like: 

Classic Brown (Wolverine)
Classic Armor (IronMan) - and its predecessors
Power Man (Luke Cage)
Robin Suit Dick Grayson
Batsuit (Blue Version)

Who has the best costume?

(Disclamer: This is a fairly obvious thread, but I coudn't find anything when I searched the forum pages)
Of all the characters in the Marvel, DC and other comic universes, who has the best costume, uniform or generan atire and why. 
Just to get things started, here are some of mine: 

Kryptonian Armour

Batsuit (Terry McGinnis)

Ultimate Wolverine (with claws)

Spawn Necroplasm Suit

Robin Suit (Tim Drake)

What Is The Best Cop Movie You Have Seen?

Having just watched "The Other Guys" I was wondering what other cop movies have I seen over the years and how they differ from each other and I have to say that although this movie was incrdibly funny, it was probably about as funny as most of the others I've seen. Having said which is the best cop movie that you've seen and why?
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What do you want from... Stargate: Universe?

With the new season of Stargate: Universe coming on September 28, I was wondering what the viewers would want to see happen. I have to say that I was actually quite disappointed with the first season, which seemed to focus only on the eight main cast members and a few guest stars, but without actually having the type of story that we have come to expect from the show's two predecessors, Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis. 

So what do you want to see happen in Stargate: Universe? (Just a few topics of discussion)
Heroes and Villains (SG1, SGA or completely new characters)
Vehicles (sea, air, land, space etc)
Technology (including weapons, etc)
Locations (planetary terrains etc)

Cheating on the Quests...

Though I would never deliberately or knowingly cheat on any of the quests, I have found several ways in which a person could gain points, though if this is done with the intention of gaining points, you should be ashamed of yourself! 
Two of the easiest "cheats" I can think of (which I hope everyone has already got) are for the quest 1984 -  
 - If you make a forum post, but do not attach it to a character, the mods will graciously do it for you (and we thank them muchly) but some of them will send you a PM to notify you... this also works with Wiki edits, this completes the Covert Communications quest. I am going to point out that I did not intend to get this quest, it just happend. 
 - Another quest which can be "cheated on" is the Investigated quest (which I don't yet have) - this I actually found when I was sent a PM from what I suspect was a bot, telling me to send an e-mail to get some pictures of what could have been a teenage girl (considering the site's age range) - suffice to say that I did not e-mail the user and instead found that they had completed this quest... so if someone flags you, there's a chance that the mods will look at your profile. 
 - Not much of a cheat, but for the Caped Crusaders quest, you can enter the clue into a search engine (if not on the site) and their name's should  come up. Another "non-cheat" is the Ducks in a Row, you can either follow twenty-five random people, or you can go to the forum and ask the nice people there to follow you... that's what I did. For the Next Class quest Scientific Breakthrough, you can type any combination of nine letters (unless they fixed it) and for Last Night Cram you just click on the link then press the "back" button. 
 - For the Major Fan quest in South Boston, you need to earn 1000 wiki points in one entry... copying and pasting may get you those points or you could get banned, your choice (wouldn't recommend it) the better suggestion to find a tv show page (that you like) that is either blank or has copy / pasted material already and just write out a synopsis for the show's episodes (I got about 4000 for one entry) and for Mowing Them Down, you can make small changes to pages, if you get at least one point, you complete the quest.
 - For the Critic of Critics quest I suggest looking for reviews that have bad grammar or spelling and mark it down, though there are some good ones out there too. 

Cheats that don't work... 
 - You cannot "fast forward" a video, but I think you can play several videos on several different tabs at once, just to save time. For Southern Comfort on the Pride of the Pacific quest you have to update your status during SDCC, which has been and gone, so I don't think this quest is completable anymore. The Secret Quests in Secret Society are for mods only... if you aren't a mod, you cannot complete the quest. The limited edition quest Dead Head is no longer available, so you cannot complete it.  
And yes the whole reason for this blog was for one of the quests... and for you guys... but mainly for the quest :P

Why mothers should not be allowed near their kids' stuff.

   Within the last half-hour, my mother decided to go into my room without my permission and steal my DVD player, in doing this she inadvertantly unplugged my Xbox at the adapter and knocked my TV remote onto my clock, turning on my alarm (which is radio and on full blast) then onto the floor, displacing the batteries. Once I realised that my DVD player had gone, I called to her from my room, but there was no answer, so I rang her on my cell phone to ask what had happened, not wanting to answer my calls, she unplugs the phone and does something which severs my connection to the internet, depriving me of the Comic Vine-y goodness. I finally manage to get my internet connection back to find that my Xbox doesn't work, naturally I bend down to plug in my Xbox when my alarm goes off in my ear, scaring the bejesus out of me. 
The song was "Momma Told Me (Not to Come) by Tom Jones and the Stereophonics... I am most displeased.