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Name: ShadowStrike

Gender: Male

Colour: Dark Purple (Nearly black)

Function: Warrior

Alliance: Autobot

Rank: Undeterminably

Vehicle Mode: Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Special Abilities:

Nano Machines: His body is composed of small nano machines giving him Regeneration, Camouflage, Weapon Creation, Shapeshifting and the ability to create scouts and duplicates of himself.

Incredible Intellect: He is considered one of the strongest brains on Cybertron


He is part of a special project within Cybertron which is specially trained to dispose of high level threats, such as Unicron, quickly and efficiently. He was created for the soul purpose of killing but when he destroyed all the other models he was decommissioned and shut down. The nano machines in his body retained life, however and he escaped before his creators could shut him down. He escaped to Earth and began absorbing data using the web. From this data he became stronger and smarter. Taking the form of a human he waited out many years on Earth until Megatron's army reaches it. He sneaks onboard one of their ships and absorbs the Cybertron data form both the ship and after a small confrontation Megatron himself, becoming even stronger and absorbing Megatron's cunning mind. He switches sides depending on which one he finds more fun while building his own army of beast based transformers behind the scenes. No one knows what he's planning on doing with these new transformers but he has mentioned the word "Technorganic".

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An arch nemesis has to be someone who can stand of equal footing with their hero. I like Grodd and Mirror Master but to be completely honest I'm not sure. The nemesis has to be a long time villain too. They need to be someone who can get under the heroes skin and hurt them at the core of who they are under the mask. I don't know too much about Flash so I can't really say.

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Nice intro. It's interesting to see Tony hanging around his father as a child since I haven't seen them together very often.

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This sounds really cool. It sounds a lot like there's a lot of potential in this idea.

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@InnerVenom123: I am in total agreement with you. The Anti Venom development is simply taking a beloved character whom I've liked since I was a child and moved him on to the next step of development. 
I completely agree that Eddie was always trying to be a hero and the alien was simply messing with his self destructive brain. 
Long live Anti Venom!
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I don't get as many comments as I would like from as many people as I would like (I do get comments from the Impersonator a lot. he's a cool guy) but I don't tend to comment on other peoples stuff either. Getting support helps you get fired up to write the next chapter and criticism helps make a persons writing better if they learn from it, but some people (like me) have a hard time criticizing another persons work or thinking about how to word a compliment so we end up leaving the page without saying anything. 
It may just be me but I have a nearly uncontrollable compulsion to write, draw and create story lines and characters all the time anyway so even if no one comments on something I write I just keep going with it. I don't give up on them because I mostly do them for enjoyment and wont stop writing until I either finish the arch or story itself, or I just get bored of it. Since I think about it like that, writing it is soft serve vanilla ice cream and people telling me they like it is like the cherry on top (great. now I want a blizzard). I really appreciate when people give me feedback but I will still keep writing until the story's done.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that just because people are not commenting on your work doesn't mean they don't enjoy it. It could just mean that your readers thought that they didn't have anything of value to say or that they simply couldn't think of how to say they liked it (That would be me most of the time). And if you enjoyed writing it then who cares if people comment?

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@xerox-kitty: Personally, I like the ratting system. It gives people a bit more to work with and with a ratting up top people will know what to expect. My only issue is that it's a bit vague on the sexual content portion. It's not like I think people will want to write porn or anything but if we had a system warning people about higher levels of sexual content then it would give people more freedom in their writing and help people who don't want to read anything with sexual content to avoid them. One of my characters is pretty much a deviant and I think it would be nice if we used a system like this to tell readers just what to expect from him.
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@TypingKira: Maybe it stands for For Readers or something.
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Name/Allias: Caleb Johanson

Bio: Caleb was an orphan when he was a child. Both of his parents where killed under unknown circumstances. These same circumstances cause him to become mute, blind and loose all other senses aside from his magnificent eyes. When he was in the orphanage his powers manifested and he could gradually predict events that would later come to pass. His power grew over time and he learned to control it naturally. He becomes distant from other and seem almost emotionless as his powers grow and he watches the lives of the people around him dry out and come to their eventual end.

After a time passes he learned of a coming disaster and of the people who would eventually cause the earth's destruction or become its salvation. Using his abilities he has remained a silent guardian over the years, only interfering when he knew that the world would not survive otherwise. There are hints that he was involved in the early lives for many of earth's mightiest heroes, whether it be a harmless spider being let out of its cage at the right time to be zapped with radioactive energy or meeting with a young Rick Jones and daring him to drive into a base he knows is being used for gamma testing. He has been behind the scenes as events unfold and the world comes to its final climax. But is he on the side of good or evil, or does it mater to him at all?

Age: 13

Power: The power of ultimate sights. This is the ability to see into the future, past, and present as well as use all forms of eye based powers.  

-laser vision 
-see through time and space 
-x ray vision 
-see through demensions 
-see into the hearts and souls of man 
-seeing another person's powers (power sensing) 
-the ability to see all forms of astral beings 
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@xerox-kitty: Is it okay to have swearing if you put a warning at the top? I usually put a discretion is advised thing at the top of each chapter.