Red X Oscura Ch 17 (In The Case Of Baby Doll And Kitten)

Ch17 In the Case of Baby Doll and Kitten

This fiction will be rated FR21 just incase. Beware sexual content and stuff like that. Readers discretion is advised.

Many of the characters seen are HumanX adaptations of characters from the various DC Comics animated series. HumanX holds no rights to characters such as Red X and Johnny Rancid (he only tweaked them for this story).

Let's get to the story already

Our group makes its way into through the final hallway and enters a dimly lit room which resembles the Rose Avenue Cathedral. Except this place has no windows and is covered in spider webs and moss.

We wait silently until both Romulus and I nod to signal each other. We jump back, pushing our friends out of the way as massive strands of sticky webs come down from the sky.

"Aw crap." Romulus realizes who we're up against instantly. "I really wanted to avoid him."

A strand of web falls down from the roof which is so shrouded in black that we can't see through it. A human man slides down the string and lands on the ground in front of us. He slouches as he stands. One eye peers through the tangles mess of hair covering his face down to his large, widened smile. His entire body is thin and I can see the bones of his arms as clearly in this darkness as if it where day. His thin arms and legs are long, far longer than natural. His stomach however is bloated out and hangs over his decrepit legs. Four large spider-like legs spread form his back. These are the only limbs he has with any signs of muscle on them.

"Hello." He says to us in a shrill breathy voice. His one visible eye darts between us. "I am…Aron Ganglious."

"It looks like he's gained spider abilities." I warn the others.

"I didn't think we'd fight him." Romulus cringes. "He makes me sick to my stomach. Crispin brings him the bodies of people he's killed so that he can dispose of them."

The spider's eye fixes itself on Charlotte. "A pretty treat." He whispers. "A pretty treat has entered my home. I want her. I want her! I WANT HER!"

"He seems friendly." I push Charlotte towards the creature. "Well, don't leave him waiting."

"You're kidding. I'm not touching that thing!" Charlotte snarls pointing at him. "It's gross!"

It slumps back with a frown on its disfigured face.

"Aw. You hurt his feelings." I tease Charlotte, edging her closer to him.

"His little monster heart is breaking." Johnny pretends to cry into a hanky. "You're such an ice queen."

"You two suck!" She growls at us.

"You wont let us pass will you?" Romulus asks, glaring at the decrepit thing. I can see his muscles twitching under his clothes. He must be petrified.

"I shouldn't, but…" It whispers.

"But what?" Romulus peers through the darkness at the creatures mad lips as they cringe into a wide anticipating smile.

"If you leave one of the pretty ones behind I will not come after you."

"You son of a-" Romulus starts but I step out in front of him and cut him off.

"Deal." I say with a smile.

"What are you doing?" Romulus looks down at me in surprise. "After what I've told you about him you're the last person I'd-"

I raise my had and cut him off again.

"Spider-freak." I address the creature once more. "You promise not to come after us if we leave one of our pretty girls behind?"

"Yes. I promise." It crawls closer, anxiously looking forward to his payment.

"Fine then." I smile. "It's a deal."

"You." Romulus clenches his fists, holding back his anger.

I turn to the others. "Give us some time to decide who will be left."

"I will wait." It sits and twiddles its thumbs. It's one visible eye twitches over and over again as it watches Charlotte.

I point at Charlotte. "You go."

"Why me!?" She backs off. "That thing looks like it has fleas or something."

"Or rabies." Johnny looks over at him. "Maybe some sort of foreign thing that's hard to pronounce."

"But you can take him on easily." I tell her. "Besides, he seems to like you."

"I can't believe you're really planning on doing this." Romulus huffs. "He's the Depraved's compost. They give him the dead bodies of their victims and reward him with women they've drugged or killed. It doesn't matter to him. He a sadist and girls are his favourite prey. Especially young ones like Charlotte. He isn't even human."

I pretend to be offended. "We sadists people too."

"It's not the same." He tries to convince me. "He's not human. It's worse than the Xenothium. He was a convicted rapist and murderer before Crispin sprung him from jail and he's only gotten worse. You haven't seen what he's done. He's not a monster. He's a demon."

"We're going to go face a demon remember?" I remind him. "We have a plan to fallow."

"Screw the plan!" Romulus grabs me by the collar and lifts me off the ground. He looks like he can crush me at any moment. "We can't sacrifice someone to him!"

"I understand that." I tell him, smiling my dark genius smile. "But I'm confident in Charlotte."

Charlotte blushes.

"Confidence doesn't save lives." Romulus lets me go and looks at Aron. "I'll fight you. Just let the girls go."

"I don't want you." Aron cringes and shivers. "Men are not good. They taste bad. Crispin made me eat many of them but I never liked them so he gave me women to take the taste away. Women taste good. They're soft and yummy."

"Looks like he wont be satisfied with you." I tell Romulus triumphantly.

"Then lets just fight him together and get out of here!"

"You idiot." I point into the sky. "Can't your wolf eyes see through this darkness?"

Romulus' eyes turn from his normal ones to yellow wolf eyes and peer through the darkness covering the roof from sight.


"Duh." I tell him with a sigh. "It's a freaking, honest to Ackbar, trap. If we all fight in here we'd be easily caught in that web and waste a ton of energy just getting out. It makes more sense to just leave someone behind to take care of him while the rest of us go on ahead."

"We don't have anyone who could avoid all those webs aside from you and me anyway." He gnashes his teeth. "Besides, Charlotte's too slow to avoid him. He's incredibly fast with those extra legs."

"Then I'll do it." Mary steps forward.

"No. No way." Romulus objects. "Like I said before. Young girls are his favourite prey. I can't even begin to describe what he'd do to you."

"You sure?" I ask her and she nods. "Then I guess it's all good. Let's go."

"Are you really okay with this?" Johnny asks. "I can stay behind too."

"Didn't you hear what Alex said?" Mary unholsters her guns. "This requires speed. Aside from Alex himself, on our side, I'm the fastest and smallest. It only makes sense that I'm the one to stay."

"You brought the special bullets Alex and I made?" Charlotte asks her.

Mary holds up her guns. "Everything from rubber to that mega metal you used in Alex's old suit."

"Then we have nothing to worry about." I turn around and start walking and wave at Aron. "You get the squirt."

"Thank you. Oh, thank you." He licks his lips and grips the ground, his one visible eye fixated on her small frame. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"We're out of here." Johnny pushes Pandora forward and we all start moving, except Romulus who clenches his fist and stares at my back. His eyes, still in their enhanced wolf state catch a small glimpse of my hand slipping something into my pocket.

We leave and Mary is faced against Aron alone.


"You b****d!" Romulus pushes me into the wall when we're a little further up the hallway. "You killed her! You did worse than kill her! You've guaranteed that her last moments will be a torturous hell! Do you have any idea what that thing will do!? Of course not! You're a f**king idiot! Just because you didn't want to wait to fight Crispin!? You selfish-"

Romulus goes to hit me and I don't defend myself but Johnny does. He grabs Romulus' hand before it can reach me and pushes him off.

"You didn't react this way when we left Hotwire and El Dorado behind. Is it because Baby Doll looks so young?" Johnny asks Romulus. "Despite her looks Mary's a big girl. And I know for certain she can take care of herself."

"It's not the same."

"Then is it because she doesn't have powers or because she looks like a little girl? We have faith in Hotwire and El Dorado to do what they have to. Have faith in us."

Romulus stops but Johnny continues arguing.

"Alex is a jerk. He's a self important prick who thinks that he's invincible and a total a**."

"Love you too pumpkin." I say, faking hurt.

"But what he isn't is someone who would sacrifice his true friends." Johnny drops his hostile attitude. "If he says leave her behind and keep moving then do it. It'll all turn out okay in the end."

"You don't have to defend me Johnny." I push forward. "If you want to go back and help her do it. She'll probably send you back though. She doesn't like being looked after. If you go back she'll just feel hurt and think you're treating her like a kid or you don't trust her or something. She's not unaware of her own limits. She's just trying to prove that she can surpass them."

The other fallow but Charlotte stays behind for a moment to talk to Romulus.

"He acts like this sometimes." She smiles. "He tries not to show it but he thinks of how each of us feels before making his decisions. But still, he wont let any of us die. He's just not the kind of guy to let someone else break his toys."

"Break his toys, huh?" Romulus looks up at me. He thinks back to what I put in my pocket and continues on. "No more complaints then."


Baby Doll looks at the spider-like creature she has to fight. His body is half hidden in shadow. His slim figure looks like a giant in comparison to her small body.

"His arms and legs are weak." She thinks. "But those mutated arms look strong. There's also the webs to worry about. I'll have to finish him quickly."

Baby Doll fires two shots. One is stopped clean by one of Aron's mutated spider arms. The other hits him point blank in the stomach. He isn't phased by them but instead crawls closer.

"So pretty." He whispers as his spider arms pick his body off the floor and walk him closer.

"Looks like I'll need something a little stronger." Baby Doll switches to a blast bullet cartridge. She fires on him but the bullets, though they successfully explode on his skin, do not penetrate. "Great. Spider powers and enhanced durability."

"So pretty." He reaches out a thin, boney hand and caresses Baby Doll's cheek. "It's all mine."

Baby Doll switches cartridges. "Get your disgusting hands off of me." She fires an armour piercing bullet which cuts a line across Aron's cheek.

Aron's one eye widens at the sensation of pain and he wails in agony! "It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!"

Baby Doll gets ready for another attack but his spider arm swats her away.

"It hurt me." Aron grasps his cheek. "It hurt me. It's bad. It tricked me. I thought it was cute but it's bad. Why do cute things hurt me? They always hurt me. WHY!?"

Baby Doll watches his disturbing spasms as she aims for another shot. It fires and he blocks it with his naturally armoured spider arm.

"They said you would stay. He promised." Aron cries.

"No one promised anything about me playing nice." Baby Doll fires again but this time Aron jumps into the ceiling with incredible force, dodging the bullet.

"Why does pretty things hate me?" Aron fires three shots of webbing down on Baby Doll who dodges them and fires a few rounds into the darkness above. "Why do they run from me. All I want to do is play. They lie to me." His voice echoes all around Baby Doll as she searches the darkness, trying to hear any sign of where he is. "They tell me they'll play with me if I let them go. They lie." The walls reverberate the sound of his voice, making it impossible to tell where he is. "Pretty things are cute but they're mean. Mean things have to be punished. I kill them. They're so pretty."

Baby Doll backs up but he's standing behind her and reaches out, lifting her off the ground with his spider arms and starring into her face.

"They're so pretty." He stares into her eyes. "They're so pretty when they scream." His hands reach out and press against her cheeks. "You'll be so pretty."

Aron's mouth opens and two chelicerae fold out from the corners of his mouth. They dig into her shoulder. Baby Doll nearly freaks but gets a grip on her gun and fires into his leg. He throws her against the opposite wall and she falls on the stone ground.


Meanwhile, in the middle of an endless hallway.

"So…" I pose dramatically and brush the hair from my face. Looking back the others I smile and say "I'm lost."

"Don't say it like you're proud!" Charlotte kicks me in the back of the head. She crosses her arms and sighs. "Seriously. How long have we been wandering around? This place is like a maze."

"Of course." Romulus plants his hand against his face. "It has to be a maze. There's only one guy who works for Crispin who would be here. Why didn't I think of this sooner?"

"Because you're not a genius like me." I point out.

"Shut up Alex." Charlotte elbows my stomach. "Who's keeping us walking around in circles?"

"Machale Rinsenberg." Romulus raises a finger and explains. "He's a metahuman genius. He has the power of intuitive aptitude. Basically he has the power to learn and understand personal information about objects, subjects and occurrences. In his case he just knows how to create complex machinery and puzzles. He never has to learn. He just knows."

"Someone who instantly knows everything? Must be hard to deal with someone like that." I say, getting awful looks form everyone. "Hey, I worked for my knowledge. I don't have any meta-human powers so I have the right to be a pain about it."

"He's a deadly opponent. Crispin kept him around to torture information out of people. He's an extortionist and thinks he's better than anyone else, including Crispin."

"So I guess you're perfect for each other." Charlotte pats me on the back. "One snotty genius verses another."

"I'm not wasting my time on this." I yawn and lean up against the wall. "For one thing, I could navigate myself out of this place no problem. It's not like something like this could make me look bad."

The wall starts to slide out from behind me and I fall flat on my back as it drops away, revealing the way out.

"Yeah." Charlotte holds out her hand to help me up. "You look so cool right now."

"Like I said. This maze has nothing on me." I stand up and boast. "That wall could clearly feel my superiority and crumbled from fright."

"Such high talk from a mere mus musculus." A nasally voice crackles into our ears from rusty speakers. "To behave in such a commiserable manner in the presence of a true intellect. I have been cautioned of your aptitude but not of your egotism."

"Dude. That aint right." Johnny pats me on the shoulder. "He called you a mus musculxs. Aside from being part of the Depraved he's also a racist."

"Mus musculus is a common house mouse." I tell him.

"Oh." Johnny steps back into place. "That's better then."

"Anyway," I continue talking to the enemy. "If you're looking for some epic L verses Kira, battle of the brains type thing I'm afraid I'll have to pass. I've already found the way out and since that seems to be all you got I'm out of here."

"So, we're just leaving?" Johnny asks.

"If he doesn't want to come out and play why should we?" I turn back.

"Your escape wont be so elementary."

Some guns open fire from the walls but Pandora covers us in an energy box before they can hit.

"Nice work Pan-chan." I clap.

"I'd rather you not call me that." Pandora tells me with clear distaste.

"No one ever likes my nicknames." I mumble.

"Seriously." Charlotte flips the hair from her face. "This is stupid."

The rattling of the torrents silence when Charlotte raises her arm, activating her gauntlets and letting out a blade of energy which slices them right out of the wall.

"You guys go on ahead." She tells us. "I'll find the jerk who set up this stupid maze."

"I don't mean anything insulting by this but you couldn't even take on the Agent. How do you expect to beat Risenberg?" Pandora asks.

"Alex gave me some lessons." She activates some systems in her gauntlets and they begin to glow red. "Besides, I was using a crappy unfinished suit back then. Now I have my own stuff with me."

"It's true." I nod. "We even gave her a superhero nickname. She's no where near my level but she has the basics of superhero combat down. She should be able to handle a second rate thug with intuitive aptitude."

"Then lets stop wasting time." Johnny holds out his hand and gives Charlotte a high five. "Kill em good."

As soon as we all start to take off some more turrets come from the walls. Charlotte's gauntlets cut them to pieces before they can fire a single bullet.

"Targeting system looks good." Charlotte mutters as all her suit sparks to life. "Reaction time at two hundred percent human standard. Xenothium levels stable and all systems start. Kitten is online."


Baby Doll dives between two razor sharp lines of thread. The deadly fabrics fall like spears from the blackened rooftops, threatening to impale her small body. She plants a hand against the ground and does a backwards flip, nestling behind a rotted section of wall which had fallen away from the rest and uses it for cover.

"S**t." She breathes in heavily as her hands search her jacket for more ammo. "I've seen lightning move slower. Ugh!"

Baby looks down at her bleeding shoulder.

"Must've gotten me." She finds the bullets she's looking for and slides them into her guns. "Let's hope what Alex told me is true."


Flash back to the night before. I'm overlooking Charlotte's training in the gym as I munch down on some melon bread I forgot I was keeping. Mary kicks her legs as she sits impatiently on a table watching Charlotte's statistics go by on my computer screen and listening as I explain Xenothium theory to her.

"Alright, so this means that when the proper chemicals are introduced the mass of object A, I've nicknamed Fluffy, will increase clearly beyond normal boundaries due to, not an increase in distance between particles but a cloning of particles." I look at Mary's face as she tries to look like she's fallowing along. I grab a vile of pure Xenothium ore from the table. The former orange radiation it was giving off in its impure form is gone and only the liquid red version remains in the vile. "Let's try it this way. Have you heard of the Philosopher stone?"

"Isn't that in Harry Potter?" She asks me, excited that she might know what I'm talking about.

"It's a mythological stone which alchemists believed could turn base metals into gold or silver and sometimes be used as an elixir of life granting immortality."

"What does that have to do with Xenothium?"

"It is Xenothium." I carelessly toss the vile to her. She scatters to catch it before it breaks. "It wouldn't matter if you didn't catch it. The radiation xenothium gives off in its impure form is gone once it goes through my purification process. I don't suggest drinking it though since it still contain quite a bit of the philosopher stone element to it. Impure Xenothium radiation can cause just about anything to happen over time. When mixed with certain chemicals at the right temperature it will change something into something else, like metal into gold or a normal man into an immortal. I think there may be some traces in it used in Excalibur too. The energy from it can make just about anything happen. The problem is finding the right combination to make it happen. That combination can be anything from bathing it in the right chemicals to absorbing its radiation while in a certain emotional state. The red state you're holding right now is just a version which is easier to control and therefore has a lessened chance of causing death."

"So, you can do anything you want with it?"

"With the right information." I hold out my hand and she gives the vile back to me. I place it on the table. "It's like magic but a bit different. The laws of the universe say that nothing can be made or destroyed, just turned into something else. Xenothium ignores those laws. I have a theory that under the right circumstances Xenothium could generate a beam of complete nothingness."

"What would that do?"

I take out a pencil and paper and draw a little person. "This is a dude walking out of the store. Let's say he has four kids and a loving wife." I grab my eraser. "And this is a nothingness beam." I put the eraser on the paper and slide it across the mans stomach, leaving a blank page where the eraser rubs against it. "It would be an unblock able, unstoppable attack. It doesn't matter how strong something is if it's erased from existence."


"But Xenothium doesn't just have destructive capabilities. Take my flying X's for example. I can do things like, generate a weapon from nothing, or have a completely solid X dissolve into a sticky goop hundreds of times the original size of the X."

"Yeah, I was wondering how you did that."

"It's because purified Xenothium ignores the laws of creation and destruction. It's actually an electric generation set in my suit. All of my X's get there Xenothium from my belt and that small amount is electrically triggered by my suit in a way I discovered gives it the X shape. There are some other systems involved but it would just make this more confusing."

She nods, trying to keep up with me. "Y-You're really smart."

"Don't worry." I pat her head like she's a little kid. "The only reason I can use all of this effectively is because I'm a genius. A normal person would have trouble even controlling the flow of Xenothium, let alone forming it into a usable item. That's why my suit contains a lot of electrical systems, and why I focus so much on martial arts. I may be really smart but even I have trouble getting the necessary result sometimes."


"I'm not as smart as Alex." Mary aims her gun to the sky. "And I'm not as strong as Johnny." Her finger tightens on the trigger. "And I'm not as brave as Charlotte." Her teeth dig into her lower lip. The gun fires straight into the air. The bullet strikes the stone rooftop and lets off an incredibly powerful light, illuminating the room.

"MY EYES!" Aron shrieks in pain as his eyes which up until now have only seen the darkness of his underground home are shown intense light.

Baby Doll comes up from her hiding place and jumps from pillar to pillar until she's made it to Aron. She holds her gun to his head in mid air and smiles an incredibly dark smile. "But I'm Baby Doll."

Her second bullet is an explosion type which blasts Aron into the opposite wall. When She lands on the Ground Baby Doll loads in new padded bullets and fires at the stunned arachnid enemy. "And I have someone who believes in me. So I'm not going to let some ugly spider freak kill me in a place like this."

Baby Doll's out of bullets so Aron uses this time to escape back into the darkened rooftops once more.

"Come back here you coward." Baby fires some more flash bullets and catches a glimpse of Aron sneaking around the corner of a pillar. She leaps into the air and fires on him. One of her bullets misses and hits the wall behind the clump of tissue, shining its light and revealing a horrifying truth to Baby Doll. What she's been firing on isn't Aron but a mass of his webbing laid out as a trap. Several long legs surround Baby and her guns fall to the floor bellow her.


Humanoid robots crash and fall to the floor as their bodies are engulfed in flames. With lightning speed one girls teenage body blazes through the army of mechanical men and slices them into ribbons.

"Lame." Charlotte huffs and scratches her forehead. "These pieces of scrap are barely worth the second rate metal used to make them. I'm like, totally bored."


In his control room Risenberg tosses a controller against the wall and stands up. "I'll kill her myself."

Armour platting rises from the floor and closes in around him.


Charlotte taps her finger against her crossed arms and grumbles. "Seriously!" She calls out. "If you don't send me something interesting soon I'm just going back to the others."

The centre of the floor opens up and from the hole Risenberg emerges, his body shielded by a massive suit of armour. "How's this?" He grins down at her maliciously.

"That's it?" Charlotte groans. "Your final robot is a lamozoid exo suit? If you're going to come out with something like that then at least make it look like a Gundam or an Eva."

"I'll wipe that smile off your face!" Risenberg reaches his mechanical arm out and fires a blast of pure energy from the hand. "DIE!"

The energy dissipates and Charlotte stands in the middle of an energy shield, yawning. "Oh, did we already start? I wasn't paying attention."

Risenberg tries to punch her but she plants a hand on the robots finger and hops over it like a game of leap frog.

"Xenothium laser to 20%." Charlotte holds up her palm and blasts a red beam at the exo suit which falls back against the wall behind him. Charlotte twirls around , letting off blasts of energy in all directions, laying waste to the landscape.

Risenberg gets to his feet and fires a flurry of miniature missiles. Charlotte weaves through them, launching a single blast from her palm and knocking Risenberg back to the wall again.

"If you're not going to take this seriously you shouldn't even be fighting to begin with." Charlotte laughs. "But I can't blame you. You are fighting Kitten, the most powerful, smartest and most beautiful woman on this and any other earth."

Risenberg swats at her but she escapes him easily and charges her gauntlets for a final attack. Before she can fully charge it Risenberg hits a switch inside of his suit.

Four metallic tentacles spring from the suit and tangle around Charlotte's arms, pulling her into the air.

"Metal tentacles, ugly techno geek and a pretty heroine." Charlotte mumbles, a little uncomfortable. "I don't like where this is going."

"You b***h." Risenberg gnashes his teeth and glares at Charlotte through the protective shield of his suit. "How dare a subatomic mind like yours mock my superior intellect. I've put up with stuck up princesses like you for too long."

"Let me guess." Charlotte grumbles. "You couldn't get a date because of your ugly face and bad attitude so you decided to turn to crime instead of facing the fact that you're just a plain goober. Why do I end up fighting the delusional dork?"

"You'll think twice before insulting me again." Risenberg extends a fifth tentacle. The tentacles tip opens, revealing a series of spinning blades. "Why can't anyone understand my genius? Even the invincible Red X couldn't navigate my maze and had to run from me."

"You think he ran away?" Charlotte laughs. "You really are delusional." She looks down at her captor, grinning confidently despite her position. "Alex most likely saw through your maze from the beginning. That little slip where he "accidentally" found the exit was obviously a lie. He just wanted to mess with us and make it seem like we where lost, the stupid jerk. And as for running away, you wouldn't last a second against him. Unlike you he's a real genius."

"Then he should have known he shouldn't have left you behind." The blades move in closer, slicing Charlotte clothes straight down the middle. "My targeting systems are above even the military grade equipment they don't let the public know about."

"Wow. I'm so impressed." Charlotte pouts defiantly. "The girls must just fall at your feet."

"One way or another." Risenberg snarls, triggering a new tentacle to travel up Charlottes body, underneath the severed part of her clothes.

Charlotte squirms as it tangles around her.

"I'm sick of you ugly b***hes looking down on me." Risenberg begins to drool. "I think I'll take my time and play a little."

Charlotte's eye twitches. "Ugly?" She triggers a feature in her gauntlets and they let a flash of Xenothium energy burst from them. The energy blinds Risenberg, given Charlotte the time she needs to charge her next attack. The gauntlets glow red, melting the titanium holding them still and Charlotte uses this new freedom to cut herself loose. She lands on her feet and glares up at Risenberg. "No one calls me ugly you diminutive little freak!"

Charlotte slams her hands together and unleashes a Xenothium kamehameha wave so large it completely swallows up the exo suit. In order to escape, Risenberg ejects out the back of the melting suit and tries to run away. Charlotte catches up to him instantly and flicks his forehead, knocking him back on the ground.

"Take it back." She fires a Xenothium blast inches from his crotch. "You're probably never going to use it but from what I've heard, this will sting."

"I'm sorry!" Risenberg scatters to get to his feet. "Please spare me!"

Charlotte gives him a sweet smiles like an angel of mercy. "Nope. I'm still p***ed."

Risenberg runs, begging for his life as Charlotte chases him down.


Baby Doll struggles to keep get free from Aron's spider arms but he's far too strong and without her guns she can't fight him. He holds her against the wall and moves in, touching his face against hers.

"You hurt me." He holds out his decrepit hands and chokes her neck. "Why?"

"Let go of me." Baby tries to trick him so she can get her guns.

"You'll just run away like the others." He opens his mouth wide and lets out his chelicerae and uses them to feel her face. She shivers at the disgusting feeling. He lets go of her neck and presses his rotting lips against her neck the chelicerae begin to dig in but before they can breach Mary finally reaches a bullet kept inside of her sleeve and smacks it against the wall behind her. The spark of colliding with the wall activates the xenothium coating on the bullet and unleashes a burst of light. Aron drops her as he covers his sensitive eyes.

Mary hits the ground hard. She tries to get to her feet but she can barely move. She looks at the wound on her shoulder and makes a horrifying realization. Aron's chelicerae are poisonous. She's been slowly poisoned by his bite and now she's too paralyzed to move.

Aron drops down from the ceiling, having recovered from his temporary blindness. He picks Mary up from the floor and slams her back against the ground. His incredibly strong spider arm slaps her across the face with so much force that it sends her flying. She reaches into her pocket and throws a bullet at Aron who swats it away. The bullet explodes on the wall beside him, leaving him unharmed.

"I don't want to play with you anymore." He lifts her up with his spider arms and crawls up the wall. He wraps her body in a layer of his webbing and brings his chelicerae out again. The poison drips from his lips and he moves his head in slowly.

Mary's consciousness fades. "Alex." She moans under her breath. "I'm sorry. I can't beat him. I was too stubborn. Looks like I really am just a kid." Her eyes grow heavy and close as she falls into deep sleep.


Before Aron can sink his fangs into Mary a sharp pain burns through his spine and he leaps out of the way as razors cut his webbing to ribbons. Mary's limp body falls into waiting arms bellow.

"The nerve of that little b*****d." Blood coloured lips cringe in a snarl as Mary is set gently on the ground. "I planned on spending my Christmas somewhere nice like Hawaii, but he calls me to this dingy little bug infested dungeon. Maybe I should have spent more time training him in manners rather than combat skills."

"Another pretty one." Aron stares down at the luscious figure as she reaches up and catches the flying razor weapon from the air.

"I have better things to do with my time than this." Red Claw sighs disappointedly as she drops down and injects Mary with an antidote to Aron's poison. "But if my cute little former apprentice asks, I guess I have to show my soft side and bale his friends out. But still, making me run to his house to pick this up then sending me down here to take care of pest control. What are you thinking Alex?"

"That is mine!" Aron screeches. "Stay away!"

Red Claw tosses her weapon into the air. It collides with Aron's spider arms, cutting into them and spewing blood like rain.

"Shut up. I'm in a bad mood." Red Claw catches the weapon from the air. "If you try to attack me I'll erase you from existence. A pathetic microbe like you should know your place."

"You're mean too. I'll kill you!" Aron charges her but Red Claw throws her weapon at him. Red Claw's favourite weapon is the flying guillotine. It is a disk-like weapon with blades around the rim and a chain wrapped around her wrist. She has a small seven pound weight on the opposite end of the chain but she wields it with grace and ease as if it weighed nothing at all. The top of the disk is decorated with depictions of death. It is the ultimate assassination weapon.

The chain wraps around Aron's arms and pulls him into the air. Red Claw leaps up towards the roof and swings the weight above her head tossing it down on Aron. His skin, which could only be harmed by the full force of a xenothium burst bullet cracks under the weight as he slams into the ground. Aron refuses to lose and fires a web from his mouth. The flying guillotine cuts it to mulch. Red Claw swings the guillotine back towards Aron, slicing three of his arms off.

"I'll kill you!" Aron screams. He charges Red Claw again but this time instead of dodging she swings her flying guillotine around a pillar, angling it so that it comes up from behind Aron and lands on his head. The bottom of the disk, where the razor sharp blades are attached drops down around his neck, holding his head in the hidden cage. Revealing the true purpose of the flying guillotine Red Claw pulls the chain, brining the blades inwards, slicing through Aron's neck. His body falls limp on the ground. Red Claw picks up the guillotine and opens its blades. Aron's head falls out from the blood covered cage.

Red Claw picks Mary up from the ground and takes her out of the dungeon. "Well, I've done my part. Have fun with the rest Alex."


The remainder of us make our way past the dungeon feeling part and enter a new room. This one is starting to look a little hot.

"Who turned on the heat?" Johnny asks. "It's freaking boiling."

"Keep on your guard." Romulus warns us.

"So we're doing this one at a time?" A tall, extremely muscular black man with dreadlocks and eyes that look as if they'd been burnt to coal walks out from behind the scenes. "That's fine with me. Crispin wants to fight the little ninja dude himself anyway. But I suggest the rest of you stay." The heat in the room rises, causing the air to twist and sway. "You're going to need at least that much."

"Let's go Romulus." I look at him and get ready for a fight. "I'll stay behind this time."

Pandora looks at me and Romulus intently, swallowing nervously. "Anthony is incredibly strong, but this person beat him before. To have him ask Romulus to fight alongside him i order to take out this one guy when he was willing to leave everyone behind just to move on quicker…This person must be incredible."

The heat radiating off of the man in front of us burns like hellfire. I smile confidently as I unsheathe my X cutters.

Preview Time!

Alex: "Next time, on a very special chapter of Red X Oscura: Johnny faces off against an enemy who's power dwarfs his strength. Romulus faces off in a battle of animalistic fury against a monster from his nightmares and…wait. Who's waiting for me before I can get to Crispin? Next Red X Oscura, In the case of Johnny Rancid and Anthony Romulus."

Romulus: "So we're moving right along today? Usually you have to rant a little before getting to the preview."

Pandora: "He's just a little tense because he hasn't had any fight time."

Alex: "Human X said that if I move along he'll let me eat some more mellon bread in the next chapter."

Romulus: "So, he's resorted to bribery to keep you in line."

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