New X Men (Intersperse) Ch14 part2

New X men (Intersperse)

Chapter 14 part 2

The Arctic is cold. Very cold. Especially up in the mountains where we are. I've never been there myself before today, but that's what I was told about it on TV and in school. If so, then I should be either freezing or dead. Why am I feeling so warm?

I open my eyes slowly before shooting them open and sitting up straight on my knees. Outburst, Spector, Micro and I all fell down a large shaft hidden under the ice the last thing I remember. I must have landed on top of Spector we fell. I must have awesome unconscious aim from where I landed. "Pervert." Oh, crap. Why did Macaulay have to wake up before me. "Though I gotta admit 'at usin a chicks melons fer a nap isn't a bad idea, ya might want ta try a little subtlety." I could punch him, I really could. But no. He's our only supply of heat if we have to leave wherever we are. "Just stay quiet and no gets hurt." I grumble as he smiles like a fox at my predicament. "I wish my unconscious girlfriend was so obliging." "I'll cut you." I form a little ice dagger to emphasize the point. "Cora's looking for some clue as ta where we are." Macaulay tell me. "Our headsets don't work down ere and we can only assume tha' Iceman and Vibe got hit with some unexpected locals too." "So we're stranded and our team may be in danger?" I ask him. "Yup." "I'll see if they're still in the area." I search out Vibe and Iceman's signatures. "They're staying put." I tell him. "They should be searching for us since we've been out of radio contact. They must have been hit. At least they're not dead." "That's good news. And it looks like sleeping beauty is awake." "What's happening?" Abigail asks as she wakes up.

A short time after we all talk things over we decide to look for a way out so we can regroup with Iceman and Vibe. I feel uncomfortable. I should be able to sense my teammates in these tunnels but ever since we left that one room I haven't been able to feel anything. It's not long until we're attacked again. This time it's the Magneto/Xavier clone. He uses sections of the walls to crush us. I dodge forward in time to fire a frost blast upwards and entrap his body in ice, leaving only his head unfrozen. "Why did you bring us here?" I start questioning him immediately. "The Professor told us too." "I know that." I place a finger on his forehead. "If you don't tell me something enlightening I'll scramble your spliced body until the only thing you can feel is excruciating agony." "I have no reason to tell you anything." I start messing with his DNA, causing a numbness to start at first and then raising the pain levels until I feel a sharp jolt to the back of my head. "You're not the only one who can change a person's chemical makeup." The clone sends another psychic jolt to the back of my cerebellum. "Psychics?" I turn on my own psychic power and squeeze his mind. "Give me the answers." I command him but he wont give up. I finally knock him out with a psi bolt. "I didn't get much but I think I know how to get to the exit." I inform everyone.

My team fallows me to what I thought was the exit but what I find is not what I thought it would be. Pulsating flesh riddled with wires and tubes. Machines flickering as unknown liquids are pumped into canisters. "It's nice to meet you in person, Skylar." I almost cry when I see him. "ProfessorDoctor Stephen Castings' brain is kept in a glass casing behind the skin of his face which is held in place over the case by shreds. "I was hoping to meet you in person before I die. After so many long years of isolation I have longed for intelligent human contact." "Dude! Itsa brain in a jar!" Macaulay realizes. "It is a good thing I always prepare myself for alternatives to my wishes. Be that as it may, my goal in this little venture remains the same. As you know, my life's work has been dedicated to creating the ultimate mutant. Thanks to your DNA I have completed this task." The walls around us fall into the floor, revealing seven bodies behind them. "I believed that by cloning exact copies of existing mutants I could make my dream a reality, but I was mistaken. Then I had the idea to create my Exodus and Magneto who where combinations of other mutants. They too became failures in the end. Even they are slowly fading away. But I had learned something. By combining the DNA of certain mutants with your DNA strands not only will the final products become stabilized, but the powers they are given are enhanced exponentially." "And these seven clones." "Are the combinations of multiple mutants with the same powers and your own genetic structure. In other words, Omega level mutants." "And since they're clones I can't copy their powers." "Precisely. But my goal here is not to simply gloat. I have created these specimens for one last task, and that is to kill you. You see, my goal in life is to create the ultimate mutant and since you are the ultimate mutant in my opinion, then that means by destroying you these creatures will take your place as such and my life's work will be complete." The mutant clones begin to wake up from their hibernation.

With seven Omega powered enemies on our hands and me with no sensory abilities to help us I'm trapped. We should escape but the doctor's had us locked in sine we got here. The doctor commands his creations. "I want you to kill Skylar and his friends." He commands. "That's not fair!" Cougar bursts through one of the doors. "You promised me Skylar and the blonde!" "I gave you your enhanced powers, didn't I?" "I want the purple headed brat and his chick too! It's part of our deal!" The Cougar cringes as a hand plunges into his stomach. The new clone with long blonde hair flowing wildly from his head and chin brings his arm up in one swift motion, ripping out the tendons of Cougar's midsection. "You're one of the feral mutants I was based off of." The clone wraps Cougar's intestines around his arms and ties him up with them. The pain causes the sadistic monster to scream out, blood and saliva dripping from his fangs. The clone who took him down looks a lot like Sabre tooth but it has Logan's eyes. He has fangs and claws which I notice are not covered in Adamantium. He must have been made without using to so his healing factor could mature quicker. That must mean he was made to replicate feral healing abilities at their fullest. "Careful, 54." Another of them reaches out his hand and stops the feral one. "If you do too much you might kill him." This one's a lanky, thin man. Or maybe I should say silhouette of a man. his body is nearly featureless except for glowing red eyes but the rest of him is a purple substance which looks like some form of shadow and his ears come to a point like an elf. "Sorry, 56." The feral one stands back up straight and calms himself down. "I just hate that this thing is a part of me." "I know but we have our orders." The shadowy one turns to us. "We have to exterminate these people." "Why?" A much shorter one walks out from the group. She's wearing a black gothic dress and has long black hair and large green eyes. "Why do we have to kill them? We could erase their minds or leave them be. It's not like they can do anything about it." "59. There's no fun in that. I vote bloodshed." Another one raises his hand. This one is a tall guy with hazel eyes and short brown hair, who looks like he could use a shave. He's got this relaxed composure and doesn't seem to be taking this too seriously. "Shut up 60." A taller, thinner man reaches out his hand and places it on 60's shoulder. "Some of us don't want to spill blood needlessly." 60 slaps the hand away. "Never touch me again, 55! If you do you'll loos that arm." "55, you should know about 60's problems with physical contact." A woman one tosses her arms behind her back and smiles. She has bright orange hair and sapphire eyes. "He can't understand the finer side of the body." "At least I'm not a slut like you 57." 60 retorts with an even more playful expression. "That's enough." A much larger, muscle man with an afro and glasses walks out in front of the others. "Enough talking. Let's make a decision. Do we bring down our judgment on the intruders or do we allow them passage?" "58's been watching samurai movies again." 59 sighs. "Never mind that!" Afro points at her. "Now is the time for justice or freedom! Choose!" "Why don't you try choosing for us?" "ALL YOU YOU SHUT UP!" The doctor yells out. "What is this!? You are my greatest creations but you squabble like animals after I give you my orders!" "Orders?" 60 asks. "Yes! I gave you my direct orders! now go kill Skylar Medley!" "As you wish." 60 jumps up to the doctor's brain jar. "But first." He rams his arm into the plexiglass and pulls the doctor's brain out, wires flying in every direction. "But first I'm shutting you up you wrinkled old *%$." He tosses the brain on the ground and stomps on it with a big sadistic smile. "I hated that man."

I can barely hold myself back. He just reached in and killed the doctor without even hesitating. And he did it with this cold smile on his face. I was worried about Cougar, but this guy frightens me.

60 hops down from the computer and looks up at me. "No stomach for carnage?" He asks me. "Don't feel too bad. That guy would've been coming after you until the day you died if I didn't beat him to the punch and kill him first. He was way past his expiration date anyway." "Dude!" Macaulay yells at 60. "I don't care what e'd do ta us! Ya don't kill no one! It aint right!" "Shut up Macaulay!" I call back to him but the taller female clone has already gotten to him. She caresses his cheek softly as she speaks to him. "This is just the way things are little boy. For your own good you should not talk back to 60. He's had it in for the doc and if you stop on his little victory he'll crush your little body into the floor." "I don't care!" Macaulay backs away from her. "I don't care if all ya are special omega mutants or anything. I wont let a man be murdered in front of my eyes." "Macaulay." I call out to him and motion towards 60. The clone is being yelled at by his tall teammate, 55. "That was great!" 55 puts his hand on 60's arm. "Hey 60, you're heartless, you know that." Suddenly 60's hand scrapes across 55's face but the taller one uses his super speed to escape. "NEVER TOUCH ME!" 60 screams at the top of his lungs. "Never touch me with those filthy hands again!" "Sorry bro." 55 backs away a little more. "Let's just kill Medley and his buddies and we can go enjoy our lives now, kay?" "Yeah." 60 turns to us, his face returning to it's normal relaxed look. "Let's kill em."

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Alright, I hardly ever write on your work because I have no real pointers and the praise I give will always be the same but I'll give you praise anyway!
-I really love skylar as a character. -I LOVE your dialogue.
-the only problem I really have is that the dialogue isn't separated so I kinda get lost as my laptop screen is tiny so sometimes I miss the speech marks...

But yeah, carry on writing!
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I agree. It could definitely be improved by better use of paragraphs. Other than that, I think it's very good. Can't wait to see more.

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A cool and icy chapter!
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