RedX Ch04

Red X


Batman will go to Jeffries and threaten to bring him in for the Twoface thing. Red X blows up one of his bases as a retaliation, making him believe that Jeffries son may be X.

Bruce Wayne delivers a swift kick to an innocent training dummy. He concentrates harder on the form of his kick as he tries to further perfect his already lethal technique. Alfred brings him a tall glass of water and a small grouping of papers. "The information you requested, sir." He hands them to Wayne who flips through the papers while taking a drink. "Thank you, Alfred." He gives him back the files and the empty glass. Alfred steps back to allow his implorer more room to train. "I assume you will be getting involved in mr.Jeffries illegal dealings." "That's right." Wayne switches to punches. "I'll be needing some thicker gear that doesn't weigh me down." "I assume that our black and red cloaked friend will be joining your late night antics." "That's what I'm hoping for." Wayne says as he rams his fists into the poor training dummy. "Jeffries is using some of his connections with some of the Gotham underworld to smuggle illegal drugs into the city from his operations back home. Tonight is a sea side job. My first priority s to take out the drug dealers but I would like to get my hands on Jeffries as well." "And Red X is involved in drugs?" Alfred asks. "No." Wayne finishes off the dummy. "Red X isn't my main priority right now. Jeffries is dealing with criminals who have ties with Twoface. He's probably in on it and he takes priority." "I will have your suit pressed for the occasion." Alfred tells him.

The operation begins. Batman has been staking out the meeting spot for the past four hours and the boat has finally arrived. There is a spark of light from one of the crew members on board and another from a small truck sitting on shore. Six men get out of the truck, one of which being Twoface, and they walk up to meet several other men coming from the boat. One of the men holds out a suitcase which is exchanged for another suitcase held by Twoface. "It's a pleasure doing business with you." One of the men says nervously. "I'm certain it is." Twoface looks into the case and pulls out some keys from it. "There's twenty thousand in the case and we got the stuff onboard." The man tells him. "I can call my men out to load it up for you." "Take your time." Twoface tells him, flipping his coin nonchalantly. The men are called out and start to load cases onto Twoface's truck. "I guess this stuff really works." Twoface says as he observes the men carrying out extremely heavy cases as if they where nothing. "This stuff's supposed to me some sort of wonder drug?" "Yes sir." The man says shakily. "Each of my men've been breathing in the stuff this whole time so they all got some form of the effects. Mostly just made them stronger though." "Perhaps I should consider giving it to my men." "I wouldn't recommend it. The stuff's made with Zenothion." "Xenothium?" "Yeah, that. It's supposed to be unstable. My men ain't even allowed to go near it unless they use the anti drugs to stop it from deteriorating them to dust." "It's not like you can't always find new men with no futures and a lot of time on their hands. Have you checked your local high schools?"

Out of sight one of the men from the boat is knocked unconscious and his cargo stolen. Batman cracks the case open to find a soft orange powder inside. He scoops some into a vile. "Xenotope. An illegal mutation drug only known supplier is in a certain city nearby. Meant to cause enhancements on all human abilities. Side effects include complete destruction of cellular structure, heavy breathing, red eyes, a lack of energy while not under the influence, fallowed by a painful death. Looks like you boys are in some deep trouble." He ties the unconscious thug up and hide him where no one will find him until the police show up before he sneaks onto the ship.

It's not long before the disappearance of their men starts to worry Twoface. "We've lost another one?" The shivering captain of the boat asks seconds before Twoface snatches the phone away from him and puts his ear to it. "There just dropping out of…What the hell is that!" The speaker cuts out and Twoface hands the captain back his phone. "Seems we have a little bat extermination to do." He says, taking two guns out from his shirt and going onboard the ship.

Batman looks at the full boatload of Xenotope and places bat bombs onto each case. "This is the last thing Gotham needs." He says seconds before going to press the button. A hand reaches out from behind him and he dodges out of the way. "Red X." He says, facing off against his enemy. "Don't press that!" X tells him. "You have no idea what would happen if that stuff ignites in here." "What will happen?" "It'll cause an explosion that wipes us all out. You, me, the creeper with the burns. We all die." Batman puts the trigger back in his pocket. "Xenothium is a very unstable substance." Red X tells him. "It has weird effects on people and totally messes with their brains. If it's unstable molecules ignite then just one vile can take out a city block. And if any of it survives then it'll infect the water supply and people'll start dropping like flies." "Then what do you suggest?" Batman asks. "Give it to me." X tells him. "I can make it so this stuff wont hurt anyone." "No deal." Batman tells X, walking towards the door. "I don't give criminals the tools they need and I don't want to let something this dangerous out on the streets. Tell that to the real Red X." "What?" X asks him. "It was far to easy to catch you sneaking up on me. The way you act, the weight of your steps. It all points to you not being the same person. If you know the Real one then deliver this message; Stop doing crime and I can make him an offer to join me. Continue and I will take him down." "You think you can take me down?" Red X asks him. "Maybe I really am the true Red X and your little multiple suit wearer theory is a total bust." "In that case you should be able to attack me without my knowing." "Or I could let you think I'm a bunch of people by letting you loose. I have that skill." The two are interrupted by the sound of gunfire.

Twoface looks down at a corpse he just turned into cheese. "Well, that one wasn't Batman." He sighs, lighting the cigar in his mouth. "If you're looking for me, Harvey." Batman calls out as six Batarangs fly from around the corner, exploding into gas. "I'm right here." Batman drive a straight punch into his enemies two faces and the criminal opens fire on him. Batman covers himself with his cape, deflecting the bullets off of it and Red X jumps out from behind him, kicking Twoface off balance. Batman uses Red X's attack as the cover for his own and knocks Twoface out. "That's enough of the trash." Red X says. "We better book it." "I wont let you take the Xenothium. You don't have a choice." Red X dives at him but fakes out and jumps over his head towards the Xenothium. "You can't let it blow up 'cause it'll kill everyone right?" X calls back. "Then don't try to stop me or I''l take us all out." Batman fallows after him.

Batman catches up to X and tosses some Batarangs seconds before he got his hands on the Xenotope. "I told you to back off." X calls back but Batman runs in to attack him. "I don't believe you'd blow yourself up just to get at a power source." Batman catches X's foot between his arm and stomach, tossing him across the room. "You don't have what it takes." The two of them begin to fight. A wounded criminal inches himself closer to the boxes of Xenotope, a time bomb in his hand. His half mutilated face grins maliciously as he drops the bomb into one of the crates and crawls away. When the criminal escapes he lets the bomb explode, causing the boxes to burst into flames around the two caped combatants. "Is it me or is it getting hot in here?" Red X asks when he looks at the flames coming up around them.

Red X and Batman continue fighting as the ship comes down around them. "I'm out of here." X says, backflipping to the ceiling and planting a bomb, detonating and opening a hole for him to escape from. "You're not escaping." Batman says running up after him. X is waiting up top. "Guess it's bye bye for now Bats." He waves. "If this thing sinks lots of people will die." Batman tries to tell Red X but he chuckles. "Are you serious? Do you think I would let even an ounce of this stuff go to waste?" Batman realizes the plan. "It's not real is it? You planted fake Xenotope on the ship and moved the real drugs to a safe location. Why?" "I like playing with you." X tells Batman, extending the X's on his gloves so they can now act as blades. "Cheating Dent out of his cut was pretty funny too." "You did all of this just to fight against me again? That doesn't seem like you." "And what do you really know about me? Have you figured out my name yet? I thought tonight might be fun but it was just boring. You said earlier that I wasn't even the real X. If you wanna test me then now's the time. We're out of the flames so you wont be distracted." Batman goes in to attack but receives a knee to the shallow part of his suit. "I'm sorry. Who was supposed to be a fake?" X kicks Batman back. Batman tosses flash bombs which explode around his attacker. He runs in and tosses some ropes which wrap around X and leave him immobile. X is out in second, having cut the ropes with his arm blades. He rushes in, exchanging blows with the dark knight. Batman starts to think he may have been wrong about, multiple X's. This is clearly the same guy he fought before.

The boat starts to capsize and X realizes his chance. He tosses two of his X's which explode into goop and stick Batman to the boat. "Catch ya later crusader." He says, diving off of the edge. Batman frees himself with a hidden torch device in his glove and escapes the boat before it capsizes.

Back in the cave Batman explains the events to Alfred. "After that I questioned the thug I captured earlier and he admits to Jeffries being behind the smuggling. I don't know about Red X's involvement. It's unlikely someone outside of the company could know about this." "Then you have an idea as to the identity of Red X?" Alfred asks. "I'm not ruling anything out yet but it seems that X has the ability to fake his level of skill. Maybe he's been leading me on to think he was separate people this whole time. But now I know that he has access to Jeffries information that is hard for even me to come by." "Would master Jeffries himself be a possible suspect?" "He's wouldn't fit in the suit. It's most likely his child. He has the brains and the ability. As head of security he also has access to all of his fathers information. I don't want to make any assumptions right now but that doesn't excuse Jeffries trying to smuggle dangerous drugs into Gotham. I'll be paying him a visit for that."

Batman waits for Jeffries to go to his car from his office and ambushes him. The man looks up in fear at the dark knight of Gotham who lumbers over him like a towering spectre. "I don't like it when people try to bring bad things into my streets Jeffries." He tells him threateningly and Jeffries tries to deny it but the bat grabs the man by the shirt and smashes him back into his car, nearly breaking the window. "You are looking at a lot of jail time if you try that again. Keep your business out of my city or get out." "I don't need to be afraid of you." Jeffries says shakily. "I have protection." "Your protection wouldn't happen to wear a black cape, would it?" Jeffries freezes in terror as the dark knights face comes in closer. "You are in big trouble Jeffries. Don't push me." "You're the one who should be afraid." Jeffries reaches for his gun but it's knocked out of his hand. He continues to try to act tough. "I'll have you dead within the day. I've got my sources." "What sources?" "Dad." Batman lets the man down when he hears Jeffries son call out to him. "I've already called the police Batman." The son tells him with his usual steely look. "If you leave now we will tell them it was all a mistake." "I understand." Batman says. "But I will be back to take your father in. When I do you should not be beside him." "You have no idea what you're messing with." Kyle's face is unexpectedly twisted into a smirk. "Unless of course you'd like to fight it out right now. Why wait until you have evidence. You've been on the wrong side of the law before, right?" The smirk unsettles the bat and he leaves.

A new fixation plagues Bruce Wayne as he sits in the back of his car, waiting to get to his office. They pass by the abandoned oil refinery. The ground suddenly shakes before a section of the refinery explodes. Wayne demands that the car be stopped and watches the scene. "That section is-" Alfred begins. "Batcave East." Wayne looks on.


RedX Ch03

Red X


Another long night in a dark, musty cave with the only light being the shimmer of computer screens. Bruce Wayne works tirelessly to understand one thing. "Red X. I thought I had him figured out." He mumbles to himself. "But that person I fought last night was far too inexperienced." He remembers back to the fight on the roof he had last night. "He was far too sloppy. Could someone like that have the ability to breach the Batcave security?" "Perhaps this Red X was not the same one who took your suit sir." Alfred delivers Wayne a coffee. "That could be it." Wayne wonders. "I was assuming that this was the work of one criminal but perhaps this is the work of two. A master thief and a fall guy who distracts anyone chasing them. That would explain his lack of ability." "In that case wouldn't Richard and Kyle Jeffries be the prime suspects?" "Richard Jeffries doesn't have the physical ability to do what it would take to get into the Batcave. His son however just might." "Pre haps the Jeffries hired another to take on the role of the wild goose?" "It's possible." Wayne looks over the security tapes he took from the night before. "But I don't think so."

Eventually Wayne decides to take some time out on the streets to attend to a currently neglected Gotham city. It is at this time that by pure chance that the Batman catches a glimpse of a familiar reporter walking down into the subway station. She is fallowed a short time later by a taller male pursuer in a large with a hat that covers his face and a black coat. Batman sneaks into the the subway after them.

The man approaches Penny Turman, aka Melissa Devons. She turns to him and sets down a briefcase on the ground beside them. The two talk and the the man picks up the briefcase and begins to walk away after she is out of sight. He turns into a large black figure. "Batman." The man says as he steps back but Batman has him by the shirt. "What's in the case?" He asks when he sees that the man he's holding is Kyle Jeffries. "It's private." Jeffries responds defiantly and without changing his steely expression. "We'll see." Batman takes the case and goes to pry it open but he's tackled by Jeffries. "Are you trying to steal my dads work too?" He asks as he battles down the Batman. Batman is easily abel to knock him off. "As expected." Batman tells himself. "You can't fight." Jeffries pulls out a gun. "Get away from here." He clenches the briefcase to his chest. "I wont let you take my fathers work like that thief did." "Thief?" Batman asks. "She broke into my fathers workplace and stole very valuable work from his office. He neglected to put it away safely but that was because of someone shaking him up earlier on. We finally tracked her down last night and I opted to make the switch." "What did you give her in return?" "Classified." "I see." Batman turns and leaves without another word.

The strain is starting to get to Wayne's head. He acted rashly and without thinking and now one of the suspects knows he is watching him. The dark knight of Gotham is not a person so easily thrown off of his game but anyone can become frustrated when they can't do what they do best. That's why Wayne is now drowning his emotions in a new way, being with friends. "I can't believe you actually took some time off of your schedule to hang out with a couple of kids." Sullivan slurps up a soda as she and Arkham walk along the billionaire. He'd ran into the two of them while he was out on a walk. "I'm not that old." Wayne tells her. "Besides, you two are going to a homeless shelter for volunteer work. I might as well give something back to Gotham, aside from a couple of bucks." "Will that affect your playboy status?" Sullivan asks with a smirk. "If you show people you have a soul they may loose interest in you. Just saying." "Guess we'll just have to find out."

The three of them are surprisingly able to work at the homeless shelter for quite a while without incident or sight of the media looking for a money shot. "I'm surprised no one can tell it's me." Wayne says as he brings a big empty, barrel sized, bowl of soup into the back. "Must be the glasses and lack of armani." Arkham tells him as he passes him a full bowl to lug back. A man yells out in anger as he tosses his soup on the ground. "Are you trying to poison me with this S#!+!?" He asks Sullivan who goes to back up but the man grabs her by the wrist and keeps her from pulling back. He grabs a shard of his broken soup bowl and reaches high in the air to stab Sullivan. Wayne gets ready to defend her but Arkham's already rushing down towards them. He jumps over the desk and grabs the mans arm before he can bring down the weapon. Arkham twists the arm, making the man let go of both the broken shard and Sullivan's arm and then he slams the mans face into the counter. "Don't try to move or I'll break your arm." Arkham tells the man who struggles for a moment before giving in. The mess is cleaned up, the man is picked up and taken into custody since there where drugs found in his clothing and everyone goes home at the end of the day.

When Wayne gets home he goes straight to his cave. "Is everything alright sir?" Alfred asks him. "I think I may have misjudged Alex Arkham." Wayne tells him as he pulls up all of the files he has on the boy. "I ran into him and Charlotte Sullivan ad we where working at a homeless shelter when a man attacked Charlotte." "I assume that Batman made an appearance." "No, but I think Red X might have." Wayne explains. "Before I could move Alex was already moving in to save her. He showed an impressive degree of control and took down a man nearly twice his size. He does have a small history of self defence classes but nothing to that extent. I was ready to abandon my theories about him but this breaks that idea wide open again." "Will you be investigating master Alex in more detail?" "Later. Right now I have a more likely lead." Wayne starts suiting up. "Alex is a regular civilian. If he has the knowledge he doesn't have the tools to break into the Batcave. Charlotte could help him with that but it would be something I could easily track through her company's records. Jeffries has the money and people to cover for him. He also has reasons for hiring someone to wear a suit and start killing off criminals. This whole thing could be a cover so he can steal from other companies and take out his competition. I'll be going after him soon." "I shall prepare the victory parade sir." Alfred smiles politely. "Don't call it a victory just yet." "I don't know for sure who Red X is yet, and that doesn't happen often. For all I know I could be completely wrong about Alex but right now I have no other choice but to expect everyone." The alarm sounds on Wayne's computer. "It seems that there is an emergency sir." Alfred alerts Wayne and the Batman gets to work.

It's amazing what you find in Gotham. A signal for a routine heist in a major company like the one Jeffries owns could end up being a laughing gas filled death trap or a flying bird bomb. Tonight is no different, except this night there are no explosions or maniacal faces waiting on the roof of the building when Batman reaches it, but a blood coloured X. "Red X." Batman says as he looks up at the cloaked criminal who is sitting on top of the building's sign as if he was waiting for someone, and they just arrived. "Took ya long enough Bruce…Oh, sorry. Batman. We gotta keep our secrets, right?" X hops off of the sign. "What are you doing?" Batman asks. "The last time we where in this position it didn't turn out so well for you." "A veil of Xenothium and a tumble with Gotham's finest of the finest all in one night and getting away without a scratch isn't going well? Something's wrong with you Batsy." The two of them wait in silence for a moment. "Aren't you going to make a move?" Batman asks. "You where pretty eager the other night." "I know what you're doing." X chuckles. "You're absolutely convinced that it's someone new under this swanky mask huh?" "You tell me." Batman motions for a smoke bomb. "Love to." Red X says, holding out a hand. "But can't." A line springs out from his wrist and Batman dodges to the side before it can wrap around him. The string snaps back into place inside the wrist of X's suit. "If I tell you who I am or give you any more hints then the fun will be all over." Red X backs away in time to dodge an uppercut from Batman and he goes to deliver his own attack which is dodged in kind. "So, tell me Bats. Why do you have such a grudge against me? Cause I stole your gear?" Red X asks as he dodges the dark knights attacks. "Is it that I steal? That I kill people? The way I smell? Are you angry because my A$$ looks better in bullet proof armour than yours?" Batman knocks X to the ground and goes in for a shot to the head but Red X defends with the guards on his wrists, extending the X marks into blades and cutting at Batman, taking a piece of his right arm and knocking him off. "Or is it because you can't figure out who the hell I am? Am I the quiet son of a mad billionaire wanting to control the underground? Or am I the son of an insane asylum owner out for revenge against the world? Maybe I'm a rich girl with thrill seeking issues. Could I be a reporter who lost her family to crime and am now just trying to scrape any piece of my life together that I possibly can by lashing out at this cruel cruel world!? I could just be a hired thug. Has it ever occurred to you that I may be none of the above? I may just be someone who just happened to show up when you dropped your Bat keys and found some new toys." "No normal person could make it into the Batcave alone. It would have to be someone incredibly intelligent." "More intelligent than you?" X asks. "Are you holding a grudge because I might just have outsmarted you? No. That's not your style. You want to take me in so no one I kill will end up being the parents of a sad little kid. you're too late for that. I've already killed a girls parents and I've already gone way over the line you've drawn up for me." Batman tosses smoke bombs and tries to use them for cover. "I can't see!" Red X calls out as he easily dodges some of Batman's Batarangs. "At least I wouldn't be able to see without inferred in my helmet." X gets hit with one of the Batarangs and falls to the floor. "I'm working so hard because I want my suit back." Batman says as he picks X up off the ground by his cape. "Nice excuse." Red X chuckles. "You do this because you like it. Because you're insane. The death of your parents sent you bonkers and now you take it out on criminals because they are your targets. You're like a serial murderer will target children because they're easy or the homeless because people are less likely to notice. But you stop before you kill so you're better than them, right?" X knees Batman in the stomach but the knee is caught. It's only a feint and X grabs Batman by the head and flips him over his shoulder and off of the building. He goes for his utility belt but Red X stole it and he is now free falling.

Red X comes flying after Batman and catches him, swinging them both to the nearest building top and dropping Batman on its roof but Batman grabs hold of Red X's cape before he's to far away, causing them both to fall. Batman has his belt back and sends a flurry of Batarangs at X, who is too off guard to defend and gets tackled by the Bat. Red X moves his head to the side in time to avoid a punch to the face that seemed to damage the roof beneath them then he kicks Batman off of him but the dark knight grabs the legs and swings Red X, tossing him. X uses the time he has before the fall to launch his own counter attack and a blizzard of flying X's spring from under his cape. Each of them explodes around the dark knight and leave him blinded. He raises his arm just in time to block off a blade that Red X has. The blade is the same he used to slash Batman's arm earlier. He extends the one on the other side as well and the two exchange slashes and blocks. "This is bad." Batman tells himself inside of his mind. "He's stronger than I am. But I've fought stronger."

Red X tries to kick Batman's face but Batman grabs his ankle and tries to flip him over his shoulder and into the roof but X flips out of it and spins Batman, making him let go. Next, Batarangs and flying X's spark against each other in mid air and fall harmlessly to the ground. X spin kicks Batman and the force of the kick sends him sliding across the surface of the rooftop. X then tosses four flying X's, two of which burst into a cloud of smoke and the other two Batman deflects, not noticing that there is a hidden pair underneath which connect with his legs and become a sticky red liquid which holds the dark knight in place. "I win this round." X stands triumphantly as he turns to leave but throws his cape up just in time to deflect  three projectiles. "Nightwing." He says as he faces the original boy wonder. "Look like I got here just in time." Nightwing looks over the battle scene. "Sorry, but I don't have time to play Grayson." Red X tosses him a small sphere which explodes into light. "Flash bomb!" Nightwing yells out and shields his eyes as he tracks down X. Red X is making a break for the side of the rooftop and Nightwing charges after him. X jumps of the roof, spinning around and tossing a few more X's to delay Nightwing before flashing a peace sign and pressing something on his belt and disappearing. "Teleportation?" Nightwing asks. "Invisibility." Batman corrects him. "And a whole lot more power than the last fight. He's definitely a different person than the last time." "Or someone who's good at faking a loss." Nightwing suggests as he tosses Batman a small hand held laser cutter which he uses to get free of the red goop. "No. This guy was simply on a different level. The last one was going all out and this one was even holding back." Batman informs his old partner. "He's also much stronger than me." "Think I should stick around?" Nightwing asks. "No. I'll bring in someone else to help me with this one. You still have your own battles to fight." "Just call if you need anything." Grayson waves and takes off.


New X men (Intersperse) Ch12 part2

New X men (Intersperse)

Chapter 12 part 2

When we left off I was able to bring Abigail's mood back up to sea level by asking her to a new art exhibit that opened in a museum she was talking about before. As it turns out there is a "small" charge for entry which I "gladly" paid to get us in. Do I regret spending all of my spare money on taking a girl who acts like a ticking time bomb to a museum that is about as interesting as staring at a white wall for hours? Yes. Yes I do. This is the most boring TWO HOURS of my life. At least she seems happy

I'm standing in front of an incredibly weird looking statue that I'm certain is supposed to be two people getting it on, happy someone in this place is having a good time. I yawn and scan the museum with my eyes, looking for something that could make me interested. Abigail rushes up beside me, a big grin on her face as she holds up the map of the museum. She starts listing off the places she wants to see, her eyes open wide and shining like crazy. "You really like this stuff." I can't help but smile. "Art's something you can't really learn from books and studying alone, you know." She tells me, blushing as she crinkles the map in between her hands. "It's a personal expression of your soul. No matter how hard I try I can't make anything as beautiful as a real artist can." "I don't know." I say. "If it's an expression of your soul then I'm sure anything you make would be pretty awesome." Abigail's cheeks go cherry coloured. "At least it would be better than this." I point at the statue. "If this guy's expression of his soul is two people doing it then he's probably a pervert." "That's a moose." She tells me. "It's abstract. So you see what you want to see." She smiles up at me with a big smug grin. "So, who's the pervert?"

We move to a new part of the exhibits. This one's full of huge statues and stuff that reach up to the ceiling. We look around for a few moments before the same realization hits us both. We're alone. "Abi-" I start to call her name but she spins around at the sound, slamming into the wall behind her. "W-W-W-W-W-W-What is it?" "We're alone." "I kn-know…so what?" Someone's nervous. I would make fun of her right now if I wasn't just as nervous as her. "What's this?" I ask her, pointing at the nearest statue I can find. "That's a support beam." D@^^* it. I'm an idiot. "Oh."

There's a long, long silence between the two of us as we pretend to look at sculptures. "It's kind of cold in here." Abigail tries to end the silence any way she can. "Here. This'll warm you up." I walk up to her and take off my jacket. She backs up agains the wall, teeth chattering behind red cheeks and her eyes mashed shut. "Wait!" She yells out. "What are you doing in the museum!?" She opens her eyes when she feels a wait on her shoulders. "I'm not that cold so you can use my jacket." I tell her. She sighs in relief. "Oh, that's what you were doing." "What did you think I was doing?" I ask her and she jumps. "N-Nothing! We've got more stuff to look at." I start walking up beside her and humming. "Abigail is a perv." I sing to the tune. "Shut up!" "She thinks about doing dirty things in museums." "I said shut up! It's your fault!" "My fault?" I ask her. "Because you said all those things in the Danger Room." I think back. "You mean about the whole Cougar thing? What does that have to do with this?" "You where saying all those weird things about not being abel to hold back. What the hell am I supposed to think?" "Oh." I get kind of depressed…okay a lot depressed…I stopped walking and sat down to mope.

The tables turn pretty quick. "Wait." Abigail spins around. "I didn't mean that." "It's alright." I tell her. "I get it. No one can trust someone like me. I'm just a dirty minded psychopath. No one would trust me. No one trusts me." "I didn't mean it." She tries as hard as she can to make me feel better. "I trust you really." "Yeah right." "If I didn't trust you why would  ask you out?" "I dunno." "I'm really sorry. Can't I do anything?" "There is one thing." I look up at her with a devil grin and she knows she was just trapped. "How about a kiss?" She's back to red again. "That's what you where planning!?" She nearly screams. "You where after my lips this whole time!" "You're the one who broke my little heart and made me cry." I tell her with a wink. "I'm just curious about that little treat in the Danger Room. Was it a one time thing or do you really have feelings for me? If not we can just continue on. If you do kiss me." "That's ridiculous." She snarls but can't hide her embarrassment. "I'm not ready." "So, you do have feelings for me." I hit the nail on the head. "You're just not ready to tell me." She's totally frozen. "I didn't expect you to kiss me." I tell her. "I wouldn't want you to do it to prove a point anyway." "Why are you so mean today!?" She spazes like a kid having a tantrum. "I guess I am being a little mean." I apologize. "I'm just a little excited today because you asked me out." She turns around to avoid looking at me. "Oh." She says. "So, I guess you where like this when Cora asked you out too." "Not really. I was pretty normal. For some reason I just like picking on you." "That's terrible." She sighs. Have you ever felt like the world around you started to shake. Right now it's doing that but pretty literal.

The ground beneath the two of us began to shake for a moment but soon subsided. "Weird." I say, not knowing what else I could really say. Before I can think I'm flung through the glass windows and tossed into the park outside. Abigail runs up after me. "Prepare to meet your demise." A figure floats in from the sky. He's dressed in a red t shirt and black pants which look like they where pulled from a garbage can. Another one flies in from behind. He has red skin and is wearing a stained white shirt with grey sweat pants which are obviously too big for him. The one with the red shirt looks like Magneto but I'm getting a familiar feeling off of him. The other behind me I don't recognize but he has slicked back hair that looks like horns at the side of his head. "Clones." I say, remembering what the feeling was. I've fought enough of these to know when I'm looking one in the face. A magnetic manipulator and a telepath/telekinetic. Too bad Clifford the big red clone doesn't have omega in him or I'd be spotting some cool new psychics. "Professor Castings would like to have a sample of the mutant known as Skylar Medley." The red one tells me. "We are willing to use force." "Cute." I freeze up some blades on my arms. "So am I."

The battle's on. Me and Abigail against these two. "I think the red one was taken from Exodus." She tells me. "He's a very powerful mutant." "I know." I say, getting a little excited. "Alright. We doing this?" I ask and the two raise their hands. Exodus trapped my arms and legs under his control and holds me out so I'm defenceless and Magneto forms a spear from a nearby lamp post. They try to impale me with it but I transform into water vapour and reform out of harms way. I go in to slice off Magneto's head with my ice blade but I'm stopped in mid air and flung straight into the ground by a psychic wave. I can't move and Magneto is about to deliver a nice light post to my head. The post goes through me, leaving me unharmed. I look up and Abigail is attached to the pole. "Nice save." I tell her. She focuses a punch at Magneto, sending him flying back with her psychic power. "Telekinetic too?" I ask as I get to my feet. "That is so hot." I whip out a few blasts of energy. Magneto forms metal shields to defend himself. Abigail goes after Exodus but he blasts her with psychic energy, easily overtaking her. I save her by blasting his face. He sends another wave of psychic energy at me but I activate my own psychic just in time, not waiting to turn them off immediately after using them. I'm already fatigued just from that one usage. D@^^*.

Knives of iron come down on me from above. My body moves on its own and creates a shield of ice around my arm to deflect them but the get stuck in the frozen liquid. The iron liquifies to its masters will and circles around me like a snake. I dodge the incoming attack by punching the ground and creating a pillar of ice to take me out of the danger zone. I flip off of the pillar and land on my newly formed ice slide and glide towards the Magneto clone who flies out of my way, avoiding the energy blasts I send at him. I raise one arm and form the energy surrounding it, launching a dragon form from my fist when I thrust. The clone evades but is forced to form a shield of metal when the dragon circles around and comes back. I use the time that grants me to check on Abigail. She's holding up as best she can but is thrown away by the superior psychic powers of the Exodus clone. "D@^^* it!" I curse as I let the ice beneath me melt away and run to her aid. I run out in front of her and fire two blasts of energy at Exodus. He shields himself with a psychic barrier. "They don't seem to have the same power levels as the originals." Abigail tells me. "I know." I confirm. "They both have high levels of power but they're nothing compared to the real ones. I remember reading up the originals files. But that doesn't make them any less of a threat." "What do we do? The Magneto clone is messing with the magnetic waves around here so I can't call the others and they're too far out of range for telepathy." "Don't worry about it." I form my ice swords newly revised form. It's new because I sharpened the blade and weighed it down with my more advanced control over ice and water and my new muscle strength. I also did a lot of nice new stuff to make it look cooler. I've even got the dragon head the blade is supposed to come out of just right. I form a similar one with thermal energy. "I'm going to keep you safe, so don't worry. These guys are nothing." I don't notice her blushing behind me. "Don't say something so D@^^* corny." She tells me. "It just makes you look like an idiot." "Whatever."

I charge straight forward at Exodus and he defends with a blast of psychic energy which I side step and turn within the spilt second it takes me to cut down three metal shards Magneto sent at me and continue on to slash a bloody gash across Exodus's face. Exodus cries out in a fury and slashes at me with his clawed fingers. The strike misses and I use the chance to knock him to his back with a blast of electricity, then I fire another blast, this time made of heat. His body starts to smoke but he stands again. "Persistent." I Ice over both arms and start wailing on his face but he evades me each step. "The good doctor put quite some effort into our creation." He tells me. "You will not be able to kill us as easily as you did our brothers." "Easy or not it's still inevitable." I talk back and unleash a blast of lightning energy from my finger. Magneto comes in to help Exodus by attacking me with another light pole but it stops in the air. "What!?" He gasps and I take Exodus out with a flying spin kick. "Didn't you know?" I call up. "Magnetism relies heavily on electrical charges. Positive and Negative. Just like with Micro's microwave energy or Vibe's sound." He nearly chokes on his own spit when he realizes what I just did, but I clarify anyway. "That means I can render your little power useless." I turn the light on him and use it like a bat to knock him out of the sky. I stand over him triumphantly, putting my new ice sword to his neck as a sign of victory. "I won't kill you if you leave in peace, alright?" I say, trying to show some compassion. "Skylar medley." The Magneto clone looks up at me.

I'm still waiting for the Magneto clones answer when Exodus fires a shot at my back. I look back and see him with Abigail held by the neck and his long protruding claws pointed at her temples. "Be a good boy and put that nasty sword away." Exodus commands. "Or we may have an accident." I let the sword evaporate and hold up my arms in defeat. "Idiot!" Abigail scolds me. "Attack him you moron! Don't worry about me!" I laugh at her. "A hero's got to put his life on the line for the girl he likes once, right?" I say with a smile, making her blush again. "F-Freaking idiot! This isn't the time for stupid heroics!" She tells me. "I hate that macho crap! Just save yourself!" "No can do." I tell her as the Magneto clone stands up and then puts a metal blade to my neck. "The hero also has to save the girl from the bad guys." "What are you-?" She starts but is cut off as Exodus's claw is thrown away from her temple. "This is gonna hurt." I smirk as I send a blast of psychic power into Exodus's mind and cause him to throw his hands to his head and writhe in agony. Magneto tries to cut into my neck but the blade bursts open with a web of electricity and I flip him over my shoulder, kneeing him in the stomach as he comes down. I freeze Exodus in place and run over to Abigail, turning off my psychic powers before it takes too much of a tole on me. She slaps me when I get close. "You B@$+@)D!" She yells. "Never do something like that to me again! I was scared out of my mind!" "Sorry." I tell her but she continues anyway. "I am not a damsel in distress. Never try to play the hero like that and pretend your helpless again! I thought they where gonna kill you!" "You where scared for me?" I ask. "Duh!" She snarls. "I can faze through stuff! You're the one who could've gotten hurt!" "I forgot." I tell her genuinely.

Magneto clone gets up from the ground and walks over to his teammate. He holds out his hand and pulls back. The metal in my blood reacts to him and a small squirt of blood bursts from my arm. "Ow!" "I didn't want to do that. There's no sport in it." He tells me. "But it seems I had no choice. You are far more powerful than the professor told us. But I shall now leave you in peace." "Not with my DNA." I tell him. "I could continue to fight you, but I want to end this now." He responds. "But I would rather wait until my DNA has fully mastered this body." "What?" I ask, totally interested now. "I am a collaboration." He explains. "Two mutants DNA where merged to crete me. One being Magneto and the other Charles Xavier. I will manifest both of their powers in an attempt to reach an omega level. That is why I require your blood." "And what if I take it back?" "You won't. I know this because you wish to gain more power. An omega level mutant psychic with both the powers of Charles Xavier and Magneto combined. You want that power. Psychic power with no limits. I can see it in your eyes." He looks into my crimson eyes as if he was peering into my soul. "Despite your avarice you are an honourable fighter. If only our battle was one on one. You feel it too. But you will allow me to leave simply so that I can be complete and you can take my power." "Then go." I tell him. "Get stronger. Become an omega and feed me more power until I finish you off in combat. But don't think I won't hesitate to kill you on the spot if you ever try to harm anyone but me." "I understand completely." The Magneto clone tells me and he lifts his companion onto a slab of metal and walks off. "I too am looking forward to our next meeting." I can't wait.

The walk home is a little quiet. "You let him go." Abigail finally speaks to me. "Well, yeah." I say, feeling kind of guilty. "What would you do if he killed someone?" "You're right." I say, suddenly realizing what I did. "Well," Abigail decides to switch up her side before I become too depressed. "At least you didn't kill him. Unlike the others he seemed pretty human. We should tell mr.McCoy." "RIght." "By the way." "What?" I get a smack to the head. "You forgot something before, after you saved me." "What?" I ask, rubbing my aching cheek. "The hero's supposed to kiss his girlfriend." "Girlfriend?" I ask with a half formed smirk. "When did that happen?" Abigail gets blushy again and takes another swing at me, missing this time. "Well," She says. "If you want me to I could be…your girlfriend." "What was that?" I ask, pretending not to hear her almost whispering. "I want to be your…" "Little louder please." "I WANT TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" She stands there all red, steam practically coming out of her ears. "I'd like that." I tell her, letting her off the hook now.


RedX Ch02

Red X


Bruce Wayne rolls up the sleeve of his canali suit to check his watch. It’s not often a billionaire playboy is kept waiting at an expensive restaurant by a young reporter girl, especially not when the billionaire is Bruce Wayne. The reporter girl is Penny Turman whom he met before at a party for charity.

Turman comes running in through the doors of the hotel. She is a complete mess. Her newly curled hair is slightly tangled and her nervously blushing face is covered in a thin layer of amateurishly applied makeup. Her cheep but pretty dress is wrinkled and there is a faint sight of mud caked to her high heeled shoes. She’s carrying a folder that looks like it was literally stuffed with papers and held together by only a select few courageous paperclips. Though not believing that she is telling the truth when she says she’s here to see Bruce Wayne the waiter brings her to Wayne’s table and is surprised when he greets her.

Wayne looks through Turman’s pile of papers. Newspaper clippings and police reports are scattered throughout the hastily compiled folder. “You’re doing a paper on my humanitarian work?” He asks. “But this all look sort of…” She snatches the files away and goes completely red when she sees them. “I can’t believe I did that.” She apologizes. “I brought the wrong folder.” “That looked like you where investigating the Batman.” Wayne watches her for any sort of reaction that might indicate that she knows about his uncommon late night hobby. Her face is completely red and she shifts in her chair. “Well, I really intended on doing a story about you but I mixed up the folders.” She explains. “That folder’s not really for work. Back home there was a string of criminal groups that would end up being found unconscious in crime scene with the evidence of their crimes. It looked a lot like Gotham’s Batman but there was one major difference.” “What was the difference?” Wayne feigns mild interest while suppressing his own genuine interest. Turman has a spark in her eye when she tells him what she knows. “The difference was that when there wasn’t enough evidence to put the criminal in jail or if their crime met certain characteristics then the criminal would be found dead.” “Sounds messed up.” Wayne says. “Definitely. The guy who did it would always leave a small X like the one in this photo at the crime scene.” Wayne has to keep his eyes from widening when she shows him the picture of one of the X’s found at a crime scene. This was turning out just as he thought it would. “That looks a lot like a Bat boomerang.” He tells her. “What Batman uses are called Batarangs.” She corrects him. “Because he’d always leave these behind and some of his earlier victims had X’s carved into their chests the killer’s been called Red X.” “Sounds kind of corny.” Wayne looks over her collection of files and pictures, memorizing as much as he can. “He seems to like it.” Turman finds a copy of a letter written to the police in her pile of papers. “This was found at one of the crime scenes when he started gaining recognition from the public. Wayne looks at it and start reading aloud. “To the police from your friendly neighbourhood Red X: Thanks for the name. Love it. Here’s a few drug lords for your troubles. You can find the rest at…” He goes over the rest in his head before handing her the letter back. “He seems like a nut job.” Wayne tells Turman. “Yeah.” She says. “But the police can’t seem to catch up to him. He’s a dangerous vigilante who kills anyone he thinks he should.” “Why are you so interested in him?” Wayne brings the questions up. “I want to help bring him in if I can.” Turman explains. “The guy’s killing people left and right. We’d probably be better off with the regular criminals than this guy. And even if he is trying to help us murder is murder and he’s just as guilty at the people he’s condemning.” “Your home town sounds pretty dangerous.” Wayne gives her the folder back. “Where are you from again?” “Oscura city.” Just as he expected.

Another night in front of flashing computer screens and bright lights. Wayne studies page upon page of information. "Alfred." He calls. "I believe I've found the suspects I will be investigating." He brings up pictures of each person. "These are the people who attended the party last night who have had ties to Oscura city. Richard Jeffries and his son Kyle. Penny Turman, the young reporter I bumped into moments before loosing my key, who also happened to be doing a story about me, Charlotte Sullivan and her boyfriend Alexander Arkham, the son of the latest Black Mask Jeremiah Arkham, who met in Oscura city. One of these people holds the key to finding this Red X." "Shall I begin an investigation of the persons in question?" "I already have." Wayne looks back over to his computer screen. "The Jeffries already have a questionable past due to many underhanded dealings that have been looked at by investigators who met untimely demises. Penny Turman's real name is Melissa Devons, daughter of Mark Devons, a man murdered by Red X. She took her skills as a journalist to hunt him down from place to place. Charlotte Sullivan's parents who where old friends of my own parents died under obscure circumstances and she has been attending a private school in Oscura city. It seems that by age fifteen Arkham graduated high school and moved away from home. By age eighteen he graduated college, majoring in psychology. He gained his PHD at twenty and completed his training hours this year at age twenty three." "He's quite young." "Yes, but not as young as Charlotte Sullivan. How does a private high school student with a rich family come into contact with the genius son of an asylum owner attending college? Then there is the suspicious actions of Melissa Devons calling herself Penny Turman. It wouldn't be the first time a reporter pretended to do a story on their own secret identity." "May I suggest investigating Richard Jeffries first sir?" Alfred says. "It would seem that he has been spending quite a lot of time in his office since arriving in Gotham." "I was planning on it." Wayne stands up, pulling his cowl down over his face. "He is my prime suspect."

It's not hard for the Batman to break into a high class government contractors office building. He get to the office where Richard Jeffries is working on some papers and making phone calls. Batman places a listening device in the vent he's hiding in just in case. Jeffries leans back in his chair. "Yeah. So bump up security then. I don't want this happening again." Jeffries complains into the phone before realizing that it was cut off. He looks over and Batman has his finger on the button. The shock almost knocks him out of his seat. "Staya way from me you fucking lunatic!" He scrambles to get away but Batman has his hand on the arm of his chair. "Sorry for interrupting." He says. "But I'm in need of information." "What do you want to know?" Jeffries asks. "Red X. I've already found a considerable amount of files on your computer relating to him on my way up here." "That's against the law." "So is trafficking illegal drugs through Oscura city. Talk." Jeffries sweats profoundly before giving an answer. "He's been messing with my business for years now. I don't know why. Slippery B@$+@(&. None of my guys can catch him. I even had to put my kid on security to even keep up with him." "Any leads?" "Not a one. He just keeps getting away. We did stop him a few times. But we never catch him." "So, he targets your company?" "All the time. He loves any weird new technology. Tranquillizers, communication devices, paperclips. Anything that seems to interest him." "Anything particular?" "No. He just takes whatever. there ain't no logic." "I see." Batman lets go of the man's chair. Jeffries swings around with a gun but Batman is already gone. he picks up his phone and dials. "Hey. We have a problem."

Bruce Wayne spends the earlier night up researching any lead he can find. In the morning Alfred comes down the stairs to the cave. "Any new leads sir?" He asks. "Not much, but I think I may have found out what our little friends weakness is." Wayne says, brining up several newspapers on his screen. "Our thief seems to have a thing for Xenothium." "Forgive me if I'm wrong sir." Alfred says. "But is Xenothium an incredibly unstable substance?" "It seems this red X is a daredevil." Wayne confirms. "And he's not the only one with a thing for unstable power sources. It looks like twelve Xenothium deposits have been bought by Liberty Corporation." "Madam Sullivan's parents company." Alfred notices. "That's right." Wayne brings up another article. "And it just so happens that tomorrow there will be a large number of Xenothium products kept in the main hall due to a social gathering of the rich and famous." "An awful lot of such gatherings lately sir." "Yes." Wayne says, getting up from his computer. "What better time for a thief to appear? I'll be sleeping for the rest of today."

Bruce Wayne makes his appearance at Liberty Corporation as planned. "Bruce!" Charlotte runs over to meet him. "I'm glad you got my invitation." She says with a grin. "Alex wont shut up about swords and armour since he talked to you back then. Please make him stop." "I'll do what I can." Wayne tells her as Arkham shows up through the crowds. "Mr.Wayne. Nice seeing you again." Arkham says, shaking his hand. "Any news on that Myng Dynasty piece you ordered?" "Not yet." Wayne sighs. "Looks like I've got to fire a couple of people to get that thing through customs." "It's worth it for that thing." Arkham says. "You've gotta let me see it some time." "You got it." "I'm surrounded by geeks!" Charlotte sighs. "Anyway, I have to go introduce the main event and pretend that I had anything to do with what's happening tonight." She waves as she rushes off to the stage.

Wayne and Arkham talk about armour for a while. "So, how did you meet Charlotte." Wayne asks, trying to get something he can run off of. "Do I look too old for her?" Arkham asks. "It must seem weird since we're seven years apart." "No." Wayne says. "I was just curious." "We met on a bus. She dropped her books and I helped her pick them up." Arkham explains. "I noticed that she just happened to have an issue of Magniman and I had to say something." "You're into comic books?" Wayne asks. "Oh yeah." Arkham tells him. "I love the stuff. I'm more into anime but I love comics a lot too. After seeing that she had that comic I couldn't help but ask her where the comic book store in town was since I couldn't find one. We started talking and she gave me her number. It sort of went from there." "How did you react when you found out her age?" "Age isn't a problem. As long as two people love each other then who cares what other people think."

The time's come for Charlotte's speech. "Thank you all for coming." She says into the microphone. "As you already know Xenothium is considered the most powerful potential energy source in the world but no one has been able to develop a way of making it stable and not loose that vast power. But unstable or not, that doesn't make it any less pretty." The curtain behind her falls to reveal a case with a crimson stone. "And this is Xenothium in its natural state. Isn't it beautiful?" The stone is projected onto monitors which make it look humungous. Like this everyone can see how the crystal stone shines like liquid. It looks like a stone of blood. "It is pretty isn't it." A voice rings out over the crowd second before the light go out. They come on a second later and the stone is gone "Thanks for the present." Everyone looks in the direction of the voice. A skinny looking caped figure is standing on top of a ledge by the roof, high above the crowd. He's wearing an entirely black suit with a large crimson coloured X on the chest which travels down his legs and arms and both boots have an X on the front, as do both his gloves. He's wearing a black cowl with a white skull from the forehead to the maxilla which has another crimson X on the upper left of the forehead with the lower right line extending through the right eye like a scar. He's holding the raw Xenothium. "I will cherish this forever." He says holding it to his chest. "But for now I must bid ye adieu." Then he tosses an X at the window and it explodes, causing the glass to shatter and he leaps out.

Within the confusion Wayne escapes the crowd and takes to his alter ego. He quickly picks up X's trail and catches up to him a few buildings away. "Finally caught up Bats?" He hears Red X's voice from the shadows. "Here to bring the big bad thief to justice?" Batman tosses a Batarang into the shadows, nailing Red X in the head and knocking him off balance. "Low blow bro." X chuckles and faces Batman. "I know what you're doing." Batman tells him. "You want to stop crime. That's why you targeted those people bak in Oscura. You steal because it's the only way you know to get the tools you need. But killing isn't the answer." "Aw, a sermon. You really do care." Red X throws a couple of X's at Batman. He dodges but the X's explode and  knock him off balance for only a moment before he gets back to his feet and comes back in for an assault. Batman grabs Red X by the neck. "Nice hand shake." Red X says. "You don't have to do this." Batman tells him. "I've seen lots of kids like you. Kids with talent. I trained them, took them in and made them into heroes. Isn't that what you want to be?" "You're right. Oh I wish I had a father figure to set me on the right path. I'll change and be a good boy from now on…or." There's a jolt of current through Batman's suit as it comes in contact with Red X's glove. "I could send an electric shock through the weak point of your suit and escape with the Xenothium. A father figure would be nice but I like how this stone matches my eyes." "I could teach you." Batman makes a move to strike at Red X's helmet. He takes it and is unfazed. "No thanks. I don't want to be like Grayson or Todd. Flying the Batman Inc cape is kinda stupid. Then again, so was telling the world you fund Batman. Are you retarded?" X dodges another blow. "It was just a matter of time until someone put two and two together and figured out your laboured secret identity Bruce." Batman kicks him off of his balance but X is still talking tough. "But I guess I really shouldn't put all the blame on one little mistake. For one thing I figured it out a long time before that. Bruce takes a long, unexplained vacation overtime Bats has a life or death crisis. Then there's the varying age of your sidekicks and bruce's adopted children. Now there's two Batmen and Dick Grayson is looking a little two old for the Christmas tights." "Good observations. Let me make a few of my own." Batman goes for the mask but is sprayed by a gas. "Naughty naughty." X kicks him off. "No one ever gets under the cowl until the third date Bruce. That's teh rule." X runs off, not noticing the tracer on his back or the concious Batman fallowing its signal.


New X men (Intersperse) Ch12 part1

New X men (Intersperse)

Chapter 12 part 1

The Danger Room's in session. I dodge behind a log, narrowly avoiding one of Andy's dive bomb attacks. "Can't hide forever Medley." He calls out. "Don't need to." I call back and toss an ice blast at him. "Twenty minutes is the time limit. Any later and I win." "I still got five minutes left." Andy crushes the ice and flies straight at me but I leap frog over his head. I'm a bit too slow and he catches my leg in his hand and tosses me into a wall. My body shatters into ice and Andy realizes he's been tricked. "Don't face the opponent head on if you can avoid it." I call to him from the bushes.

Andy looks around, anxiously trying to find any sign of me. "D@^^* it." He curses at me. "This isn't fair. The rest of us don't get ninja training from mr.Logan." "It's not ninja training." I call out, sending ice shuriken at him. He punches through them but I melt the ice into water and wrap him up with it. "Three minutes left." I tell him as I walk out to face him. He grins at me and flies straight up into the air, coming down like a missile and splashing the water everywhere. Next he comes for me but I side step him and grab him by the arm, swinging him around and slamming him through a boulder.

I've got Andy pretty stretched for time. "Two minutes." I tell him and we circle each other for a moment before he comes i to make his strike. The first is an uppercut which I step back in time to avoid and the next is a swing from the left which I duck down to get away from. The both of us have big smiles on our faces. We've come to really enjoy these training sessions. I figure it helps get some stress worked out and it's the one place Andy doesn't act like a jerk to me. I form a blade over my hand in ice and bring it down but he smashes it and tackles me down. I try to escape but he's got me pinned. "One minute left." He says, bringing his fist up for the final strike. I feel a rush as I let my blocked off powers take control and send him flying back with a psychic blast.

Looks like I win. "Time's up." Bobby calls to us. "Excellent work Intersperse." He says to me. "Nice use of your powers but I'd like to see you using more than one at a time. You seem to get stuck on one type. But that wa some impressive power in the end." "Thank you." I say, bowing automatically. I guess I'm used to Logan's training now. "Impact." He then calls to Andy. "You're coming in to obviously. I know you can take the hits but if Intersperse used energy attacks or his psychics more often you wouldn't stand a chance going in like that." "I'll work on it." He tells him with a bit of attitude added in.

Lately I've had a bit more on my mind then training. Logan makes a straight kick and knocks me right back down to Earth. "You're distracted." He tells me. "Sorry." I get back to my feet and get ready for another attack. "It's a girl." I explain as we start training again. "I didn't think I had anything for her but we've been getting closer for a while now and then there was an accident." I dodge back from a kick to the stomach. He unsheathes his claws and I step back as I dodge his swipes. "We ended up locked in the Danger Room control thingy and I told her about what happened when Cougar attacked the mansion and she helped me through it." He goes for my gut but I turn out of it and flip him over my shoulder. He lands on his feet and comes back at me. "We even ended up kissing but now she's avoiding me and I want to talk to her about it." "Then talk." He goes for a kick but I flip over his head and create a sword out of energy and hold it to the back of his head. "But it's hard." I sigh. "She seems pretty pissed and I'm not really sure what to say." "Kid." Logan says before he drops down and spin kicks me off balance. I land on my back and open my eyes to three sharp claws pointed at my face. "The heart gets in the way of training. So if you don't talk to her I will." "I'm good." I say with a bit of a meep.

Man! Logan didn't have ta kick my butt so D@^^* hard. Freaking jerk. I just wanted to ask him what he thought I should do about Abigail. I turn but feel a thump against my chest. I look down and see Cora surrounded by books. "Sorry about that." I tell her as I get on my knees and start to help her pick them up. "No problem." She smiles at me brightly before the smile fades. "You look down." She says. "Having a bit of a rough day." I shrug it off. "Logan whipped me around pretty good." "He should really go easy on you." She tells me as I hand her the book and we get up to our feet. "It's nothing." I smile.

I end up walking her to class. "I didn't see you before the riot at the open house." She tells me. "What happened?" I made out with Abigail in the Danger Room. "Nothing much." I say with a forced smile. Something about her relieved smile makes me feel like I did something wrong. "I was worried you might've gotten stuck in all of that." She tells me. "But you helped stop Quentin and you even got a new power." "Yeah, but I can't use it too much since it takes a big toll on my body." "That's too bad." "I don't mind." I tell her. We get to her class and I say goodbye. It's funny how talking to her can make my problems seem far away.

Thing about problems is that they are usually waiting for you as soon as you stop thinking about them. How surprised was I when I answered my door and Abigail was starring up at me with her usual glare and a determined blush across her cheeks. "We need to talk." She tells me.

I get her a drink and she sits awkwardly in a chair by my desk while I sit on the edge of my bed. She crosses her legs and arms as she gives me a dark glare. "We need to talk about what you did to me in the Danger Room control hub." She tells me. "What I did to you?" I ask, knowing how this is going to turn out. "As I recall you where practically begging me to kiss you." Her face brightens with crimson light but she doesn't let go of her authoritative position. "That's beside the point." It's pretty cute how she's still trying to play the innocent victim. Cute and a little annoying. "It should be obvious that what happened is to be kept secret." "I already told Macaulay." "What!?" "Just joking." She recoils as I snicker at how easily I broke her disguise. "Anyway." She continues. "If you do tell anyone about what happened I am fully prepared to have you taken in for sexual harassment charges." "Uh huh." "But since I did play a part in what happened I believe I have an obligation to correct any miscomprehension's you may have about my feelings towards you." "Sounds right." I agree. "So, why did you want me to rape you in the Danger Room miss.Student council?" I ask with a big evil grin. She coughs and looks away from me. "You're twisting what I said. You have a responsibility to me." She tries to switch the subject back to me. "We should discus what happened, preferably off school grounds." "Are you trying to ask me out?" I ask her and she stands up with her red face practically steaming. "How the hell would ask some perverted psycho like you out!?" "Maybe I don't want to discus what happened." I smirk. She gives me this evil look and smiles back at me. "Oh? Then you don't care if I tell the whole school you forced yourself on me while my powers where down? If that happens getting expelled will be the least of your problems." "I don't really mind." I stay confident. "But I'll take you up on the free lunch anyway." "Who said I was paying?" "You asked me out." I tell her. "It's only fair." "Fine." She gives in. "Tomorrow after classes." "I have training. It'll take about three hours." "Fine. Three hours after class. Come to my room and make sure you don't look like a homeless man." She slams the door on the way out.

I think I prefer when the girl is right on time instead of late but what I really don't like is waiting outside of the girls room as she gets ready. That sucks. I must've been standing outside of Abigail's room for an hour before she finally comes out. "About time." I sigh but my complaints are immediately halted when I see her. Her ponytail which is usually kept in a small scrunchy is now tied up in a ribbon and wearing a blue casual dress and glaring at me. It's surprisingly cute. "What?" She snarls. It's so hard to hear such a rude voice coming from such a pretty girl. "Let's go." She grabs my hand and drags me along.

I'm sitting across from Abigail n a restaurant. She's looking through a note book she's brought along with her. "Our schedule is lunch, fallowed by a walk in the park," "I don't like nature." "Skating rink." "Can't skate." "Shopping." "I'm broke." "Musical chairs." "What are we, five?" "Then a movie." "Already went with Cora." I hear a little snap near the points her where her fingers connect to the table. "Well, maybe we should start with stuff you want to do." She says through clenched teeth. "Wanna make out?" I ask and get her note book to the face. "I'll punch you till you cry!" She yells at me. "It was just a joke." I groan and sit up. She drops back into her seat. "How about wrestling?" "Went with Cora." "I thought you two saw a movie." "We wrestled after the movie." "Each other!?" She's totally on the table, looking me dead in the eyes. Should I tell her? Her reaction would be so sweet. No. If I tell her she'll make a big scene in the restaurant. Can I actually lie to her right now? Hell. "We wrestled each other." I admit. She quietly sits back down into her seat. "I'll be in the bathroom." She stands up. "Figure out what we're doing before I get back." She's angry at me. I suck. How come I went on that date with Cora? I'm a living guy that's why. I'd have to be taken or dead to pass up a date with her.

Abigail shows up a little later. She sits down in her seat and glares at my shirt since eye to eye contact is out of the question. "What did you decide?" She asks. "Underwear shopping." I say, earning another smack to the head from her notebook. "You really suck at taking jokes." I tell her. "It's because you're such a pervert." She snarls. "Why can't you be serious? When did you get so dumb?" I think seriously about what to do. "Isn't there a museum opening somewhere you wanted to see?" I ask her. "You mean the new art exhibit opening in that museum by the park?" She asks me. "I thought you'd get bored." "I don't really hate art." I tell her. "If we don't have any better ideas we might as well." She looks like she's happier now at least. In the way out she asks me "The last time I mentioned the art exhibit was three weeks ago. How did you remember that?" "You seemed pretty excited about it so I guess it stuck with me." I tell her.

On top of a nearby building two sets of eyes watch as Abigail and I leave the restaurant. "That him?" One of the pair asks. "Purple hair and red eyes." The other one answers. "Who else would it be?" "The prof's gonna be happy with this." "Guess so. We'll hit them when they get out of sight."


Red X Ch01

Red X


Superheroes are stupid. One man attempts to change the world by taking his specific gifts and moving against the natural flow of the world. Not that it doesn't help. Ask any semi-good looking reporter girl whose ever fallen from a twenty story building and got swept away by a man in flashy undies. But it's like putting a band aid on a bullet wound to the heart. Einstein said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." If so, does that mean that superheroes are insane? And if that is true then that means that the normal people who rely on them and expect them to protect us are also insane. Has the world gone nuts? Maybe. And maybe it's not such a bad thing. Perhaps human kind needs to be insane to live with what it is. Perhaps we've lost what we needed to keep our lives and our sanity. Perhaps we where simply born into this world so that we could slowly loose ourselves to the madness that requires a saviour in patriotic garbs to fly in and hand us what we have become to violent and stupid to find ourselves. Or I could be over thinking it. The world has clearly lost its mind. Humanity has lost its soul. The insane are more understandable than the sane and the heroes fight a pointless battle to no avail against the forces deemed evil by a flawed system. To me there is only one possible reason; The world is flawed so one must make their own "justice" make their own decisions and break the man made rules when it seems right. There is no right or wrong so you have to make your own and live by it, no matter what obstacles lie in your way. Even if they have a big letter or an animal on their chest.

A bright glare reflects against intensely focused eyes, the eyes of a man looking for justice in the insane world. One of the insane attempting to achieve the impossible. This particular individual is named Bruce Wayne but the night streets of Gotham know him by a different name. They witnessed his life, his growth and his rebirth. They are a part of him and in a way his creator. He is the Batman and he is continuing his search for the remedy to his pain. The cure to his moments of sanity. "Have you located any information about the robberies?" A wrinkled old man in a suit walks out from the dark corridors with a saucer of drinks in his hands. "Not yet Alfred." The caped crusader takes a steaming cup from the saucer and sips from it as his eyes move from monitor to monitor. "It has been a month since the latest technology was stollen from Wayne Enterprises without any trace of the perpetrator. "We only have this as a clue but there are no finger prints or any sign of who made it or how it was manufactured." Bruce rubs his eyes and holds up a small red X that had been sharpened as if to act as a throwing star. "There should be some sort of clue in how it was made or in the design that could lead me to whoever created it, but there isn't." "Could it be one of your regulars sir?" Alfred asks him. "No. It doesn't fit any of my enemies styles. Anyone I could think of is already in Arkham." "It has to be someone new." The newest Robin, Damien Wayne walks out from the shadows alongside his partner Dick Grayson, the second Batman. "We found one as well." Grayson tosses his X to Wayne who looks the item over. "And what did you loose?" He asks the former acrobat who takes a seat beside him at the Bat Computer. "One of my old Nightwing suits. Didn't even know it was gone until I found the X laying by my hiding place. What did he take from you? Plasma cannon? Teleportation ray?" "Invisibility belt." "Spiffy." Wayne looks over the X's again. "Are you he left nothing else?" "Nadda." Grayson shrugs. "But it's disturbing." "How so?" "The costume was being kept at my house. That means he knows I'm Nightwing and that means all of our identities may have been compromised." "He does." Bruce holds up another X. This one has the words "That's two I owe you" written on it. "This time he took a Bat suit." "He was in the cave!?" Grayson asks. "He escaped with one of my Bat suits and left without triggering security or leaving ay evidence." Wayne tosses the X. It stabs the ground and pierces straight through. "This is no ordinary criminal and it seems to have a thing for Wayne related merchandise." "More like Batman related." Damien says, looking over the crime scene himself. "Think he used the belt to get the suit?" "Inferred would have picked him up." Wayne shoots the theory down. "But whoever this is I will find him."

The next few weeks pass with no leads. Eventually it becomes time for one of the many Wayne charity funds to hold an annual ball in Wayne manor. "Having fun?" Grayson asks as he shakes Wayne's hand. "Honestly I'd rather be working right now." Wayne sighs. "I know what you mean, but you can't win them all." Grayson looks around the room. "If I where you I'd relax a bit while this is going on and try to look like you've had some sleep in the past few days." "Right." Wayne goes to get something to eat. "Bruce Wayne." Wayne looks up at a familiar face he'd rather forget. "Richard Jeffries." He puts on a smile and shakes the mans hand. "Haven't seen you in a long time." "Well, you know." The blonde man smiles, his blue eyes looking over the spread. "You know me. No will power." "You never could resist anything you could get for free." "Odd thing for a man born into money." Jeffries takes some of almost everything and starts chomping down. "Careful or you might end up putting on wait." Wayne smiles and hands him a serviette. The man is huge, clearly a result of his lifestyle. "Well, I got my ways of keeping fit." "Maybe you could send some of that good fortune my way." "Yeah, I heard about that little break in. Tough luck." "Well, I just wish I could just forget the whole thing and go to some tropic beach, but I did that last weekend." The fat man laughs at the joke, dropping some of his food back into his napkin. "That's what I like about you Bruce. No worries. Hey. Have you met my assistant?"

Jeffries waves over to a young man who walks up to them. The man has a dark look to him. His hair is dark black and his blue eyes seem to pierce through whoever he looks at. "This is my boy Kyle." Richards grabs the boy by the shoulder. "Kids a little wiz when it comes to technology. I got him working on some special projects." "Oh." Wayne hides his shock. "Who's the mother?" "One of my employees." Jeffries smirks. "Sadly she ended up dying a while ago. A little after this guy was born." "That's too bad." Wayne looks over to the boy. "I'm sorry to hear that." "This kid's great though." Jeffries pats the boys shoulder. "He got my whole plan for the next few months set up. We may be blowing your sales out of the water. That is if we weren't stationed in different cities." "I don't know." Wayne tells him. "Gotham isn't that far from where you are. If you moved closer to us then you could get some good business, that is if you can actually put my company under. Anyway Richard, I've got some things I need to take care of but enjoy the party. Nice meeting you." He says to the kid before walking off. The two who are left exchange serious look and part.

Wayne walks through the crowd of people but accidentally bumps into someone. "Sorry about that." He says to the person who he now notices is a girl. "No problem." She says in return and he helps her back to her feet. "Ohmygosh! You're…um sorry!" She says excitedly. Wayne smiles and holds out his hand. "Bruce Wayne." "Yeah, I'm Bruce Wayne. No, you're Bruce Wayne. I'm Kenny. Penny! Hi. Can I start over?" She asks. "No no. Please continue." Wayne smiles charmingly. "I'm Penny Turman." She holds out her hand to shake. She's very pretty. Her Dark brown hair flows down to her shoulders and the curls she did for this party bounce with her every action. Her grey eyes are wide with excitement. "Nice to meet you Penny." Wayne shakes. "Sorry, but I've got some things I need to take care of. Enjoy the party." "I will!" She calls out nervously.

Wayne finally gets through the crowd of people and to one of the uninhabited rooms. He flips a hidden switch and heads inside. He makes it to a door that requires a pass key and reaches into his coat pocket. "It's not here." He hears a noise from behind his already closed secret door. He quietly walks up to it and peeks through one of the hidden holes. A young man with dark, almost black, brown hair and brown eyes looks around. "This dude is freaking Bill Gates rich." "Alex." A girl walks in behind him. "We're supposed to stay at the party." She's got long orange coloured hair down to her mid back which has also been curled like the girl from before but hers is far better done, as if by a professional. "I invited you as my date. Not as my tour guide." "Check it out Charlotte." He calls back to her. "This dude's got a major thing for armour. The whole room's full of it. This is so cool." "Come on. I want to go back to the party. You can look at weird stuff at your dad's asylum." "Not after he went postal." "Alexander Arkham, if I'm not being swept off of my feet and surrounded by music and fancy food in three minutes I will scream my lungs out." "Fine." The guy leaves the room and takes the girl out to her party. "And I thought I had lady problems." Wayne walks out from the hidden door. He looks over at one of his armoured suits. "Pretty cool."

It's not long before Wayne sees the kids again. Alfred had found his card key but Wayne isn't convinced that he'd simply dropped it. The Batman wouldn't make a mistake like that. He greets his guests one by one, looking for anyone he could see as a suspect. He starts to think he's just been spending too long in the Bat Cave. "Hello mr.Wayne." Charlotte says with a short curtsy when he gets to her family. "You're looking very pretty this evening." He does a bow. "Had to pretty myself up for my boyfriend. He's never been to a party like this before." "Charlotte Sullivan with a boyfriend? Aren't you only in high school?" "I graduated three years ago and I'm twenty one." She gives him a look and he laughs it off. "So, who's this mystery man?" "Here he is." She excitedly grabs on to the arm of guy behind her who is looking around the room, not paying attention. He looks over and holds out his unoccupied arm. "Hey, I'm Alex Arkham." He smiles and Wayne shakes. "Bruce Wayne." "You own all the armour." Arkham realizes and suddenly puts more into his side of the shake. "I've got everything from ancient samurai to modern warfare. You should see the tank I keep in the garage." Wayne smiles, feeling that the first lively conversation of the evening had just started. "You got any crazy stuff? Crazy samurai swords or like, dragon helmets?" "I've got suits that would blow your mind." After that he runs into Penny Turman again and as it turns out she's working for a small newspaper in town and is doing a story on him. Wayne answers her stutter filled questions and eventually sets up a time for the two of them to talk more thoroughly about her story.

Later in the Batcave, Wayne continues to rummage through both videos of the break in and his latest party. "I wouldn't just misplace my key like that." He mutters aloud. "If my hunch is correct then someone at this party was the culprit." "Yeah." Grayson walks down the stairs and looks over the screens as well. "I'd say we've got Richard Jeffries on our list of suspects. He's had it in for your company since I was still flying in red and green tights." "Shouldn't you be somewhere?" Wayne asks Grayson who shrugs. "I've got some time to kill so I thought I'd help you bag this thief." "I don't need the help." Wayne examines the X's again while Grayson rubs an aching shoulder and sighs. "You know where to find me." He says before leaving. Wayne looks through the screens once more before he writes a note to himself and shuts down for the night. "Quitting sir?" Alfred asks as he opens the door for him. "I've got a date tomorrow with ms.Turman."


New X men (Intersperse) Ch11 Part2

New X men (Intersperse)

Chapter 11 part 02

The Xavier school open house seemed like it would continue as another ordinary day, but as I've already learned, this day will be something out of the norm. And the biggest event of the evening is just about to unfold.

Eventually Leech leaves the infirmary next to the Danger Room's control room. I notice that my ability to sense mutant energy signatures has returned to me along with all of my obtained powers. "I think my powers are back." I tell Abigail, who is sitting on the other side of the room, facing the wall. "Let's get out of here." She says and walks over to me, grabbing my wrist and dragging me out through the door. We faze through the door but walk right into two of the blonde siblings on mr.Summer's team. "Sorry about that." I apologize as I help the one that fell back up. "What are you guys doing down here?" One of them asks us. "We couldn't use our powers and got stuck in the Danger Room." I explain. "Didn't you hear" "That the professor" "Was taken hostage?" Weird monotone thing happens with the siblings. "Who would do that?" I ask. "Quentin Quire. He got a bunch of students together and they're attacking the school." One of them steps forward. She seems more fired up for whatever they're doing than the others. "Is Quentin a hyper smart psychic?" I ask. "Yeah." Abigail confirms. "I saw his powers once when I walked in on mr.Summers looking through student files. His file said he was an omega level mutant." "We are planning on" "Taking him down using Cerebro" "And our combined powers." "And we hope that will compensate for the Kick." "But we'll need someone to keep him distracted while we do." Monotone is cool. "Just my specialty." I smirk but one of the siblings looks at me and says "Are you sure you can fight him? He's on Kick, a mutant enhancing drug." "All I need to do is distract his mind." I say, walking up to the elevator. "I"m feeling pretty good right now."

I'm pretty confident. Hell, I'm overconfident. Normally I wouldn't walk right into a death match with another student but D@^^* it I feel good. I find Quentin with my sensing ability and head straight to him. It's freaking mayhem out here. When I find him he's already taking on those who remain opposing him. I walk up through the unconscious and injured bodies of my classmates, starting to get a feel for the situation. "You weren't here before." Quentin says, turning to face me. We're standing a few feet apart but I can feel his killer intent. We're just outside the school. I can see the prof standing by the entrance. "Are you with us or another Xavier clone?" He looks me over. "You're Skylar Medley. The omega mutant copycat. I've read all about you." He smiles confidently. "And I've also anticipated your attack. I already have the necessary blocks in place, thanks to ms.Frost, so go ahead and attack if you will." "Blocks?" I wonder out loud. Quentin looks at me with a disappointed look. "You didn't know? Ms.Frost has had blocks set up in omega level student like me, protecting us from your power stealing. I've already taken the liberty of enhancing my own ones so you can forget about copying me." I had no idea ms.Frost set something like that up. No wonder I haven't sensed this guy before. I thought it was weird I still don't have psychic powers and I'm so close to him. "Sounds like fun." I smirk, brimming with confidence. "This is a side of you I didn't expect to see." Quentin tells me. "When I saw you on the first day of school I never would've guessed you had such a ridiculous amount of arrogance." "I'm just having a good day." I say and point at him, letting a beam of ice shoot forward. Quentin blocks it with a psychic attack. Next I slash my arms through the air, sending turrets of condensed water vapour towards him. He blocks that with his psychic powers too. Apparently psychic beats ice. How about energy? I put my two arms together and fire a blast of psychic energy at him. He blocks it the same way again but this time I'm not standing where I was before. I come in from the lower left and go in to freeze his leg but he tosses me back with his mind. I slam against the far wall and hop down out of the wreckage.

Despite the professor asking me not too I continue the battle. This time I charge my arms and legs with energy and charge in. I punch at Quentin, not a single hit getting through. His power in incredible. Now that I've thought about it he has so much power. I'm not sure I can win, but I only need to do my part to distract him. I create large ice blades around my arms and ice slide closer to him, dodging psychic bolts on my way over. "Not fast enough." I say as I fire the blades from my arms like missiles and they shatter against Quentin's defence. Quentin gets his shot and knocks me off of my ice slide. When I hit the ground he lifts me off of it and tosses me across the room, slamming me into each wall. It's not looking good. I stand up, letting my healing powers take over the repair work. He unleashes another devastating blast at me. I throw up a shield of ice but it only makes it to water form before I'm blown back. "You can't stop me from expressing myself." He calls out to me. I decide to give this new thing I've been working on a try but I can't get it to work. Quentin blasts me again and I slam up into the wall another time. This time he send blast after blast at me, crushing me against the wall. The stone behind me begins to crumble and I can taste my own blood in my mouth and nose. I'm being crushed.

Quentin has me outmatched. His psychic blasts completely decimate my ice and energy attacks and now he's got me pinned and helpless. "I've killed before. Don't think I wont do it again." He tells me. "So, you're a murderer?" I say, feeling a new reason to fight. If I let this continue then someone might die. I strain my mind. I have to focus. If I'm wrong, even the tiniest bit then I'm dead. My molecules burst apart as Quentin's last attack comes breaking down through the wall. I'm completely gone. He looks looks around frantically, the effects of the drugs taking hold. My body reappears behind him in the form of water but then solidifies into my flesh and blood. Quentin realizes too late and I deliver a nice shot to the back of his head. He panics and tries to attack my mind but my natural psychic defence pushes him back. My head starts to ache as he pours on the pressure, trying to break down my mental barrier. I can tell from his powers that he can focus on me and keeping the girls from getting in his head. This isn't going to work. It feels like my head is being drilled into and my mind goes blank for a moment as the psychic energy explodes between us and Quentin is sent sliding across the floor by the pressure. He grabs an inhaler from his pocket and breaths in. "Let's see you stop me now." He grins at me. The next thing I feel is my mind being attacked. This time it is far stronger. My vision begins to blur but there is another feeling.

Quentin looks down at me as he walks up. I'm on my knees, feeling his powers dig at my minds defences. It's like steel on steel. Neither will give in, but I'm starting to feel a whole lot more confident. "This is who I am." Quentin says to me. "Deal with it. We're the superior race. We have to show the world what we can do." I stand up, shocking him that I can defy his power. "There are seven hundred and twenty six arguments I could give you." I tell him. "But I know that this isn't really all about humans and mutants." "How would you know that?" Quentin asks me, clearly threatened by me. "Because I just read your mind, orphan boy." I smirk as my mind delves into his, digging up as much info as I can. "Honestly." I sigh. "That's such a lame reason to start a riot in school." He goes to hit me but I'm out of the way in a flash. His mind is too strong for me to keep looking for info but I've got a little extra help with that super intellect. Now I can focus on a tone at a time. I use my ice to create an army of clones of myself who attack Quentin but he's able to blast each one apart but not in time to stop himself from being blasted by a heat wave from my fist. He turns angrily and I grab his neck, turning my hand to ice and separating from it, forming my hand again in its place but leaving the ice clone to hold onto my enemy. Next comes my energy swords. I form them in my hands and charge at Quentin who blasts me with psychic energy, unfortunately for him a psychic image of me isn't as susceptible to pain as the real me. I come in from the side and cut across his chest, missing by a very small amount. Quentin gets me back with a major blast of energy. It rips the skin off of my forearms and ankles but other than that I'm fine. Quentin starts ranting to the prof. I'm not really listening. I'm having too much fun. Since I just copy the base power of any omega I come close too I don't have anywhere near as much psychic ability Quentin does but since I have all these other powers I can still keep up and my psychic link helps too but it isn't enough. I may just loose and for some reason I enjoy the feeling.

We're about to get into the fight again when the blonde girls intervene. "Is her head floating?" I ask when I see one of the sisters is using Cerebro and her body totally isn't there. They thank me for the help and go on to defeat Quentin using their combined minds. He's left completely put of it and taken in by the x men. I totally wanted to finish our fight. As it turns out, one of the sisters died in the fight.

I don't know what happened to Quentin. After he was taken in by the x men I didn't hear about him. His little tirade turned out to be just a little spasm and the school turned back to normal pretty fast. I used up way to much calories with Quentin's powers. So much to the point that I nearly collapsed after the fight. I decide not to use his powers anymore. Being a psychic genius is awesome but it takes way to big of a strain on my body to use these specific powers. I want to use them so badly though. The amount of power I got from being psychic opened up a whole new world of possibilities and the stuff I thought from having Quentin's thoughts for just that amount of time. It was intense. I want psychic powers so badly. Oh well, I'm sure there's another omega level psychic out there whose powers don't come at such an annoying price. I guess the only issue I still have is a blonde one who rushes off every time I try to confront her about the Danger Room.


New X men (Intersperse) Ch11 Part1

New X men (Intersperse)

Chapter 11 part 01

It's the day of the Xavier open house. For the past while everyone's been working on it. I'm sucked into working on decorations because Abigail's part of the decoration committee. I'm not in the mood for this. I hate stuff like open houses and other crap like that. I'd always skip social school events before but now I'm stuck.

I lug a bunch of banners and stuff around with a big frown on my face. "Don't look so mopey." Abigail shows up out of nowhere. She's looking at me with her arms crossed across her chest and a nagging look on her face. "This is the least you can do for the school." I scowl right back at her and groan. "Aye aye, captain." I salute and she smiles in victory. She's been avoiding me lately but now she's at least talking to me again. I thought she might have been angry but maybe she was just stuck with a tone of work for this open house. I guess being her slave for the day is a small price to pay to get her acting like normal again.

I'm part way through painting something for one of the classes, can't tell what it is or why they need it, when I feel a presence behind me. "Hey." Cora says as she bends down to see me since I have to kneel on the floor to paint this monstrosity. "Sup." I say back, taking the opportunity to take a break. Cora's fingers twist through her hair, twisting the black strands around itself. "I was wondering if you wanted any help." Se says. I can practically see angel wings on her back. This is not a one person job. "Thanks." I had her a paint brush. "I can really use the help."

Has anyone ever thought they ha a genius idea and the seconds before you could execute it someone else swoops in and unknowingly takes the chance right out from under you? Abigail has. She's looking in through the doorway outside of the gymnasium Cora and I are working in. She sigh in disappointment and turns to walk away but back right into Alena. 'They look cute.' Alena holds up her note pad. Abigail snaps into strict mode. "I guess." She says unconvincingly. "They definitely compliment each other." 'Is that spite in your voice?' Alena has her pervert smirk on. "Why would I?" Abigail asks her. 'The burning passion you feel towards our cutely awkward teammate?' "That's stupid." Abigail starts to walk away but Alena pushes her notebook into her face before she can get away. 'You're right. After last night it wouldn't matter anyway.' "L-Last night!?" Abigail is completely shocked. She looks back in at the two of us painting and then back at Alena. "You don't mean they…" 'Did it?' "Y…Yeah." 'No. But you should've seen your face.' She draws a little picture of the face. Abigail glares at Alena and she just smirks back. 'So you're a virgin, huh?' "That's none of your business!" 'So, that's a yes.' Abigail snarls at Alena even more menacingly. 'She has got one date on you.' Alena decides to get to her point. 'From that she can confirm that he at least finds her attractive. And I'm absolutely certain that he's the only one who doesn't see her nearly stalkerish love of him.' She flips the page and starts writing. 'Shy guys are easy for women to manipulate, especially pretty ones like Cora.' "Cora wouldn't manipulate him." 'I'm her roommate. I've seen how far her obsession goes.' "She's not obsessed." 'No, but she's deeply in love. You should've seen her after their date. I'm pretty sure that if she was influenced she'd at least try it and who knows how deeply twisted Skylar really is.' "Skylar?" Abigail says with a disbelieving tone. 'The quiet ones are always the freakiest. Comic geeks like him probably got some crazy superpower fantasies and to top it off he's a manga otaku thingy too. He's probably got some energy tentacle moves already thought up.' "You're the one with messed up fantasies." Abigail sighs. 'Maybe I should date him.' "No way!" 'What's the difference between me and Cora?' "It doesn't matter." Abigail turns to leave but Alena grabs her by the shoulder. 'If you let him slip away he'll just get snatched up by someone else.' Abigail doesn't say anything and just walks off.

Abigail has to take her mind off of what Alena said so she goes out to see if anything had to be done in the student council. She ended up finding a whole bunch of boxes that had to be sent to the Danger Room so she picks them all up and starts heading downstairs. "Seriously." She complains. "I have to take all of these downstairs myself because that stupid idiot was too lazy. I knew we shouldn't've let that needle moron on the council. I can't even see over these things." "Mind if I help with those?" Abigail nearly jumps when she hears my voice. "Aren't you supposed to be helping with props somewhere?" She asks me with an angry look. "Cora helped me so I finished early." I explain and grabs the top boxes from her pile so she could see. "You don't have to." She tells me like I'm being a nuisance. "As part of the student council it's my job to do any of the jobs assigned to us." "But as your teammate it is my duty to help you with the little things in life and be overly macho, taking every physical task off of your hands in a pathetic way of self satisfying my own need to look like a man in front of a pretty girl." I explain Macaulay's reasoning for being nice to girls and pretend it's my own. "Besides, this gives me a chance to talk to you." Abigail hides her blush behind her boxes. "Whatever." She says and walks out in front of me. "What did you want to talk about?" She asks. "You just seemed mad about something." I tell her. "You seemed like you've been avoiding me so I wanted to see if anything was wrong." "I'm not mad at you." She says but her voice is almost a whisper. "What?" I ask and she turns around and yells "I'm not mad!" And starts picking up her pace. I run up beside her, She scowls down at her boxes.

We get to the danger room and set the boxes in storage. "I was thinking about that power limiter ms.Frost was talking about a long time ago." I try to spark up a little conversation since all I've heard from her the whole way to the Danger Room was "Hmph". "I was wondering if you'd want to help me with the part about letting me see if I let me powers loose and what the worst case scenario is." "You want me inside of your brain?" She asks me. "Isn't that a little personal?" "You've already been in my dreams." She blushes again when I say it. "That was an accident. It didn't mean anything." "But it means that you're the only person who can see inside my mind." "That was just when you where asleep. It didn't mean we're close or anything. I'm sure ms.Frost would be better. She seems to like you a lot anyway." "Yeah, but I don't really feel right when she tries to get into my head. With you it felt natural." Her blush explodes and she shakes a little. "Th-That's-I'm leaving." She stomps over to the door to open it but it wont open. "What?" She puts her hand against the door. "I can't faze through either." "Now that you mention it." I suddenly realize. "I can't feel anyones powers." "You mean our powers are gone?" Abigail asks me. "And we're locked in the Danger Room command terminal." I add. She can't go anymore red. "Maybe a power canceller is nearby." "So we're stuck." Abigail asks. "That's just great."

One room over a hospitalized green skinned mutant is laying on one of the beds. "Leech sorry he eat so much." He groans as mr.McCoy hands him some pills. "You'll be fine after a little rest." He tells him. "Just take a little nap here." "Leech feels like he can sleep for hours."

It's pretty uncomfortable since it's just the two of us and Abigail's acting really hostel. She's sitting in the opposite corner of the room. "If you come over here you're dead." She glares at me. "Why?" I ask her. "I can't faze away if you try anything so if you take one step on my side I'll kill you." "Of course." I sigh. "I'm still a pervert, right?" "All men are the same." Abigail tells me. "I'd do same if it where Macaulay or Andy." "Except those two would actually do something." I mumble. That's when I get a very bad idea I decide to role with. I get up and stand right beside the invisible boundary Abigail set up. "What are you doing?" She asks me. "The rule was that I have to stay on my half." I smirk at her and fold my arms across my chest. "I'm still on my side." "Get back to the corner." She tells me. "No." I say back defiantly. "I said get back." She crawls up to me with a scowl on her menacing face. I just keep smirking at her. "Why are you getting so close?" I ask her. "It's different for a girl. Besides, you probably enjoy being this close to a girl. You've probably never been this close to a real one before." A while ago I had a wrestling match with Cora that ended with her head between my legs. Thanks, but this is nowhere near my record. "Like I'd get excited from just being close to a girl." I scoff at her. "Well, you're not getting anything else." Abigail tells me. "I don't want to." I tell her. "Why would I want to touch you anyway?" The next sound that rings clearly through the empty room is the sound of an open palm agains my cheek.

Cora looks around the campus, trying to find me. She spots Andy and runs up to him. "Hey." She says. "Have you seen Skylar?" "I haven't seen him all day." He says. "But if you're looking for company I'm free. You know, I've always thought you where pretty and I'm sure you've noticed me. I know that I can be intimidating but that's just a part of my charm. I'm actually a very sensitive soul who doesn't overlook the quiet girls. If you want, we could spend some time and get to know each other better over coffee or maybe I could fly you out to a restaurant. I know this place wh-" And now he notices she's gone and Macaulay's standing in her place. "Cora left back when you told 'er you didn't see Sky, but if yer treatin' I'm free." Andy groans. "Sometimes I feel like a side character." He whines. "Yer not a side character." Macaulay pats him on the back. "You'd need more screen time fr that. Yer more like background."

I can't believe it. Abigail hit me. She slapped me across the fracking face! What the hell!? She looks mad but there are tears forming at the side of her eyes. "Are you crying?" I ask her, completely forgetting about the slap for a moment. "I'm just mad." She tells me as she rubs her eyes. "Did I say something wrong?" I ask her but she just stands up and walks back to her corner. "Don't worry about it." She tells me so I get up to walk back to mine. "And for the record, I don't want to do anything to you either." I don't think I've seen her cry in a long time. It might have been that time with Cougar. I remember the dream I had before that Abigail saw. "Remember my dream?" I ask her. "What dream?" "Back when you read my mind in your sleep." "Yeah. Cougar killed everyone and you where running to save them." I pause before telling her, afraid of what she might think. If she doesn't hate me now, will she after I say it. I can't tell anyone. But for some reason I want to tell her. "It wasn't Cougar."

Andy and Macaulay are in a coffee shop half way across town. "Why am I even here with you?" Andy asks as he stirs his coffee with the messed up little straw thing. Macaulay shrugs. "Look at me." Andy sighs. "I'm a good looking guy right?" "Guess so." Macaulay tells him. "Then why haven't I been asked out by any girl since I started here?" He drops his head to the table. "I go out of my way to look good in front of them and I keep getting shot down but Skylar gets into these ridiculous situations with such hot chicks." "An Daken." Andy looks at Macaulay. "What?" "My point is that Skylar has way to much luck with girls and I have none. How is this okay?" "Sky's a natural." Macaulay explains. "Natural?" Andy asks. "Watch the first season of Ouran High School Host Club." Macaulay sighs. "He charms the ladies without even trying. He doesn't care about makin a good impression so he acts like himself and that honesty get to da girls around him." "Think that would work for me?" "No." Macaulay almost laughs. "Not on Skylar's level. He's sweet, nice, thoughtful an modest to a fault. I'm sure there are girls 'oo like arrogant guys but they gotta be rare." "So, I'm hopeless." "Yer better off than me." Macaulay sighs. "At least ya got looks. I'ma regular guy. I can't compete with the male model types like you two." "Male model?" "Yeah. You an Skylar got a 'ole different level. How are we normal guy suppose ta cope?" "I guess I never noticed Skylar's face under all that hair." "Yeah, purple hair and red eyes tend to take away from the face in terms of noticeability." "I guess that's why he's so popular." Andy groans. "I feel like crap."

Abigail refuses to look up from her knees she has clenched tightly to her chest. "When the dreams first started it was Cougar but after a while" I swallow hard before continuing. "I started having the dream with me in his place." Abigail look up now. "Why?" She asks. "I think it's because of something Logan told me that day you got hurt." "What did he say?" She swallows too, her curiosity taking over her bad mood slowly. "He said that I might have enjoyed beating on Cougar." "That's stupid." She tells me. "But it's true." She goes quiet when I say it. "Seeing him do those things to you…and the things he said." I start to feel myself closing up. My words aren't coming out. I keep flashing back to that monsters claws cutting at her. "Did he try to do something to me?" Abigail asks me and I nod. "What did he try to do?" "He said he was going to rape you." I say with heavy breaths. It hurts to tell her. Just remembering it makes me want to puke. "But mr.Logan saved me." Abigail says. "He beat him and it ended up alright." I'm quiet for a long time. "Unless that's not what happened." Abigail says, realizing there's more to the story. "Logan didn't save you." I tell her. "I…" I chock on the words and sob. Abigail walks over to me and sits down putting her hand on my shoulder. "It's okay." She tells me. "I can't." I give in. "I can't tell you." "I wont tell anyone." She says. "I snapped. I beat him until he was a bloody mess. I covered his face in water and tried to suffocate him and when he attacked I beat him down with ice until he couldn't move anymore." I almost stop again but she urges me on. "Go ahead." She tells me. "It's okay." "I was gonna kill him but Logan stopped me. I just wanted to hurt him." I calm down. "After that I went to my room to wash the blood off. When I was finished Logan came to talk to me." I swallow hard again, my throat is soar but the tears have stopped. "He told me I was just protecting you but I think…I think it was something more. I enjoyed ripping into him like that. I wanted to make him suffer just like he wanted to do to you. And I wanted to hear him beg for forgiveness." "I see." Abigail says. "But it gets even worse." My tone's gone from self pity to utter dismay and now it's become something like pettiness mixed with self loathing. "And then he asked me if I "had the right" to do what Cougar did. Like if I have some hidden side of myself that simply wanted to defend my territory. It feels like a total load but sometimes I wonder if it might be true."

I didn't expect this. "You're an idiot." Abigail sighs heavily and stands up, walking out in front of me so I can't see her face. "You're getting all bent out of shape over something mr.Logan said to you. Don't you have any thoughts of your own?" I look up at her surprised. I wasn't expecting her to act like normal. At least if she hated me I'd understand. "But what if I wanted to do all of those things to you." I say, still stuck on my own self loathing. "What if I have a part of me that wanted to force you down and it would kill to get you." "Seriously. That's the dumbest thing I ever heard." She turns around and gives me a disapproving look. "You either want to or you don't." She leans in to my look me in the eyes. "Do you want to rape me or don't you?" I swallow again, this time out of surprise. "Uh." "It's not a hard question." Abigail tells me. "Given the chance, would you force me to have sex with you?" Why does my life suck!? Why did I tell her any of this!? Why am I so stupid!? "I don't know. Maybe, if I wasn't in control." I'm going crazy here! "I don't know. You're really pretty. I don't think" "Why haven't you done it yet?" She asks me. "What?" "We've been stuck in this place for long enough for you to try something but you haven't done anything to me." "I wouldn't do it the way I am now." "No duh." She flicks me in the forehead. "Because you're a nice guy, jackA$$. You're feeling guilty about nearly beating that perverted scumbag half to death so you make yourself out to be a monster." She stands up straight again and smiles down at me. "You're a sweet guy. Apparently violent, but sweet. I know you and you where just trying to protect me. You where angry that someone was trying to hurt me and lost your cool."

I'm not convinced. "You don't know that for sure." I tell her. "Sometimes I'm not myself." "Bull." She says confidently. "You haven;t touched me once and we've been stuck in here for a long time." Then she gets an idea. "I'll prove it. I give you full permission to do anything you want to me without consequence." "What?" I look up at her. She smirks down at me. "I'm all yours. If you want to make me do anything against my will you can go ahead and I won't tell anyone." I stand up. "Are you serious?" I ask her and she she smiles wider. "Unless of course you're not as bad as you think you are." I grit my teeth in anger and glare at her. She gulps at the sight. "Are you F%(&ing stupid!?" I yell at her, absolutely furious. I take a step closer to her, not in full control of myself. "What the hell are you thinking, saying something like that to a guy!? What would you do if I actually did something!? You F%(&ing idiot!" She snaps from her fear and goes straight into anger mode. "Since it's you I knew you wouldn't do it!" "I'm a guy moron! What guy wouldn't!? I cant believe you'd be so stupid!" I get another slap to the face. "Shut up! Of course I wouldn't've said it to just any guy! I said it to you because I trust you!" "That's stupid! Don't just trust someone so easy! You're way to cute to ever try something like this! I can't believe you'd do something so irresponsibly stupid! You're such an idiot!" She goes for another slap but I grab it out of the air. "Stop hitting me." I tell her. Se goes to slap me with the other hand.

Abigail stands there breathing really heavily with both her arms being help up with her wrist up to her head. I don't even think to let go. She was struggling to hit me at first but now she's calming down. I think I am too. "You said I was cute before." Abigail finally speaks. I cant tell if her face is red because she's blushing or because she flushed from everything that just happened. "Then why didn't you do anything?" "Because I care about you." I tell her and she looks up at me with a look that makes me feel guilty for some reason. "You're such a dummy." She says so childishly that I do a smirk/laugh thing. "When you yelled at me I was really scared. You've never acted like that before." "I'm sorry." I tell her. "That's not good enough." She tells me. She looks away from me for a moment. "Kiss me." She says. "What?" I ask her. She looks at me with her wide eyes, peering into mine with incredible determination. "I said kiss me. It's the only way I'll forgive you." "You really want to get raped, don't you?" I ask her as a joke but she glares at me with her serious face so I shut up. "You're really serious?" I ask her. "Don't do it if you don't want to." She tells me. "But if you want me to forgive you right now…I'll let you kiss me." "That's changing the rules." I tease her. "You said that you'd only forgive me if I kissed you. That means you want me to kiss you." "You're an idiot." She turns away. "Well, maybe I don't want to kiss you." I say. "Maybe I'm not into girls who aren't into me." She jerks when she gets what I'm saying but I verbalize it anyway. "I might do it if you told me you wanted me to kiss you." "You don't think I wont?" She asks me, taking it as a challenge. "I think you're afraid." I smirk so very maliciously at her. "I think you really want me to kiss you but you're too scared to tell me." She just huffs. I'm about to let go of her wrists when she speaks up. "I want you to kiss me!" I'm so shocked that I almost don't believe it. "Wha?" "I want you to kiss me! Don't make me repeat it!" She looks up at me with a big angry glare but for some reason it's incredibly endearing. "But I want you to want to kiss me." My heart beats against my chest. It's feels like my ribs are gonna break from the impact.

Cora sits flops back on her bed and hugs her pillow tightly to her chest. "Where'd you go?" She sighs. An uncomfortable feeling takes her over and she turns her head to see Alena's pitying look. "Leave me alone. I'm in love." 'Congrats from the world of singles.' Cora sits up. "I'm sorry." She says. "I'm just so happy that I finally went out with Skylar. It's like we're a couple." 'You even got to second base.' "That was an accident." 'But you felt it.' "On the back of my head doesn't count." 'Wrestling is a good molestation strategy.' "I'm not a molester!" Cora whines. "I only felt it a little." 'What's his si' "I'm not telling you!" Cora stops her before she can finish writing it down. "I really want to be with him right now." Cora flops back again. "I want to go on another date!" 'At least you got the advantage so far.' "Advantage?" Cora asks. "Against who?"

I'm completely out of my element. I can barely think straight. "Do you want to kiss me?" Abigail asks and I nod. "Then hurry up and do it." I accidentally squeeze her wrist, making her jump a little at the sudden pressure. "Hurry up and do it idiot." She closes her eyes and almost yells at me. My lips press up against hers. Her eyes open wide and she shifts her shoulders nervously. Her lips part and my tongue slides in between them. The nervousness subsides and her shoulders drop as she pushes herself into the kiss. I let go of her wrists and she wraps her arms around me. The kiss breaks and we both look into each others eyes before she grabs me by the hair and pulls me into another kiss.

Professor X falls over on the ground. Above him five figures stand ready to put their plans into action.


New X men (Intersperse) Ch10

New X men (Intersperse)

Chapter 10

It's the day after the rest of Excaliber got back from their mission to Genosha. I'm waking around the mansions backyard, looking around. I've been living in the X mansion for a while now but I've never taken a walk around outside before. It never really felt important, but now that I'm actually taking the time to do it I'm feeling this weird sense of calm. That calm is interrupted by the memory of an older conversation I had earlier today. After she got back from the mission Cora asked me out. I agreed of course. At that point I happen to notice the vision of Cora happily rushing towards the school with a bag of new clothes. She looks like she's practically skipping.

I'm pretty bored with looking around so I start heading in when I see Abigail. She's partially bent over looking at the flowers planted by the school. She looks surprisingly calm for once. I've never really thought about it but she's really cute. Her brilliant blue eyes shimmer as they reflect the colour of the flowers. Before I know it I'm staring at her, all thoughts disappearing from my head. She moves a few strands of golden hair from her face as she takes in the flowers smell.

My mind snaps back into play with one word "Beautiful." That word rings through my mind as an offhand thought. Abigail shoots straight up and her head shoots to the side so she can see me. She looks shocked as she stares back at me. I'm about to say hey but she speaks first. "What did you say?" She asks me. I quickly remember our psychic connection and decide to play this safe. "The flowers are beautiful." I tell her, not quite convinced myself. I guess I'm a better actor outside of my head because she looks relieved and then looks back at the flowers. "Yeah." She says. "One of the other students told me about them so I thought I'd check it out." She seems awkward.

Abigail keeps on fidgeting with her hands as she talks to me. "So, what are you up to?" She asks me. "Figured I'd go back to my room and web surf for a while before I go out on a date with Cora." She looks like she's going to stop me but holds back. "See ya later." I wave and start walking away. "Bye." She responds suddenly. I still can't shake the awkward feeling I was getting from her.

I'm looking through my clothes looking for anything that looks presentable. I've never owned a shirt with a collar in my life. "You got anything I can wear?" I ask Macaulay. "Unless you gain about six pounds of muscle and a couple o' inches in hight-" "Never mind." I interrupt him, switching between shirts. "Black and purple striped long sleeve under black t shirt with anime skull or just black long sleeve if I go with the baggy pants?" "Are you a woman?" He asks me, grumbling. "Skull shirt it is." I sigh. "Think I should do something with my hair?" "If itsa date with Daken." Macaulay smirks, expecting a response. "You think he'd know?" I ask him, making his mouth practically drop to the floor. "I thought ya hated the guy fr going all Chester the molester on yer goods." "We made up." I tell him, trying out the new combination. "I'm so happy fr you." Macaulay giggles. "Patch things up wit yer boyfriend just in time to get a new girlfriend."

In the end skull and stripes it is. I need better clothes. I hang out outside of the movie theatre waiting for her to show up. I was actually expecting her to be late like in movies and games but she runs up to me precisely at the agreed time. She's looking really cute. Her hair's got this flowy look and her face is all red from running all the way here. "If you wanted we could've met up at the school." I tell her with a relaxed smirk. "But it wouldn't feel like a real date." Cora looks up with a big grin. Something about the way she smiled just seemed to take the edge off of my mood. I was pretty nervous before since I haven't been on a date…ever.

The movie we wanted to see was Ironman but it was sold out so we ended up in a romance chick flick. Alright, here it is…I love romantic comedies. LOVE them. Julia Roberts movies where all I'd watch the first few years of high school. There's a really touching scene near the end where the main character does one of those putting it all on the line speeches about how much she loves the leading guy and stuff. I rub my face, trying to keep from crying but I end up dropping a few tears which Cora totally noticed because I could see her smiling at me.

When the movie ends I offer to buy her dinner which she tries to pay for herself but I insist. It's not a macho thing, I just wanted to thank her for asking me out since I needed some time off campus. We end up grabbing burgers and talking for about six hours straight. I don't think I've talked that long in my life. I've gotta say, she's much more interesting when you get to know her personally. At first she just seems like a nice girl but she's really cool. Apparently her parents are big martial arts fans so they had her learning Taekwondo since she was young.

Eventually the subject gets stuck to martial arts and I start talking to her about training with Logan. "Why is he making you focus so hard on self control?" She asks me. I realize I may have gotten to wrapped up in the conversation and spilled a but too much. But then again, Cora's a really nice person. I'm sure I can trust her. "I've got some anger control issues." I admit only a bit right now. "He's helping me deal with them." "Martial arts are a really good way to deal with self control." Cora agrees. "Is it helping?" "A little." I say, trying to find a way to put it that doesn't make me sound like a psycho. "Logan says my issue might stem from something in my past or it could be a strong sense of justice." "Makes you sound like a knight." Cora smiles and looks directly at my eyes. The sudden intimacy of her stare causes me to look away. "I don't feel like a knight." I say, taking a sip from my drink. "I feel more like a villain." She doesn't know what to say so she tries to think of something else we can talk about. "W-What kind of training has mr.Logan given you?" She asks. "Aikido, Kendo and a few survival tactics. We've been focusing on non-religious meditation lately." "That's cool." She's relieved that the subject change worked. "Maybe we could spar sometime." She blushes after realizing that she may have opened up a topic for a second date. "We can go now if you want." I say obliviously. "Sure." She agrees and second date dashed.

Luckily Cora knows a dojo that's closed today but since she knows the owner we got in for a practice match. She looks really cute in her uniform. Lucky she keeps a spare here just incase. She's stretching at the other side of the practice ring. I do some breathing excursuses as I think over how I'll do this without hurting her. This may not have been the best idea. "Alright." She smiles at me and makes a fist. "Let's do this." I smile back and get in place. "No powers okay?" She says over to me. "Right." I nod and get ready for her.

Cora comes at me with a kick that I grab and knock back. She retaliates by going for my collar but I move back in time and catch her off guard when I grab onto her arm. She lets out a surprised sound when I spin her around but quickly gains herself again when she grabs me back and flips me over her shoulder. To tell you the truth I probably could've stopped that but the way she was pulling my arm down…it kind of was pressing into her breasts and…I kinda stopped thinking for a moment. Anyway, back to the match!

Cora can't help but giggle when she looks down and me, flat on the ground. I get back up and get ready again, a confident smirk on my face. She seems eager to get started again too. I go in first this time, grabbing at her shoulder but when I do she grabs my arm and ducks under it and pulls me down into a slouch. If we where using powers I could easily ice blast her with my free hand or she could totally break my arm. With my free hand too far away and the way she's standing I can't get out of this hold…Unless I was trained by Wolverine..oh wait. I duck down eve further, bringing Cora with me in a tumble. She lands on top of my back but since I was prepared for it I have the upper hand. She squeals when I get up since she was on top of me and comes up too. I take the opportunity and grab her legs causing her to wrap her arms around my shoulders so she doesn't fall off. "You're not allowed to pick me up." She keeps back the stutters. "Oh, are you back there?" I ask her with a big smirk plastered on my face. "I didn't even notice." She looks away from me, unable to keep eye contact in the embarrassing position. "I guess I'll let you down." I sigh and drop her legs. The truth is that I could feel her boobs through the back of my shirt, so I wasn't exactly sure if I should keep her up. D@^^* it hormones! "I'm gonna get you back for this." Cora says playfully.

The final match starts and we really get into it. Cora seems like a completely different person. She's really determined to get me down. She goes for my head and I go to block but she faked me out and pushed up into me backwards. I'm so surprised that I don't even see her hands coming up to grab my arm. She flips me right over her back and I land flat on the floor like before. This time I grab onto Cora without thinking, taking her down with me. I don't notice because of the three seconds of black but Cora pins me down and starts counting. I struggle to get up but she so cheats with her super strength. "No cheating." I tell her so she pulls her strength back and tries hard to keep me down. I push her up but she pushes back down on me. Her boobs and rubbing against me. The uniform is partially undone from all the movement and sweat is dripping down her collar bone. It's getting a little hot. I try to push her off once more but she wraps her legs around my waist and pushes down harder so I end up giving up. "Yeah!" Cora sits up and throws her hands in the air in victory. "That was a good match." I tell her, sweating a bit. She smiles back down at me and says "We should do this again sometime." "Yeah." I smile up at her and contemplate telling her. "You might have to get off of me first." She notices that she's still sitting on my stomach, pretty much spread eagle and she clamps her legs together as her usual personality takes hold and the burning red blush returns. "I'm so sorry!" She practically falls over. "I'll get off you right away!" In her hurry to get up she looses balance and falls backwards…You don't want to know where the back of her head ended up. Long silence. She sits back up like a zombie and stands. "I'm gonna go get changed now." She tells me. "Alright." I say and watch her walk off like a robot.

I don't know why she was so quiet on the way back. That whole thing was embarrassing but not that bad. I actually end up walking her right to her room. "So, I'll see you later." I say awkwardly. She nods, her mind seemingly off in another dimension. I sigh and think of what I can do to make her feel better. Knowing her she's probably just embarrassed and doesn't want to say anything to me. How can I make her feel better? I look down at her. "Thanks a lot for asking me out today." I tell her. "I had a really fun time. Let's do it again soon." She looks up at me with what can only be described as an amalgamation of emotions. Joy, embarrassment, shock, fear but whatever it was it's really cute. She nods excitedly. "Yeah. Let's do it again." She smiles. I guess that's the end of my first date. Wait a minute! I even had a fight while I was on a date! I'm turning into some violence loving battle freak! Eh, screw it.


New X men (Intersperse) Ch9

New X men (Intersperse)

Chapter 09

With everyone out on mission the X mansion is pretty boring. I just sit in my room creating balls of energy in between my hands, getting a better grasp of my energy manipulation powers. I can do a bit with them but my control could use some more work. Part of me really wants to go out and fight with the others on Genosha but the other part wants to avoid them as much as possible right now. It's lonely but I'm used to being by myself since I didn't really have any friends back home. I'd always refuse to hang out with people who approached me because I was so interested in the hero world that the one I lived in seemed so uninteresting. It's about time for me to start my independent work out schedule Logan has me doing.

Logan and ms.Frost are out by the front gates of the school. Logan leans on the gate and takes a sip of the beer in his hand. "So, you wanted to talk about the kid?" He asks ms.Frost who swats a fly from her face. "Yes." She misses the fly and decides to take it out with a mental burst. "I would rather have this conversation inside but it is something of…delicacy." "The kid went berserk again." Logan sighs. "So what? I've had my little episodes before." "Yes, but a healing factor and your unbreakable claws don't quite have the destructive potential of biological and chemical manipulation." Ms.Frost tells him. "We have gone through the necessary procedures to make sure non of our students with omega level potential will have their powers copied unless they use them on campus, but that does not eliminate the possibility that he will gain their powers after his have evolved further." "You know," Logan looks her directly in the eyes. "The professor may have limited his students powers but he never did it behind our backs. He'd get in our heads but he'd ask first and he never kept secrets." "With all due respect, I am not the professor." Ms.Frost retorts. "And he never had a student with this kind of potential. The closest thing he had to Skylar was Jean and if she was around then Skylar would have her abilities too and become even stronger than her as well." "What I mean is that you should trust the kid a bit." "And have him run wild through the school with every omega level ability on file?" Ms.Frost crosses her arms over her barely covered chest. "All I am asking is for you to hand in reports on his mental state." "Fine. That's your report." Logan finishes the beer off. "Unlike you I trust the kid. He's powerful, inexperienced and can't make snap decisions but what he isn't is stupid. He'd be freaking out if he thought he was a danger to anyone so if he says he's fine then he is." "How touching." Another voice enters the conversation and Logan goes flying to the ground.

I was brought out of my room by Logan who didn't seem too happy. I felt this uneasiness in the air but had no idea why. Little did I know that behind the door of ms.Frost's office was something I never wanted to see again.

I stand in the doorway, a look of shock and terror on my face. "D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-ak." I mumble, pointing a shaky finger at the mow hawk wearing man leaning back lazily in his chair. "Daken!" He smiles when he looks back at me. "Hey, it's the sexy A$$ kid." "Sexy A$$ kid?" Ms.Frost asks as I dive behind Logan. "Keep him away from me." "Is that any way to treat a friend?" Daken asks me with a pouty face. "And I didn't even get a hug." "Molesters don't get hugs!" I yell from behind Logan. "They get iced over if they come near me." "You're breaking my heart." Daken chuckles. "And here I thought we had something special." "Just shut up!" "Can we please move on?" Ms.Frost sighs. "I don't know what happened and frankly I do not wish too. The point of this little meeting is to send you on a mission." I shoot my glance from Daken to ms.Frost. "What?" I ask her. "I'm on probation." "It's lifted for this special case." Ms.Frost tells me. "Daken has asked us to send some support with him on a mission of his own which mutant kind will benefit from. It is a mission to investigate a HYDRA base-" "HYDRA?" Logan asks. "Isn't that a little heavy for the kid?" "We're short staffed since everyone else is gone for the day. Only you and Intersperse are available." "Then shouldn't I go?" Logan asks but Daken raises his hand. "I vote for the kid." He says smugly but everyone ignores him. "You may accompany Daken and Intersperse but it is my decision to send him for specific reasons." Ms.Frost tells Logan. "Besides. I thought you said something earlier about trust." Logan sighs and walks out to get his uniform.

I don't want to do this. "This mission will require very little delicacy." Ms.Frost tells us. "You will find a young mutant being held captive for study by HYDRA agents in a hidden facility. Daken will not reveal to me where." "So, my mission is to save the mutant?" I ask her. "Yes." She tells me. "That is why it is so important to send someone right away. I would not have asked you to do this if it was not of the highest urgency." The young girl is reported to have no known powers. She was taken from her family by force and they have asked Daken for help." "They put me up one night and I save their kid." Daken shrugs looking over at me. "I'm just a nice guy like that." "I know you have pheromone powers." I tell him. "So you can stop using them." He looks disappointed but intrigued. He notices ms.Frost's disapproving glance. "What? You never dated a minor before?" "I'm eighteen." I tell him. "Score." He smiles leaning back with his arms behind his head. I wish I just let him think I was underage but knowing him so far, he'd still try something. "Your mission to save this girl comes before helping Daken. The issue is with the security around her. You will be fighting an expert spy agency from another country so there will be a few surprises along the way. Don't tell Logan but I was planning on sending him with you all along." She pauses for a moment before deciding. "I also want you to write up a report when you get back about everything that happened whether it be about the mission or about you." "Is this because of my new powers?" I ask her and she nods. "Alright." I agree.

We fallow Daken to the scene, him and me posing as civilians while Logan fallows in costume from the rooftops. "How about after this we get some Italian?" Daken asks me. "I'm straight." I tell him. "But still single?" He asks as we turn into a dark ally way. "You know, I'm a nice guy when you get to know me." He continues. "I told you to stop trying your pheromones." I tell him. "It's your imagination." He pretends to be innocent. "Kids already got a girl." Logan's voice comes in over the intercoms in our ears. "Who?" Daken asks. "Abby." I say, not knowing why I chose her. "Liar." Daken sighs and sniffs the air. "For one thing you would've said so earlier." "Can we just drop this?" I ask. "If you go to a movie with me." "No." I grumble. "Will you two hurry up." Logan groans through the coms.

We make it to the entrance of the HYDRA base. It looks like a small bar. "Menacing." I say sarcastically. "The real base is that building." Daken points to a large business tower back in the city. "We are almost a freaking mile away." I sigh. "But the entrance is here." Daken says with a big grin. "Logan'll be breaking in closer and we take this route. I'm not trying anything." "Right." I agree to go in with him.

We go in the bar and sit down at the front. Daken orders me a beer without asking but I don't drink it…for multiple reasons. He polishes his off. "Nice. Jack Daniels with a dash of dirt and hint of chloral HYDRAte." He grabs the bartender by the collar and tosses him back into some guys behind us who where going to shoot. I freeze their weapons and arms to the ground. "Good." Daken smirks. "Now, how'z about we find the back door." He rips the floor boards apart and there's a hidden staircase. "What happened?" Logan asks, walking into the bar. "Aren't you supposed to be attacking the main headquarter…" As I say it I realize I should never trust Daken about anything.

We enter the hidden bar entrance and go down into steel lined tunnels. Daken leads and Logan fallows behind me, so that the two with enhanced senses can watch out for danger. We don't have to go far to find it. Within minutes of entering the tunnel the three of us are ambushed by men in green armour. They come out of nowhere, surrounding us in a flash but they are put down just as fast. Both Logan and Daken get ready for a fight but I've already started my own counter attack. Each of the green men are flung towards the walls with static electricity. Both Logan and Daken look at me, impressed and thrown off guard. "You don't usually react so quickly." Logan points out. "I thought I might need a move that takes people out without killing them so I've been experimenting with static electricity. I can't move while doing this though." I explain. Daken and Logan interrogate the guards but they have poison pills in their mouths and all end up dead.

It takes me a while to get over seeing a couple dozen men drop dead like that but I keep soldiering on behind Daken. Daken sniffs the air, becoming ridged at the scent that meets him. "Sorry, Skylar." He says back to me, unsheathing his claws. "Looks like I brought you a bit more trouble than I thought." He dodges to the side and I have a split second to throw up an ice wall to protect myself from a flying canister. I don't have time to feel proud of my blocking skills since a tiny bullet hole in the canister ignites an explosion, knocking me back onto the ground. I feel a cold burning sensation in my shoulder, probably because of the big shiny blade in it.

I'm pinned to the ground with a blade in my shoulder. "Don't open your eyes!" Logan calls out to me. I snap my eyes shut and turn on my healing powers just in case. I feel the blade being pulled out of me and I block out all distractions to listen to the sounds around me like Logan trained me to do. I hear the swing of a sword and duck out of the way in time to form my own sword out of ice. "Another swordsman." I can feel the attacker smirking at me. I can't sense the enemies powers so they aren't mutants. I can at least sense Logan and Daken. I sense Logan coming at me and then feel a leg in my side. Next thing I know I'm knocked over and hear Logan's voice. "You two go on ahead!" He calls out and I feel Daken lead me on.

We run for a short while before Daken tells me I can open my eyes. "Good thing I didn't take advantage of the situation." Daken says to me playfully. "If you did I'd assume you where the enemy and nuke you." I tell him. "That guy back there was the Gorgon." Daken tells me, getting serious. "You look him in the eyes and you end up stone. He's a swordsman and a member of HYDRA. I don't suggest facing him on your own." He looks around the area and has a realization. "Well, here's where we part." He says pointing to the left tunnel. "You need the far right tunnel over there. That should lead you to the girl." I feel an uncomfortably familiar feeling and charge my arm with energy. "Hands off." I tell him, swinging my arm back. He does it and heads down his tunnel. "That jerk." I groan.

I have to go the rest of the way myself which sucks because I have no sense of direction. I look around the winding and converging tunnels, littered with the unconscious bodies of HYDRA soldiers who tried to take me down. I look around confused and toss my hands over my eyes as I fall to my knees. "Where am I now!?" I call out in dismay…I think I saw this on an anime once…Ran…something…half…That doesn't matter right now! I'm totally lost. I figured my ability to sense mutants would lead me to the girl but I guess it doesn't work on unawakened powers. This sucks. I can hear the mayhem caused by Logan's battle with Gorgon and a few explosions I can only assume are Daken's handiwork.

It's no use. I have to take control of the situation. I sense out my comrades and use them as a marking point to try and figure out this maze of a base. That ends up screwing me up since they are moving around so much. I keep one of the HYDRA soldiers conscious when they next attack and try to interrogate him. "Go F%(& yourself." He tells me and I have him frozen to the wall. "All you mutants are just tools for us. Cut off a meaningless limb like me and HYDRA will grow three more in its place." "Speaking of growing unneeded body parts." I activate my genetic manipulation powers and put two fingers on his chest. "I wonder how many times I can implode your heart and regrow it in time to keep you alive." I move around some non-vital organs, causing the solider pain. "This hurts me a lot more than it hurts you, dude." I tell him with a devilish smirk.

Eventually I do get some info from the guy. Turns out he's new member of HYDRA and the girl is kept seven halls away and that guard wet his bed until he was seventeen. Interrogation's fun. I run down each of the halls, leaving destruction behind as I freeze right through my enemies.

I finally reach the room where they're keeping the girl. She's being kept in a small containment room with a big one way window. I'm about to fry the locks but I feel an arm reaching out for me and dodge in time to avoid a massive hand. The hand in mechanical. It belongs to an exoskeleton being piloted by a woman doctor. The machine body attacks but I dodge and fire a bast of energy, cutting the arm off. I quickly freeze over the rest of the suit, leaving the doctor unharmed and I rip open the cockpit. She's so frightened that she undoes the locks on the girls door for me before running off. I walk into the room and look over at the girl. "I'm here to save you." I tell her, going for a heroic look but sounding like a child doing Superman's voice. She looks relieved and fallows me so I guess I nailed the heroic thing…ish.

We run through tunnel after tunnel of the exact same stainless steel wall, I'm starting to see what thirty laps around the school grounds each day is doing for my endurance. There is way more security going out so I end up using up a lot of the moister in the air just getting out. We're almost out. We run out into a large warehouse filled with humungous boxes. The exit is at the end of the warehouse so we make a run for it. I get the uneasy feeling that we might be in danger and freeze a tire in place seconds before it comes flying out to the darkness to hit the two of us. I step in closer to the girl, getting ready for a fight. I listen in and can only hear one pair of footsteps running around. I motion for the girl to start moving but as soon as she does I feel an eerie chill behind me so I grab her by the arm and spin around, stabbing the attacker with an ice spike.

I thought I had him but I only got his long cloak. He uses the opportunity to jump up onto one of the large crates. The guy looks like a vampire. He smirks down at the two of us before fading back into the darkness. "Be aware of your surroundings, listen to the sounds around you, look for the weak points in your opponents defences." I'm surprised I can remember everything Logan's told me. The girl trembles and I can feel her hands shaking as she clings to my arm. It's too hard to move with her like that. I'll have to focus on sound since the enemy isn't showing any signs of letting me see him. I'll have to assume he's a trained assassin considering who we're dealing with. My main issue is protecting the girl. She has to be at the forefront of my concern right now.

The enemy comes out of hiding to try a strike at the girls head but I'm ready for him. I grab his arm and pull down using Aikido techniques to toss him further to the exit, closing the distance between me and him while he is adjusting to the situation. He comes up to hit me but I block with an energy infused arm. He kicks me back and uses the time to escape to the darkness. I motion the girl out in front of me and try to lead her out of the building. I can't let her leave the building without me since I have no idea if they have anymore traps ahed of us. I block a few more things he sends flying at me. This mission is really starting to tick me off.

The girl sounds off so I look back at her. She has a cut on her left leg. She doesn't seem to notice but she's crying. "Are you okay?" I ask her and she nods. "I just want to go home." She tells me before she starts to sob. "I want to see my mom and dad and my little sister and I just want this all to end. They're going to take me back and they'll drug me and use me in those experiments. I'll never be able to see my family again." She starts getting overwhelmed. I look back out to the battlefield before looking back at her. I grab her by the shoulder and look her in the eyes. "I wont let anything happen to you. You're gonna make it home and you'll see your family again." She nods but doesn't stop crying. I feel terrible and don't know what to say so I tell her the truth. "I wont let them get you. I'm going to protect you so just, stop crying."

I get really tired of playing cat and mouse with this vampire creep so I decide to go on the offence. I charge both my arms with energy, making them glow brightly, shedding light on my surroundings. I walk into the middle of the room, the girl waiting close enough for me to defend her but far enough for me to avoid her getting hurt if he attacks. "Come out of the shadows." I command, acting confident. "Are you afraid of a little mutie? We're not so easy to push around without the safety glass between us." I try to sound like I'm full of myself but I'm sure he can see through me so I try to imitate Andy. "You're just like all the others." I say, bobbing my head and smiling like I've seen my oversized teammate do a million times. "You're scared. I was really expecting better from HYDRA. I come here expecting a world class assassin and I get some Dracula fanboy. Cute." He's not bitting. "I don't blame you for running away. I've got the powers of some of the most powerful mutants on the planet. You're nothing to me. Just a little bat that need to be exterminated." I get the danger feeing again and he comes out from the darkness, grabbing onto my throat. "Big talker." He says with his lips stretched around his large teeth. "Lets see if you can back it up." I grab his right wrist and turn, causing his left hand to let go of my neck. Then I grab onto the wrist with my other hand as well and flip him over my shoulder. I punch down with my still charged arms but he's already spun on the ground and kicks me across the face. I hit hard against one of the large crates. I turn in time to see him jump kick at me and I fire an energy blast, knocking him into the opposite crate. I get over to him before he can get up and toss him, firing two blasts. One hits him in the face, making him spin and the other sends him soaring into a wall. "He's gonna be ticked."

I look back at the girl crying in the corner. She's looking back at me. She looks so scared. I wipe the blood from my face and walk out into the middle of the warehouse. "Let's do this." I say to myself as I close my eyes and freeze an ice sword into my left hand. I charge my other hand with energy and calm my mind. I let all of my emotions free and let the darkness take me over. There is a brief moment of silence fallowed by my deep breath and then I swing my sword back nearly taking off the vampires head but he flips back, avoiding my blade by seconds. I open my eyes and raise a hand just in time to block a kick to the face. The enemies shoe is disintegrated by my energy and falls to the ground in burnt shreds. He tries a flying roundhouse which connects and sends me to my back. I hop back up to my feet instantly and block a punch with the broad side of my sword. He snaps the blade and tries to kick me three times in a row. I step back in unison, avoiding each kick with ease. The enemy tosses a knife up into the air, cutting the rope that is suspending a barrel. I jump back and charge my leg just in time to kick the barrel forward in an attempt to hit him instead but hi flips over it. We exchange blow, me blocking his with energy charged arms. I can see that the energy is getting to him. His sleeves are burnt and he has red marks on both his wrists. He goes for a chop across my face and I grab his arm, turning around and pulling it down on my shoulder. Then I spin kick backwards and knock him off of his feet. I turn around to freeze him but he tosses a knife up at my face. I back up fast enough to avoid a fatal blow but I get a slash straight up my cheek. He comes in for a punch but I turn out of the way and elbow him in the face. He's looking pissed.

My enemy decides to take care of official business and tosses a knife towards the girl. I freeze it in mid air, stopping it in flight, but as a consequence I leave myself open for attack. The first one is a knee in my stomach fallowed by an elbow to the back of my neck.I fall flat on the floor and get a stomp to the back of my head. He smirks as he pulls out another knife and gets ready to take me out for good. "Wouldn't do that bub." I hear a familiar catchphrase and am so glad I did. Logan saves my butt by grabbing the enemy by the arm and tossing him back into the wall. He lifts me up off the ground and looks me over. "You where doin' pretty good." He tells me. "You're distracted with the girl. I'll take him on and you two can go." "Can I take him?" I ask. "Look," He explains. "The mission is the girl." "Yeah." I wipe the blood from my face and heal my scars. "But I really want to kick his A$$. If you could watch out for her then I can do it." Logan smirks and pats me shoulder. "Go get em kid." I smile back and charge my arms again.

The vampire appears to me this time. "Should've let your buddy take me on. Now it's game over." He smiles down at me. I chuckle back up at him, unable to keep a smirk off my face. "Game's just starting." I point up at him with one supercharged finger. "Hope you can keep up now that I'm not distracted." I fire a blast of energy so fast he almost doesn't avoid it. I fallow him with my finger, sending blast after blast after him, keeping him on the run, not giving him any time to breath. he look around, not seeing where I went. "He disappeared." The vampire snarls. I jump out from behind a crate and point my finger like a gun. "Finger bang." I fire a blast right at him, slashing a scar in the same place he put one on me before. "Vulgar name but it gets the point across." I tell him as I role to my knees and fire again. "Well played." The enemy jumps back behind a group of crates. "This place is like a maze." He calls out to me. "Hope you have fun finding me before I find you." "Grade school." I sigh and jump into the air with my supercharged legs. Looking down I can see the whole thing. I grab onto a rafter and swing up onto it. I'm surprised at how agile I am now after Logan started teaching me and since I learned to use Vulcan's powers to amp up my body. I pinpoint the unsuspecting enemy and fire blast after blast on him in a flurry. He dodges each one with his incredible speed and jumps up at me. "Mid air assault suck for manoeuvrability." I tell him as I hold my hands in the air. "DragonBall Z tribute: Spirit bomb." I send my energy into a ball above my head and send it flying at him. He takes the hit, lucky for him it wasn't enough to kill him but his body is smoking. He lands on a rafter and tries to cut me with his nails. I jump back and then punch forward with an energy blast to back it up. He leans back, dodging the blast and setting himself up to land three kicks to my stomach. I spit blood down from the rafters. He goes for one to the head but I duck down and super charge uppercut his stomach. I send three punches to his face, all of which are blocked and then I kick up into a flip, landing my foot against his face and completing the flip. When I land I send out a blast at him, knocking down his defences. Next I jump to my hands and use my energy blasts like rockets to push myself forwards and land a good kick on his face. Landing, I go for a punch to the face them stomach then again to the face. I grab him by the hair while he's disoriented and with my other hand I fire blast after blast against his stomach before I let him fall from the rafters. My hands hurt but I'm getting used to the feeling. I'm starting to enjoy this.

He's hurt but not enough to stop fighting. "You're good." He calls up to me, tearing off the shards that remain of his shirt. "I was trained by the best at what at what he does." I call back down. "Your moves are well  thought out but I detect a hit of desperation. Self doubt. That is mans worst enemy." The vampire sneers up at me. "But I also sense conviction. You hold back while being perfectly ready to kill me if things don't go your way. That kind of self conflict is deadly." "I'm not gonna kill you." I call back. "But there's no harm in breaking a few limbs." "Your unwillingness to kill is your weakness." "Your faith in your friends is yours." Wait what? "I don't understand." The enemy calls out. "Star Wars reference." I explain. "Sorry. I'm in a reference mood." He tossed another knife at me and I flip down from the rafters, avoiding it with ease as I ice slide down.

He tosses some more knives and I deflect them with my own ice knives. "I'm out." He tells me. He runs up and goes for a desperate last strike. I fire at his legs but he leaps over it and gets me by the neck. He goes to bite me but I sidestep along with his attack and chop his neck. He lands on the ground behind me and springs up, slashing a cut down my back. I turn to face him but am met with a kick to the stomach. This time he pushes me back into a crate and holds me back. "You're a good fighter, but lets see what you taste like." He says, going for my neck with his sharp fangs. I kick him in the stomach and blast him back. He retaliates by leaping forwards and punching me so hard in the side of the head that I fall to the ground. My body's numb from all the fighting. He kicks me in the stomach. I go to fire a blast at him but nothing happens. "Out of juice?" He asks me tauntingly. "Guess it's feeding time." He picks me up and slams me into a wall, going for my throat again. I laugh, catching his attention. "What's so funny?" He asks me. "You really gotta learn what a fake out is." I tell him. He tries to move but I've frozen his feet in place. I grab his head with both hands and smirk triumphantly. "I think you to get some sun." I unleash ultraviolet rays over his face. He screams out in agony breaking away from me and holding onto his smouldering face. "You B@$+@)D!" He curses at me. "You sick B@$+@)D! My face! You ruined my face!" I grip his hair and pull his head back, healing his face with my other hand. "All better?" I say, showing him his reflection in the steel of the wall. "Yes." He says through laboured breaths. "Good." I smiles then knock him out in a final punch. I hold my sore hand and return to Logan and the girl.

Needless to say the rest of our rescue was a success. No problems from that point on. I am relieved when I finally get home. I feel pretty good about the whole thing and I saw a lot of the fruits of Logan's training. We didn't hear from Daken after that so I guess he got what he wanted and left. All in all, a pretty good way to spend a normally boring afternoon.