Series: I've read every issue

These are the comics that I've read every possible issue of. I try not to list any one-shots. I've probably missed a lot of minis, but I think this is a pretty inclusive list of the major series. Most of what I've read is DC, but I'm trying to branch out to Marvel and Image as well.

Note: Only comics which have completed their entire run appear here except for a few examples when the run ended, but then they picked up the numbering later (which comic vine counts as a new volume)

The ordering of this list is now so crazy that I'm not even sure if I follow it! Here's a quick reference guide:

  • DC Comics - items 1-445
  • Dark Horse
  • Image
  • Marvel
  • Wildstorm (wasn't sure whether to put it under Image or DC, so just made it separate)
  • Other Stuff

If you like this list, check out what I'm currently reading and series that I've read some issues!

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Posted by Liberty

Great list.

Posted by Hawkeye446
@Liberty said:
Great list.
Posted by Deathstroke52

You must have put a lot of time into this lol. Which is your favorite?

Posted by humanfly26
Posted by humanfly26

ATTENTION: Just an FYI for anyone looking at this list. Ordered lists are now limited to 100 items. In order to keep updating this list, I would have to save it as an unordered list, which I really don't want to do. I'll keep it around for historic purposes, but I don't plan on making any further updates to it. Thanks!

Posted by Zelos797

My God. How long did it take you!?