My Justice League

I set out to pick a Justice League based purely on logic, hoping that it would make more sense than any League we've ever seen. What I ended up with is a League that's frightengly similar to the original league, with a few exceptions. My aim was to pick 12-15 members who collectively represented all of the categories below. Check out my choices and let me know what you think!

Leader (Pick Last)

Tactician (e.g. Batman)

Powerhouse (e.g. Superman)

Computer Expert (e.g. Oracle)

Engineer (e.g. Steel)

Genius/Scientist (e.g. Atom)

Magician/Heaven/Hell (e.g. Zatanna, Etrigan, Zauriel)

Telepath (e.g. Martian Manhunter)

Speedster (e.g. Flash)

Stealth/Espionage (e.g. Batman)

Shrinking (e.g. Atom)

Invisibilty (e.g. Gypsy)

Alien expert (e.g. Starfire, Adam Strange)

Martial Artist (e.g. Richard Dragon)

Weapons Master (e.g. Hawkman)

Detective (e.g. Elongated Man)

Time manipulation (e.g. Rip Hunter)

Teleporter (e.g. Nightcrawler)

Heal others (e.g. Dr. Mid-Nite)

Shapeshifter (e.g. Clayface)

Water Bender/Aquakinetic (e.g. Mera)

Air Bender/Flight (e.g. Cyclone)

Earth/Metal Bender/Terra or Ferrokinetic (e.g. Terra, Magneto)

Fire Bender/Pyrokinetic (e.g. Sun Boy)

Energy Bender (e.g. Captain Atom)

Light/Dark expert (e.g. Dr. Light, Obsidian)

Nature/Animal/Plant Powers (e.g. Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Poison Ivy)

Element Changing (e.g. Firestorm)

List items

Posted by Liberty

Good list but I am not a Hal fan or Roy Harper.  I really like your Hardware pick.  I was srprised by your Barry pick over Wally.  You must be a long time fan.

Posted by humanfly26
@Liberty: that was a tough choice for me. I would consider myself more of a Wally fan, but I was trying to pick based on pure logic. The Barry Allen that Geoff Johns is currently writing appears to be faster and smarter than Wally... :-(
I picked Roy because he's pretty diverse, but now i'm not sure if I should take him off since he's a villain!
I noticed that you picked Hal as the most annoying comic book character :-)
Posted by Icon

This is really well done. Now I'm inspired to do a list like this of my own.