DC New 52 - Month 21

Week 1

Great - Awesome, top picks of the week: Earth 2, Green Arrow, Swamp Thing

Good - Solid book, want to read next month: Detective Comics, Green Lantern, Phantom Stranger

Okay - Not the best, but will give another shot next month: Action Comics

Top Pick: Green Arrow

Finally get a little more information about 'The Outsiders', Komodo, Green Arrow's father and Ollie's time on the island.

Bottom Pick: Action Comics

Not bad, just not a terribly powerful finish to the arc. I expected more from the so-called "Superman month"

Week 2

Great - Awesome, top picks of the week: Batman, Green Lantern Corps, Superman Unchained

Good - Solid book, want to read next month: Nightwing

Top Pick: Superman Unchained

A good intro issue to lots of mysteries to come. I like that Superman's classic supporting cast (Lois, Jimmy, Perry, Lex) all get a little screen time this issue.

Bottom Pick: Nightwing

No real complaints. Solid issue.

Week 3

Great - best of the week: Animal Man, Vibe

Good - solid issue: Green Lantern: New Guardians, Wonder Woman

Okay - some complaints: Batman and Batgirl

Dropping from list: Supergirl

Top Pick: Animal Man

The addition of the Twitter-esque comments throughout pushed this issue to the top!

Bottom Pick: Supergirl

I don't care for the new writer as much. It's still an okay book, but not one I feel I need to read on a weekly basis.

Week 4

Great - best of the week: Aquaman, Justice League, Larfleeze

Good - solid issue: Batman: The Dark Knight, Flash, Justice League of America, Red Lanterns, Superman, Talon

Okay - some complaints: Batman/Superman, Justice League Dark

Top Pick: Justice League

An all-Shazam issue that ties up the back-up stories quite nicely. I'll be interested to see Shazam interact with the rest of the DCnU now. Also.. does this mean we're getting another back-up feature soon?

Bottom Pick: Batman/Superman

I didn't really understand what was going on or when this issue took place in relation to Justice League #1. Also didn't care for the art. I'm willing to give it another try next week though.

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