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I'd give it 2 1/2, but I'm feeling nice today 0

This has been the most uninteresting issue of S/W thus far. While the series started strongly, this one was just...tiresome. Aside from the whole world knowing that Superman and Wonder Woman are together now, almost nothing substantial happened in Supes and Wondie's relationship (I counted, they were only together for two pages, and a two-page spread). In fact, the whole issue was mostly the Zod and Kal Show. With Zod showing Kal how ignorant he is of his own heritage, and Kal just desperately t...

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Snyder + Albaquerque? 5/5 0

I feel inclined to say that Scott Snyder writes the best love stories (well, at least he did better than that Stephenie "I Don't Actually Know How To Spell Her Name" Meyer woman who wrote those stories with sparkly vampires and dudes who can't seem to put their shirt on). American Vampire: The Long Road to Hell is a one-shot written as some sort of consolation, a small compensation for us who have waited, and are still waiting for the 35th chapter of arguably, the best thing that Scott Snyder ha...

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I haven't read it yet, but Tom Taylor's amazing so it's automatically a 5/5. 0

Wow, since Comic Vine has a 100 character limit, and I haven't read this issue yet, let me go on rambling about how amazing Injustice has been; because really, if you're not reading Injustice yet, you're basically missing half of your life. The first run was perfect from start to finish. Expect for the clumsy artwork from time to time, which you should totally overlook, Taylor's writing has been splendid. It's so good that after reading every issue, you might have to curl up, and choose to hibe...

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Fantastic. A must-read for old and new fans alike. 0

Afterlife with Archie, must be the biggest thing to come out of Archie Comics, ever since the big event that was Archie: The Married Life. While the latter still has its merits and nonetheless continues to uphold an interesting storyline concerning the Riverdale kids in the real world, Aguirre-Sacasa's Afterlife, present a much more gripping story that takes a lot of the convention Archie story elements away without making them feel strange. The third issue sets up an interesting situation; with...

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