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Batman and Robin #30 will be called Batman and Wonder Woman, but that'll probably last for only one story arc. Prior to Wonder Woman, he'll be teaming up with Aquaman, after he's done with Two Face.

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Any reason behind the drop in sales of most titles? Or is the Christmas season just not a nice month for hard-copy (?) comic sales (I'm assuming digital sales are doing fine since there usually huge comic book discounts around December).

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@arturocalakayvee: April also bring new creative teams to superman ( finaly, just please for the love of god find a good team this time ), flash ( again? already? ), Nightwing ( why ;~; ), Red Hood & The Outlaws ( again? ), Birds of prey, Constantine, Suicide Squad, Worlds Finest. Yet somehow Catwoman & Teen Titans are still stuck with the same horrible writers that they had for ages.

It also brings the cancellation of: Larfleeze ( whyy D: "sob" you monsters ), Pandora ( already? ), The Movement & Stormwatch.

Also one last thing, I hear that the JLU will start with issue 0 and not issue 1

P.S. So we get and lose a Pandora comic but we still don't get one for The Question ( a person who i personally think is the actual best detective in DC )

At least Lobdell will be out of Superman soon (wooh)! Teen Titans has suffered too much from his terrible writing, and the only time I liked his Nu52 work was in RHatO. Nocenti has been ruining Catwoman for over a year now, but since she doesn't have a lot of on-goings left since Lemire took over and did a complete 180 on Green Arrow and made it awesome (and also Katana's inevitable cancellation) , I don't think she's going to let DC take her only title away. Not that she has a say on it anyway (or does she?).