She Hulk Vs Tigra











Cat sense

medium claws

Amazing Agility

fair stamina

Super jump



She Hulk

Enhanced Force Throw 
Skin durabitlity

Superhuman Strength 
Trained IQ

Fair Stamina.




She Hulk is my view would win, But i wasnt sure if she had Healing factor??


Tigra is more of a showoff for the men , in the comics she appeared in. So she hulk would probably smash her. :D

Posted by Micky

Yea i agree She Hulk Would crush Tigra and yea She Hulk has Healing Factor and she is stronger so tigra lose by a long shot :D but I love tigra though 

Posted by mister garbage

Tigra's not much more than roadkill after this encounter.

Edited by Selvokaz

i don't see how Tigra could win this. Shes out gunned by someone who is several times stronger than she is even at She Hulks weakest, and unlike Tigra She-Hulk is highly resistant to physical attacks. Outside of a allergy fit induced by her fur Jennifer wins this hands down.
Posted by KillerZ

Unfortunately Tigra would get her tail kicked.

Posted by chris thompson

She-hulk would DESTROY TIGRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Vance Astro
@chris thompson said:
" She-hulk would DESTROY TIGRA!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Posted by greenenvy

She hulk.
Posted by Yung ANcient One

i say she hulk cuz shes my bay bay... heheheheh
and cuz i dunno squat about Tigra

Posted by Hyperion322

I'd like to say Tigra's resourceful, but so is She-Hulk. Sorry, Greer, Jen's got this one. She-Hulk wins! 
~ Hype

Posted by Jake Fury

She-Hulk and she makes a nice coat out of Tigra.


Wait, I hope that doesn't give Bendis any ideas.

Posted by CylonDorado
@Jake Fury:
I certainly hope he doesn't frequent this battle forum for ideas...  
"Hmmm... Maybe Storm could beat everyone...."
Posted by CosmicSpiral

You probably meant Cheetah, Mr. Hulk. :)

Posted by Jake Fury
Posted by lilexplizit

She to The Hulk!