Modok Vs Hawk eye


 Forehead blast 
SuperHuman intellect 
Awsome floating throne seat 


 Superhuman Arrow accuracy (much like green arrow)   
Trained Strength 
Amazing Stamina 
SuperHuman Focus

Fair intellect.



Well, In my View this battle would be a close one, Certainly, Im having trouble choosing beween the two, Modok is amazing, He is humorous yet serious, he is the icon for the big headed super villians, He can shoot rays out of his forehead (Amazing!) , But of all, He has a throne that holds him up, and allows him levitation, Now HawkEye, Is with i am not mistaken, a close freind to green arrow, And He has Amazing focus and arrow accuracy, He is trained in many arts combat, and he is obviously a ranged master, Thats why if they were fighting in a terrain (Such of a city or a Urban Area landscape) I think modok would win, because he is prone to that sort of area and can function pretty well (i personally think) In that sort of area. Now if they were out in the middle of nowhere, HawkEye would win Hands down, Because Modok would be out of the open.


Tell me what you guys think! (correct me if i made mistakes?)

Posted by Micky

I agree with you on that it depends on the place but i would go with Hawkeye

Posted by chris thompson