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Posted by aouric

Well this event with Loki controlling Hulk has played out in comics before, I only had the opportunity to see it in re-runs from the 1960's 2-D animated Marvel's Mightiest Heroes TV series, which I'm patiently waiting for a CD set to be release. The series consist of Captain America, Ironman, Hulk, Submariner, and Thor. 
The animated series played through the week in the order I gave above if I remember correctly. 
Thor and Ironman was my favorite at the time, now I love them all, but back to your original question. I thought the scene in this updated version of Hulk Vs Thor battle was pretty cool, because it pays tribute to a their classic battle! 
Oh by the way, I think you could Youtube a scene of the episode from Marvel's Mightiest Heroes from Thor's show where Loki controls the Hulk to do his evil bidding, you should take a peek!  

Posted by HulkisAwsome
Thanks buddy! I'll check it out for sure!
Posted by Micky

I love this movie man thanks for sharing i have it on my zune one of hulks most epic fights ever hulk picked up thor's hammer hahaha o yea man you know hulk has a new movie call Planet Hulk from the Hulk Comic book series Planet Hulk me personally think the comic series was better then the movie but the movie was very great all the way through it's that they switched it up a bit that's all and the comic had more action xD You should check out! Hulk Smash :D

Posted by LandonTaylor

I really didn't care for how Thor was portrayed in this movie.  Hulk just beats the crap out of him.   Thor should have put up a much better fight....like he does in the comics.  Other then that the animation was cool.