New Hulk movie?

Those b*****s, you know the guy from the twilight series? uhh whats his name, the werewolf guy? jacob?
ive heard rumors that marvel is hosting a new incredible hulk movie with HIM as bruce banner!
this is pure bulls****!
ill end up seeing the movie anyway, but its bullshit!  he can never play bruce banner.  anyways. im not sure yet when its coming out, but whenever its coming out, i hope they change the main character :( 


Hulk Volume 6! Coming next month~!


   Hey! All Hulk Fans!  
The picture Is non related.. ------>
But im super excited! Hulk Volume 6 is coming out next month 
im just making this to tell everyone, that, marvel released an update on it on 
Also, be looking for hulk volume 6, at full price is about 80$--or more. 
:D im very Excited.  

Hulk Issue coming out soon. (From Marvel Comics)


One of the add on's to a recent version of the popular Hulk version of this comic above is having a second alternate ending


(Iron 2 is coming out soon, sadly marvel isnt making another hulk movie for several months)


Now This comic is about Hulk going to a faraway place and battling pissed off barbarians, And in the end he wins, not only because of his superior healing factor, But of his almighty strength. The girl on his ankle, She is like.. always cry baby and very annoying throughout the next comic that is coming out


March 25 2010.


Be looking for it Hulk fans! :D And anyone who posts negative comments on my fricken forum post will be deleted. so dont waste your time.




Many Comics (Rulk and Hulk)

I have a question for everyone that beleives they truly know how this ended. 
Did Rulk Defeat Abomination? 
{A}. Yes 
(B). No 
(C) None of above) 


My Favorite part .. coming up ____  ------------> 
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She Hulk Vs Tigra











Cat sense

medium claws

Amazing Agility

fair stamina

Super jump



She Hulk

Enhanced Force Throw 
Skin durabitlity

Superhuman Strength 
Trained IQ

Fair Stamina.




She Hulk is my view would win, But i wasnt sure if she had Healing factor??


Tigra is more of a showoff for the men , in the comics she appeared in. So she hulk would probably smash her. :D


Modok Vs Hawk eye


 Forehead blast 
SuperHuman intellect 
Awsome floating throne seat 


 Superhuman Arrow accuracy (much like green arrow)   
Trained Strength 
Amazing Stamina 
SuperHuman Focus

Fair intellect.



Well, In my View this battle would be a close one, Certainly, Im having trouble choosing beween the two, Modok is amazing, He is humorous yet serious, he is the icon for the big headed super villians, He can shoot rays out of his forehead (Amazing!) , But of all, He has a throne that holds him up, and allows him levitation, Now HawkEye, Is with i am not mistaken, a close freind to green arrow, And He has Amazing focus and arrow accuracy, He is trained in many arts combat, and he is obviously a ranged master, Thats why if they were fighting in a terrain (Such of a city or a Urban Area landscape) I think modok would win, because he is prone to that sort of area and can function pretty well (i personally think) In that sort of area. Now if they were out in the middle of nowhere, HawkEye would win Hands down, Because Modok would be out of the open.


Tell me what you guys think! (correct me if i made mistakes?)


Cyclops Vs Colossus

Superheat Vision 
Amazing Intellect 

Durable Skin 
Super strength 
I have no idea who would win, But cyclops would be my guess, Colossus is a durable man, and he is fairly smart, but during long situations, cyclops would be the one figuring out problems, and that is why He would be my guess, His concussive force is more potent then supermans heat vision, and he can control it using his visor, Now colossus is a beast,  other then anything, id say in a different case scenario, HE WOULD PROBABLY WIN, But in this situtation, i think Cyclops would win due to his Fair strength, and his awsome intellect.


Everyone! tell me what you think!

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