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Thanos shits on SBP and makes him eat it

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@hyperviper97: Really? Then Scenario 4 hulk would win as well because it's the same fight pretty much except hulk is in a form that is mixed between guilt hulk and devil hulk. Together they are the most powerful incarnation of hulk that is known. Way more powerful than worldbreaker.

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i know this has been done plenty of times but i wanna see the difference it would make if (and answer each scenario please)

Scenario one: Doomsday is at the level of his first appearance (when he fought supes). Hulk see's doomsday kill betty and pretty much everyone he loves, so he loses his shit and goes worldbreaker. (at least as powerful when he blew up a planet with red she hulk, but probably more because he just saw his loved ones murdered by him, keep that in mind). his morals are off and the slug it out until one dies or K/O's. (also don't say doomsday would win because he would come back, if he dies or get's K/Oed, hulk wins)

Scenario two: War hulk vs current doomsday. (war hulk is the one which went against juggs and beat him.) he broke juggs helmet i think.

Scenario three: Hulk is a mixture of devil hulk and guilt hulk, which would make him utterly evil and WAY more powerful than worldbreaker hulk. at least 150 times more powerful, against current doomsday

Scenario four: same as number 3 except doomsday is at his power level on his first appearance.


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If it is a blood lusted WWH then he wins quickly. He would just become worldbreaker and EASILY curbstomp Rulk (This is because if he is blood lusted that must mean he is already incredibly angry so it would only be a matter of time before he turns into worldbreaker). Even if he doesn't though Hulk still wins. Didn't he already beat Rulk in his savage form before?

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Kratos wins. If he can kill Zeus that quickly, all he has to do is stab Wonder Woman once with the blade of olympus and she's dead because of her weakness to sharp things. Correct me if i'm wrong though because i don't read DC comics much.

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Vegeta stomps godzilla with ease. He just destroys the planet and Godzilla would just evaporate into nothingness.

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If only it was comic hulk and comic thor. World War hulk probably could of soloed it with out breaking a sweat and so could normal comic book thor at his current state. The rest are just pointless, those two alone could probably beat MOVIE thanos (considering that it is movie thanos so he will be way weaker than normal thanos, and comic book wwh and thor are way stronger than their movie counterparts). I feel like atm movie hulk is more like a buff shrek than anything else. They need to buff up all of the characters.

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Lol Fernando is such an internet warrior it's funny XD "you wanted to play rough" What? We're not in a boxing match here it's debating something to do with COMICS. And to be honest most of us here are fats nerds anyway so no one on this site is really tough in real life, me probably included. Anyway I want to see them finally going past worldbreaker and turn into devil hulk! Now that would be interesting to see!

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Both in their primes. Master Chief HAS NO ARMOR OR FUTURE TECH. Both wearing nothing but clothes and each has a sword a shield and a spear.

Who would win?

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no they really couldn't, no metal in the MIB universe that we know of could hurt hulk also in wwh he was taking fire from tanks heli's and soldiers all with ADAMANTIUM bullets and was holding up. he could smash them. Also hulk has fallen from orbit and got up straight away. 100ft is like jumping down a curb for him.