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@Shutdown: missed that comment. i really hope this means we get Red Hood this season.

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After the latest episode I'm convinced YJ is much better.

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Was it just me or was the Jason Todd crowbar in the hall of justice? It was shown after amazo. the kid with dreads was looking at it. If that's really it then it seems weird that Batman keeps it around like that.

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Justice League was spun off of Batman and Superman's respective animated series. I like the points being made though. I still fall back on my idea that Young Justice/ Earth-16 was a better overall idea than the nDCU. I'm starting to prefer DC animation over their comics which may or may not be a bad thing.

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i dont see anything wrong with that. that's kinda what i'm trying to say with this thread. while the new u is cool i wish it had been an "ultimate" type line instead of a new main universe however i would have accepted earth-16/YJ because it feels more like the old universe but that's just me.

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@krspaceT: I get that too. I have no problems with the New 52 other than the 5 year thing to be honest. I like most of what i've read. I just think the whole thing could have at least started earlier like Action Comics did and catch up to were the characters are now and since it was supposed to be a reboot newer characters could have gotten more interaction with older characters or characters from Milestone and Wildstorm that were sucked in.

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@krspaceT: I understand that. I didn't necessarily mean exactly the same as in story but as in the way the world is setup. YJ doesn't seem as scrambled as the new 52 to me.

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I haven't been in the forums in quite a while but I've been thinking about how the New 52 has changed alot of characters in both good and bad ways. Its also created a weird 5 year time frame. This is all fine and I'm not bashing it or anything but after finishing season 1 of Young Justice I think that a world more similar to the one we see in the series would have been a smarter choice than what we got in the new 52. Of course the cooler changes could stick like the Court of Owls or things of that nature that work pretty well. I may be alone in this but I like how Young Justice mixed up the timeline a bit with things like Superboy and Ms Martian arriving when the original teen titans should have been around. It makes sense when you think about it at least in exchange for the semi-reboot of the new 52. I'm much more excited about YJ than what happens in the new 52 as sad as that may be. I hope that little rant made sense. Opinions?

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Maybe they shouldn't have had a reboot/revamp at all if their gonna just go back to what they used to do.

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I'm rooting for DC's success but I'm doubtful their numbers will be this high next year.