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I really love this art direction, it has a softness to it that the source material benefits from. Yes those holiday specials are also works of art in their own right, and the music usage is making reference there, but I think new isn't always bad.Lets just hope the rest of the tone fits, and doesn't shoot for the broad, hyperkinect humor that is more the rage to Schulz quiet human moments.

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Hmmm i thought Liefeld did that run so i've been avoiding it.

Liefeld just did the covers for the first six issues or so; the interior art was mostly done by the fantastic Patrick Zircher and written by Fabian Niciezia.

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Cable and Deadpool perfectly blended political commentary, high action and razor-sharp humor into one package. Not just the best Deadpool series, one of the best series ever period.

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Cable and Deadpool is not just my favorite Deadpool series; its one of my favorite series ever, full stop.

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You had me at Flashpoint Wonder Woman.

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@Krissyjump said:

I like the idea of this, but it also has me extremely pissed off at them. So the entire family gets broken apart by Death of the Family, and then Damian gets killed in Batman Inc, so instead of showing the repercussions of these things they're just going to gloss it all over...just great... I'm sorry but TOO much has happened recently in Batman to just 'forget about it' and go back to do this in this title. It also means Harper Row won't be showing up for like another year, and that's got me rather upset as well. I hardly ever get angry or pissed off at anything, let alone DC (which is surprising with how messed up their editorial staff is, and all the continuity issues) but this just feels like they're brushing so much under the rug, and I am NOT okay with it.

That being said, I do like the idea and I have some faith in Snyder for this, I just think they shouldn't be doing this right now.

Keep in mind that there are four other Batman books that will be covering the mainline continuity, where you can see plenty of fallout from the events of DotF and that other thing (are we still treating that like a spoiler? Really?) outside the main book proper.

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From about five minutes of research online, I can find that Aya or a version there of previously existed in the DCU comic universe, but I really hope that someone brings this version back in some manner. Such an amazing character, and it is just a shame this show couldn't find a wide enough audience that she could pull a Harley Quinn and jump over to the main continuity. Afraid after the next two episodes, we'll never see another version of her again. :(

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Only surprising given how much we all know Ed Boon hates Hawkman.

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Will hold off on my full reaction until the whole rest of the new books in June are announced. But suffice to say for now: did not see that coming.

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@Mighty Thorion said:

How much longer can books like Batwing and Legion Lost survive? Sold less than Team 7, Ravagers, Dial H, Demon Knights and Sword of Sorcery in January

That actually was the last issue of Legion Lost in January. The continued existence of Batwing is a bit more confounding.