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Sorry again for not voting! I keep forgetting when I have to vote by!

Anyway, good work!

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Don't worry, , some voters are still here!

I say, Batman, Hobgoblin or Green Goblin.

Batman because, He's Batma- No, wait, actually, because he has access to most databases and could probably find weak spots on most of his opponents,

Green Goblin, because he's ruthless and has a huge Armory.

Hobgoblin, because he has the same equipment as Green Goblin and is probably as vicious.

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@The Poet: Thanks for posting the results!

Sorry I couldn't vote this month, I've not bought any comics because of Christmas presents (don't know how I survived).

I'm pretty sure most of us are really busy at this time of year so nobody should have a problem with them being a bit late!

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They're not.

Darkseid is their best villain for a Justice League movie. like Thanos is for Avengers and like Apocalypse is for X-Men.

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Hey, guys!

These are my James Robinson questions!

1. James, I'd really like to be a writer for DC or Marvel one day and I was wondering how to start. I heard a good way to start is to try writing a story for a slightly smaller character. Can you recommend any characters like this to try out?

2. Who are your favourite artists that you've worked with?

3. What do you think of British stereotyping in other countries that make people think we talk like Victorians? It gets on my nerves!

Thanks if you've answered them!

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Hey, guys!

Loads of questions here ( Sorry! ) so here I go...

1. Tony, Do you ever announce who the guest on the second podcast will be before it goes out? Loved hearing Scott and Brian chat to you, By The way!

2. Sara, Do you think this female Talon from Batgirl will be the new Cassandra Cain?

3. Everyone, What did you think of the twist in ASM 698? Of course, probably best not to spoil right now, I thought it was Brilliant and I've read the issue about 7 times now!

4. Everyone, Is it okay to publicly spoil Dark Knight Rises now?

5. What do you think of the JGL as Batman news for Justice League?

6. Corey, Does your comic store have a back issues box? My LCS gets all of the unsold comics that are a few months old and sells them at about 50p each, this is quite good for starting a new series but is it bad financially for the store?

Thanks if you've answered them all!

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Hey, G-Man!

With Eddy Barrows being announced as the new Teen Titans artist (which will be great!), who do you think will be the new Nightwing artist and What do you want Brett Booth to move on to?

Personally I think Brett would great on a Cyborg book!

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I think we could have something like "Best Shock" for an extra category, I think I know who'll win that though...

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I love this idea, JGL would be great, especially if they carried on partly from the Nolan-Verse.