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I am definitely taking a wait and see approach. I don't care about Iron Man one way or the other, a new Thor could be pretty cool, especially since Jason is still going to write that series and he has done an amazing job on Thor. I haven't really read Captain America since the Brubaker days but I am fine with Sam taking over. The Falcon isn't one of my favorite heroes but I don't dislike him either.

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My brother and I will be seeing it this weekend. I have been able to avoid what the mid- and post-credits scenes are so I am also excited about seeing what they are.

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All of the great things that IDW is doing is just making me spend more money on turtles stuff. This is obviously an excellent thing.

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@movieartman: I just bought those two last week and started it last night. It is truly amazing and how Jason has such an amazing handle on three different versions of Thor is truly a testament to his writing abilities.

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Anything that includes Beta Ray Bill is excellent. I may actually buy these issues.

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I knew about the ending scene for Iron Man before I saw it but I was glad I did because it just made me more excited about the film. I knew about the Avengers one as well and it was also super exciting. I will probably avoid any spoilers for the comic book movies this year though because I am really excited about them and I want my viewing to be as pure as possible. On the Skrulls thing, they couldn't be Skrulls since the rights for them are owned by FOX because of them having Fantastic Four. Also, the Chitauri in Avengers weren't even like the Chitauri in The Ultimates since they were just aliens and not shape-shifting aliens. It seemed like the reveal about them was just a little nod to people who knew what that name meant.

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A very cool ending to the trailer. Hulkbuster armor is very cool.

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I still say this movie will never come out. DC has only succeeded with their movies when they let the director truly do his thing and the only one who really succeeded was Nolan. Singer did his thing, and for better or worse, it was deemed a failure. The two Chris Reeves Superman movies were really good and the two Burton Batman movies were decent but other than that, they haven't done a good job. Their animation studio is awesome but their actual movie studio has not filled me with hope that they will make this movie and that it will be good. A JL movie would be really cool but I just don't see it happening.

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I watched it on demand through Amazon and it was awesome. It definitely would have made my top 10 list of movies from last year if I'd seen it last year.

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If this movie ever comes out, I think that Warner Brothers will do a poor job because they haven't shown me anything that would make me want to see it. The Batman trilogy was so popular because Nolan pretty much said to stay away from me and let me do my thing. Superman hasn't been good since the first two Chris Reeves movies and Batman was left out to die because of Schumacher. Warner has done an amazing job with their animated series but their movies have not impressed me at all(besides Nolan's movies).