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It's interesting. I don't think I'll see it unless people start raving about it. I just want it to go back to Marvel so we can get a true FF movie.

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I'm very excited about the return of both of the shows. It's always great to sit down on Thursday and watch both shows back to back.

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I'll watch them all at once. Since it's coming out on a weekend, I'll probably just watch Daredevil.

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I'm less sold now than I was before I watched it. This is moving dangerously close to being the first failure on Marvel's part. I'll still see it but I'm not as trusting of them as I once was. I just wonder if Edgar's version would have been worse? He's a great director but only for certain things. I'm not sure if he would have been the right person for this anyway.

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This is the movie from Marvel I never expected to come out. The concept for it was so weird and its such a random superhero to chose to make a movie out of. I still don't really trust that it will come out but it really looks like it will. However, with the success of GotG, I will believe that Marvel can do anything.

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I don't know why this bothers me but people who keep bringing up Wells as Thawne must love ignoring that he was a new character who was created for the show. Now, they could be pulling a "Khan is not in ST: Into Darkness" on us but I don't believe it. Here's a link to the DC wiki showing his first appearance is in the Pilot. He is also not listed as a character on DC's website. I hope that he's not involved at all with Reverse Flash and that he's there for a totally different reason.

My theory is that Wells is here to prevent Reverse Flash from doing anything to Barry. He may very well know who RF is, but I don't believe he's working for or with him. He's always done what's best for Barry (besides taking the blood) even if it meant getting his hands dirty. Also, could he have taken the blood to see if there was a way to help Barry out by making him immune to Blackout so Barry wouldn't have to worry next time he fought him?

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@illmatic4177: This was my first thought. Marvel has done such a great job with every casting IMO so they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

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@g_leno said:

I love the way Marvel take somthing from the comic and just use it without feeling the need to tweak it or 'improve' it.

I agree with you so much. The Vision is a character that I really like but I don't know too much about him besides the basics of his story.

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I loved it and this made me super excited for it. The random shots were I think the weakest parts but the stormtroopers in the dropship, the X-Wings flying above the water, the Sith in the snowy woods and the Falcon were all more than enough for me. I was always going to see this but now I'm even more excited. We also got a small explanation of why the movie is called The Force Awakens too. All in all, this was a successful trailer in my opinion.

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With all of the great things I've heard about this run, I will definitely be getting all of the issues from this series.