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@rpgesus: You really should. Both of them are excellent and well told stories. I haven't read the Princess Leia series but I have heard that its very good as well.

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I enjoyed this episode much more than last weeks. It helped move the story along more than last week and the finding of Wells room was so well done. It looks like next week will really propel us to the end of the season. I wonder when Grodd will come into the show though. He was shown in that latest trailer and we don't have many episodes left.

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@lordryus: My guess is 25. I haven't read the Leia miniseries yet but both SW and Darth Vader are excellent. I'll definitely pick this one up come September.

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I thought this movie would never come out. I now officially take that thought back. This trailer convinced me that this will be a movie worth seeing. I'm glad they showed more of the humor that will be in the film and the action looks really well done. I'm glad that it looks like he'll be going from small to normal sized in fights.

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@rexwing: His love of the TMNT series at IDW caused me to buy all of the trades for the series and now I love it too.

I love how the trailer was shown. This was the Paley Fest trailer I think so I had already seen it but I loved it all the more because I noticed things I hadn't seen before. They seemed to show Grodd more than they have and I wonder if we'll get to see him out in the open or if he'll just stay in the sewers for this season.

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This was an amazing episode. Mark Hamill just using a lesser version of his Joker voice was amazing and worked out so well. The reveals were really wild and both of the big ones made me exclaim out loud.

In a tangential relationship, is Gregg not working for ComicVine anymore? I saw he posted a kind of resume on his twitter that directed to a blog that contained some of his writing from here.

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The Arrow trailer has me super excited for the end of the season. I haven't really liked the show so far this season but the trailer got me super excited. The Flash one was even better though. I'm so excited to see what Eddie is going to do.

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It's interesting. I don't think I'll see it unless people start raving about it. I just want it to go back to Marvel so we can get a true FF movie.

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I'm very excited about the return of both of the shows. It's always great to sit down on Thursday and watch both shows back to back.

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I'll watch them all at once. Since it's coming out on a weekend, I'll probably just watch Daredevil.