Planet Comicon

This coming up weekend in Kansas City is Planet Comicon.  It will be my first time going so I will be doing my best to chronicle my time there.  Some of the people scheduled to appear are Jeremy Bulloch, Tom Kane, Michael McMillan, Lyndsay Wager, Rick Remender, Jason Aaron, Gail Simone and many others.  I will be bringing a camera with me to chronicle my time there and get autographs from some of the people there.  I'll post a new blog on Monday with all of the stuff from the convention as well.  If you want to learn more about what's gonna be happening, check out the website.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Oh, dude, if you see this guy (pictured below), tell him InnerVenom123 said hi!

It's my bud Jason. :p
Posted by HT101
@InnerVenom123: I can do that.  I'll have my Lincoln Force t-shirt on to represent Giant Bomb and Whiskey Media.