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So, felt like doing another blog to let everyone know what's been happening since my last post about a week ago since a lot has taken place since then and that one was just looking at one thing I had done.  
In video game news, I have been playing through all of the DLC in Mass Effect 2 since it was on sale during Microsoft's runup to New Year's Day event.  I beat all of them since I got them and it was really nice to get back into Mass Effect 2.  I am very glad that I did that because it definitely is my game of the year for 2010, even without the DLC and the add-ons just make the game better.  I especially thought Overlord and Shadow Broker were really good.  The Firewalker missions were also good and it proved that Mass Effect can have fun vehicle sections that control great and make you want to do more of them.  I've also been playing a lot of Rock Band 3 and I must say that Harmonix has done another great job working on it.  The road challenges are all excellent so far and I have enjoyed finding out which songs are good for which challenge and that helps to bring in a little more strategic element to the game in deciding how you want to tackle each challenge.  Even though I bought Bayonetta at the same time as Rock Band 3, I haven't started playing it yet but I hope to in the near future.

 True Grit

In movie news, I saw True Grit on opening night and I thought it was a well made movie that did everything well but not amazing.  I did not think any of the principal actors had award worthy performances but to each his own.  I also finally got a Netflix account, which if you read my previous blog, then you know how that went at the start.  Since then, I have not watched anything I wish I could unwatch.  I finally saw Some Like it Hot and I must say it is a really funny movie that holds up remarkably well today.  It also helps that Marilyn Monroe is in it as well.  Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon did an excellent job as the two male leads and all of the supporting characters did a great job as well.  The movie must have been a shock to a lot of people since it covered many things that were either not talked about in that time or people didn't even know about
 Some Like it Hot

them.  The ending to the movie was especially shocking to watch since it seemed to recognize homosexuality as something that was alright, when it was even more detested then than it is now.  I"m working my through Battlestar Galactica right now and I may write up a blog about each season after I watch it to give my impressions on how I though it went.
 In comic news, I finally started working on getting the Green Lantern saga that Geoff Johns has been working on for many years now.  I picked up the Sinestro Corps War Vol 1 and 2 and will eventually begin collecting the other trades that are a part of his saga.  I have also been reading through a lot of different trades including a bunch of Batman books.  The most recent was the first 4 chapters of The Long Halloween.  I only read the first four chapters because I had to leave but I really enjoyed what I read up to that point.  It makes me wonder what happened to Jeph Loeb and why so much of his recent stuff has sucked.  Pretty much all of his early Marvel and DC stuff was excellent and it seemed like it started to go downhill for him when he took over The Ultimates from Mark Millar.  It may have started before that but that point is when I started to notice it.
Diane Kruger

In Screened news, I have been hard at work in the wiki, with biographies of Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfrie d, Diane Kruger and Emma Roberts written up and completed.  Also, I am hoping to get the Mona Lisa Quest done so if you want to leave a comment on one of my pictures, may I suggest this one.
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