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Welcome to another edition of my ramblings on video games and other stuff.  My life in video games has been limited to one game and one game alone.  Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has totally taken over my gaming time recently and I don't even feel sad about that.  I finished the story and man, does the ending of that game seriously mess with your mind.  I won't spoil it for anyone but suffice it to say, Ubisoft has done it again by making an ending that makes you want to pull your hair out at how bananas it is.  I can't wait to see where they take AC3 because it will be super ridiculous.  The multiplayer in that game is also excellent and I would totally recommend it to anyone who is thinking about getting it.  The MP is so different from what you normally play in the FPSs because it is such a methodical MP instead of a balls to the wall approach.   
Last week was Thanksgiving and I am very glad about that holiday.  When there is a day devoted to stuffing your face with food, you know the country you live in is awesome.  Also, the weekend is a veritable feast in terms of sports and if you wanted to, you could go for 12 hours each day starting on Thanksgiving watching live sports.  Watching your favorite team win during that time just makes the weekend that much better.  Also awesome is spending time with your family and just having a great time. 
In movies, I have started watching some of my favorite Christmas movies with my family.  We have already watched Holiday Inn, The Santa Clause and Elf.  We will eventually watch the greatest Christmas movie of all time.  Besides Christmas movies, I haven't really seen any other movies recently, except Harry Potter 7 Part 1, which I wrote a blog about on Screened a week ago or so, so check it out to read about my feelings on that. 
In comics, I recently bought Batman/Superman: Public Enemies and Batman: Under the Red Hood at the Borders near my house that was going out of business.  I picked up all three of them for 30 percent off, which was very nice. 
Overall, this time of the year is a favorite of mine and I cannot wait to get to Christmas.  I hope everyone has a safe Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or whatever it is you celebrate in the coming weeks. 

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I haven't watched Holiday Inn in a long time.