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This is the first GL issue I've read since Johns leaving-- thought I might as well read the tail end of the Relic saga. Not bad at all! In fact, I think I might have enjoyed this issue even more than the past year's worth of Johns stuff. Can't wait to see what comes next for Kyle. I kind of wish he were still a GL, but I'm down for whatever's next.

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I've never read the original series and this was pretty much extremely confusing. I don't know if I'll be picking this one up, but I'm definitely going to go check out the original series first. Maybe I'll like it the second time around :)

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Yeah, the dialogue is pretty terrible. Damian especially sounds even more like a ten-year-old than he did when he was actually ten. The best comparison I can make is a even more unhinged Jason Todd.

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I did have a crazy question about this particular issue: why did Xorn kill herself? It really didn't seem like it did any good except to destroy the Sentinels, unless the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. had the Sentinels in the first place was supposed to be the message in its entirety.

Not to mention I thought it was particularly hypocritical how Kymera stays in the present time, despite Ice Master's (lol) sphiel about how staying in the present time could be disastrous