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what about the X-men's prison?

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They are coming up...  I was moving and didn't have a chance to put up the whole thing.  I'm posting an edited version, so as not to start trouble with the Academic journal or the university.  Even though I refused to sign the paper which says anything I create for the purpose of class becomes property of the university.  I've elaborated on much of this and edited a lot.  I'm up to about 16 chapters and 200 typed pages for the book, but the hard part is working with the copywrite for my sources and getting permissions.

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working on it.  trying to have the long version printed by SDCC 2012.  Copywrite releases are slow to collect however.  The cover will be done by a well known X-force/carnage artist.

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I'm aware of that, for purposes of the paper ultimately showing how comics could be used to teach a 20th century history or politics class, I didn't think it was applicable to go in depth to the nature of continuity.  (I love continuity...but it gets overwhelming for people unfamiliar with it to grasp so much in a compressed space.)
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@ithinkitwasyou said:
how long is he going to be a kid? How did kitty pried grow up and he didn't?

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@Preacherl2k said:
@DEGRAAF: MJJ is Mad Jim Jaspers.  As for who is the most powerful mutant in the 616 universe, who knows that's always up to the writers at the time. But there a certainly a few uber powerful mutants out there.  Franklin Richards Mad Jim Jaspers Scarlet Witch - If she is a "nexus being" she might trump them all. Nate Grey - before his so called "depowerment", we'll see how long that lasts.... Hope Summers - maybe one day well find out what she really is? Jean Grey - oh she's out there somewhere don't you worry!  Lets just hope they don't do some stupid lame story with Franklin and his powers and have him "burn" them out or "suck them dry"  like they did with Nate Grey!!!!

When decimation first happened My two thoughts on how it would all be fixed first went to Franklin Richards, then to Layla Miller.  The creation of Hope wasn't even a thought.  There are other power mutants out there still. 
Magik: We see how Cyclops is dealing with her now. 
Mr. M:  Though evolved beyond the mortal known, just like Nate Grey, he probably exists in some way. 
Selene:  I really doubt she is gone as well. 
Apocalypse:  He will be back, the boy who was shot in the face was not the En Sabah Nur who was carted off to space to pay his debt to the celestials. 
Threnody:  Having the power of all the pretty powerful.
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Assuming the only purpose of posting or blogging is to be popular is a childish pretense.   People read for many reasons.   Sometimes those reasons are to learn.   Some people like learning.   I come to comic vine for learning and information.   Many do.   Statistically it is more probable that more people come here just to read and learn, than to chat on the forums.  

Life is learning.   Living is using the lessons you have learned to influence and affect the lives of others.   I could care less if this is read by 1,000,000 people or 1.   The simple fact someone could read, learn, and appreciate the information is amazing.   Simple words posted in a digital forum on a topic many don’t consider, are able to influence a new generation of comic writers and scholars.

This all has a point.    At will take a bit to get to it.   I’m actually writing a book on the subject currently which I hope to have published by next SDCC.   I read a lot of essays and articles to get the knowledge I needed.   I actively sought them out.   I spent thousands of dollars to obtain books, magazines, documentaries, and comics.   The more things published on the subject, the easier it is for the next person to gather information.   (**Note: this is why tagging is so important.**)

If this small excerpt of my effort bored you and you didn’t care for it, I’m truly sorry.   It wasn’t written for you then.   Even though you assume to be the representative of the collective consciousness which is the vine, avoiding generalizations is generally better.   I don’t know about everybody else, but I do know I don’t like people speaking on my behalf unless I asked them to.   

If everybody was the same, there wouldn’t be 300 comic book publishers and 14,000 comic titles for us all to pick and choose to read.   There wouldn’t be 10,000 topics to discuss in this forum or a variety of articles.   Life would indeed seem bland to me.

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I learned a lot doing the research for this.  I think I have it down to being 7-8 more instalments on my blog.  next week will be....Who writes comics?
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I'm sure some people would.  I read them all the time.  Thank you for speaking up for the entire comic-vine community though.  Generalizations are AWESOME!!

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Well, this is actually only entended to be informative.  It is a segment of an educational treatise that was originally 90+ pages long.  Even the edited version I'll be posting is about 35 pages in length which is why I'm breaking it down into sections.  If it were meant to be commentary, then I assure you it would have adiquate snarkiness and satire.