That Huge Flarking Hole in Outer Space

I said earlier that I would revisit my gripe on this subject.  (I didn't mean to post that to the boards when I did it though...Still getting used to this.)  So lets get into my concern with...well, with the lack of concern of the rest of the Marvel Universe about a huge rip in space time that spells oblivion for reality.  
If you arn't reading the cosmic books by DnA you are just plain missing out.  The movement from Annhililation forward has been epic.  If you don't know what I'm talking about then you can join Reed Richards and the rest of Earth 616.  Basically as fallout from War of Kings Blackbolt and Vulcan battled each other on a weapon that was designed to make everybody an Inhuman.  The Guardians of the Galaxy tried to inform the Inhumans of the irrepairable damage that would result creating a fault in Space time.  Basically all of the conflict from Annhilation and Vulcans conquest through space strained the Universe and Rocket Racoon and the gang were the only ones that could figure out that was what was going to happen. 
Essentially the Inhumans didn't listen and Blackbolt while battling Vulcan detonated the Weapon.  The huge flarking hole in space was created and started eating the Universe, and Adam Warlock saves the day by stopping the growth of the fault.  He sacrificed himself and became Magus as a result, but temporarily the Universe was saved.   Much more is going on in these story arc than just this.  The story of the fault crosses over to Nova, and Son of the Hulk, and has had a series of epic minis revolving around this central plot.   
Why is this fault so scary?   Well because a universe that is sick and twisted lays at the other end.  I like to call it Earth 23 or Cathulu-verse myself. 


This is totally what I would expect in an Earth of twisted Lovecraftian glory.   But stuff like this is what is atempting to come out of the fault.  Not to mention all the twisted versions of the 616 heroes. 
Now two major events have happened and only two groups of people on Earth actually know about it.  Alex Summer's Star Jammer Team and Hank Pym's former Mighty Avengers.
Lillandra has died and Charles Xavier hasn't even batted an eye.  His link was supposed to be so strong with her that it reached across the cosmos multiple times throughout comic history.  Maybe there is a delay like on a radio broadcast or something, but as an X-Men fan it bothers me greatly.  Not to mention that Havock, Rachel Summers, and Polaris are suposedly back on Earth in Utopia and we haven't seen them try to explain this situation to the Proffesor.  I have to call Bull-poo on all the Marvel editors that are letting this injustice to the relationship that Lillandra and Chuck had.  Yeah there are a lot of things going on with Siege and Second Coming, but what about all the crap filler we got in between, couldn't he have gotten word somehow.   But we haven't even seen Alex and co. on Earth on panel, that was just supposed to be the reason they weren't in Realm of Kings.   
The second big deel is of coarse the fault.  Hank Pym and his team of Avengers even stopped in to see the Inhumans durring Realm of Kings.  We got an "oh by the way, we won the war...and Blackbolt is gont."  Essentially no sense of urgency to have 'Scientist supreme' Hank Pym check out the biggest problem in all realities.  Not even a moment where they say there is some stuff on Earth to take care of, we will be back after that crapfest is handled.  But Pym isn't the only person who should know right? 
Of coarse we can't blame everything on the classic screw-up Pym.  He has always been selfcentered right.  But what about the recent issue of the Uncanny X-Men where Magneto brings Kitty pride back from space.  The X-Men try to mask the bullet from all the Earth's sattelites and are successful, save one.   Reed Richards is the smartest guy on the planet.  He tells them that they can't fool him and that he see's all because he always watches the sky.   Okay, I can understand the Marvel timeline is a little ascant right now, but that still can't give Richard's reason to not know after he goes into space to the moon and finds the lost Inhuman tribes and still none of them acknowledge what is going on. 
Then there is the sad demise of the SWORD book.  For something that had great potential but questionable art, it was a solid concept for a book.  This is an organization charged with protecting Earth from all the threats in the universe and help maintain peace.  This was a short lived series, but Agent Brand and Beast still make no mention of the fault.  All of this just drives me bonkers. 
Again I don't know if it is editorial control (or lack of) or the messed up time-line issues that we are experiencing or the end of the universe.  But if you see any of the 8 smartest people on the planet tell them to take a break and look up every once in awhile.  (Even if Loeb has them all captured by the Leader and MODOK.)
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Well that would certainly explain why there is so many people that doenst even know the existence of 
annihilation,Nova GotG ,War of the kings etc...i mean ,if marvel doesnt mention any of it anywhere....

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while i agree with most of what you have to say, i just have to be a stick in the mud. point1- Professor X and Lilandra, if she had died 15 or 20 years ago i could totally see the prof getting some psychic backlash from her dieing, however after Casandra Nova went into space she seriously messed thing up for the prof. when he returned to space chasing after Vulcan he was declared an enemy by a whole ship load of the whole Shi'ar imperium. As he was now an 'enemy of the state' it only makes sense for them to not be together and by extension, not have a strong psychic attachment anymore. point2- i feel Pym is looked down upon by most of the people in the Marvel U, the Inhumans are royalty and have never really asked for help from anyone on Earth (please don't lynch me if I'm wrong about this), i have a hard time believing that they'd go to Pym to try and figure out the hole and not some of their own scientists. I also wonder how many people actually know that Pym is the Scientist Supreme. is it common knowledge? does anyone really care? point3- SWORD would have been a great book to bridge the gap between Marvels universe spanning books and its more domestically located ones. point4- i totally agree with you on the Reed Richards thing. hes the self-proclaimed smartest man in the world, yet he only bothers with stuff that affects him and his family (which i cant scoff at), but aside from that he really isn't doing too much else. it's time for him to get off his ass, give his head a shake, stop making coma rays for his family, and start doin some real work